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nontoxic crib mattress

Have you ever given any thought to the materials that are utilized in the production of your mattress and considered a nontoxic crib mattress? If you answered “no,” then you probably aren’t aware of the various harmful substances that may be found in a mattress. These chemicals can be found in mattresses. There are a wide variety of harmful substances that could be hiding in your mattress, some of which include hormone-disrupting phthalates, toxic gases, flame retardant chemicals, and other substances.

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What Is A Crib Mattress?

A crib mattress is a type of mattress that is specifically designed for infants and young children. These mattresses are usually smaller in size than regular mattresses, and they often have special features such as waterproofing and extra firmness. Crib mattresses are typically made from a variety of different materials, including foam, coils, cotton, wool, and other synthetic materials.

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nontoxic crib mattress

What Is A Non-Toxic Mattress?

A nontoxic mattress is a mattress that does not contain any harmful chemicals or substances. These mattresses are usually made from natural materials such as latex, wool, cotton, and other organic materials. Nontoxic mattresses often have special features that help to improve air quality and reduce exposure to toxins and chemicals.

Things To Consider In Choosing A Mattress

It is of the utmost importance that you purchase a non-toxic mattress of the highest quality for your child. You can make a choice that is informed when you have the appropriate information. Bear in mind the following prerequisites:

  • The best option is to get a mattress that is completely GOTS or GOLS certified. This guarantees that the finished product was produced in a certified facility that adhered to high-quality standards. Natural latex, for instance, is not the same as GOLS-certified latex because it might contain up to 30% synthetic components, some of which are hazardous and very combustible, such as polyurethane foam.
  • Verify that no chemical flame retardants have been applied to it.
  • Pick a mattress where the foam wasn’t made using petroleum. Be wary of brands that promote their use of “soy-based foam,” as some of these products may actually be made with petroleum-based alternatives. Check to see if there are any chemicals added to the foam and if it is 100% soy (many companies use a tiny percentage of soy-based foam in addition to the more combustible polyurethane foam).
  • Stay away from vinyl raincoats. When it comes to environmental and human health risks, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) plastic ranks dead bottom.
  • Stay away from anything that looks or feels fake, including recycled materials. The materials used in an organic crib mattress will not include polyester or other recycled materials.

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nontoxic crib mattress

Best Non-Toxic Crib Mattress

Here’s a selection of reliable, organic, and non-toxic crib mattresses for you to choose from so that you can rest easy knowing that your infant and young child will be protected while they sleep.

Naturepedic Mattress

A fantastic firm that creates healthy organic crib mattresses, Naturepedic is an industry leader. The mattresses have earned certification from both the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) and MADE SAFE. Phthalates, antimicrobial treatments, adhesives, latex, flame retardants, vinyl/PVC, polyurethane foam, genetically modified organism fibers, and insulator pads are not present in any of these products. In addition to that, they do not contain any formaldehyde and have received the GREENGUARD Gold certification.

There are four distinct types of Naturepedic mattresses available:

  • Innerspring line: These are mattresses that come in standard and dual-firmness options, as well as seamless and non-seamless variants. They can have either 150 or 252 coils, depending on your preference. This seamless version is waterproof. There is organic cotton batting inside of them.
  • These lightweight mattresses have a core fill made of polyethylene foam that is approved for use with food. When compared to the innerspring line, which weighs roughly 18 pounds, these are far lighter, weighing only about 2 pounds each.
  • These mattresses allow air to circulate through them, making them more comfortable for infants to sleep on. Breathable line They are also safer because the infant may, in theory, breathe through the material of the mattress even if she turns over onto her face while sleeping on one of them.
  • The Ultra line: The Ultra mattress has a quilted toddler side that makes it more comfortable for older children as well as being lightweight, breathable, and available in two different levels of hardness.

Every Naturepedic bed features a watertight cover that is encased in polyethylene derived from sugarcane that has not been genetically modified.

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Emily Organic Baby Mattress

The Emily mattress for the crib is yet another wonderful organic alternative for baby mattresses. This GOTS-certified organic mattress is created from materials such as wool, coconut coir, and cotton, all of which are beneficial to the health of your child as well as the environment as a whole.

The mattress is only available in one configuration: a variant with 150 innerspring coils. Organic wool is used in the construction of the mattress’s support structure. Because organic wool has a natural resistance to flame, it eliminates the requirement for the use of dangerous chemical flame retardants.

Organic cotton is used to construct the mattress’s cover and outermost layer. They employ a comfort layer made of organic coconut coir to provide a surface that is firm for your infant yet relieves pressure at the same time.

Since the Emily crib mattress isn’t waterproof, you will need to invest in a waterproof mattress protector to keep your baby comfortable.

Avocado Organic Mattress

The Avocado brand is famous for its adult mattresses. They only started offering baby crib mattresses not too long ago, and the ones they have are rather nice. Their mattresses are handcrafted in the state of California and come with organic certifications from GreenGuard GOLD, GOTS organic, and GOLS organic.

The Avocado infant crib mattress is an innerspring model that features 170 coils and weighs around 36 pounds. The fact that the mattress is reversible, with one side being better suited for a child of that age, is an added plus. To increase the level of comfort on the toddler side, coconut coir has been used.

The mattress includes a trial period of 30 nights, a warranty that is good for 25 years, and a very reasonable pricing point.

Green Cradle

Green Cradle is an established company that produces organic mattresses and other home furnishings. Providing environmentally friendly and risk-free products is a top priority for this firm.

Two distinct types of crib mattresses are available from the brand. The GOTS-certified organic cotton and wool layers protect the 260 firm coils inside the innerspring mattress.

The second variety is a GOLS-certified, four-inch-thick organic latex mattress designed with the safety of infants in mind. The latex mattress is covered with organic cotton and organic wool.

That Green Cradle mattresses are not waterproof should come as no surprise, given that they include no synthetic materials.

Lullaby Earth

Waterproof and breathable organic crib mattresses from Lullaby Earth are available for a fair price. Greenguard Gold, UL Formaldehyde-Free, and Made Safe all endorse this mattress.

The bed’s core is comprised of 100% PETE, a type of polyethylene that is safe for consumption. During production, no glues, chemicals, or allergies were used anywhere in the mattress. It does not contain any polyurethane foam, vinyl/PVC, PFC, antibacterial-treated materials, fire retardants, or other allergies. There are no toxic flame retardants or waterproofing chemicals used in the construction of this mattress.

The mattress from Lullaby Earth comes in two different firmnesses, one for newborns and one for toddlers. The inside of the crib mattress will stay clean and dry thanks to the seamless edge design, and it just takes a few minutes to clean.

Your infant will sleep soundly and safely thanks to the mattress’s firm, flat top and reinforced edge support.

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The Takeaway

Now that you know a bit more about nontoxic crib mattresses, which one will you choose for your little one?

The market is full of great options, and any one of the mattresses on this list would be a fantastic choice. Just remember to consider your budget, the desired firmness level, and whether or not you want a waterproof mattress before making your final decision.

We hope this article was helpful in your search for the perfect nontoxic crib mattress for your baby!