Does Baby Powder Kill Fleas? Know If It’s Safe to Use It

Fleas are undoubtedly one of the hardest pests to control when they spread. Get a trip through your pet’s bedding and body while wearing white socks, and the black specks will let you know about the problem.

Now, fleas can be really tricky to get rid of. So, you need to have a lot of patience as well as persistence. While you can find commercial products to do the job for you, they might not be safe for your pets.

Most of the commercial products have chemicals in them that might be contagious for your pet as well as the environment. Also, they can be harmful to your kids too. So, you need to find a safer solution to that problem. Some experts suggest using baby powder instead.

So, does baby powder kill fleas? It does! A standard baby powder can be really effective on fleas and eventually cause their death. Many people till now have tried to get rid of the problem using only baby powder and have succeeded greatly!

In this article, I am going to talk about how you can use baby powder to kill fleas and how the baby powder works on them.

Baby Powder

Does Baby Powder Kill FleaBaby powder is made with the mineral talc and contains talcum powder as the major ingredient. Talcum is extremely effective when it comes to absorbing moisture, which is the reason the fleas get dehydrated and die easily in contact with the baby powder.

While the baby powder is quite effective when it comes to killing fleas, it can sometimes be poisoning if your pet swallows or inhales it by any chance. Among the many problems of this situation includes lethargic fever, skin blisters, coughing, breathing difficulty, eye irritation, twitching, vomiting, lung failure, and convulsion.

Does baby powder kill fleas?

Baby powder is not only environmentally friendly but also a safe product that kills fleas while making the fur softer. Mostly this powder can easily suffocate the fleas. You can apply it in places where fleas are most likely to spread easily.

How to kill fleas with baby powder?

I hope now you know that baby powder can be a great thing to help with controlling the fleas in your pet’s body. Mostly, the powder kills fleas by suffocating them. The areas where you can find most of them are your pet’s whole body, the carpet in your house, and the pet’s bedding.

If you could find them in your pet’s body, you will have to dust out the baby powder lightly on its body. You should wear gloves while rubbing the powder into your pet’s fur. Leave it there for a couple of minutes and comb the fur thoroughly with a flea comb.

Get the fleas in a white towel to know if there’s still activity. If they are still alive, keep repeating the process a couple of times until the fleas are dead completely. After that, give your pet a nice soothing bath and thoroughly dry its body.

While you are treating your pet’s body for fleas, get the bedding laundered in the meantime. Dusting the bedding and carpet lightly with baby powder can help get rid of the fleas too. In this case, leave the powder on the carpet for a few moments and then shake it outdoors to get rid of the dead fleas. Vacuuming can help too.


Can you put baby powder on a dog?

Ans: Baby powder is totally safe for your dog. You can rub it on its fur to get a smooth and soft feeling with a pleasant smell. However, you will have to make sure that the powder doesn’t get into the nostrils or mouth.

Does baking soda kill a flea?

Ans: Yes, baking soda is proven to kill fleas in an effective way. You can make a formula with baking soda and salt that will easily dehydrate the fleas. In case you don’t have baby powder in your house, baking soda can be really helpful to get rid of fleas.

What can I put on my skin to keep fleas off of me?

Ans: Essential oils can be a useful thing to get rid of the flea of your skin instantly. You will have to mix the oil with water and pour it into a spray bottle to use. Common oils include peppermint, rosewood, eucalyptus, tea tree, citrus, cedar, or lemongrass.

What do the fleas hate?

Cotton balls drenched in eucalyptus or peppermint oil will keep them away from your house. You can place these anywhere the fleas might attack. Since fleas hate the smell, they will never try to come close to your house.

Do fleas die in winter?

Ans: No, they don’t. Fleas never get inactive in the winter seasons. However, they are opportunists who will ride up to your pet’s back in the cold season to get warmth and food. Since they can’t survive in freezing weather, they will not even try to leave.

Does bleach kill fleas?

Ans: Yes, they do. Bleach will kill not only the adult fleas but also their eggs, ending their birthing cycle once and for all in your environment. So, using bleach can help you to get the job done instantly and efficiently.


So, I hope that you got a clear answer on does baby powder kill fleas? Most people try to buy commercial products to get rid of fleas. But in truth, that’s not a very safe technique to apply.

Using baby powder to kill fleas is safe from all aspects. But be extra careful whenever you are using the powder since it can be harmful to your pets if they go into the mouths and nostrils.

Bleach and baking soda can also be an effective substitute for baby powder. But you can guess that they can’t be applied to your pet’s body.