All The Louisiana Booster Seat Law 2022 You Must Know About 

Planning on having a trip to Louisiana but not sure about the booster seat laws? Then, we should make you aware that Lousiana has some strict booster seat laws that you must know.


If you are struggling to find the Louisiana booster seat law, we have figured it all out for you. We have gathered the laws in one place to lessen your hassle. Not only that, we have focused on other aspects that you should be aware of as well. 


Louisiana has some strict booster and car seat laws that are different from other states of the United States. That’s why today’s discovery will help you figure it all out. So let’s dive in to know more! 


Louisiana Booster Seat Law 2021 – All Dissected 

First of all, we want to explain the laws for your highest safety. So let’s have a look:

For Infants And Toddlers: 

  • If your children age less than two years and if s/he is not restrained from using a regular rear-facing child safety method specified by the manufacturer because of their weight or height limit, you need to use a rear-facing system like a lap belt, shoulder harness, or any appropriate child safety seat that follows all the applicable federal regulations.
  • You have to use infant seats for children aged under two years. And the infant vehicle seat must be kept away from the airbags, therefore you need to keep the seats in the back seats. 
  • When your child has reached the child restraint system’s usability limits, you have to implement a front facing car seat that contains an internal harness.


For 3-4 Years Old Children:  

  • If your child has reached the limitations for using forward-facing car seats, you must use a belt positioning booster seat.


For Children Who Are At Least Nine Years Old: 

  • When your child has reached the height and weight limit for a child booster chair, you have to use a standard seat belt. Make sure to adjust the seat belt for a perfect fit. You have to ensure that the safety seat belt adjusts properly covering the baby’s bottom area. Moreover, the implemented shoulder belt should be placed across the baby’s chest, never their neck area. 


For Children Who Are Younger Than 13 Years:

  • You have to use safety measures that follow all the applicable federal regulations. For example, the child needs to be carried in the vehicle’s rear seat and restrained using a child booster seat or child safety seat with a seat belt; otherwise a safety belt for older adults. 


Louisiana Car Seat Law Rear Facing Seat:

As per Louisiana car seat law, you must use the rear facing vehicle safety seat until your child is two years old until your child reaches the height and weight limit. 

Louisiana Car Seat Law Front Seat:

As per the Louisiana car seat law passed on August 1st, 2019, until your child is older than thirteen, s/he must sit in the appropriate car seats and the rear seat. Any child who is less than 13 years old can’t sit in the front seat. You can use a rear-facing car seat for the best safety of your kid.

When Can A Child Be In A Booster Seat In Louisiana?

Your child needs to use a vehicle booster seat in Louisiana until s/he is nine years old or has reached the height and weight limit of a booster seat. 

When Can Kids Stop Using A Car Seat In Louisiana?

When a kid is at the minimum of nine years old and has exceeded the height or weight limits of using a belt-positioning child booster seat, s/he can stop using the vehicle seat and use adult’s car seat belts. The car seat belt needs to be adjusted and appropriately fastened to fit the body. 


Louisiana Booster Seat Law – Penalties For Violations

As we said before, Louisiana is very straightforward about the child passenger safety law. As a result, if you violate the laws, you may face big trouble. Here are the penalties for violating the child passenger safety laws: 

  • As a first offense, they will fine you one hundred dollars. Then, again, you will be fined from two hundred fifty dollars up to five hundred dollars for a second offense. Then, for any subsequent or third offense, you will be fined five hundred dollars plus all costs of court.
  • If you use a child restraint system that’s age or size inappropriate, you may be fined up to one hundred dollars plus fees and court costs.
  • If you fail to use a safety belt for the first offense, you will be fined fifty dollars. Then for a second offense, it will be seventy-five dollars. After that, the fine will be seventy-five dollars plus court costs for the third or every subsequent offense.


Important Points To Remember:

  • You may get a ticket for violating the laws within twenty-four hours.
  • The violations won’t apply if the vehicle is used for emergency purposes like an ambulance. 
  • The laws won’t apply if the child is medically unable to use the child passenger safety system, kids car seats or a safety seat belt and needs to be restrained using otherwise methods.

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What’s The Leaving Child In Car Law In Lousiana? 

Louisiana has strict laws for children’s car seat safety. Therefore, you cannot leave a child under six years alone without any supervision in a car or any motor vehicle. You need to be present at 10 feet from the vehicle and observe the child spontaneously. If you leave the child unattended for more than 10 minutes, it will be an infringement of the law. 


Is A Child Car Seat Required In Lousiana Taxi?

No, this is an exception that Lousiana doesn’t have any child passenger restraint system law applicable to taxis. So you can go without a car seat if you are driving a taxi. But you should at least use an appropriate safety belt for your kid for car seat safety.


What About Smoking In The Vehicle With Children Present In Lousiana?

In Louisiana, you can’t smoke in a motor vehicle when there are children ages less than 13 years. You may be fined $150 or 24-hours of community service as a penalty for the violation. But if you smoke in certain open-air vehicles like convertibles, it won’t violate the laws. 


When Can A Child Use A Backless Booster Seat In Louisiana?

When your children ages between 4 and 6 years old, s/he can use a backless booster seat in Lousiana, you can also use a high-backed belt-positioning booster seat for your kid aged between 4 to 6. 

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Safety Tips For Child Passengers In Lousiana:

Whether there are laws or not, you should always make sure of the greatest safety of your kid to avoid any personal injury in the motor vehicle. If you stay concerned about a few things, you can ensure the required safety. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the child’s safety in a motor vehicle: 

  • You need to ensure a proper seat within your kid’s height, weight, and age limit. 
  • Louisiana doesn’t allow children to ride in the backseat until they are older than 13 years. So you need to maintain the age restriction. 
  • When you are about to install a new car seat, read the requirements and instructions properly. 
  • Correctly position the seat belt and ensure the proper fit. 
  • Install the car seat properly and do not move it more than 1 inch from the sides or toward the front.
  • Snag the harness straps around your child, whereas you cannot pinch any slack. You can use a booster seat with a 5 point harness for better safety. 
  • Children can not use a forward facing seat until being a year old and weighing 20 pounds.


Frequently Asked Questions 

What Are The Requirements For Children To Use The Front Seat In Louisiana?

According to Louisiana’s children’s safety laws, your kid can’t ride in the front seat of your car until 14 years old. So when your kid is fourteen or older, you can make them ride in the front seat. Until the age of 13, you need to make them sit in the back using a rear facing child restraint system.

Which Car Seat To Use In Louisiana?

Louisiana car seat law states that your kid must use a back facing safety system when they are two or younger. You can use forward-facing car seats if your kid has reached the limit for rear-facing car seats. 

What Are The Booster Seat Weight Requirements In Louisiana?

The laws state that when your kid is aged between 4-5 years and weighs 40 to 60 pounds, you need to use a booster seat. If you want to use a backless booster, the requirements will remain unchanged. 

Final Words 

Children must be supervised and kept carefully in a car to avoid any possible car accident. As adults, they cannot take care of themselves, so you need to ensure that your kid is the safest in your car. And when you are in Louisiana, you must be aware of the Louisiana booster seat law made by the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission to avoid unwanted situations. 

The booster seat laws are equally important for your kid and you to avoid any penalty. As Louisiana has some strict laws, you must abide by those to avoid fines. However, we have explained all the updated laws that you need to know. So, now all you have to do is follow the rules and ensure your baby’s safety. You can also seek further help from a child passenger safety technician if you need any.


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