Can You Feed Baby in Car Seat: Thrilling Facts to Know! 

For parents who have to keep their baby with them while working or traveling, it becomes very tough to feed their little ones. If you are a busy parent and you don’t have any other option left except feeding your baby in the car seat, then this article is just for you!

So, Can you feed baby in car seat? The answer depends on some conditions. You should never feed your baby in the car seat while driving because she/he can choke on the food. Unless you are helpless and left with no other option, it’s better if you stop the car and feed your baby in the car. 

Today we will let you know things that you need to know before deciding to feed your baby in the car seat. Besides, we will share how to feed your baby on a car seat in case of emergencies. 


Can you feed baby in car seat?

Can You Feed Baby in Car SeatIt would be better if you don’t. Feeding a baby in a car seat is risky and unhealthy for your baby. Also, your baby can choke on the food because of the motion. Besides, liquid foods can spill all over her/his body while you are driving.

But if you can manage adequately,  then you can feed your baby in the car seatDon’t use solid food to feed your baby in a car. Feeding baby solids in a car seat can bring more choking hazards than liquids. So you can feed liquid food when the vehicle is stopped or parked somewhere. The motion of the drive is unhealthy for the baby too. 

If you feed while driving, your baby will most likely vomit. Also, while eating, the car’s smell can make your baby sick. So, you can feed your baby in a stopped car, but it would be better for your baby if you don’t feed in the car unless it’s an emergency. 


Can you feed a baby a bottle in the car seat?

No, you can not feed a baby a bottle in the car seat because the car seat will move a lot during the ride, which can cause your baby to choke. The liquid can go to the lungs and cause serious breathing issues to your baby if you feed your baby a bottle in the car seat. 

Also, in moving cars, liquids act as a projectile. Your baby can spill all the liquid in her/his body and ruin the car too. If you are going for an emergency and you have no other option left except for feeding your baby in the car seat with a bottle, then you should stop or park the car somewhere safe and wait for your baby to finish the food first.


Can you feed baby solids in a car seat?

Solids create more choking hazards than liquid. If your baby’s age is less than three years, you should never feed solids to him/her in the car. Even elders can choke solid foods in a car. If the necessity of feeding your baby is inevitable, then you should park the car and feed solid foods. Otherwise, it should be avoided entirely.

Besides, you should avoid solid foods that can cause stains. Also, don’t even think of traveling with jars as they can stain and break down easily. Broken jar pieces are hazardous to travel with when there’s your little one with you in the car.  


Breastfeeding baby in the car seat:

It is safer for your baby if you breastfeed your baby in the car seat. This way, your baby won’t get hurt. But make sure that the driver is driving slowly and you have angled your baby in a way that she/he won’t choke. Also, stop feeding when you can notice a speed breaker on the road.

Before breastfeeding, make sure your baby is in a comfortable position. It’s better to keep the little one in the car seat with proper security. Give a break to your baby and make sure that baby is getting enough space and time to breathe correctly and isn’t getting choked.   

We would suggest even you not to breastfeed in a moving car. You can park your car somewhere safe before breastfeeding. Because there are always choking hazards in a moving car, no matter if you breastfeed or give her/him solid food.    


How long can you put a baby in a car seat?

You can keep your baby seated in a car seat for a maximum of two hours a day. Also, you have to make sure the seat is comfortable enough for your little one. If the seat is not comfortable enough for the baby or if the baby is seated in the car seat for more than two hours, then the baby will face several difficulties.

You have to follow the two-hour rule if you want to travel with your baby in the car seat. Otherwise, your baby might get a strain on the spine and breathing problems in the future. This is why the two-hour rule is highly recommended for babies.   

Uncomfortable and hard seats are very harmful to babies. It can cause severe damage to the spine of the baby. Moreover, if you keep your baby seated in the seat for too long, then they might get lung problems in the future.       


Can you put a newborn baby in a car seat?

The answer is yes. There are a lot of safe car seats in the market, specially made for newborn babies. Using those car seats will make the ride safe for your newborn baby. Also, there are additional toddler seats that you can buy for the greatest comfort of your newborn baby. But do not keep your newborn baby in the seat for longer than an hour. 

Although car seats made for newborn babies are very safe, it is still not safe enough for your baby to be seated in the car seat for a long period. Long car rides can cause harm to your newborn baby as their spines are not well-built. 

Moreover, they cannot handle the weight of their heads. As a result, sitting for a long period in a car seat can hurt their head and also can cause serious damage to their lungs as car rides include several breaks. So, it’s better if you use your lap or at least a seat that’s made for toddlers if you need to take your baby with you.


How can I feed a baby on a car road trip?

  • Make sure of the comfort: first of all, make sure that the car seat is comfortable enough for your baby. Put light and comfortable clothes on your baby. Make sure to keep extra clothes and drinking water nearby. 
  • Park your car: It’s always better to park your car while feeding your baby. Especially if your baby is a newborn; otherwise, there can be choking issues, and the food can spill over.
  • Feed your baby: feed your baby firmly with extra caution. Check if the food is at the right temperature or not. Make sure that your baby is at the right angle to avoid choking. Do not hurry; let him/her eat peacefully to avoid any trouble. 


Wrapping up

Babies are the most precious gifts in a parent’s life. With this article, we have tried to help you out by letting you know Can you feed the baby in a car seat or not. Also, we have given the ways that you can follow to feed your baby in the car.

Even if you have official work and have to travel by car with your baby, you can take care of feeding your baby in the car seat. We have explained everything in this regard above in the article. 

So, now you don’t have to worry about feeding your baby while you are in the car if you have read the article carefully and attentively. Enjoy your drive with your little precious! 


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