Do Car Seat Bases Expire? [Brand-Specific Expiration Date]

You would think that something like a car seat base doesn’t come with an expiration date. Everyone expects to use the same base with a new car seat to save money. However, it’s not what you should be doing. 

So, do car seat bases expire? Yes, they do. You will be surprised to know that car seat bases come with the same expiration date as car seats if you’ve bought them together. What else is there to know about car seat base expiration? Let’s find out.

Do Car Seat Bases Expire?

If you bought the base and seat together, they would have the same expiration date. However, both products will have the expiry date separately written on them. The separate expiry dates come in handy when people buy them separately. 

Why is it essential information to know? Well, many people either want to buy a used car seat base or keep the one they’re using for future uses. If you’re thinking about saving the existing car seat base for your future kid, make sure not to exceed the expiry date. 

There’s no certain expiration period of a car seat base. It differs depending on the brand you’re using. Some may come with a 6-year expiration period, whereas some may offer up to 12 years. 

Note that you may not directly find an ‘expiration date’ written on the product. Some products mention their manufacturing date and for how long the product is safe to use. You’ll have to do a simple calculation to determine the expiry date.

For instance, if a car seat base has a manufacturing date of 21/08/2021 and the product comes with a 6-year useful life, the expiry date will be 21/08/ 2027, i.e., six years from the manufacturing date (August 2027).


Why Do Car Seat Bases Expire?

Driving in a car is dangerous enough as it is. Where a baby is concerned, one can never be too careful. A few things happen when you use a car seat base for an extended period. 


The most common reason is normal wear and tear after a car seat base has been used for too long. You can’t expect any product to perform with the same efficiency forever. After a certain period, it becomes dangerous to use a car seat base. 

Failure of any of the components can result in unwanted situations. So, it’s better not to take any chances with your child’s safety.

Temperature Fluctuation

Car seat bases are made of plastic. When they are exposed to regular sunlight, they’re bound to get damaged. The plastic becomes less trust able over time. That’s why the manufacturer determines a period until the materials can be trusted. 

Technological Advancement 

 Much like electronic devices, car seat bases are constantly changing. New models are coming to the market, and old ones are being replaced. If you ask around, you’ll notice that many people struggle to find replacement parts for their car seat base. 

This is because old models don’t stay at the market for long. That’s why you may have to change your car seat base even before the expiry period runs out.

Besides, parents often upgrade their baby’s car seat base when there’s a better option out there. Take the latch system, for example. It wasn’t introduced to the market up until 2002. And now, most car seat base features latch system on them.  

Traffic Regulations 

State governments and highway traffic administration can upgrade their regulations from time to time. Your car seat base needs to meet some criteria in case you want to continue using it on the road. 

That’s another reason for putting an expiration date on a car seat base. Staying up-to-date is crucial when the product you’re using is related to safety. 


Brand-Specific Expiration Date Of Car Seat Base

If you’re getting a new car seat base from any popular brand, the table below will help you calculate the expiry date. 

Brand Useful Years 
Graco 7 to 10 years
Chicco 6 years
Diono 8 to 12 years
Safety 1st 6 to 10 years
Britax 6 to 9 years


Frequently Asked Questions

Do Graco car seat bases have an expiry date?

Yes, much like any other car seat base, the one from Graco expires too. Depending on the model you’re purchasing, a Graco car seat base can have a useful life of 7 years or 10 years. You can find the manufacturing date and the useful life on the product label. 

Add the number of useful years with the manufacturing date, and you’ve got the expiry date of your car seat base.

Can I buy a used car seat base? 

Anyone will recommend you NOT to do so. Even if the base you’re purchasing isn’t expired yet, you don’t know if the car base has gone through any disastrous situation or not. So, it’s better not to buy a used car seat base. 

However, if you’re tight on budget and decides to go for a used car seat base, make sure you check everything thoroughly, not only the expiry date. If the expiry date is not visible on the label anymore, avoid getting the product. 

Can I use a different brand car seat on my car seat base?

Car seat bases are designed for specific seats. They’re only compatible with the same brand and model. So, you can’t use a car seat of another brand if the seat base is from a different one. 

Should I change my car seat base if I’ve been in an accident?

If you’ve experienced any accidents with your car seat base still attached to the car, it’s better to replace that base. The authority suggests changing your car seat base after you’ve been to a moderate crash. 

However, if you don’t feel safe after a minor crash, your car seat base should be replaced for added safety. Besides, it’s also important for your peace of mind. 

Can I use my existing car seat base for my second baby?

If you have two babies within a short time, it’s entirely possible to use one car seat base for the second child. However, ensure not to exceed the expiry date to keep your baby at maximum security. 


Final Words

Parents prioritize their baby’s safety over everything else. That’s why it’s crucial to know when a product expires, no matter what the product. As for car seat bases, they do come with an expiry date. So, check the label. 

Don’t forget to ask the brand manufacturer when car seat bases expire if you can’t find the date on the label.

Check out Graco directly.

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