My Baby Fell Off The Bed How Long Should I Keep Her Awake?

Baby Fell Off The Bed

Are you worried about your baby falling out of the bad?

In some cases, there can be dangerous aftermaths. So you should always be prepared for this situation because babies are unpredictable. Now, let’s assume that your baby has fallen from the bed or a height, what should you do?

Experts say that, no matter what you do, do not let a baby sleep right after the fall.

You may ask now, what do I do? Should I call 911 or my doctor? If you have any concerns then yes do that immediately! Calling them is the best choice.

In this case, you have to monitor your baby for the next 24 hours and constantly recheck them every hour. 

The next 24 hours can be crucial for your baby. But it’s not necessary to keep your baby awake for that.

In this article, we will share the monitoring process, aftermath, and also how to prevent your baby from falling off the bad. So, without any further ado, let’s get started!

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How Long Should I Keep Her Awake?

Babies want to go to sleep after a fall, whether they get hurt or not. If this happens during or after bedtime, they might be a little sleepy or get dizzy because of the fall. It’s actually quite normal after that accident. It might change your baby’s sleeping schedule.

Sometimes it’s hard to say anything for the first 24 hours after a fall. Doctors said that it’s not necessary to keep them awake to monitor them. It may be helpful to let them rest after a fall because rest is the best treatment after an injury or fall. But you can try waking them up and check on them every few hours to make sure they are conscious.

Doctors recommend that you don’t have to keep the baby awake for the whole day but You can keep a close watch and observe the baby’s behavior over the next 24 hours after a fall. So it’s not really important to wake the baby after a fall, you have to only check the baby if the baby’s okay or not. It can turn out pretty bad if you keep them awake the whole time.

How Do I Know If My Baby Is Okay After Falling Off The Bed?

Falling off from the bed can be dangerous for your baby and it can cause serious injury to the baby’s head, neck, and body. Firstly stop panicking about the condition of things might get worse if you act like this.

You have to keep a close watch for the first 24 hours after the fall and you have to check the baby’s whole body, head, and neck carefully if your baby’s body gets hurt by falling off the bed. After 24 hours of observation, if the baby acts like themselves and it appears uninjured after a fall from the bed, it means your baby is okay. After that, you can contact your doctor and ask what symptoms you should watch for and how long you should observe the baby.

The Symptoms that you should observe to know if the baby is alright after a fall:

  • If the baby is fully conscious 
  • Didn’t get any serious wound 
  • If the baby cries normally 
  • If the baby breathes normally like before 
  • If the baby acts like themselves and plays after a while
  • If they can recognize their parents  
  • If they’re easy to wake up and doesn’t seem to be weak
  • If they calm down after a few minutes 
  • If the baby is playing, smiling & distracted by toys

How long should you monitor a baby after a fall?

A fall from a bed does not usually cause any serious injury, but injuries are possible. So you should monitor your baby for the first 24 hours to see whether the baby develops any signs of a serious head injury after a fall.

We all know, sometimes it’s hard to say anything before 24 hours. So the doctors might recommend that you observe the baby’s condition for the first 24 hours and you can try waking them up and check on the baby on a regular basis. After 24 hours of observation, it will be clear if the baby is okay or not. So it should be sufficient to monitor them 24 hours to make sure that nothing changes.

My Baby Fell Off The Bed And His Nose Is Bleeding- What To Do?

You should immediately sit him down and get a clean cloth to catch the blood. You should lean your baby forward and pinch his nose bridge. It will allow you to see if the bleeding has stopped or else the blood can travel all the way through the back of the throat causing gagging, vomiting, or coughing. You must apply pressure in a delicate way to compress whichever leaking blood vessel to stop bleeding.

You should continue doing the procedure until it gets to the point where no blood is coming out. You should keep applying pressure at least for 10 minutes. Then you can release the pressure slightly and if it starts bleeding again then continue to do the procedure for another few minutes.

Sometimes the nosebleed can be complicated to handle and the blood may not stop with pressure. In that case, you should use a wrapped ice pack and keep applying pressure. It will minimize the pain and puffiness. You can also provide him with some children ibuprofen which will bring the puffiness down.

Afterward, you should reassure your baby repeatedly and prevent them from picking, nose-blowing, or rubbing. You should also monitor if he seems disoriented or any kind of uncomfortable expression.

If it doesn’t help then you should seek medical help as soon as possible as it may indicate any kind of severe damage. The baby would have complaints about pain even after the swelling.

Don’t panic as that can confuse the baby even more and frighten him. Generally, nosebleeds are a pretty common occurrence because of some of the blood vessels inside our nose but if you think the injury seems serious even after doing all the procedures, you must not waste time visiting a doctor or hospital emergency.

What Percentage Of Babies Fall Off The Bed?

Falling off the bed or any high platform is a very common occurrence for babies especially toddlers. Babies usually learn to sit properly at the age of 7-8 months. So younger babies usually fall off the bed if kept unattended when they toss and turn.

Even children who actually can sit properly or even get down from the bed are also prone to falling off the bed as they cannot be careful about the height of the bed and try to get down by themselves if they don’t find anyone to help them.

So in conclusion around 10%-15% of toddlers fall off the bed in their whole childhood period and it is not concerning as it can be prevented if the parents stay alert and don’t leave the baby unattended for a long period. This rate is lower for the babies who use baby cot with high rail guards. Therefore, it is advised to use a baby cot if you are bringing up a toddler. 

How can I stop my baby from falling out of bed?

Babies are small, so it’s quite normal if they are crawling over to the edge or even falling off the bed while sleeping. If this happens, it’s necessary to handle the situation calmly and look carefully for signs of injury.

To prevent falling, You have to keep a close eye to watch the baby. There are numerous ways that you can implement to stop your baby from falling from your bed and getting injured:

  • Don’t put your baby on an adult or queen-sized bed unsupervised, it can be scary if your baby falls from a high level. 
  • First of all, you can remove the headboard of the bed or place a mattress on the floor, it will make the distance short from the bed to the floor and it will reduce the chances of your baby falling off from bed. 
  • You can place the mattress against a wall and make sure that other walls are far away from the mattress, that way your baby won’t bang against them if they fall from the bed.
  • You can place a soft carpet on the floor to minimize the risk of getting injured. 
  • You can use two firm bed guard rails till your baby’s a bit older. Otherwise, your baby will be anxious about the whole bed thing. 
  • You can teach your baby to come down from the bed in a safe way by slipping off on their belly after your baby gets a bit older 
  • It is also recommended that you can keep large cushions right beside the bed to prevent falling off the bed 
  • To prevent falling, you can always keep at least one hand on a baby on any surface. It’s better to place the baby in a crib that has a hard mattress and sheet.
  • You can always put two pillows on each side of the baby to prevent falling off the bed while sleeping.

Final Words

By now, you probably got the answers to My Baby Fell Off The Bed How Long Should I Keep Her Awake? We have also shared ways to prevent the fall and what to do after the incident. Hopefully, you have got a clear idea of everything that you need to do and thus you can keep your baby safe from falling. 

But if the fall seems serious and if your baby becomes unconscious after the fall, do not delay even for a second to visit the doctor. Also, if there is any visible injury, it might require stitches as well. That’s why always take necessary precautions to keep your baby out of this danger. Follow our instructions and thank us later!