What Does My Baby Feel When I Cry? The Scientific Truth

When your baby is in your womb, they can feel things. From your well-being to emotional health, everything can affect your unborn child. That’s why, during pregnancy, women are suggested to feel happy all the time. But is it true that your emotional instability affects your child? 


Yes, it’s true. In fact, it’s scientifically true. Now you might want to know what does my baby feels when I cry? Well, when you cry during pregnancy, your baby can feel it and get affected by the stress hormone that you release when you are sad. Being overly exposed to the stress hormone may lead you to have an anxious and colicky baby. Which might affect your baby’s development and emotional stability. 

When you are sad during pregnancy, it’s usually the hormonal storm that goes inside you. But if it continues to be more than general rates, it can be alarming. Today, we will share everything about how your sadness can affect your unborn child. Let’s get started! 


What Does My Baby Feel When I Cry?

A baby developing within the womb features a precious bond from the moment of conception and since it continues to grow and develop, it learns its mother’s voice, touch, and smell. Repeatedly, mothers can feel their baby reacting to different sensory moments, kicking her belly or moving about. 


A mother who might cry a few times during her pregnancy probably doesn’t have much to worry about, it’d become a haul when it’s a recurring thing. Once you are feeling stressed to cry, your baby will feel it and it can also be exposed to stress hormones in your body. Prolonged exposure to those hormones can start to affect your baby negatively. 


The occasional stress won’t harm your baby. However, if you’ve chronic anxiety and stress, it can cause your body to produce cortisol, which can be a stress hormone. This hormone is passed on to your baby through the placenta. If your baby is consistently exposed to this hormone while within the womb, it’s possible that you simply will end up with an anxious and colicky newborn baby.


Your emotional well-being is critical for your child’s mental state and development right up to your adulthood. So, make a big decision to keep your feelings in check during the crucial stage of your life.


Can My Baby Feel When I’m Sad?

Yes, your baby can feel you if you’re sad. If the mother is sad, that affects how the baby develops after it’s born. The baby can understand through the stimuli of the body of the mother. The psychological state of the mother highly affects the baby. 


Whenever you’re sad or depressed your baby can feel eventually. If you’re depressed, ask your doctor to resolve the issue. Certain antidepressants are safe to require during pregnancy. So, treating depression during pregnancy may lower your risk of developing PPD after the baby is born. Babies can feel sad even as they will feel excited, scared, and happy because of their mother.


But there are certain times, where you might feel sad because of the emotional storm going inside you because of different hormones. That’s natural and that happens to every pregnant woman. So if you are blaming yourself for your constant sadness, do not do that. Because eventually, it will make you sadder and you are not responsible for that.


Does Emotional Stress Affect Pregnancy?

A few hormones may cause a few certain pregnancy complications. This may increase the possibility of getting a uterus infection-causing premature birth. You can also face other serious problems like:

  • Issues like trouble sleeping, lack of appetite, body pain, and nausea may feel even worse with stress. 
  • Mothers face problems with eating, which makes them underweight or causes them to gain an excessive amount of weight during pregnancy. 
  • The stress hormones during pregnancy can increase your risk of getting gestational diabetes and preterm labor. 
  • Stress also may affect how you answer certain situations. It’s chronic stress that you simply got to be careful for. It not only affects your own health but also affects the baby’s development.
  • Stress increases the chance of premature birth multiple times. Your baby can be born even before 37 weeks if you are struggling with chronic stress. 
  • Emotional stress during pregnancy can cause you to have an underweight baby with low immunity. This will affect your baby in the future badly. 
  • Mothers who deal with stress during pregnancy are at a high risk of developing preeclampsia. 


Ways to Deal With Emotional Stress During Pregnancy:

If you are struggling with excessive stress and emotional outburst, you need to follow a few tips to keep yourself uplifted. Here’s what you can follow: 

  • Chat and focus on your baby. You can listen to songs, read books and repeat affirmations.
  • Meditation and prayers can help you a lot to keep yourself free of stress.
  • You should take several naps during the daytime whenever you feel tired. 
  • If you feel overwhelmed, take a walk in nature or you can develop a new hobby that doesn’t require much effort. Hobbies like crafting, gardening, writing can help you to relieve your stress. 
  • Talk with a mental health consultant. You should always keep track of your mental health and take your doctor’s suggestions.
  • Light exercises and yoga can help with your stress and mood. If certain issues trigger your mental health, try to avoid those as much as you can. 


Last Words

Hope by now you got your answer to the question: what does my baby feel when I cry? It’s obvious that your baby can feel when you are sad and low. So, during pregnancy, you should keep yourself happy and surround yourself with positive people. If possible, you can visit the mental health consultant every week to keep track of your health. 


Whenever you feel low or depressed during your pregnancy, do not keep things to yourself. In this phase, it is better as much as you talk and share your emotions. Especially for your baby. So talk to your husband and friends, whoever you like to. Moreover, never blame yourself or be ashamed of what you feel at this time, it’s totally natural to feel what you are feeling. So, good luck!

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