Can You Eat Baby Powder: The Proper Answer to This Question

Baby powder is a special kind of powder which is used for avoiding diaper rashes and other rashes of a baby and is also used for cosmetic uses. Sometimes it is made of cornstarch or talcum. You can also use baby powder as a dry shampoo and freshener.

Now, you might have a weird question about whether you can eat the baby powder.  In this article, I am going to answer and explain all the questions that arise in your mind related to this topic. So, let’s start!

Can you eat baby powder? In short, no. Baby powders made of talcum are very harmful if inhaled, even more, harmful if eaten. Baby powder can create several health issues if you eat these. But if the baby powder is made of cornstarch, you can eat it.

Can you eat baby powder?

There are mainly two types of ingredients used in baby powders. They are talcum and cornstarch. Among these two ingredients, powders made of cornstarch are the safest for our bodies.

Talcum powders are harmful to our bodies if we inhale or eat them.  They contain a mineral called “talc,” which causes breathing and eye problems if inhaled. Also, several health problems and organ failures if eaten.

Cornstarch baby powder does not contain harmful ingredients like talcum baby powder. So, it is safe to eat. Baby powder made of cornstarch is harmless when you eat it. So if you ask, can you eat talc-free baby powder? It will be weird to answer, but yes, you can!

Talcum powder causes talcum poisoning if it’s inhaled or consumed. It causes low blood pressure, chest pain, breathing problems, skin problems, and many more problems.

Many pregnant women like baby powder taste in the mouth. In this case, it’s safer for them to eat cornstarch baby powder instead of talcum baby powder. This will not harm you if they eat it but will surely cause dangerous problems if they inhale it.

Reasons why people eat the baby powder

Mainly people who are learning disabled or pregnant often suffer from the possessiveness of eating baby powder. As they are not mentally stable enough, they choose eating foods with very little or no nutritional value.

Few people who suffer from this possessiveness are considered to be patients of a special disorder. This disorder is called ” Pica.” Pica is a disorder that affects eating style and taste. People who suffer from this disorder eat weird food, which contains almost no nutritional value.  They eat stones, muds, specks of dirt, etc.

During pregnancy, women experience a big mental change. They become mentally unstable. So, they get easily obsessed with these sorts of weird disorders.

Pregnant young mothers often feel mentally low or very down. Naturally, they cannot handle their mental state during this period. So, they often get mentally sick if not given proper care and attention. Basically, the people who are mentally unstable become the victim of Pica disorder. Thus, they start eating unusual foods like baby powders, stones, and others.


Food alternatives for baby powder

There are a lot of healthy alternatives to eat instead of baby powder. By giving up on baby powders and starting to try those healthy ones out will help you to get over the harmful passion of eating baby powders in a very healthy way.

The healthy alternatives for baby powders are :

  • Cornstarch: Cornstarch is the most common and well-known product. You can easily find this in your nearby grocery stores.
  • Baking soda: You can use baking soda as an alternative to baby powder as well as a baking item. It is very safe to use instead of baby powder and is also very common and less costly.
  • Tapioca starch: Tapioca comes from a plant called Cassava and is also known as a pudding-like treat to many people. It is famous for absorbing oils and moistures, which makes it a good alternative to baby powders.
  • Arrowroot starch: Just like Tapioca starch, it serves in a very healthy way. Arrowroot starch comes from plants of South America. It is usually found in natural food stores and is a great option for those to use who are allergic to corn.
  • Rice starch: It is a kind of rare item. People use it mostly in face powders. Rice starch is actually ground up rice, which serves you with its healthy nutrition.
  • Oat flour: Just like rice starch, oat flour is grounded up oats. You can easily find them anywhere. If you can’t find oat flours nearby, then you can also ground it up by yourself very easily.

What happens after eating baby powder while pregnant?

During pregnancy, new moms do unexpected things because of their unstable mind and mental state. So, they easily get addicted to a disorder called “Pica,” which causes them to eat the baby powder. Even eating cornstarch baby powder while pregnant can cause a lot of complications, even post-delivery issues.

If the baby powder is inhaled or consumed, the person will have a lot of complications like chest pain, breathing problems, diarrhea, continued vomiting, etc.

Although eating baby powder causes less harm than inhaling baby powder so, if you inhale baby powder during pregnancy, it might cause serious harm to you and your baby.

What if my baby eats baby powder accidentally?

If your baby eats baby powder accidentally, then wash her mouth carefully by using only your finger.  Try to remove all of the powder from your baby’s mouth properly and try preventing your baby from swallowing the powder.

As the inhaling baby powder is more harmful, don’t let your baby inhale the powder. There’s nothing to worry about if your baby swallows a little bit of baby powder accidentally. Stop using too much powder on your baby. This way, you can prevent these types of accidents.

Wrapping up

Eating baby powder is a kind of weird habit. It explains the weak or unstable mental state of the person. Normally, people who are addicted to it are suffering from a disorder or are new mothers.

In this article, I have provided you with all the answers that you were seeking: Can you eat the baby powder. If you have read this article carefully, now you know every detail and information about baby powders and whether you can eat it or not.

Hopefully, this article will help you to know what is dangerous for you and your baby and also the alternatives of these. Best wishes for you in the journey of securing the safety of you and your family.