Should Babies Wear Shoes When Learning to Walk?

It’s really amazing when your baby learns to walk at first. But there come many concerns with that. Especially when you are a new parent, the concern level becomes higher than usual. You might want to make your baby wear shoes while he/ she is learning to walk. But how necessary is that?


So, when you want to know: Should babies wear shoes when learning to walk? We need to tell you that no. While learning how to walk, you should let your baby be barefoot. When your baby walks barefoot, they develop muscle strength, which helps them to learn faster. So, for your toddler, it’s better to let them walk barefoot to develop the confidence of walking. 


Should babies wear shoes when learning to walk?

No, until you let him/her walk on the outside roads, it’s better to let your baby walk barefoot while learning how to walk. Your baby can feel the floor or mud while walking, and that can develop the feet muscles quickly. Also, in order to improve the agility of your toddlers’ feet, letting them walk barefoot is essential. 


But sometimes, there might be times where you can’t let him/her walk in barefoot. In those situations, you can let your baby walk wearing soft shoes. There are many soft shoes that you can get for your toddler, who has just learned how to walk. In this case, if your baby has wide feet, then you can get the best children’s shoes for wide feet.


All the experts and doctors suggest letting your baby walk on empty feet. There are many scientific reasons behind this. When your baby is just learning how to walk, he/she needs to feel things. If you make him/her wear shoes, your baby can’t walk and learn freely. Besides, there will be a delay in your baby’s feet’ muscle growth and development. 


But well-developed muscles are necessary for your little kid to learn to walk faster. Barefoot also strengthens your baby’s muscles while walking for the first time. The sensory-motor development gets accelerated when your baby walks barefoot. As a result, it takes the least time for him/her to learn.


So, if you don’t have any specific problem, let your baby walk freely barefoot! It will help him/her to learn faster with extraordinary motor developments. Moreover, this attempt is necessary to make your baby understand how to balance while walking as well. In case you need shoes for your baby, find shoes that provide better ankle support, flexibility, and soft soles. 


Babies Wear Shoes

Why do doctors suggest letting babies walk barefoot?

Well, there are so many reasons. In fact, it is scientifically proven that walking barefoot helps your toddler to learn how to walk quickly.


  • Ensures feets muscle development: when you let your baby walk barefoot, your baby’s feet touch the ground and can feel it. As a result, it increases the blood circulation in the muscles of the feet and accelerates the development. The sooner your baby’s feet muscle develops, the sooner he/she will learn to walk. 


  • Increases the speed and pace: though it’s quite difficult for babies to walk fast and to maintain a pace while walking at first if you let him/her walk barefoot, he can understand the speed and pace better. When your baby is learning to walk, if you allow him/her to walk on bare feet, eventually he/she will learn to walk quickly and with a pace.


  • Makes them learn coordination: while walking, human baby’s first need to learn how to coordinate two feet together. Until they learn how to coordinate, it’s difficult to walk properly. If you make him/her wear shoes while learning this coordination, they can’t understand this because of the weight of their shoes. So, you have to let your baby walk barefoot to learn this coordination. 


  • A better understanding of balance: without motor balance, toddlers can’t walk freely. To let your baby understand the balance properly, you have to let him/her walk-in barefoot. And of course, in order to learn walking, your baby needs to learn and understand how balancing works. Otherwise, he/she will fall while walking.


  • Develops sensory-motor development: sensory-motor development is essential to learn walking. When your baby walks in barefoot, she/he can understand every movement and feel what she/he is doing. As a result, he/she can develop sensory-motor development quickly. Developing the sensory-motor skills help not only in your baby’s walking but also in other purposes as well. 


Wrapping up

We have reached the end of our suggestion on Should babies wear shoes when learning to walk? So you now understand that it’s better to leave your baby walking barefoot while learning how to walk. It helps in numerous ways and can be helpful in the future too.


Until you feel the necessity of a shoe, let your baby walk like his/her will. In this case, walking barefoot will give the best possible support to learn walking. Also, it will give him/her the opportunity to roam freely and also develop sensory-motor skills in a better way.

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