How To Use A Boppy Pillow

how to use a boppy pillow

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In this blog post, we will discuss how to use a Boppy pillow and show you some of the ways that it can help make your life easier! A Boppy pillow is a type of pillow designed to provide support and comfort for nursing mothers and their babies. The pillow is shaped like a crescent moon and is filled with soft, supportive material. It can be used to prop up the baby while nursing or to help the mother when she is sitting up in bed.

The Boppy pillow can also be used as a breastfeeding pillow, to support the baby during tummy time, and many more ways. Additionally, many parents find that a Boppy pillow is a helpful tool for bonding with their baby.

Where You Can Buy A Boppy Pillow?

If you are looking for a boppy pillow, the best place to start your search is online. Many online retailers sell these pillows, and you can often find them at a fraction of the cost of purchasing them from a brick-and-mortar store.

In addition, many online retailers offer free shipping, which can further reduce the cost of your purchase. When shopping for a boppy pillow online, be sure to read the reviews left by other customers. This will give you a good idea of the quality of the pillow and whether or not it will meet your needs. Finally, be sure to select a retailer that offers a money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

How To Use A Boppy Pillow?

Here are some ways how to use a Boppy pillow for different situations:

For Nursing Support

To begin, sit in a comfortable chair with the Boppy pillow positioned behind you. Then, place your baby in the “football hold” with its head resting on the Boppy pillow. Once your baby is positioned correctly, you can use one hand to support their head and the other to guide them to your breast. Once they are latched on, you can adjust the Boppy pillow as needed to ensure that both you and your baby are comfortable. It can take a while! Be patient.

how to use a boppy pillow

If you find that your baby is slipping down the Boppy pillow, try repositioning them higher up on the pillow. You can also try placing a small blanket or towel under their bottom to elevate them slightly. If your baby is having trouble staying latched, try gently stroking their back or tickling their feet. Sometimes all it takes is a little distraction to help them stay focused on nursing.

For Bottle-Feeding

Using a Boppy pillow when bottle-feeding can help position the baby correctly and prevent back and neck strain. Before using the pillow, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully.

When you are ready to start feeding, place the Boppy pillow around your waist so that it supports your back and belly. Then, place the baby in your lap so that he or she is facing you. Place the bottle on the Boppy pillow and guide it into the baby’s mouth. Adjust the position of the pillow as needed to ensure that the baby is comfortable and able to drink easily from the bottle.

how to use a boppy pillow

If you experience any discomfort while using the Boppy pillow, discontinue use immediately and consult a healthcare professional. Bottle-feeding with a Boppy pillow can be an easy and enjoyable experience for both you and your baby.

For Tummy-Time

Once your baby’s umbilical cord has fallen and dried, you can begin tummy time. Your infant’s abdominal muscles will develop and strengthen, and they’ll learn to regulate their head. Always begin with a short period of tummy time and gradually increase it as your baby becomes more engaged.

During tummy time, babies are typically flipped over and encouraged to rest on their stomachs. The first time you try to do tummy time with your baby, they will likely cry and resist. A Boppy pillow might help your baby feel more comfortable while trying out tummy time.

Place the Boppy on the floor in the middle of a blanket. Position your infant so that his or her belly is resting on the curved front of the pillow and between the C-shaped opening. Put some books or toys in front of him to keep his attention if you want him to stay like this for a while.

Your baby will start to devote more time to his stomach as he becomes bigger and stronger. You should use extreme caution and watch your child very closely as they do tummy time on a Boppy pillow. Babies under one year of age have poor head control and may suffocate if they put their face down on a pillow.

For Supported Seating

At around 4–8 months, infants begin to develop the necessary hip balance and stamina to sit up on their own. Learning to sit properly takes a lot of practice. For the time being, they can use your Boppy pillow as a seat cushion to prevent them from crashing to the floor if they fall over.

If you want to use the Boppy pillow to help your baby learn to sit up straight, you should position the pillow so that your baby’s back is against the curved surface and their legs are facing outward, toward the opening. The pillow can be turned over and wrapped around the back, and a book or toy can be placed on the exposed front.

If they fall or become stuck anywhere that makes it hard for them to breathe, an adult needs to be there to lift them as soon as possible.

For Pregnancy

While there are clear advantages to buying a pregnancy pillow, there are times when we’d rather spend our money on something that can do double duty. A Boppy can serve the same function as a pregnant pillow. Put one under your tummy and the other between your legs. Use this to alleviate back and sciatic pain while pregnant.


The Boppy Pillow is a fantastic multi-purpose item that can be used through the first year of your baby’s life, beginning in the latter stages of your pregnancy. It’s not just for nursing moms, but; bottle-feeding mothers can benefit from it, too, as can pregnant and postpartum women who need help sleeping or putting their babies in the tummy-time and sitting positioners.

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