Does Full Name Include Middle Name For A Child – The Ultimate Guide 

Having a full name is an essential part of a newborn baby in the United States and in other parts of the world. People recognize each other through their names, either by their first or full names. Traditionally speaking, full names consist of the first name, middle name, middle initial, and surname (last name). I know when choosing my kids, with the last name Dunn, I had to be careful and picky in determining what was the best name.

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But, usually, the first name and the last name are used in most legal documentation. That is why some people get confused about keeping a middle name or a middle initial in the United States.

Is the question “does full name include middle name?” bugging you? Read this article, and you will, no doubt, have a complete answer to your question.

Does Full Name Include Middle Name

The short answer is both yes and no. It has been a tradition to have a first name, middle name, middle initial, and surname in someone’s full name. But, that does not mean that it is essential that you have a middle name with your family name.

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Using a middle name in someone’s full name is a matter of preference. It’s your choice if you want a middle name or not. Some people use it whereas some people do not. Sometimes, people only use a middle initial instead of a whole word in the middle name.

In different countries, people have other structures for their official names. Some do not have the tradition of using a middle name. Some have more than one middle name. Again, it is entirely up to you what you prefer.

When it comes to a legal name, the Social Security Administration or SSA does not even consider a suffix middle name part of someone’s full name. According to them, a middle name consists of only the first name and the surname. 

But, other legal sources do consider the middle name to be a part of an individual’s full name. It is better to include a middle name if you do not want the hassle. The SSA will keep your suffix or middle name out if they need to.

Including a middle name to your full legal name is entirely about your choice. It is up to you if you want a middle name or not. But, traditionally, people do use a middle name or middle initial. 

Does full name include middle name? No! Even the Social Security Administration does not accept a middle name or suffix in an individual’s legal name. But, in the meantime, many other legal sources do not only accept but also require you to add a middle name or suffix to your full legal name. 

So, the best thing to do will be to keep a middle name and use it accordingly. Just let the legal sources decide if they want to consider using your middle name or names or if they do not.

Legal names and given names can be different. A given name of a person registered on their birth certificate is known as the legal name of said person.

People can use their legal name or a completely different name consistently and independently. Sometimes, you can change actions by changing a legal name by a court for many various reasons as well.

The given name that the official records have recognized is known to be a person’s legal name. This name is either recorded at the date of birth on the birth certificate or has been change through other legal processes. For example, someone has to sign their name as “John Rick Black,” but their legal name is “John Richard Black.”

You cannot have multiple names. It just does not work like that. If you please, you may use two names, but not two legal names. For all kinds of official documents, you can only use one legal name. 

For example, you have to use only one name on documents like your driver’s license, marriage certificate, income tax forms and filings according to filing instructions, passport, any other contracts you might sign, vital records etc.

You would have to use your legal name on your marriage certificate as a married person. So, your married name will include your legal name. A marriage certificate document will be your legal name change document most of the time. This usually happens for a women’s maiden name in an opposite-sex marriage.

In most opposite-sex marriages, women change their surname to their husbands’ as a new family member from their maiden name. A lot of women even use a hyphen or an apostrophe in their surnames with their husbands’ surnames. This also happens to a Christian name according to vital statistics.

You might wonder if a surname is a name you use every day or if it is the name you are born with. Well, someone’s legal name includes their given name. Usually, this name is given at birth, and your surname will be the common name that you get from your maternal mother and paternal father unless you get married and assume your spouse’s surname. You can always get a change petition if you want.

This is as straightforward as it can get. Usually, a person’s legal name or as your child’s name is the one that has to be registered at the date of their birth. Then, it will appear on their birth certificate. But, if someone wants or needs to change their legal name, they can go ahead and do that later through legal actions.

What Is A Full Name?

A person’s full name consists of first name, middle name or middle initial, and last name or surname. People use their full names for everything. But, in many cases, they do not use their middle name. It varies on legal document preparation and personal preference.

A legal name will appear on all of your official documents like your identity document, marriage certificate, driver’s license, passport, etc. This is the main reason behind having a legal name.

But, a legal name and a business name do not have to be the same. They can be completely different or even similar but not the same. You can use legal names as your business name as well. 

If you consider the structure of your business, you might need to use a different name as your business name instead of your legal name as your business name. The best thing about this is that you will not have to register for a new or an old legal name for your business at all.

Middle Name Ideas For Girls

Now that you know everything there is to know about the legal process of having or not having a middle name in your legal name, you can look into a few middle names for your baby or yourself if you want to change your name. 

Let us look at a few baby name that are popular middle names, with meaning.

Adele: Of French origin, meaning tender and kind

Alice: Means Noble and truthful

  • Anaïs: This is Persian goddess of fertility and healing 
  • Anise: A spice
  • Arya: Indian word for goddess
  • Audrey: Means noble strength
  • Belle: Of French origin, meaning beautiful
  • Billie: Means resolute protector
  • Blair: It means one who dwells in the plains
  • Blue: This is beautiful color, which evokes a sense of clarity and serenity
  • Bree: This means full of virtue and strong
  • Brienne: Means strength
  • Brooke: This means a gentle stream
  • Caprice: French word for whimsical
  • Cerise: Of French origin, meaning cherry 
  • Cia: Of Greek origin, meaning of the moon
  • Claire: Means bright and clear
  • Clementine: Associated with the cute citrus fruit, this means mild and gentle
  • Dawn: As bright as morning rays
  • Dawn: Means the beginning of a new day
  • Demi: This is an abbreviation of Demetria,who is the goddess of harvest and corn
  • Diana: Means divine
  • Elein: Native American, meaning as bright as a torch.
  • Elizabeth: Means God is satisfaction
  • Eyre: Of Jewish origin, meaning gracious
  • Faith: Means to have trust in all things
  • Fawn: Means sweet and innocent
  • Fay/Faye: Old French, meaning fairy
  • Fern: This means fresh like the fern plant
  • Grace: This means love towards mankind or God’s favor
  • Hope: Means the virtue of hope or someone with positive expectation
  • Imani: Of African origin, meaning faith
  • Ireland: Name of a beautiful country
  • Isla: This means island in Scottish
  • Jade: This is a precious green stone
  • Jane: Means that God is gracious
  • Jean: French version of the name John, and it means the Lord is gracious 
  • Jo: A Southern name or a traditional country, also used in the Netherlands and Belgium
  • Kate: Clear or pure 
  • Lane: Old English for someone who had lived in a lane 
  • Lee: Of Chinese origin, meaning plum
  • Leigh: Of English origin for meadow or delicate
  • Leona: Deaning, lionlike or a lion
  • Lou: Derived from Louis, it is a traditional French name, which was used by many French Kings
  • Louise: Of German origin, meaning famous warrior
  • Love: This is unique name for a girl who is full of affection
  • Lynn: This is a pool beneath a waterfall
  • Mae: This means a discerning person
  • Marie: Lady of sorrow or lady of the sea
  • Michelle: Like God
  • Olive: Olive tree or an olive
  • Paige: Means a child or a young helper
  • Pearl: This is a precious gem
  • Phoenix: This is a strong mythical bird that rises from its ashes
  • Rain:  Refreshing and nurturing
  • Raven:  The bird itself or for the fans of Edgar Allen Poe
  • Ray/Rae/Raye: Bright like the sun’s rays
  • Reese: Of Welsh origin, meaning enthusiasm
  • Reeve: A bailiff or a steward 
  • Regan: Of Irish origin, meaning little ruler
  • Rose: A beautiful and delicate like flower
  • Rylie: Someone strong
  • Scarlett: Bright or burning red
  • Serena: A champion
  • Skye/Sky: As open like the vast blue sky
  • Sue:Llike the lily flower as lilies grow in the Biblical city in Persia
  • Thea: The Greek goddess of light
  • Valerie:  Valiant or brave 
  • Vera: Of Latin origin, meaning truth
  • Violet: A fragrantful purple flower
  • Zaylee: Australian for flower
  • Zion: This means heaven on earth
  • Zoe: Of Greek origin, meaning life

Middle Name Ideas For Boys

Here are some of the baby boy names given down below.

  • William: Of German origin, meaning determined protector.
  • Wes: From Old English, meaning someone from the western meadow or the west 
  • Vin: Of Latin origin, meaning conquering
  • Tripp: From Old English, this is usually used for the third boy in the family or the third son with the same name, commonly used as a nickname for a third son.
  • Thomas: Of Aramaicorigin, meaning twin.
  • Theodore: Of Greek origin, meaning divine gift
  • Tag: Of Irish origin, meaning handsome
  • Tad: Of Greek/Aramaic origin, meaning heart
  • Smith: Of English Origin, this is traditionally used as a family name for black or other kinds of smiths.
  • Ross: This is Scottish, and it is a last name from a place in Northern Scotland.
  • Richard: Of English origin, meaning brave ruler.
  • Rhodes: Greek, this is where roses grow.
  • Ren: Japanese. A water lotus or lily
  • Reeve: Of English origin, this is a medieval name for a bailiff.
  • Quinn: Of Irish/Gaelic origin, meaning to give counsel or a wise one
  • Pike: English, means spear.
  • Paul: Latin, means small.
  • Noah: Hebrew, meaning rest.
  • Nash: Middle English, this is from the ash tree.
  • Michael: Hebrew, meaning someone like God.
  • Max: German, means the greatest.
  • Matthew: English, means the gift of God.
  • Lee: Of English origin, meaning a clearing in the meadow or the woods 
  • Krish: Sanskrit, this is associated with the Hindu god Krishna. Hero.
  • Kai: Hawaiian, meaning from the sea.
  • Jude: Hebrew, meaning a praised one.
  • Joseph: Latin/Greek, meaning he will add.
  • John: Hebrew, means that God is gracious.
  • Jayce: Greek, this is a shortened form of Jason meaning healer.
  • Jax: English, this is a variation of John or a shortened version of Jackson 
  • James: Hebrew, means supplanter.
  • Jacob: Latin/Greek, also means supplanter.
  • Jack: English, this means God is gracious.
  • Huck: American, this means mischief.
  • Henry: German, means home ruler.
  • Grant: Scottish, means large. This is also the name of the 18th U.S. president.
  • Fox: Irish, meaning fair or white,  A fox is a cunning, intelligent animal.
  • Finn: Irish, means white-haired.
  • Ethan: Of Hebrew origin, means solid or firm.
  • Edward: English, means a wealthy guardian.
  • David: Hebrew, means beloved.
  • Daniel: Greek, means God is my judge.
  • Cole: English, means swarthy or  black.
  • Clark: English, means a secretary or scholar.
  • Christopher: Greek, means a bearer of Christ.
  • Charles: German, means a free man.
  • Brooks: English, this means a small stream.
  • Blake: Old English, meaning Blonde or pale 
  • Benjamin: Hebrew, meaning son of the south.
  • Beck: English, meaning someone living beside a small stream.
  • Beau: French, meaning someone who is handsome.
  • Anthony: Roman/English, means highly praiseworthy.
  • Andrew: Greek, meaning manly and strong 
  • Alexander: Greek, means defender of man.
  • Ace: Of English origin, meaning unity.

Final Words

Does full name include middle name? The answer to this is both yes and no. Ultimately, it depends on personal preference. But, as the Social Security Administration does not consider this done while other legal sources do, it is best to keep a middle name nonetheless.

Good on you for keeping tuned till the end of this article as this is more informed than related articles. Now you know everything there is to know about this issue.

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