10 Epic Ideas for Your Best Friend’s Baby Shower

Baby shower gift for best friend

Baby showers are a traditional ceremony that has been celebrated for many eras. A baby shower is a gift-giving ceremony. Women from family members and friends express their love and care by giving some gifts to the would-be-mother.

I know when I had my first baby shower it was a memory I still have clear in my mind today.

After knowing about the baby shower, a question may come to your mind: what can be the baby shower gift for your best friend? You will get many ideas about that after reading this article.

What can be the baby shower gift for a best friend?

In short, the baby shower gift depends on your and your best friend’s favorite stuff and mostly on your budget. As best friends are the most important people in our life we should give something which will be very special and loving. Also, your gift should be such a thing that will remain fresh in your friend’s memory forever.

For selecting the perfect gift for your best friend, you should know some other things about baby shower gifts. Let’s make the baby shower thing more clear to you.

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Baby Shower Gift for Best Friend- Few Epic ideas

Here is the list of 10 baby shower gift ideas for your best friend:

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The Aveeno Baby Bathtime Solutions Gift Set helps a new mother provide the baby with the finest products. The ingredients of this set work for the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin. This set includes everything that your friend will need to give a bath to her baby. Many pediatricians and experts recommend this set because of the good impacts of the ingredients of this set.

Undoubtedly, it will be a fantastic gift for your best friend. This set includes Aveeno baby wash and shampoo, tear-free bath, moisture lotion, and body washes for the newborn baby. Each product of this set helps sensitive skin and keeps the baby’s skin healthy and soft.ir?t=babykidcare09 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B005SPESKK

2. Huggies Special Delivery Hypoallergenic Baby Diapers- best trouble-free baby shower gift

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For providing your friend’s baby with superior care, Huggies have made their special diapers. These diapers keep her baby’s skin dry, healthy, and safe. These are the softest diapers capable of giving protection for up to 12 hours without any leakage.  So it will make your friend overwhelmed because of the elimination of trouble.


These diapers are perfect for becoming an ideal caregiver for the child and giving them 100 % comfort. Besides, these diapers contain no harsh ingredients which are harmful to the baby’s skin. With different available sizes, these are capable of satisfying parents’ needs for different aged babies. So get these leak-proof diapers as a gift, which are perfect for sensitive skin for the baby’s well-being.

3. Multi-Function Waterproof Large Travel Backpack Nappy Bags for Mom- best useful baby shower gift for best friend

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Going out with a newborn baby has always been the most irritating problem because moms can’t be comfortable carrying different stuff. But that problem won’t bother your friend if you purchase this bag for her. Most of the bags are suitable for either women or men.

But this beautifully designed bag is capable of fulfilling the need of all and looking exactly great on your back. You can also give this to the hostess as the best gift for a baby shower hostess.

This incredible diaper bag is made with soft and light materials so that the new mom doesn’t feel any pain while carrying this. Neither it looks big, nor it feels heavy.

This diaper bag is made of Oxford fabrics, which are super comfortable. However, this bag is giftable and has a big storage capacity, durable, and easy to clean. So getting this will be an excellent decision for you happy shopping and travel.

4. Fisher-Price On-the-Go Baby Dome- best baby shower gifts for mom

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If you want to give your friend’s baby a cozy and secure feeling like home even outside, you should purchase this baby dome as a gift. On-the-Go Baby Dome is made to give the baby the highest comfort with the softest padding. The protective canopy will make the baby feel comfortable and safe.

This gift will make your friend smile. Because the baby will feel like sleeping in someone’s lap with this baby dome, and your friend can be busy with other things. This baby dome is very versatile as it can be used inside and outside the home.

It includes two toys with it so that the mom can make the baby play with them. This helpful and comfortable baby dome will come at a very reasonable price, so you won’t have to think about the budget as well.

5. Gerber Baby Girls’ 4 Pack Sleep N’ Play Footies- best baby shower gifts for girls

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Provide your friend’s baby girl with the great Sleep N’ Play Footies from Gerber to give her the highest comfort. The baby will definitely love the footies because these are made to make the baby feel comfortable. These footies are made with 100% cotton. The fabric of these footies takes care of the baby’s delicate and sensitive skin.

These footies are very durable. Your friend will never face any troubles while cleaning these because they are very easy to clean. Moreover, these are machine washable. So you can make the problem less for your friend. You should purchase these as gifts for her as these will make the baby fall asleep sooner and give her comfort while sleeping.

6. Women’s Nursing Tank Top – best baby shower gift for comfort

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ir?t=babykidcare09 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B07DSG3QCYThese breastfeeding clothes from SUIEK are great for a newborn baby’s mother. These bras properly hide the belly area for newborn babies. These bras are suitable for every month of pregnancy and provide the mother with the highest comfort. The fabric which makes these bras are suitable for sensitive skin.

These bras have adjustable and highly elastic shoulder straps which are great for breastfeeding. Your friend can easily use these as long as she wants because they are super durable. The excellent and outstanding design of these bras will make her fall in love with them every time she wears them. So, it will be the perfect gift for the comfort of your friend.

7. Washable Leak-Proof Nursing Pads for Breastfeeding- best for protection

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Bamboobies Washable Nursing Pads are made for the mothers of newborn babies. These nursing ultra-soft pads are made with such materials that are totally milk-proof and capable of saving your friend from embarrassing situations. The materials of this product are safe for use in sensitive areas of women.

Your friend will be able to wear these overnight with no tension. These ultra-thin, ultra-soft pads are made with 3 layers. As these are washable, she can wash them in the machine.

So get these easy to use, easy to clean, leak protective and durable pads for the new mom to make her journey more comfortable. This gift is significant among all the list of baby shower gifts.

 8. Lansinoh Stay Dry Disposable Nursing Pads for Breastfeeding- best gift for newborn baby’s mother.

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ir?t=babykidcare09 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B002TLU5JOIf your friend is troubled thinking of the embarrassing moments that happen because of bad quality nursing pads for breastfeeding, you can make her stop worrying. Because the most absorbing, convenient, and hygienic nursing pads from Lansinoh are here to serve her. These are great for having a perfect caregiver for a newborn baby’s mother.

These pads’ materials are durable, safe to use, easy to clean, and machine washable. Your friend will find these super soft on a mother’s super sensitive skin.

These easy-to-use, leak protective, and comfort provider nursing pads are also budget-friendly. You definitely should get these because they can fulfill all your friend’s needs as an outstanding gift.

9. Lansinoh TheraPearl 3-in-1 Hot or Cold Breast Therapy Pack with Cover- best for caring

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ir?t=babykidcare09 20&l=li2&o=1&a=B0070767DULansinoh breast therapy gel packs are capable of fighting common breastfeeding problems. This therapy gel is perfect for sensitive skin. It never becomes harsh for any kind of skin. That’s why many doctors and experts often offer this therapy gel to mothers with newborn babies.

The soft and flexible design of this therapy gel pack will give the breastfeeding mother the proper care.

This product satisfies all your friends’ needs, and these are easy to use and easy to clean. These are versatile and comfortable. Your friend will be impressed by using these once. So, you can give this as the best gift with the most profound care from you.

10. Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller – best baby shower gifts for twins

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Baby trend jogger strollers are made to offer your friend incredible features. These baby strollers’ materials are so great that the baby stroller will look exactly like a new one after even using them for years. The strollers are very easy to use, and these can be folded very easily. Also, they come lightweight so that your friend will be able to drag them easily.

The extra-large storage of these baby strollers will help the baby to have a comfortable stay at that place. The tires of these baby strollers are very easy to pull and high quality. Your friend can carry these anywhere easily. So make the new mom happy with the most helpful baby stroller ever.

When your best friend is going through the most difficult and important phase of life, you can make her smile with your little effort. If you want to give her something that she would love, then you have to know her well at first. I think you know that already.

If you search for something creative, then I will suggest you give some handmade stuff. You can do this stuff:

  • You can design some tiny clothes for the baby who is coming. Your best friend will be very happy if you do something for the new baby.
  • You can make an album or frame of your and your best friend’s pictures. This will make your friend nostalgic and will show a lot of love.
  • It is tough to make a newborn baby sleep. If you give some toys or stuff which can produce sound for making the baby sleep fast, then that will be a very helpful gift.
  • Another sweetest thing can be a book that works as a guide for the first year of the baby.
  • You can give some gifts to her, which will make your best friend recover fast. This will be very helpful for your friend.

Though picking a baby shower gift is much difficult, the thing which is more important is presentation. You have to make the presentation great.

The presentation of your gifts should be eye-catching and the prettiest thing that people have ever seen. This way, you will be able to make your best friend feel that you love her and care for her so much.

In case you don’t know what a baby shower is:

Baby showers are celebrations for would-be-mothers and the babies who are coming to this world soon. It is a traditional function that has been happening for eras. Baby showers are ancient enough, and they carry history.

A baby shower is a function where a bunch of women who are family members and friends gather at a place and bless the mother and the baby with their love and affection by giving some gifts. These gifts are a sign of their love. In fact, these gifts express their feelings to the mother and the baby.

Traditional and ancient baby showers used to be held only with the presence of women who were family. But the concept of baby showers has changed in recent years. Nowadays, women from outside can also join this occasion.

Another thing that doesn’t follow traditional morals is the presence of men. Today’s world thinks that fathers should also get the chance to attend the baby shower. So now people celebrate co-ed baby showers instead of celebrating traditional baby showers.

Is it okay to give cash to my best friend as a baby shower gift?

Cash is always an acceptable gift. It isn’t weird to give cash to your best friend as a gift. But you should consider a few things before doing that. Giving cash to your best friend as a baby shower gift is okay, but this gift won’t be the best gift. There will be no memories with it to remember.

Baby shower gifts should be useful for the baby and the mother. Also, you should give something which is pretty and eye-catching. So you should always look for unique baby shower gifts for mom to be when it’s especially your best friend.

You should give something to your best friend, who carries your love and care to your friend. Something that makes your friend feel that you are putting effort into her.

But it is not always possible to prepare some gifts which take much effort. If you are unable or too busy to find or make a gift, then you can give cash to your friend as a gift.

What are the most meaningful baby shower gifts for best friends?

Choosing a baby shower gift is much more difficult than choosing regular gifts. You should choose something which is going to be very useful for your best friend and her baby. Have a look below:

  • Diapers. Diapers should be on the top if we make a list of the best baby shower gifts.
  • Diaper baskets. To make your gift more beautiful, you can simply use a beautiful basket in which you can decorate the diapers.
  • Bibs. Babies create a great mess while eating. So you should make a bundle of some pretty and unique bibs, put them in a beautiful box, and this will be the prettiest gift ever.
  • Baby bathtub. A cute and tiny baby bathtub can be a good gift also useful.
  • Smart baby monitor. This can be the most useful gift for your best friend and the baby.

These are some ideas which are both useful and pretty gifts. You can give these to your best friend and make her happy.

Should I arrange a baby shower for my best friend?

Baby showers are a happy occasion that can bring many good things. As baby showers are a part of our history, so celebrating baby showers is a sign of respecting history. You can do that by arranging a baby shower for your best friend.

The baby shower will work to express your feelings to your best friend. You can express your love and care to the mother and the baby by giving gifts. Also, you can make your best friend feel great by throwing a baby shower party for her.

You should give something to your best friend, who carries your love and care to your friend. Something that makes your friend feel that you are putting effort into her.

Becoming a mother is not a normal thing. A woman doesn’t remain just a woman; she becomes a mother. To celebrate this transformation of your best friend, you should celebrate the baby shower party.

Baby showers also work as a great gathering. We forget our regular monotonous and busy life for a while and celebrate the great news of a baby for a few while with our close ones. So you can arrange a baby shower for your best, which will work as a great together of your friend circle.

How can I arrange a great baby shower party for my best friend?

You can try some unique ideas for making your baby shower party for your best friend more fun. I would like to show you some paths which will help you to arrange a great baby shower party for your best friend.

  • Arrange some games like musical chairs, spin the bottle, whispering challenge, and other indoor games.
  • You can arrange a dance program.
  • Call some henna artists and arrange a henna party.
  • Arranging a co-ed baby shower will be a source of great fun.
  • Call a DJ and provide your party with a great music system.
  • For capturing beautiful moments, call a photographer.

These were some ideas that are capable of converting a traditional baby shower party into a fun party. You can simply apply these and others to make the baby shower party great.

Final Thoughts

Now I think you have gotten a lot of ideas that will be helpful for deciding what is going to be the baby shower gift for your best friend. You can give anything to your best friend, who is going to be helpful for her at that difficult phase. There are no restrictions.

Baby showers are found in almost every culture. Because they are a great occasion for celebrating such great news, a baby shower can be a great opportunity for making your best friend feel how much you love her.

I hope these pieces of information will help you to give the perfect gift and arrange a perfect baby shower for your best friend or any other person you love. You can make a person the journey of your pregnant best friend greater by arranging a perfect baby shower party.