nontoxic crib mattress

Nontoxic Crib Mattress | Ecofriendly Mattress For Kids

Have you ever given any thought to the materials that are utilized in the production of your mattress and considered a nontoxic crib mattress? If you answered “no,” then you probably aren’t aware of the various harmful substances that may be found in a mattress. These chemicals can be found in mattresses. There are a …

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why is dock a tot so expensive

Why Is Dock A Tot So Expensive?

Just how come Dock A Tot costs so much? Dock A Tot is an upscale alternative to the standard baby items sold online nowadays. It’s no surprise that such a comprehensive product would cost a good penny. But why is dock a tot so expensive and is it truly worthwhile to spend the money on …

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how long can a baby sleep in a bassinet

How Long Can A Baby Sleep In A Bassinet?

There are a lot of different opinions on how long can a baby sleep in a bassinet. My babies were in there about four months. Some people say it is safe for a baby to sleep in a bassinet until they are six months old, while others say it is only safe for them to …

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weight limit for cribs

The Average Weight Limit For Cribs: Everything To Know

Did you know that there is an average weight limit for cribs? Me neither! If you are like most parents, you probably didn’t know that. And if you are planning to buy a crib for your baby, it’s important to know what that weight limit is. In this blog post, I will discuss the average …

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15 month sleep regression tips

15 Month Sleep Regression: Signs, Causes, and Treatments

If your 15-month toddler is giving you a series of all-nighters lately, it might be due to sleep regression. When my son Bobby was at this age he was a handful! So hopefully these tips and ideas will help with your child. One of the main reasons for 15-month sleep regression is nap transition. Like in …

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6 month sleep regression

6 Month Sleep Regression: Expectations, Causes, Best Tips, and Myths 

6-month sleep regression, no matter how horrible it happens to be, is actually an indicator of biological transformation in babies. And it’s not bad at all if you know how to handle it.  Let me walk you through my journey of sleep regression! When your little crawler starts having intermittent wake-up calls in sleep during …

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