Sugar Water For Babies – Is It Effective or Not?

There is a common myth among new moms that sugar water is great for babies and it can treat diseases like jaundice, stomach ache etc.. If you are totally new as a parent and want to know more about this topic, you have found the right place for it!

So, sugar water for babies, huh? Are they effective? Well, yes they! Sugar water can be a great thing that works as a painkiller for your child. Also, it can be excellent medicine for your child’s constipation! However, there can be many situations where this water is actually quite bad.

So, I guess you are quite curious to know about why it can be a good and a bad thing altogether. Let’s dive deep into the article and know more!

Why is Sugar Water for Babies?

There have some hospitals where have to do circumcision or other surgeries. which causes a lot of pain to babies. Children take sugar water as a medicine to stop this pain.

babies can take sugar water from a doctor to reduce the pain. To do it, a doctor can take a foot prick and blood drawn from the baby. When the doctor gives a shot treatment to the baby.

How is Sugar Water Given to Babies?

However, it should keep in mind that, for giving any sugar water to the baby. it should give by pediatricians. They give this sugar water through a syringe or pacifier in the mouth of the baby.

Doctors create sugar and water mixture at the doctor’s office or hospital. It can make medicine too again.  this sugar and water mixture its amount is one millimeter and it has 24% sugar.

sugar water for babies

Is Sugar Water Effective for Babies?

A recent report shows that, if children of 1 year take sugar water and after that, during taking the injection they can feel less pain and less crying. however, it sure that this sugar water can make a calming effect for kids. And in some cases, this sugar can act as anesthesia.

Dr. Fisher had said that “Sugar water is a very important substance for baby. these elements help to remove pain from the baby.

However, we have to more research on sugar water effects on newborn children’s bodies to remove their pain. Dr. Godfred-Cato says Some research has also proven that If mothers can able to suckle newborn babies then Breastfeeding will be more effective than sugar water.

How Effective is Sugar Water for Jaundice in Babies?

Most newborn babies have to suffer from Jaundice and it’s completely normal. This mainly happens since your child’s body starts to produce a lot of blood cells but the liver fails to dispose of them. However, you should know that jaundice is totally harmless.

But experts suggest, using sugar water to treat jaundice is not a very good idea. In many cases, it has proved itself to be ineffective in decreasing the bilirubin levels. Rather, you should try to keep your baby’s stomach full. If you still want to use sugar water, make sure to do it under a doctor’s supervision.

What are the risks of according to give sugar water to your baby?

Your child should take sugar water from a pediatrician. because taking mistakenly sugar water can cause harm to your baby, and sugar water has some serious side effects too.

Dr. Fisher says If the sugar-water mixture is not suitable for the baby and the baby gets more pure water from the mixture. then it can cause itchy and cause electrolyte disturbances to the baby’s body.

When the body gets more water. Then which happens sodium decreases, the electrical balance goes away, the tissues swell and the baby slowly goes into a coma.

For its, which could be seen side effects, these are stomach upset,  reduce food for breast milk and spitting.

Dr. Fisher said that excessive sugar water can affect the baby’s food for milk. Newborn babies should take nutritional and protein-rich fluids.  And sugar water and pure water should not take.

Are Sugar water and breast milk for preemies’ pain?

Two research in New York has seen that sugar water and breast milk are very helpful to remove the pain of newborns.

Therefore, doctors give the advice to eat sugar water and breast milk to the baby. for removing the pain of the newborn baby during the mother’s painful medical tests. Doctors are looking for the best way to find out how to remove the pain of newborns. especially for preemies, who are taking medical tests in the early days.

In new research, researchers have seen that sugar water and breast milk had an impact on children’s pain while on the heels sticks.  that have to use to get blood samples of various newborn babies.

A doctor has seen by another research that sugar water is more effective than breast milk.

Research for it!

Another second research has proven that doctors say that it is not right to think that during heels sticks breastfeeding gives children less comfort than sugar water. However, Bueno said that the results of this clear research are related to the combination of breast milk and sucking.

Earlier, doctors thought that newborns actually do not feel pain.  But this idea is no true. Now researchers are trying to find the best way to comfort small children by doing a small test.

Also, in their research, children who are born between the 5th and 7th week of pregnancy used to drink sugar water or breast milk before the heel stick.  The liquid dripped down the tongue of the children.

Heel stick:  Heel stick is a common procedure.  And it is done for newborn babies. In this medical procedure, blood is collected from the ankles of the children. Heel stick is the most common way for newborn blood size.

During the process, children’s faces were identified and the researchers used a standard scale reaction on each child.  Looking at things like grimacing, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels.

Overall, the sugar water solution has found to be more effective than breast milk, with 60% of the preemies received by those who have taken the sugar. Breast milk one-fourth of infants who had the least dimension of pain.

A similar method was used in the second research.  Dr. Eva Simmons and colleagues at Breeder Amphia Hospital in the Netherlands were appointed 71 primes to accept sugar water or breast milk the heel stick.

Babies who received breast milk. they had nursed or if they were already bottle-fed, they have given a needle-free syringe with brain milk.  The baby can suck everything during the heel stick, they can drink breast milk or sugar water.


How do you make sugar water for babies?

In general, you will need to add six tablespoons of sugar and 1 or 2 tablespoons of salt in one liter of water to make sugar water for your child. 

Is sugar water safe for newborns?

Of course not! An infant should not be fed anything rather than breastmilk or special formula milk. If you are using formula milk, never use more or less water than the amount mentioned in the product. 

Is sugar water good for babies’ constipation?

Well, yes! Sugar can be a good treatment for constipation since it draws extra fluid to your child’s bowel. 

Is gripe water sugar water?

Whether gripe water has sugar or not, it depends on the brand and the place you buy it from. Once gripe water did contain sugar and alcohol but not it’s just made with purified water, agave and ginger flavor. 

Can you put sugar in baby formula?

Since sugar is not healthy for infants, you should not use it in your child’s formula. Sugar water is a different thing and adding sugar to the formula is a whole different subject.


In the finish, the average pain scores for both the breast-milk and sugar-water categories fall within the minimum limit.

Bueno says that the research can allow the baby to breastfeed, interpreting why the results differ from his team’s findings.

It has been well documented, “he had said,” to provide an analgesic effect in breastfeeding (newborns), particularly, when combined with sweet solution or milk. ”

But breast milk also can have a pain-enhancing feature. Bueno had mentioned that some fat, protein and sugars in breast milk affect the “reactivity” of newborns to pain.

The main reason why her group is interested in the effects of breastfeeding instead of breastfeeding is that some preemies not breastfed yet to the baby. And it can take more milk, or give it another way, to make it more pain-relieving.

We consulted more research on the role of breast milk in publishing, “Bueno said that especially exploring the combination of breast milk with other interventions – such as skin-to-skin contact or sucking – for newborns (mainly preterm) who unable to mature breastfeeding analgesics.  Sufficient or clinically stable to an opportunity from the effect.

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