Sharon’s Best Baby Monitor Under $100 – 2022

best baby monitor under $100

Every parent worries about the safety of the kids when they go to sleep. If you have the kids in the same room, you might not get proper sleep. I had one close call a few years back and now I always advise family and friends the importance of having a monitor on when you are not around.

A baby monitor can help a parent to get the relief that their babies are their baby is sleeping peacefully. You can easily detect whether your baby is crying or fussing in their crib.

Modern monitors are made from special features that can help you to get the best results when using them. The high-definition video quality can ensure that you get a complete display of what the baby is doing at present. If you want to buy the best baby monitor under $100, then you are in the right place.

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3 Best Baby Monitor Under $100 Reviews

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Best Baby Monitor With Camera Reviews Short Details

Best Overall: Motorola Smart Video Baby, Elderly, Pet Monitor with Wi-Fi

The Motorola Smart Video Baby monitor is our top pick thanks to its many premium features. Some of these include two-way talk, infrared night vision, and room temperature monitoring. 

Best Two Way Talk Baby Monitor: Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

Featuring two-way talk, long-range support, infrared night vision, and wireless digital transmission, this monitor is one of the best out there. 

Best Baby Monitor for the Money: Nooie Baby Monitor, Wi-Fi Pet Camera Indoor

If you have a tight budget, this monitor is worth checking out. It has excellent features like intuitive design, 360-degree motion tracking, secure data storage, and two-way audio. 

Best Energy Saving Monitor: CACAGOO Video Baby Monitor with Remote Camera Pan-Tilt-Zoom

This monitor is built to automatically turn on the screen upon detecting sound and then turn it off. For this reason, it’s the best energy-saving baby monitor. 

Best Night Vision Baby Monitor: Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio

This is yet another high-quality monitor with features like 5-built-in lullabies, easy set-up, crystal clear video, and the ability to support two cameras. 

Best Dual Camera Baby Monitor: 2 Cameras with 4.3-inch Video Baby Monitor, Auto Switch Cameras

As the best baby monitor with 2 cameras, this monitor boasts a high-resolution display, power-saving mode, and two-way communication. 

Best Wireless Baby Monitor: Motorola Peekaboo Video Baby, Elderly, Pet Monitor with Night Light

With this monitor, you can watch a live video feed of your baby and even check the temperature of the nursery. It also boasts hands-free operation and records crisp images.

Best Baby Monitor for Two Rooms: Babysense Video Baby Monitor

This monitor comes with two cameras, a 2.4-inch color LCD display, auto-infrared night vision, and up to 900 feet of range. 

Best Digital Video Baby Monitor: Vtech VM350 5-inch Digital Video Baby Monitor with Full-Color

With this monitor, you get a temperature sensor, built-in soothing sounds, a high-resolution LCD screen, and up to 1,000 feet of range. 

Best Smart Baby Monitor: Video Baby Monitor with Remote-Controlled Camera and Clear Large Screen

Lastly, we have this best smart monitor that features 2.4GHz wireless technology, a super clear display, and one pan-tilt camera. 

Types of Baby Monitors

As the name suggests, baby monitors are devices that allow you to monitor your baby while you are in a different room. These devices will let you hear your baby’s cries and know when your child is awake for added peace of mind. 

Generally, there are three main types of baby monitors available to choose from, including:

Audio Monitors

These allow you to listen to your baby and feature two-way audio so you can speak to your baby. 

Video Monitors

Video baby monitors are equipped with both audio and video capabilities. Therefore, you can see and speak to your baby. All of the baby monitors don’t support the iPhone. So make sure that before buying monitors that work with iPhones

Wi-Fi Camera Baby Monitors 

These are designed to connect to your existing internet network and most of them include audio and video capabilities. 

1. Motorola Smart Video – wi-fi Video Baby Monitor

Motorola Smart Video
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In your search for the best baby monitor under $100, you will surely come across this fantastic option. It helps you to monitor your baby with the perfect 3.5-inch LCD unit. It can help you to get visuals on your baby if he starts to cry.


  • 3.5-inch color LCD Parent Unit
  • High sensitivity microphone with LED sound level indicators
  • View from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet
  • Room temperature display and two-way communication
  • Features remote HD video streaming


  • None found

2. Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio -Best Baby Monitor on The Market

Video Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio
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When you type the words, best baby monitor under $100, you will get this fantastic product on the top. It offers all the required features in the monitor, along with some advanced features. You can get this great product within your budget price range.


  • 2.4-inch High-Quality LCD
  • Infrared Night Vision & Temperature Monitoring
  • Two Way Talk & Long Range Support
  • VOX Wake-up Mode
  • Easy-installment and Convenient to Operate


  • Screen size could be improved

3. Nooie Baby Monitor, Wi-Fi Pet Camera Indoor- Best Quality Baby Monitor

Nooie Baby Monitor, Wi-Fi Pet Camera Indoor
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After you start to check for a Wi-Fi controller baby monitor with 1080p quality, then you should consider investing in this great product. You will receive the best baby monitor under $100, which ensures that everything is perfect.


  • 1080p HD Camera lens along with two 940 nm infrared LEDs
  • Automatically senses and tracks the action
  • It can help you live stream 24/7 with real-time sound and motion alerts
  • Continuous or motion-detected recording options. Multiple security protocols
  • Camera and App are easy to install


  • No major cons found

4. CACAGOO Video Baby Monitor with Remote Camera – Most Reliable Baby Monitor

CACAGOO Video Baby Monitor with Remote Camera
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The Cacagoo is the best baby monitor for under 100 dollars, which can offer you some premium quality features. The 120-degree wide-angle is an excellent addition to the camera, making it brilliant. It provides temperature monitoring along with lullabies, which makes it a perfect device for enhancing your baby’s care.


  • 120° Wide-Angle& Smart Alarm Reminder
  • Greater Peace of Mind, Less Stress
  • Energy-saving VOX
  • Temperature Monitoring & Lullabies
  • Long Transmission Range & Infrared Night Vision


  • Some users faced issues with video quality

5. Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio – Best Baby Monitor With 2 Cameras

Baby Monitor with Camera and Audio
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Capture what your baby is doing at present with this perfect baby monitor. It can help you to use two cameras at once to ensure that you can keep a watch on every little thing. Such things prove quite useful to you.


  • 5-inch Large screen
  • The baby monitor supports up to 2 cameras
  • Crystal-clear video
  • You will get a wall-mount for the camera in the pack
  • Room temperature monitoring


  • No major cons found

6. 2 Cameras with 4.3-inch Video Baby Monitor – Best Digital Video Baby Monitor

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By searching for the best baby monitor online, you can get this fantastic product on the top of the list. It offers two cameras that you can use to monitor the baby. The 4.3-inch LCD is perfect for helping you watch everything.


  • Plug & Play with 2 Cameras
  • 4.3-inch LCD and 1200mAh Battery
  • Power Saving & VOX Mode
  • Multi-Functions
  • Two Way Talk Back Communication


  • No issues with the monitor

7. Motorola Peekaboo Video Baby Monitor with Night Light – Baby Monitoring Device

Motorola Peekaboo Video Baby Monitor with Night Light
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Check out this modern baby monitor that you can use with the virtual assistant making it quite unusual. You can record and stream HD quality of video in this product to ensure a perfect outcome.


  • Watch a live video feed
  • Check the temperature of the nursery
  • Record and stream in full HD quality
  • Compatible with virtual assistants
  • Keep track of your baby’s growth and development


  • You might need some time to learn its usage

8. Babysense Video Baby Monitor – Best Dual Camera Baby Monitor

Babysense Video Baby Monitor
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This baby monitor offers you two cameras along with a 2.4-inch LCD. It will ensure that you use all the modern features to the best. The monitor has an extended range of 900-feet, so you do not have to worry about things like connectivity when using it.


  • Supplied with Two Cameras
  • 2.4 Inch High-Quality Color LCD
  • Two Way Talk Back Communication
  • Long Range – Up to 900 feet
  • Auto Infrared Night Vision


  • The screen size is smaller

9. VTech VM350 5-inch Digital Video Baby Monitor – Best Temperature Sensor Night Vision Baby Monitor

VTech VM350 5-inch Digital Video Baby Monitor
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In this 5-inch color LCD monitor, you can get the best quality of video quality to ensure the best outcome. In the product, you will get a two-way talkback intercom to ensure that you can calm your baby when they start to cry. It sounds activation mode is quite helpful to provide you with instant notification.


  • High-resolution, 5-inch color LCD screen
  • Secure digital video
  • Two-way, talk-back intercom
  • Features Sound Activation Mode
  • Rechargeable battery


  • No issues with the product

10. Remote-Controlled Camera and Clear Large Screen – Long Range Connection

Remote-Controlled Camera and Clear Large Screen
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Saving the best for the last, it is a great product, which can offer you a 4.3 inch LCD, which gives you clear quality. You can connect it to four cameras at once. It comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless technology. The rechargeable battery ensures that you can easily keep it powered up.


  • 4.3-inch LCD super bright display
  • The monitor can also be expandable connected with up to 4 cameras
  • 2.4GHz wireless technology
  • Rechargeable battery with long connection distance
  • Temperature detection
  • Two-way talk and other outstanding features


  • No problems with the product

What are the Top Best Baby Monitors Brands?

Baby monitors are considered to be the safest way to keep an eye on your little one. With the right monitor, you will never have the need to keep peeking inside the nursery to see what your child is doing. 

However, when it comes to the best baby monitor for the money, most parents struggle to find the right one. This is probably because of the many monitor brands available on the market. So, knowing which monitor brand is the best to trust can be challenging.

But don’t worry because, in this section, we’re going to look at some of the baby monitors brands. Check them out. 

Infant Optics

This brand is especially popular among parents thanks to its wide range of high-quality baby monitors. 


HelloBaby is a relatively young brand that was started in the year 2017. The company claims to offer high-end baby monitors and services at an affordable price.


Established in 2015, this brand focuses mainly on smart living. They are also committed to manufacturing intuitive and innovative baby monitors. 


This company is popularly known for its revolutionary product design and quality as far as their baby monitors are concerned. 

Motorola Baby

Motorola Baby is yet another reliable brand when it comes to manufacturing premium baby monitors. 


Vtech prides itself on producing some of the best electronic toys for babies, infants, toddlers, and pre-k learning levels. 


Babysense is one of the leading brands for baby movement and video monitors. The company has been in business for over 30 years, helping parents feel safer. 

Buying Guide – How to Choose a Baby Monitor

Choosing the best baby monitor camera is not a straightforward process. This is true especially if you don’t know what features to look out for. So, in this best baby monitor reviews, we’re going to discuss the factors to consider when shopping for a baby monitor. 

Camera Resolution

Some baby monitors have larger screens with higher resolution than others. Generally, a camera with a higher resolution will provide you with crystal clear videos and quality images. So, we recommend you choose a monitor with a high resolution of at least 720p.


Another factor to consider is the range of the baby monitor. Basically, the range allows you to stay alert of your baby’s movement without having to be in the room. 

However, the best range depends entirely on your home’s square footage. But of course, the higher the range, the better. Most baby monitors usually boast a range of up to 1,000 feet, which is equivalent to 3 football fields. 

Battery Life

Generally speaking, most baby monitors are battery-powered. For this reason, it’s advisable to get a monitor with a rechargeable battery. This will help eliminate the cost of batteries. The best quality baby monitor should last at least 8-10 hours before needing power. 

Ease of Installation

Also, worth considering is the monitor’s ease of installation. Ideally, the best video baby monitor for price should be easy to set up. More so, it should have an intuitive design and simple to operate controls for added convenience.

Extra Features

More importantly, you may want to consider if the baby monitor comes with extra features for added convenience. Some of these features include screen size, temperature monitoring, built-in lullabies, and the ability to track the baby’s vitals. 

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Baby Monitor on the Market

The best baby monitoring device really depends on your needs and preferences. That said, here are commonly asked questions about the top baby monitors. 

Q: What baby monitors are made in the USA?

A: There are so many of them including the Motorola Smart Video Baby and Motorola Peekaboo Video Baby. 

Q: How can you tell if your VTECH baby monitor is connected to someone’s phone?

A: Often, you will hear voices or noises coming from the baby monitor. The good news is that it is almost impossible to hack into Vtech baby monitors.

Q: How do I make my Motorola baby monitor not fall asleep?

A: It’s simple. You just need to turn the night mode on to ensure it does not sleep once the room gets dark. 

Q: Can you pair the camera without a baby monitor?

A: No. Before you start using a baby monitor, you will need to pair it with a camera so you can see your little one. 

Q: Where is the Easy So baby monitor made?

A: EasySo is the manufacturer of GoodBaby baby monitors. The company has its headquarters in Shanghai but serves families around the world including Germany and the US.

Why do We recommend These best baby monitors under $100?

These are the best baby monitor under $100, which ensures that you get the best outcome. By getting some advanced features in the product will guarantee you the best result. You do not have to worry about anything when it comes to using such a superior product.

2022 Baby Monitor Update

Does the change in 2022 technology impact the best choices?