How to Make A Mosquito Net for Baby Crib

How to Make A Mosquito Net for Baby Crib?

Are you a new parent? You don’t know how to keep your baby protected from the mosquitos. Worry not.

We are here to help you out. We will suggest you get a mosquito net for your baby crib. The reason behind this is, a mosquito net hundred times safer than a chemical spray. Your newborn is really deliciated. You can’t compromise with him/her health.

In this article, we will inform you about some techniques and safety measures. We promise to make you know how to make a mosquito net for the baby crib.

Table of Contents

How to Make A Baby Crib with Mosquito Net?

Things you will need:
  • A Mosquito net
  • A scissor
  • An eye hook
  • A large hoop
  • Some wires
  • Some accessories (optional)
  • A drilling machine


Grab the hoop and open it up. Unscrew it. Now roll on the net curtain into the ring. There must be a pocket at the top portion of the curtain. If not, you must stitch to create a hole for the hoop. If the width is small enough, take another piece of a net of similar size. Spread the net overall covering the hoop. Attach a small screw to the opening.

Now take the bottom portion of the hoop. Take a piece of wire and tangle with a part of the hoop. After fixing it, go vertically, and adjust another portion of that wire to the hoop. Make sure to attach it just vertically. Now, take another part of the wire and fix it in the same manner to the hoop only in a perpendicular direction of the previous wire. It will look like a ‘plus’ sign.

Now, take the last portion of the wire and secure the connecting part of the previous two bindings. The most important part is to take the bottom hoop and place it upon the curtained hoop. Make sure the third ware piece has an extended free ending.

Now, you have to hang it from the ceiling. Take a drill machine and a hole on the roof just above the crib. Place the eye hook and secure it by rotating clockwise. Screw the wire end to the eye hook tightly. Cover the crib with the hanging curtain. If you want, you can add some artificial flowers, dolls, etc. to it.

Editor’s Note: Check out our Buying Guide For The Best Paint For Baby Crib

How to Stich Net for Baby Crib?

Well, you have already learned how to hang a net from a hook. But you might want your own net, and don’t want to get it from a typical shopping mall. We will even show you how to stitch a net of your own.

Things you will need:
  • Three-meter long net cloth
  • One-and-a-half meter long lining cloth
  • A scissor
  • Sewing kits: thread, etc.
  • A sewing machine if you don’t want to do it by your hand
  • A zipper which is thirteen inches long
  • A measuring tape
  • A pencil or marker
  • A thread
Follow these steps:
  • Step 1: place the net cloth on the floor and fold it in half. Now cut it into halves according to the folding direction.
  • Step 2: Join them using a sewing machine.
  • Step 3: Take the lining cloth and fold it in half. Take a measuring tape, and measure 8 inches from the starting point. Mark it with a marker. Again measure 8 inches and mark it.
  • Step 4: Grab a scissor and cut through the whole direction according to the marking.
  • Step 5: Place those two pieces somewhere else. Again, measure six inches on the cloth twice side by side. Cut them accordingly.
  • Step 6: Stich both eight inches of cloth together. Fold the base part of the lining cloth and sew it.
  • Step 7: Take the pair of six inches cloth and repeat the process overall.
  • Step 8: Now, you have got a large piece of cloth by joining the pairs of six inches cloths. Attach them to the bottom portion of the converged net fabric. Take the long piece of eight inches cloth, and join it to the top portion of the net cloth. If there is any remaining portion, cut it away.
  • Step 9: Always fold the lining cloth’s end portion before attaching it to the net cloth.
  • Step 10: You have to make a pocket for inserting a thread. So, fold the eight inches cloth, and stitch it again.
  • Step 11: Take a zip. You have to sew it to the net cloth side, where no lining portion is attached. This point is optional. I don’t find it very crucial.
  • Step 12: Grab a thread and insert it through the opening of the top portion. You can use a safety pin here for your convenience. Stich the two ends of the thread.
  • Step 13: You are done with the net. Adjust the thread by binding it with a hook, hanger, or similar things placed above the crib. Cover the crib spreading the net. Well, you can use the first procedure, where you have to insert a hoop inside the net pocket and hang it from the eye hook.
  • Step 13: You are done with the net. Adjust the thread by binding it with a hook, hanger, or similar things placed above the crib. Cover the crib spreading the net. Well, you can use the first procedure, where you have to insert a hoop inside the net pocket and hang it from the eye hook.

There is some advanced mosquito net found. All things are given correctly. All you need to do is assemble them. Go through the manual instructions.

At first, assemble the frames. Now place the structures on the handle of the cot. Screw it tightly. Attach the curtain with the frame, and drape the curtain all around the cot. There are ribbons to tie curtains with the cot hands. Check carefully if there is any insect under the bed. Now, you can keep your baby without any worry.

Why Will You Use Mosquito Net for Your Baby?

The mosquito carries the most dangerous organism. Malaria, filaria, yellow fever, dengue, etc. are held by mosquitoes often. I am pretty sure you know about the hazardous effects of these diseases. Not only mosquitoes but there are also a number of other kinds of insects that are no less dangerous. We adults can somehow protect ourselves from an insect bite. But a toddler or a newborn doesn’t have that kind of capacity.

But the numbers we are talking about are just an idea. It is not right that every child will be like this, nor will it be the same every day. Sometimes it may take more and sometimes it may take less.

They can’t protect themselves. In fact, you can use insecticide, Aerosole, or coil. But these are dangerous chemicals, and not safe for your baby at all. In this case, a mosquito net is the only solution. You have to ensure some things. The holes must be fine in size. Large holes can’t protect from very tiny insects. Also, make sure to keep your baby in a position not to touch the net directly.

But the numbers we are talking about are just an idea. It is not right that every child will be like this, nor will it be the same every day. Sometimes it may take more and sometimes it may take less.

Safety Measures

There are some hazards you should know. Some parents use a clip or ribbons to hold the curtain in place. Babies put this extra portion into their mouths and get choked. If the net is drawn loosely on the bed, your baby can wrap herself/ himself. Sometimes they wrap the portion around their neck and get strangulated.

But the numbers we are talking about are just an idea. It is not right that every child will be like this, nor will it be the same every day. Sometimes it may take more and sometimes it may take less.

Don’t use any clips. Tie the ribbon tightly so your toddler can’t open it. Tuck the extra portion of the net under the mattress of the cot. Or it will be better if it’s floor touching.

Never keep your baby cot close to candles, cigarettes, cylinders, kerosene lamps, etc. And the most important thing is, always keep an eye on your baby. They can’t take care of themselves. So, you have to do it.

But the numbers we are talking about are just an idea. It is not right that every child will be like this, nor will it be the same every day. Sometimes it may take more and sometimes it may take less.

Final Thoughts

For your vulnerable baby, there is no alternate way to protect them from insects. A mosquito net is really cheap. In fact, there is no storage problem. After each use, just fold it with the hook. You can use a really nice colored curtain and add some glitters, sequins. It will enhance the beauty of your nursery.

You can install a net by making it yourself or getting online. Check out the quality before buying it, because it is about your baby’s health. If you are still confused, go through our article again to know how to make a mosquito nets for the baby crib.

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how to wean baby off pacifier at 4 months

Sharon’s Guide – how to wean your baby off pacifier at 4 months old

How to wean baby off pacifier at 4 months? This is a common question that everyone wanted to know, so let’s do a deep dive into it. I was not successful in getting my kids weaned off that early, but with my advice I think it is possible for you to do it!

Table of Contents

Actually, a pacifier also was known as a soother, teether or Dodie is a rubber, plastic, or silicone nipple provided to an infant to suck upon. In this regular appearance, it has a teat, mouth protection, and handle. The handle is long enough to avoid the danger of the kid choking thereon or consuming it.


Here are the negative effects of using a pacifier during breastfeeding for healthful babies. The AAP recommends avoiding pacifiers to the primary month. Advancing a pacifier can cause the infant to ineffectively sucking at the breast and creating “nipple confusion” Babies will take their suck out on the pacifier rather than nursing or support nursing at the breast which is suitable for the infant’s brain growth and the mother’s supply.  Evidence in early infants or infants that aren’t healthy is lacking but shows that it can have benefits

If it’s commonly believed that employing a pacifier will reason cause dental problems, if the pacifier is appointed for a small number of then around three years, it doesn’t appear

However, prolonged use of a pacifier or other non-nutritive sucking habit (such as a blanket or finger sucking ) has been making found to steer to malocclusion of the teeth, that teeth protruding or not meeting properly once they bite together. This is usually a standard problem and since the dental treatment to correct it can get the time and maybe expensive.

There appears to be no dynamic evidence that operating pacifier delays by preventing babies from practicing their speaking skills.


The good side for Pacifier

A pacifier might help reduce the danger of sudden baby death syndrome (SIDS). Sucking on a pacifier at sleep time and bedtime might reduce the danger of SIDS. If you’re breastfeeding, ready to supply a pacifier until your baby is 3 to 4 weeks old and you have settled into an effective nursing method.

Physicians are often asked for direction about pacifier use in children, particularly regarding the benefits and risks, and when to appropriately wean a toddler. the benefits of pacifier use include analgesic effects, lower hospital support for preterm babies, and a commission within the risk of unexpected baby death syndrome.

Pacifiers size

Pacifiers are sold by size like with age: Small (6 months or younger), Medium (6 to 18 months), and large (18 months or older). … A pacifier that’s also big or too small for her mouth might not soothe her and maybe a safety risk.

Using of a pacifier at bed

You can carefully give your baby a pacifier at bedtime. to build it as safe as possible, though, confirm to read these guidelines: DON’T attaches a string to the pacifier as this will present a strangling danger. DON’T provide your baby a pacifier in the nighttime while he or she is learning the method of breastfeeding.

Advantages of using a Pacifier

  • Lower chance of SIDS. Pacifier use during naps or nighttime can stop unexpected infant death syndrome.
  • Satisfy that sucking reflex. Babies are naturally made to suck.
  • Encourage each baby to self-soothe.
  • Pacifiers can support babies to learn to control their responses, relax them, and make them feel safe.

Disadvantages of using a pacifier

The serious risks of the non-nutritive sucking habit are a breakdown of breastfeeding, dental damages, recurrent serous otitis, including for the possibility of accidents. The development of latex allergy, tooth decay, oral ulcers, and sleep disorders are different problems confronted with pacifier use.

Perfect time to Take Away a Pacifier

The perfect time to wean the pacifier is about 6 or 7 months of age. You can reduce pacifier use from several times a day to nothing, in fewer than a week.

The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Family Physicians suggest “limiting or discontinuing pacifier use after your baby is 6 months old to reduce the risk of ear diseases”. Following that, using a pacifier is linked to increased ear diseases, particularly between 2- and 3-year-olds.

How to wean baby off pacifier at 4 months?

A more regular approach to pacifier weaning, by this approach you follow your regular sleep routine, placing the baby down in the bed, sleepy drowsy but awake, with the pacifier. When sucking slows down, graciously remove the pacifier before your baby is permanently asleep. After a couple of weeks  If your little one fusses if he or she crying try giving her a  toy instead, or comfort her through rocking and other soothing gestures.

You can help other people by sharing your thoughts are how to wean a baby off a pacifier at 4 months?

Comment below your valuable thoughts that help both of us make this information fulfill. We’re eagerly waiting for your helpful comment! Our Expert will solve your problems. Enjoy parenting……

detachable hanging toys for play mat

Sharon’s 10 Best Detachable Hanging Toys for Play Mats

Sharon here again with another discussion about baby items. Being a parent is hard work, but some of the most rewarding times of your life.

Every parent likes a safe toy for their baby to enjoy. So, if it keeps your baby happily engaged several times, that alone is a win.

These little baby gyms, with lots of things to see, hear, play feel and grasp, is a must-have for small-baby entertainment between naps, feeds, and diaper changes.

The baby mats can add to your baby’s sensory and cognitive skills with colorful toys and delightful themes. Now that it’s established that a baby hanging toys for play mat is the perfect all-in-one toy/gym for your little one, in this review, we gathered the best detachable hanging toys that we think you and your baby will love.

Table of Contents

In a hurry? Here’s 3 detachable hanging toys for baby play mat we picked out by the average customer review!

Best seller baby play matir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li1&o=1&a=B0793D9WBY5Price
baby play mat reviewir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li1&o=1&a=B0036RKGHQ5


best play mat reviewir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li1&o=1&a=B08RS2PQNN5Price

1. Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym

Fisher-Price Deluxe Kick & Play Piano Gym
ir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0793D9WBY

Check Price

This toy is great because it grows with your child. You can take apart the piano and they can play with their hands when the baby gets older. You love that because this toy is also an activity gym where your baby can bat the toys with their hands, and the hanging toys are also interchangeable! Tummy time is also an option for babies and the mat and piano lights and sounds are great distractions while they learn! It’s very easy to put together and clean! The mat can be thrown right into the washer!

Vannessa P. describes that her  2 months old daughter seems to enjoy this activity mat. After a couple of sessions, her daughter was able to focus on it and become engaged. The songs are sweet and cute. She finds herself singing along too. The mat is semi-cushioned. She is very happy with this product and it can easily grow with her daughter.


  • These piano functions are great, very interesting, and attractive to baby
  • This Play mat gym baby is functional, colorful, fun & educational, too.
  • It also comes with the mirror
  • It is easy to clean
  • It is easy to assembly.


  • Sometimes you need to changes the batteries.

2. Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym
ir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B002DWALTI

Check Price

Infantino Twist and Fold Activity Gym is a good play gym mat for the baby. This is one of the cheaper-priced play gym mats. It has an “easy fold” option, which is really cool when your home is has been dominated by baby furniture/toys/clutter. This play gym mat is soft. It can be washed well. This play gym mat comes with two different heights you can attach the toys to one higher and one lower on the legs. It is super easy to put together too. The little pillow that comes with it is perfect to put under your baby when they are doing tummy time. It helps because it lifts them off the ground a little making them want to raise their neck up.

One mom said that she absolutely loved this activity mat! It is a nice generous size. Her twin babies loved this all the way from the newborn stage to now (currently 8 months old). As her twins baby became older they love sitting up to play with it. The mat portion is easy to remove and through into the washer and dryer. This activity mat is a must-have for any parent to be!


  • Attractive and easy to clean mat
  • Portable for travel
  • Movable mirror toy is awesome and captivates baby’s attention
  • You can travel easily with it because it folds up and secures with Velcro
  • Cool way to push down and twist the soft bars to make it curve over the mat
  • You can connect toys to the mat for tummy time.
  • More/different toys can be added


  • Pillow can be used for tummy time but it moves around too much

3. Skip Hop Treetop Friends Baby Play Mat Activity Gym

Skip Hop Treetop Friends Baby Play Mat Activity Gym
ir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01MS92ROR

Check Price

This play mat gym baby is another bestseller play gym mat in the marketplace. There have lots of features which are very attractive and very safe for babies. So a lot of parents buy this play mat for their babies. Not only it has the modern look and neutral colors but also it is still fun and interesting to my little girl.

This activity center is packed with 17 developmental activities and also the 13 loops to hang baby toys low, high or on the mat. This baby gym takes two minutes to assemble or disassemble. So you can easily reclaim adult space. It is easy to assemble and supportive tummy time pillow. Its safety-tested to meet or exceed ASTM, CPSIA, EN71, and applicable safety standards.

One parent describes that her son loves his playmat. It’s really cute, she loves that it’s softer colors, the toys you can hang above baby are interactive, plus you could switch out the hanging toys too with others you may have to keep your little one from getting bored. It comes with a cute little cloud pillow too that you can use for tummy time. The material is nice and soft, it’s well made and durable. All in all a great playmat.


  • Simple and cute. It looks great in her nursery and in my living room.
  • Very plush. If the baby slams his/her head down she/he doesn’t get hurt.
  • It has 17 developmental activities
  • It is easy to assembly
  • The mat itself is washable


  • It’s great quality BUT its a bit expensive.

4. Baby Einstein 5-in-1 – Best overall activity gym and playmat

Baby Einstein 5-in-1

Check Price

Your baby won’t remain the same always? But until your baby really grows up and leaves playing on the play mat, buying the same play mat in different sizes is a hassle. As babies tend to have rapid growth, you should get a play mat conserving that. Fortunately, this one grows with your baby with its 5 settings for development stages.

Music helps magically in the baby’s development. I know my boy Robert sure did love it!

Experts found that even when the pregnant mother listens to music, it helps the baby’s growth. Lucky you, this one contains 20 minutes of global-themed music for your baby’s incredible development. 

Our one valuable mom said that when she used this play mat, she absolutely loved it because of its versatility. It saved her from a lot of trouble because of the machine-washable feature and easy cleaning facility.

Lastly, it will be perfect as a playmat because it contains puppets, prop pillows, take-along toys; everything that your kid will just love. So if you are searching for something to be the best baby gym for development, it completely serves the purpose. 


  • Helps your kid’s development 
  • Versatile 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Comes with multiple different playing elements


  •  May emit chemical smell sometimes 

5. Fisher-Price Rainforest Music Lights – Best affordable play mat

Fisher-Price Rainforest Music Lightsir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07DG255GQ
Check Price

If you are looking for something affordable, nothing will go beyond this one. It contains everything in one place along with such a reasonable price that you will feel surprised. On top of that, it comes with a large space; just perfect for your kid to stay here all day long without feeling suffocated. 

Kids just love any sort of lighting, so this brand didn’t forget to implement the knowledge here. You will get a baby-activated light show in it to keep your baby hooked inside. Also, it contains other toys like a light-up canopy with 2 settings, a plush tummy time tool with 20 minutes of music, and 8 different linkable toys.

A kid’s mom told us that her baby loves the toys very much that whenever she used to cry, the only way to stop her crying was to let her sit inside the play mat. This is incredible cause what we noticed is, the toys are actually very versatile and help your kids’ development as well.

If your baby always insists on using your mobile, you can leave a sigh of relief because you are going to get relief! How? Well, this playmat has a detachable mobile that your kid can take anywhere. So no reason to tug over your device anymore! Honestly, because of these features, we found it to be one of the best out there.


  • Contains lighting 
  • Has a handful of toys 
  • Comfortable 
  • Comes with detachable mobile 


  • The mobile is not battery operated

6. Gym Play Mat with 9 Toys – Best for influencing kids’ development

Gym Play Mat with 9 Toys
ir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08RS2PQNN

Check Price

How good will you feel if the playmat you set your mind to buy also helps the development of your kid? As we all know, kids learn faster and develop way faster during the first 5 years of their lives. Good news for you, unlike other play mats, this mat adds a lot of value to your kid’s development as well. 

The touch of nature can always put a lot of impact on your baby’s growth. So if you are a cautious parent who always feels a necessity to help your baby’s growth with a touch of nature, you cannot overlook this mat. It has trees and a branch-like design which we have not found in any other play mats. 

One of the Baby Kid Care editor’s parents stated that these are incredible to let your kid have an idea about nature and love the surrounding. As she likes the idea of letting your baby have an idea about nature from the very first stages of life, it comes out to be incredibly helpful for her.

After everything, as the main attraction of a kid is to play, here you will get 9 toys. All the toys are removable so your baby can play using those even without being on the playmat. As it is built with high-quality fabrics, safety is inevitable! You cannot overlook it to be one of the best foam playmats for babies.


  • Comfortable material 
  • High quality built
  • Includes 9 different removable toys 
  • Contains nature like design 


  • Quite thin

7. UNIH Baby Gym Play Mats – Best for a better interactive outcome

UNIH Baby Gym Play Mats - Best for a better interactive outcome 
ir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B08598YZVZ

Check Price

How would you feel if you notice that your baby is just laying or sitting inside the play mat doing nothing? It’s awful when it doesn’t serve its purpose. But forget it because you will never face such disappointment if you only get this play mat. This one is known the best for its interactive activity.

This one favorably influences the baby’s sensory and physical coordination skills with the 5 detachable colorful hanging rattles and graceful piano music. As a result, it helps in the kid’s rapid development alongside providing the necessary fun time. 

One of our beloved moms told us, the 5 different modes of play of this mat just helps in increasing the baby’s physical activity. Sometimes he kicks the toys, plays music, sits, and enjoys being here. It successfully improved my baby’s listening, shooting, grabbing, kicking, and playing skills.

If you have a newborn baby, consider this one to be the most amazing. It has everything that your newborn baby will just love. Alongside the material is so soft that you can be entirely sure of the comfort that your baby will have. No doubt about it being one of the best baby gyms for newborns.


  • Serves the purpose of baby’s development
  • Enjoyable 
  • Improves 5 different skills
  • Perfect for newborns 


  • The toys detach easily

8. Bright Starts Disney Baby Finding Nemo – Best for ocean-like experience

Bright Starts Disney Baby Finding Nemo
ir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0036RKGHQ

Check Price

Nemo is the character that brightens up every kids’ day. So if your infant is a fan of Nemo, here comes the perfect solution for you! This play mat comes out to design specific and unique because of its ocean-like appearance and the Finding Nemo theme.

Not only the toys, but it also contains 20 minutes of ocean-themed melodies. As a result, your kid will get a full-time ocean experience here. As favorite characters can influence a baby quite intensely, you will thank the theme of this play mat later once you realize how your kid just loves it! 

Our fan Olivia just loved this play mat because she has never found a Nemo-themed play mat before. While her 3-year-old is a crazy fan of Finding Nemo, this one seemed to be the best choice that she made by purchasing this.

From Dory’s finger puppet to Mr. Ray’s canopy with magical lights, everything is enough to brighten up your baby’s time. We don’t want you to rely on appearance only, so let us assure you that the quality here is also top-notch to fall for.


  • Unique theme 
  • Comfortable material 
  • Enough space 
  • Includes lighting and music 


  • Average durability 

9. BABYSEATER Baby Gym and Playmats – Best for quick setup

BABYSEATER Baby Gym and Playmats - best for quick setup 

Check Price

If you are a busy parent, we understand your daily struggle. The time that you spend to make your kid happy, that is beyond appreciation. But this play mat can lessen your trouble and save you time. You can literally set this up within seconds and it will be ready to play with. 

This play mat got a kick piano, rotating starry mobile with 4 detachable toys for your kid to have the most fun out of it. The main attraction of this one is mostly the star projector that it includes. It displays starry lighting which will astonish your kid.

We got to know from a user that this play mat is incredible in quality. His baby loved the starry display and whenever the baby cries, the projector helps a lot. When she notices the starry display, she just stares and everything turns out to be calm.

We just loved the way it was built with premium, BPA-free materials. As we know how concerning it is to maintain your baby’s safety, it doesn’t compromise on that. The sturdy build also adds up to the comfort. 


  • High quality built
  • Sturdy 
  • Quick installation 
  • Incredible light show


  • Average durability 

10. Lupantte 7 in 1 Baby Play Gym Mat – best for safety

Lupantte 7 in 1 Baby Play Gym Mat - best for safety 
ir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B089NPCN4F

Check Price

No matter how lucrative it looks, the concern should always be on the safety of the play mat. If you are a safety concerned parent who won’t consider even a little bit about the health of your baby, you are in the right direction. This play mat is incredible for ensuring your child’s safety. 

The beauty of this play mat is indescribable. It comes in a subtle color that soothes the eyes. Along with that, the anti-slip particles given in this mat save a lot of trouble. In fact, most of the play mats are not slip-proof, as a result, whenever your baby starts playing in it, it moves here and there. No such annoyance will bug you once you purchase it.

Rosette, one of our babykidcare mothers’ shared her experience with us. She was tired of the annoying movement of regular play mats. But once she stuck to this one, the anti-slip feature helped us a lot. Now she can have a good time while her baby plays inside the mat! 

So, if you are seeking one of the best baby gyms and playmats, it has got everything to fulfill your search. You will get 6 removable sensory toys and 1 tummy moon pillow to let your kid have the most fun with. The size is also convincing enough for us. So overall, it felt like a good choice to rely on for your baby’s safety. 


  • Safe material 
  • Anti-slip feature 
  • Extra large size
  • Easy to set-up 


  • Little bit thin 

11. Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey of Discovery Activity Gym

Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey of Discovery Activity Gym
ir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01G1JQXMW

Check Price

Any baby will have a blast with this play gym mat, which has a lot of toys and more activities. Baby Einstein 5-in-1 Journey of Discovery Activity Gym is perfect for the baby gym and play. This is a great mat for a baby and a great help for moms. It encourages tummy time, hand-eye coordination, music appreciation, co-play, and curiosity. Toys can be wiped clean with a damp cloth and mild soap.

The size of the mat. It is pretty large. The play gym  mat is decorated with a world map and colorful characters traveling in different vehicles. You will use this mat to learn continents when your baby gets a bit older. Dangling toys are made of plastic and washable materials. You can easily wash it. The gym can be converted into a ball pit. It’s like two baby products in one.

One mom said that her twins are loving this activity mat! She has it opened up in one of their cribs (they share a crib for now) and it’s such a great spot to put them for playtime! She has been introducing the toys one at a time so they don’t get overwhelmed. Before long, they will be batting at the toys and loving the mat even more! She loves that it becomes a ball pit too! And the giraffe plays tunes that are upbeat and catchy.


  • Twins baby can be played by it at a time
  • This play mat gym baby is decorated with colorful characters and different eye-catchy style
  • Very easy to clean, easy to assemble and move.
  • You can also hang other toys when your baby gets bored.
  • The mat is nicely padded, large, and the toys are cute.


  • It is pretty difficult when you are traveling

Top Playmat Brands You Shouldn’t Look Over!

  • Baby Einstein– The versatility and multifunctional features from the 5-in-1 Baby Einstein Playmat will blow your mind. Those cute playmats are easy to assemble, easy to clean, and make your baby feel comfortable.
  • Fisher-Price– The playmats from Fisher-Price come in many kinds. They include music, lights, vehicle toys, and many attractive things which will bring a smile to your baby’s face.
  • Lupantte- Lupantte presents 7 in 1 playmat which comes with 2 replaceable mats. The high-functional features, 6 removable toys, and hearing, visual, cognitive development options for infants to toddlers make this playmat absolutely amazing. 
  • UNIH– The design, looks, and cuteness of the UNIH playmat make everyone happy. It’s made with soft, non-toxic materials and includes cute toys and a stunning piano. 
  • BABYSEATER– The playmat from BABYSEATER includes toys that teach, 3 musical modes, and reliable features. The playmat is comfortable, durable, easy to clean, giftable, and pocket-friendly. 

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Baby Gyms And Playmats

A playmat is a fun and safe way to ensure your toddler’s playtime is spent in comfort and safety. There are tons of different options and variants available for you when buying a play mat. The most important thing to consider is your child’s comfort. So here’s what you should look for-

  • Soft and smooth material- since young toddlers mostly know how to crawl, they will be leaning on their bellies for the most time on a playmat. So you’ll need to mind something soft so he doesn’t get tired of feeling uncomfy. Also, smooth mats are preferred so that his movements are not capped.
  • Colorful designs- it is no secret that children are attracted to colors. Getting a bright and vibrant playmat will assure their interest to spend more time on the playmat. There are also some educationally designed playmats with alphabets and numbers written on them so you can choose from those as well.
  • Ease of cleaning- since your child is going to be on it, you’d want to keep it as clean as possible so he doesn’t catch any infections or diseases. Also, children are likely to make it unclean very quickly so a playmat that is easy to clean is always welcome. Playmats that are waterproof and have smooth surfaces are generally preferred. 
  • Portability- if you’re planning on carrying the playmat to different places, it is suggested to get something portable and lightweight. Get a playmat that can easily be folded and is not too heavy to carry around.
  • Safety standards- the bottom surface of the playmat needs to be non-slippery. If you have tiles or a wooden floor, your baby can slip and fall on the playmat if the bottom surface is slippery. Also, the materials overall should be unharmful for the baby in case he puts them in his mouth.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do toddlers need playmats?

It is not an essential or must-have item for toddlers, but rather good and fun to have around. A playmat offers a safe and comfortable place for your toddler to play in. The soft surface of a playmat is more enjoyable than a floor and you don’t have to worry about your child making it unclean as you can always clean it easily. 

What is the best playmat for kids?

The best playmats for kids are the ones that properly ensure your child’s safety and comfort at the same time. There are tons of variations and different options to choose from. When it comes to playmats, it’s mostly personal preference and what you think is best for your baby. 

How thick should a play mat be?

A playmat should be considerably thick since the thickness contributes to the comfort of the playmat. Through thin playmats, babies can feel the hardness of the floor which nullifies the effect of the soft materials and makes it uncomfortable. 

How long should baby use activity mat?

To be real, they can stay there as long as they want. There is no real-time limit. But it is preferred to have them stay there just during play hours, as they might lose interest if they stay there too long. Also make sure they don’t start sleeping there because that will ruin the purpose of a playmat, which is to play and move around. 

How old can a baby use a playmat?

Babies of any age can use a playmat but generally elderly babies don’t need a play mat. Babies that can walk also don’t need a playmat as there isn’t much use for them. Playmats are meant to be used by toddlers who crawl and lean on their tummies thus it’s a soft and comfortable design. 

Do I need a padded playmat?

Depending on your needs and your baby, you might consider a padded playmat. Padded playmats are much more soft and comfortable than normal playmats. But they are not portable because they tend to be heavy and cannot be folded properly.

Are foam play mats safe for babies?

Various testing and company claims reveal that foam playmats are not harmful to babies. A foam playmat provides maximum comfort to the baby so it’s important to know if they are safe for babies. Many companies are transparent about the fact and claim that they are completely safe for the baby

Are baby foam mats toxic?

No, foams used in baby playmats are not toxic or harmful to toddlers. There was once a conspiracy that suggested baby foam playmats release a toxic gas over time that can harm babies. But research afterward has proven that the gas that the foam releases over time is nowhere near enough to harm someone. 

Why We Recommend These Hanging Toys!

There are several detachable hanging toys for play mats available in the market.  When you choose detachable hanging toys for a play mat for your baby, you may get confused about which one to buy because there are similar features and a lack of knowledge on the play mat.

So we’ve made this article for you to choose the best detachable hanging toys for a play mat for your child. We think you will gather some knowledge about the play mat and can choose your best detachable hanging toys for a play mat for your baby. Also check out your local Wal-mart or Target for affordable options.

2022 Update – Check out these DIY options