Can Babies Eat Mushrooms?

Mushroom is a tasty treat that comes in various flavors. But you may think if mushrooms are appreciable for your baby or not because there can be a lot of complications and risk of toxicity if you feed mushrooms to your baby obliviously. We really appreciate your concern. 

So, can babies eat mushrooms? In essence, a baby can eat mushrooms when he turns 10-12 months old. So your baby can eat mushrooms at that time when he/she starts to eat solid foods. The medical organizations didn’t say anything against babies eating mushrooms. Mushrooms are quite remarkable for putting in a baby’s diet. But you should be careful about allergic reactions and toxicity. 

Let’s know the answer in detail along with the ways to make mushrooms delicious for your baby!

Can Babies Eat Mushrooms?

No medical organizations or health experts have said that mushrooms are not appreciable for babies. Babies who haven’t started eating solid foods yet, can’t eat mushrooms. Also, babies who just have breast milk can’t have a single bite of a mushroom, and it will be a foolish act to feed them mushrooms. 

When a baby turns 10-12 months old and starts eating solid foods, he/she can eat mushrooms with other foods. Mushroom is a healthy food that is beneficial for a baby’s health. But you have to find out which mushroom is capable of being your baby’s food.

Wild mushrooms will make your baby sick. Even adults can’t tolerate the destructive impacts of wild mushrooms. So you must avoid wild mushrooms and keep your baby away from wild mushrooms. Mushrooms which are sold in markets can be appreciable for your baby. But do not forget to check the brand and those mushrooms’ edibility to your baby.

Give a look at the safest mushrooms for your baby:

Name  Specialty  Weight 
THE SNAK YARD EST. 2018 SHIITAKE MUSHROOMS Entirely natural and no artificial tastes included. Totally safe to feed babies.  7.5 OZ
Better than Bouillon Mushroom Base Rich flavor and easily feedable. It is filled with numerous nutrients.  8 Ounces
Shiitake Mushroom Crisps – Lightly Cooked and Seasoned Fully Vegan with no included flavors or chemicals. Safe for babies as snacks.  10.28 Ounce

Also, you should always cook mushrooms before you give them to your baby. If you want to feed mushrooms to your baby, your baby must be old enough, and the mushrooms should be well cooked. 

When Can a Baby Eat Mushrooms?

With the answers to can babies eat mushrooms, you should also know when your baby can eat that. To let you know, a newborn baby can’t eat solid foods. Before at least being 6 months old, a baby can’t eat solid foods. Many pediatricians say parents should wait a minimum of 10-12 months before offering solid foods to their baby. If we speak about mushrooms, then the calculation is kind of the same here. 

A 6 months old baby can eat mushrooms sometimes, as, after 6 months old, a baby becomes capable of eating solid foods. But it is wise to wait for 10-12 months. Experts and pediatricians say a baby’s health is compassionate until he turns 10-12 months old. So offering mushrooms to a baby before he is old enough can come out as harmful. 

But before giving mushrooms to your baby, don’t forget to consult your baby’s pediatrician. Some babies may have allergies to mushrooms. Without consulting the doctor, it will be risky to provide your baby with mushrooms.

How to Make Mushrooms Delicious for babies

How to Make Mushrooms Delicious for Babies?

Often parents become apprehensive about the recipes which will be used for making their baby’s food. Because babies are very picky about their taste buds. Parents have to make something which is delicious. Otherwise, they won’t be able to feed the baby. 

There are uncountable recipes by which we can make mushrooms delicious for adults. But are you familiar with any sort of recipe for preparing mushrooms for your baby? Here is a recipe that can help you prepare mushrooms delicious for your baby:

Recipe- Mushroom Soup:

A recipe that is liked by a considerable number of babies is mushroom soup. Making mushroom soup is very easy and also is very healthy for your baby’s health. 

  1. 6-7 mushrooms
  2. A small onion & A clove of garlic
  3. 1 TBSP buck of wheat flour
  4. 3 TBSP of Yoghurt
  5. A piece of butter
  6. Olive oil
  7. Water
  8. 1 TBSP brown rice


  1. First, start with chopping the onion & the garlic finely. Add those into a cooking vessel. 
  2. Remove the stalk of the mushroom and chop the mushrooms finely and put those in a bowl.
  3. Add yogurt into the buckwheat flour & mix them properly. ( You can add some water for mixing)
  4. Put the cooking vessel (which contains the onions and garlic) on the stove and add butter into the cooking vessel.
  5. Add a few drops of olive oil also.
  6. Use moderate heat and cook it.
  7. Add a little amount of water and mix the ingredients well. After a while, add mushrooms into the vessel and mix. 
  8. Cook it for 10 minutes. Then add 2 cups of water and boil it for 5 minutes.
  9. Now grab that bowl that contains the buckwheat mixture and add some hot water to it and mix it really well.
  10. Add the mixture into the cooking vessel, mix and boil it for 10-15 minutes and the delicious treat is ready to be served for your baby. 

Mushrooms are versatile because they can be sauteed, grilled, roasted, baked, or cooked. They can also be used as a main dish, side dish, or an addition to any dish. You can also apply other ideas to make mushrooms delicious but remember the food shouldn’t get spicy. 

Otherwise, your baby wouldn’t be able to grab that food. However, this is a recipe that will make the mushrooms really tasty and your baby’s favorite food. Feeding the mushroom soup to your baby is way easier than feeding any solid food. Also, it is filled with nutritional factors, so it is super beneficial as well. 

Health Benefits of Mushroom for Babies:

Experts and pediatricians often find mushrooms as an ideal food for babies. When a baby starts eating solid foods, parents might become tense about which food will be perfect for the baby. At that phase, many people will recommend mushrooms. There are some health benefits which are offered by mushrooms for babies:

  • Mushroom is a great source of iron, fiber, and selenium, an essential mineral.
  • Mushrooms contain more potassium than bananas. 
  • Your baby can get plenty of vitamin D from mushrooms.
  • Mushrooms are helpful for developing intelligence and baby vision.
  • Mushrooms improve the immune system.

You should add mushrooms to the regular diet of your baby. It will really help your baby to grow healthy. Also, you can include mushrooms in other foods to feed your baby.

Factors to Consider Before Feeding Mushroom

Mushroom is a food which can be a healthy treat to any person. The tremendous benefits of mushrooms can help even a baby. But many people find the bad impacts of mushrooms on their health. This thing might also happen dangerously with a baby. 

Many people can’t tolerate mushrooms because they have allergies to mushrooms. Just after grabbing mushrooms, they will start being sick. A baby can feel this too. You have to find out if your baby has any possibility of getting allergies by having mushrooms or not. Consult your doctor before providing your child with mushrooms. 

Allergy can be the only danger that can come with mushrooms. Otherwise, there are no other dangers with mushrooms. Although there are no other bad impacts of mushrooms other than this, a wild mushroom can bring more dangers; even death. So, always check before feeding your baby mushrooms. 

How to Serve Mushrooms to a Baby?

We can do many things with mushrooms before serving them to adults. We can grill, roast, bake, or cook mushrooms with a lot of spices or any other ingredients. But we can’t serve mushrooms to a baby by applying those ways. A baby won’t be able to eat that kind of mushroom. It will be too heavy for them to digest properly. 

For serving mushrooms to your baby, you need a few items. You can use butter or olive oil, garlic, and a little salt. These things will be enough for preparing yummy mushrooms for your baby. It will be light and healthy, which is easy to digest.

You can use mushrooms as a main dish for your baby by preparing mushroom soup that we have shared before. You can also use mushrooms as a side dish with rice by boiling them and serving them to your little one. Mixing blended mushrooms with your baby’s regular foods can also be beneficial. 

Tips to Choose the Right Mushrooms:

There are a variety of mushrooms in the market. But choosing the right mushrooms requires a lot of effort. Even many people aren’t aware of the ways of selecting the right mushrooms. So here are some tips by following which you can choose the right mushrooms. 

  • Choose mushrooms that are firm with a fresh appearance. 
  • Make sure the mushrooms are dry from outside but not dried out. 
  • Open the veil of the mushroom and check if the flavor is okay or not. 
  • Do not buy any colorful mushrooms, and those are wild and toxic mushrooms. 

By checking these things, you will find out if the mushrooms are the right mushrooms. 

Wrapping Up

Mushrooms are very popular all over the world because of their flavor and texture. The protein and nutrition mushroom is really exceptional. That’s why people just love this tasty yet beneficial treat. 

We hope that we could help you with the answers to can babies eat mushrooms. We think we could provide you a good view that babies can eat mushrooms but after being old enough. 

This article brings a lot of facts in front of you, which are helpful for your daily life. You can choose the safest and tastiest mushrooms that we suggested for your baby. These are a few best nutritional mushrooms without any additives. You are on the way to make your baby healthy; fingers crossed.

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