Aquaphor vs A&D: Which is Better for Baby?

Aquaphor vs A&D

One of the most common things parents have to deal with is baby diaper rash. It’s irritating for the baby and concerning for the parents, which is why preventing and healing ointments are a must-have product. But, which one?

Pediatricians highly recommend both Aquaphor and A&D. Parents often get confused between these two when selecting an ointment for their baby. So, this article will demonstrate a detailed comparison between Aquaphor vs A&D to make your decision easier. 

When my kids were young it seemed like I was always stocked up with both AD and Aquaphor. With four kids, diaper rash is not fun!

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Petrolatum, Mineral Oil, Lanolin Alcohol, Glycerin, Ceresin, Panthenol, Bisabolol.

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Lanolin, Petrolatum, Cod Liver Oil with Vitamin A & D, Microcrystalline Wax, Fragrance, Beeswax, Light Mineral Oil. 

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Aquaphor Vs A&D

You need to know about all the advantages and flaws of Aquaphor and A&D if you want to compare them. Even though these creams are created with the same motive, there are some differences between them. My name is Sharon Dunn and I am going to give you all the detail you need to make an informed decision.

1. Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment

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Aquaphor will keep your mind rested about your baby getting any diaper rashes. For starters, it works terrific as a preventive ointment. Each time you change your baby’s diaper, using a layer of Aquaphor will do magic, as it helps skin stay moist and almost act as a protective barrier. 

It’s a petrolatum-based ointment that creates a protective layer between your baby’s skin and the diaper. That removes any chances of irritation caused by a wet diaper. It’s also very convenient to apply due to its consistency. 

You can easily wipe the ointment off your baby’s skin too. All the ingredients are perfect for a baby’s sensitive skin to avoid any irritation or side effects. 

Another thing you’ll love about Aquaphor is that it’s unscented. There’s no fragrance, which makes it more friendly for you and your baby. This is true especially if a person as allergies.

Even though the ointment is primarily ideal for diaper rashes, you can use it for adults too. Chapped and mildly cracked skin can benefit from this ointment regardless of skin type. 

If you want an ointment to last longer, Aquaphor is an excellent choice because it comes in a 14 oz jar. However, there’s a possibility that you won’t be able to finish the ointment before its shelf life is over.  If the jar does not work for you, they have other options as well.

It’ll protect your baby’s skin not only from diaper rash but will also relieve chapped and irritated skin from drool. So it’s a multi-purpose ointment. 

You should know that the texture of this ointment isn’t like a lotion. It’s closer to Vaseline, so make sure you’re comfortable with it. Other than that, Aquaphor is one of the most thoughtful choices for keeping your baby’s dry skin hydrated and get rid of skin irritation. 


  • Prevents diaper rash
  • Hydrates skin
  • Fragrance-free
  • Cures irritated skin
  • Suitable to sensitive baby skin
  • Approved by pediatricians 
  • Effective for adults too 


  • The texture is greasy

2. A&D Original Diaper Rash Ointment

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A&D is your go-to ointment whenever you’re thinking about treating diaper rashes. Besides, it also performs wonders as a preventative cream. 

When you apply it to your baby’s skin, the petrolatum and lanolin create a protective layer. This layer locks out the wetness. It works as a barrier between the baby’s skin and the dampness, ensuring that your baby stays protected from irritation. 

It comes in a tube, so you won’t have to use an applicator. You can directly apply the ointment from the tube. Besides, it’s only 1.5 oz, making it perfect for short-term uses. You won’t have to worry about expiring the product before finishing it. 

The ointment is also suitable for other uses like cracked lips or chapped skin. Other than soothing your baby’s skin, you can use it for yourself too. The ingredients are chosen to make sure your baby gets the best comfort. 

There’s one downside, though. It’s not unscented. There’s a smell that may cause trouble to some users. Other than that, you can rely on this ointment approved by pediatricians.


  • Prevents diaper rash
  • Affordable 
  • Easy application 
  • Multi-purpose
  • Cures rashes and cracked skin
  • Soothes skin


  • It has a fragrance
Aquaphor vs A&D

Causes Of Diaper Rash

Diapers are designed to hold your baby’s urine and feces. While this is obvious right Sharon, the point is these things cause irritation. When these things come in contact with your baby’s skin, they irritate and then develop diaper rashes.

Diaper rashes are small red bumps seen around the area where the diaper stays in contact with the skin. Even though doctors recommend changing the diaper as soon as it gets wet, it’s not always possible to keep track. 

There are other reasons too. When your baby moves while wearing a diaper, it causes friction between the skin and the diaper, resulting in rashes or irritation. That is why doctors recommend keeping your baby without a diaper for as long as possible. 

How Do Diaper Rash Ointments Work?

There are two functions of a diaper rash ointment. One is to heal irritated skin, and another is to prevent the skin from getting irritated. Petrolatum-based creams work as a protective layer between the diaper and the baby’s skin. 

If there’s any development of a rash, the ointment also heals it and soothes the skin. The ingredients used on a diaper rash cream also hydrate your baby’s skin to prevent dryness.

However, different rash creams come with other ingredients and work in their own ways to treat rashes.  

Types Of Diaper Rash Creams

There are basically two types of diaper rash creams. One of them is petrolatum-based ointments, such as Aquaphor and A&D. The other type is zinc-oxide ointments. 

These two types differ in ingredients, texture, color, and more. Pediatrician often prescribes both ointment types for diaper rashes or baby eczema.

Note that not all ointments are compatible with all babies. If your doctor suggested one, you could go for it. If you’re using one without the doctor’s advice, you’ll have to see the results before deciding which one’s better for your baby. 

Importance Of A Diaper Rash Cream

Diaper rashes or other skin irritations can make your baby fuzzy. Besides, if you don’t treat rashes right away, it can get worse. Healing diaper rashes don’t have alternatives, and that’s where a good ointment comes in handy. 

Besides, an ointment will prevent such irritations to begin with. So, you could stop worrying about your baby getting uncomfortable at all. 

Ointments can help your baby’s skin become smooth by hydrating it. Dry skin is one of the significant reasons for irritation, and creams take care of that. 

How To Use A Diaper Rash Ointment?

Clean your baby well, and then apply the ointment on the diaper area where rashes appear. As for frequency, check the product’s labeling if it states any specific instruction. Use the creams regularly if you want the most effective results.

If you don’t see any improvement in your baby’s skin or any side effects from the ointment, contact your pediatrician immediately. 

How To Prevent Diaper Rashes?

No matter what you say, prevention of rashes is always better. You can prevent your baby from getting diaper rashes by following a few precautions.

  • Change your baby’s diaper as frequently as you can. Don’t let him/her wearing a wet diaper for too long. 
  • Whenever possible, let your baby stay without a diaper. It’ll help his/her skin breathe and feel free. 
  • Don’t make the diaper too tight. If you keep it loose, it’ll be easier for your baby to roam around without causing much friction. 
  • Use ointments between diaper changes to protect your baby’s skin from harmful enzymes of urine and feces.  
  • Use a warm water-soaked rug to wipe your baby. Avoid using store-bought wipes as often as possible. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What to look for in a diaper rash cream?

Thick oil-based diaper creams are long-lasting and help prevent rashes. The motive is to create a barrier between the skin and the diaper.

Why should I keep my baby without a diaper?

If you let your baby stay without a diaper whenever possible, the skin absorbs oxygen. The air can heal any damaged skin and treat irritation. Besides, it helps prevent diaper rashes. 

Can I use a diaper rash cream for other purposes?

Yes, you can. Other than treating and preventing diaper rashes, these diaper creams can heal chapped lips, cracked skin, and other mild skin damages too. And not just for babies, you can use them for adults too. 

What should I do if there’s any side effect of using an ointment?

First of all, stop using that ointment. Wait if the situation improves. If it does, try another cream. If it doesn’t, consult your pediatrician. 

Which is better A&D ointment or Aquaphor?

While both are great ointments for your kids, or even adults and their tattoos, I recently read a magazine survey where 57% of mothers preferred Aquaphor.

Is A&D ointment safe for babies?

Yes, it is medically proven to be safe for use on your baby, each and every day if necessary.

Are A&D or Aquaphor good for newborns?

Indeed, do not just take my word for it though, many pediatricians recommend these brands for newborn skin.

Final Words

Both Aquaphor and A&D have their advantages and disadvantages. So, when the comparison of Aquaphor vs A&D comes, it becomes challenging to choose one. 

But, there’s an easy solution to that. Instead of comparing the advantages, you should compare the disadvantages. Both creams will offer you the same essential protection. However, one of them is more prominent and comparatively expensive. 

Aquaphor will give you scent-free protection, but you’ll have to buy a large jar you may not need. A&D, on the other hand, is economy-friendly but comes with a fragrance. So, it’s your call to make which features you don’t want in your baby’s diaper rash ointment. 

Thanks for reading my comparison and check out my other research!

Sharon Dunn

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