can i use similac sensitive and pro sensitive

Can I Use Similac Sensitive And Pro Sensitive?

Similac users usually have some questions about the formula of their choice, one is “can I use Similac Sensitive and Pro Sensitive?”. When I get asked this, I tend to go back to my research to see what is best. And often, it depends on each individual child’s needs. Read on below to know more …

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generic nutramigen formula

The Best Generic Nutramigen Formula For Kids

I get asked weekly it seems about what to do when a child has issues with formula. When your child has trouble digesting dairy, grain, or soy-based formulas, you may worry about what to feed him next. Luckily, there’s generic Nutramigen formula, a cost-effective formula that’s specifically designed for children with sensitive stomachs.  It’s not …

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does enfamil gentlease have lactose

Does Enfamil Gentlease Have Lactose?

If your baby is lactose intolerant and you have recently started your baby on formula, then you may want to check the labels before buying a particular brand of formula. Almost all formulas will have some amount of lactose in them. When my kids were little not enough attention was focused on this and I …

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best baby probiotics

7 Best Baby Probiotics: Benefits & Side Effects

How exactly do baby probiotics function, is it necessary for every infant to take them, and what are the best baby probiotics? The use of baby probiotics, which aim to create good gut flora and reduce gas discomfort, constipation, and colic in infants, is a popular choice among the numerous medicines available to ease the …

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why is baby formula so expensive

Why Is Baby Formula So Expensive?

When it comes to baby formula, there is no shortage of opinions. But now in 2022 and into 2023 costs seem to have risen out of control for new parents. Some people believe that all baby formula is created equal, while others think one type of formula is better than the rest. But whatever your …

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how long does it take for baby to adjust to formula change

How Long Does It Take For Baby To Adjust To Formula Change?

What if you introduced your little one to cow’s milk-based formula, and they didn’t take to it? Or worse yet, they got sick? What do you do then? You might wonder how long it takes for a baby to adjust to a formula change. New parents always are asking me similar questions. Thankfully, most babies …

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how to make baby formula taste better

How To Make Baby Formula Taste Better

If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you know the joys of – and occasional challenges with – nursing your baby. But what if you can’t or don’t want to breastfeed? What if your baby is having trouble latching on, or you must return to work? The formula is a viable alternative for feeding your baby, and …

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how many scoops of formula for 6 oz

How Many Scoops Of Formula For 6 Oz?

Sharon here again! What should I understand about making and keeping baby formula? How many scoops of formula for 6 Oz is needed? Baby formulas come in a variety of forms, including powder, concentrated, and ready-to-feed. Be aware of how to safely store pre-mixed infant formula. I know when I was a new parent, this …

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can i buy baby formula with food stamps

Can I Buy Baby Formula with Food Stamps?

Can you buy baby formula with food stamps? The answer to this question is a bit complicated because the rules governing what can and cannot be purchased with food stamps vary from state to state. Hopefully my tips can help you figure it out in your home state. In some cases, baby formula is considered …

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is ready to feed formula easier to digest

Is Ready To Feed Formula Easier To Digest?

A lot of new mothers are curious about baby formulas, and ask me “is ready to feed formula easier to digest?”. After all, it is in a container, and there is neither a spoon nor a bottle to be seen anywhere in the vicinity. It’s not hard at all. It is often more uncomplicated for …

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