Can You Use Baby Wipes to Remove Makeup – Tested Advice

Do you often think of cleaning your make-up with baby wipes? Even though baby wipes are made with cleansing ingredients, how effective are these to clean make-up? Well, some beauty gurus may tell you that baby wipes can help you in cleaning the make-up, but in reality, you need to know more!

Can you use baby wipes to remove make-up? Well, you can use baby wipes to remove light and gentle make-up. But, it is not a good idea to remove heavy make-up using baby wipes. Baby wipes can’t ensure deep cleaning of make-up. Instead, this will block your pores, resulting in breakouts. Baby wipes can’t be used as a substitute for make-up cleansers.


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We think you are dealing with many more questions about this now. Keep on reading, and you will know if you can use baby wipes to remove make-up or not and also the aftermaths of this decision.


Can you use baby wipes to remove makeup?

Baby wipes are one kind of disposable clothes that are made with a cleansing liquid. As baby wipes almost look like some make-up wipes, many women think that baby wipes can work the same as make-up cleansers. But this is a wrong idea. As we can’t view the result using a microscope, assuming this is relatively easy. 

In reality, baby wipes can never remove heavy make-up properly like a make-up cleanser or wipe. But if you use it for cleaning light make-up, then it can work well. So, cleaning make-up with baby wipes can happen, but not in all phases. You can remove those make-ups with baby wipes, which are light enough. 

Baby wipes can simply remove some hitch and filth from your face. If you have hefty make-up on your face, then baby wipes can’t deal with those heavy make-up ingredients because baby wipes are made with light chemicals to deal with the soft skin of babies.

Can You Use Baby Wipes

Removing the make-up items properly will be quite tricky with the cleaning ingredients presented in baby wipes. Moreover, if you use water-proof make-up products, then using baby wipes won’t help you at all. Baby wipes are totally unable to remove water-proof make-up products. 

Most importantly, even if you somehow manage to remove the outer layer of make-up using baby wipes, there is more to this. Make-up products travel to the inner pores of our skin. As a result, without proper cleansing oil and cleanser water, you can’t clean the make-up that has entered your pores.

If you can’t clean the make-up properly using the correct products, the make-up will block your pores. Clogged pores will eventually create breakouts and other skin problems as well. You can have skin cancers from that. 

So, we never suggest using baby wipes to clean your make-up, be it light or heavy make-up. But one thing that you can do is to clean the make-up using baby wipes and a make-up cleanser both. This will result in the perfect cleaning. 


Can baby wipes do any help for cleaning make-up?

Baby wipes can remove a minimal amount of make-up and dirt from your face. When you use baby wipes to clean your face after returning home from outside, you expect that these will remove all the dirt from your face. But your expectation is not entirely appropriate in this regard.

When you wipe your face with baby wipes to clean dirt and make-up, the wipes leave a lot of make-up and dirt inside your skin. Baby wipes are unable to remove all the hefty amount of dirt and make-up from your face with deep cleaning. Moreover, the oil that your skin produces can’t be extracted by baby wipes.

So there is no use in using baby wipes for deep cleaning. If you do this type of cleaning with baby wipes, then your skin may have to face many difficulties. You will face troubles like pimples, allergies, and even skin cancers, as we stated above.

We can say using baby wipes for deep cleans can’t be entirely useful. But we can use baby wipes in some other ways. Like, you can use baby wipes with your regular make-up cleanser. This will help to deep clean the skin, and thus you won’t have to use any face wash.

After cleaning your face with baby wipes, you can use the make-up cleanser for cleaning correctly. Moreover, baby wipes are able to remove the dust from your face. Before using make-up cleanser, wiping your face with a baby wipe can help a lot. This will be the foundation of deep cleaning.

Though baby wipes can’t help directly about removing make-up, if you use baby wipes as a first step of eliminating make-up then it can be helpful. Your whole work will be much more comfortable in this case.


Do I have to wash my face after wiping with baby wipes?

Yes, you have to. Baby wipe can’t remove all the make-up from your face. They just help to remove the dust and outer layer of the make-up. So, you have to wash your face after using baby wipes.

Another reason works behind the whole thing. Baby wipes make your skin dry. If you let your skin be like that, then your face will become rough and dull. So you have to wash your face after using baby wipes and apply some moisturizer. 


What should I do after removing the make-up with baby wipes? 

Along with the answers to can you use baby wipes to remove makeup, you should know this too. As baby wipes are unable to do the whole task of removing make-up alone, so you have to do some other stuff if you choose baby wipes. This stuff will help to keep your skin fair and healthy. 

After wiping your face with baby wipes, you have to use a make-up cleanser to remove the full make-up. Then you have to wash your face with a moisturizing face wash. Lastly, you should apply some moisturizer to your face to make the skin healthy. 

If you have dry or sensitive skin, you have to do the whole process according to your preferred products. Also, as for oily and combination skin, you have to choose a regular face wash and moisturizer. 


What will happen if I keep using baby wipes as a make-up remover for years?

Have you ever noticed that after using baby wipes, our skin starts flushing instantly? Just think about what these will do to your skin if you use these for years! Your skin will lose all the moisture and become dull over time.

Baby wipes can’t remove the whole make-up. Besides, they do nothing good for your skin. Instead of doing good, these wipes just cancel out all the natural oil on your skin. If you keep using baby wipes regularly, your skin will lose all of its natural oils.

Eventually, your skin will be so rough that no moisturizer will be able to bring the natural glam back. You will lose the natural beauty of your face forever. Also, the chemicals baby wipes contain will make your skin horrible. 

Diseases like skin cancer and others can be brought by frequent use of baby wipes. So our suggestion is to avoid using baby wipes for an extended period. So in this regard if you want to know are makeup wipes bad for your skin, then the answer will be in the affirmative. 

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Are baby wipes good for face skin?

Jane Scrivner, who is a respective beauty expert, says, “Face wipes are harsh on the skin because they contain strong, drying chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils, altering the delicate pH of your acid mantle, which can cause inflammation and irritation.”

As our face and its skin is the most sensitive part of our body. So, we have to be very concerned about each product we use on our face. You can check the suggestions of some famous beauty experts about baby wipes. Most of the professional beauty experts have not recommended using baby wipes on your face.

Jane Scrivner’s suggestions give us the warning to avoid baby wipes as make-up cleansers. Baby wipes do much harm with their chemicals as well as they snatch the natural oil from our face. Natural oil is very important for keeping our face healthy.

Your skin will feel rough and harsh day by day if you keep using baby wipes. Some baby wipes include one kind of acid which is capable of burning our skin, increasing our pH level. These are also a big reason for skin traumas. So, we have to be very careful about using baby wipes continuously.


Is there any other use of baby wipes?

Though using baby wipes on the face for removing make-up is not much affectable, there is some usefulness of baby wipes, which are helpful for us. Those are:

  • We can keep baby wipes in our purses so that we can wipe sweats with them.
  • The dormant marks on clothes can be removed by baby wipes.
  • Having a baby wipe with you will help you to wipe a seat and sit on a clean seat.
  • Lather stuff can be shiny if you wipe them with baby wipes.


Final thoughts

Now you know the answer to the question: can you use baby wipes to remove makeup? We have also tried to bring some other facts in front of you about baby wipes. Though baby wipes are harmful to the skin and the environment, there are many uses of baby wipe which can help us. 

Above, we have shown some ways of using baby wipes. We hope that you can make the best use of baby wipes. Also, use it with caution and take suggestions from your dermatologist before you use it on your skin. All the best!

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