How Much Rice Cereal In Bottle For 1 Month Old? The Safe Cut

rice cereal in a bottle

Baby rice cereal is one of the best complementary foods to feed a baby after breast milk. Though this is one of the most common first foods for babies, sometimes the mismatch in quantity can bring out dangers. When my little ones were ready for rice cereal at first they did not like it, but with a little patience they soon wanted even more.


So, how much rice cereal in bottle for 1 month old? There is no need for other juice or food besides breast milk for a one-month-old baby. But if you want to add some rice cereal, you can put or mix just 1 or 2 tablespoons of baby cereal with breast milk or water.


But there are more pieces of information for you. We will look into the matter to keep your baby the healthiest. Let’s move forward: 


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Before You Start: 

Make sure that your baby doesn’t have a food allergy to rice cereal or infant formula ingredients. Otherwise, you may notice an allergic reaction.

How Much Rice Cereal In Bottle For 1 Month Old?

As rice cereal is traditionally the first food for babies, many people want to practice this ancient tradition earlier. Though putting rice cereal in a large amount is inappropriate, if you want to do so, you can put just 1 or 2 tablespoons of rice cereal in a babys bottle for 1 month old.


A newborn baby of 1-month-old can’t digest solid foods. For feeding rice cereal to your one-month-old baby, you have to mix it with breast milk, formula, or water properly. 


For a one month old baby, the breast milk of his mother is enough to fill his tiny belly and give him all the nutrition. Solid foods or infant formula are not allowed for babies under 6 months, yet a small amount of rice cereal will not do any harm. Also, if you want to make the baby’s nutrition thicker, then baby rice cereal is the only way. 

Amount Of Baby Cereal In Bottle: According To Dr. Greene

Dr. Greene is a Clinical Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine. In his research: Why White Rice Cereal for Babies Must Go, he found that brown rice cereal or white rice cereal can deliver superior nutrition at a reasonable cost. We can thankfully eliminate the trend of baby’s processed foods replacing rice cereal. 

According to his research, one or two spoons of rice cereal is good to go for your one-month-old baby once a week. Any increased amount than that can cause more issues than good. But once your baby starts solids and baby food, you can feed cereal without any hesitation.

The Appropriate Amount Of Rice Cereal: Depending On The Age

Baby’s Age Appropriate Amount 
1 Month One Or Two Teaspoons Once A Week, With Breastmilk Or Water
2 – 3 Months One Or Two Teaspoons Every Day
4 – 7 Months 3 To 5 Tbs Mixed With Baby Formula 
8 Months 5 To 8 Tbs Or More Depending On The Nutritional Need Feeding Chart

Rice Cereal For Reflux In 1 Month Old

Adding rice cereal to the formula for reflux of a 1 month old baby is a good idea if you stick to your doctor’s advice. Your doctor will suggest you add 1 to 2 teaspoons of rice cereal to your baby’s bottle for acid reflux. 

Some doctors can even forbid you from offering rice cereal to a 1-month-old baby as it is pretty risky. Following this tradition may make your child suffer from various diseases, even an allergic reaction.


But if you think mixing rice cereal is a must, then you can add only one or two teaspoons of rice cereal to the bottle of your baby. If your doctor approves you to do this, you can use a tiny amount of rice cereal.


If the doctor of your baby tells you not to add any rice cereal in your baby’s bottle, then you must stay away from doing that tradition because every child is not capable of digesting solid foods at the age of 1-month-old.

Should I Put Some Rice Cereal In My One Month Old Baby’s Bottle?

Putting rice cereal for babies in a bottle is traditional and ancient. But the fact is that putting even a tiny amount of rice cereal in the bottle can be harmful to some babies.


The experts and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have suggested stopping rehearsing this practice as this may lead to many problems and make the baby unhealthy slowly but surely. It may put difficulties in the whole life of a person.


Avoiding the tradition is safer for all. Moreover, a baby can be healthy with just their mother’s breast milk. Even doctors hardly give any medicines to the baby if they get ill. 


So it is pretty unsafe to put rice cereal in your one month old baby’s bottle. Try to avoid that. Yet if you want to, you can use just 1-2 spoons per week, not more than that. 


Dangers Of Rice Cereal For Babies:

Feeding more than the instructed amount of rice cereal before a certain period can cause many dangers to your breastfed baby. Some of those are too concerning. Here are a few consequences that you might face: 

  • Allergic reaction
  • Cancer
  • Many cognitive problems
  • Peanut butter allergy (if the formula contains peanuts)
  • Arsenic exposure 


Alternative To Rice Cereal To Prevent The Dangers:

Rice cereals can provide enough nutrients as they contain Iron. But as rice is a soil-grown crop, the risk of containing Arsenic is high. Besides, you may have to switch to alternatives when your baby shows allergic reactions to rice cereals. 


Luckily, you will find plenty of other iron-fortified cereals that do not grow on soils or contain Arsenic. You can choose any one of those after reviewing the ingredients. Grain options like oats or barley cereals can help you in this regard.


Here is an oat-based cereal that you can pick for your baby’s highest good: 


Earth’s Best Organic Infant Cereal

Why should you feed Earth’s Best Organic Infant Cereal to your baby:

  • The Oatmeal Cereal has lower risks to cause Arsenic poisoning 
  • Besides, the whole grains can reduce digestive problems of your baby 
  • Also, the pureed food is Iron fortified for helping in your baby’s development 
  • Lastly, it is the safest option as it contains no added flavors, colors, or harmful preservatives

What Is The Main Reason For Putting Rice Cereal In A Baby’s Bottle?

The main reason for putting rice cereal in a baby’s bottle is to sleep better. Usually, a newborn baby sleeps most of the time in a whole day. But, usually, a baby sleeps less at night-time than in the daytime. This causes a lack of sleep for the parents.

In this situation, the grandmas play the leading role in support of rice cereal. They believe feeding a small amount of rice cereal can make the baby sleep properly at night. 

Putting rice cereal in the baby’s bottle is an ancient and traditional method, and this thing has been happening for an extended period.

We can even say that it has been happening for eras. However, no scientific or medical support works for this method. But many people believe that it works. Also another reason is that parents think adding a tiny amount of rice cereal will make the baby’s food thicker.

But many doctors and experts worldwide are advising to stop this tradition as an excessive amount of cereal can be dangerous to your breastfed baby. 

Why Is Adding Rice Cereal To The Bottle Unsafe?

According to the AAP and other feeding experts, rice cereal has a bad influence on the baby’s health. It is related to the fact of developing infant sleep patterns. Filling the belly of the baby with rice cereal is not a good idea at all.

One of the biggest problems that rice cereal creates is weight gain. Rice cereal increases the body weight of the baby rapidly. Many experts say that mixing rice cereal with the baby’s food equals mixing calories with the baby’s food.

This tradition also creates problems, including choking and aspiration risks. Also, the parents cannot make the proper mixture of breast milk and rice cereal.

As a result, it makes the baby catch the habit of eating with a spoon late. We think adding rice cereal in the bottle can be very risky for your baby. It is suitable to avoid this tradition.

Does Rice Cereal Make The Baby Sleep Well?

It is inappropriate to think that rice cereal will make the baby sleep better. Many researchers say there is no logic in thinking of rice cereal as an answer to better sleep. Even this tradition doesn’t slightly influence the whole sleeping thing.

Even while talking about rice cereal in bottles, AAP says that doing this doesn’t do any good, but it also increases the risk of choking and other hazards. AAP advised saying no to rice cereal for the sake of the baby’s health.

If you want to save your baby from several diseases, you should stay away from this tradition. Older studies say rice cereal won’t make your baby sleep longer. So there is no need to add rice cereal to the baby’s food.

The sleeping of a baby mostly depends on the sleeping routine of a baby. Your baby’s sleeping will come to regular sleeping along with growing up. So this tradition should be stopped for the sake of the baby’s health.

At What Age I Can Start Putting Rice Cereal In My Baby’s Bottle?

Though grandmothers and neighbors suggest mixing rice cereal in the bottle of the baby, you should think about specific points before doing this. A newborn baby doesn’t need anything except for his mother’s breast milk and formula.

Before being 6 months old, it is unsafe for a baby to eat anything else. Mixing any other stuff into the baby’s food is risky. The baby will suffer from various diseases if you do so. There is hardly any good thing that rice cereal does for the baby’s health.

So when your baby turns 6 months old, you can feed them rice cereal without any concerns. At that age, your baby can eat other new food too. So you should wait until your baby turns 6 months old to add rice cereal to your baby’s bottle. 

However, you can add a tiny amount before your baby turns 6 if you want to. We have mentioned the correct amount above. But do not ever think of it as an alternative to breastmilk. 

 Before being 4 month old a baby is unable to digest solid foods. Feeding solid foods to a baby earlier can lead to many problems, including food allergies, constipation, pulmonary, and other tummy problems.

These health issues will make the future of your baby unhealthy. Your baby may suffer from various unbeatable diseases because of this small mistake of childhood. So you shouldn’t offer solid food earlier to your baby as it may lead to many problems.

Don’t put your little child in such a huge problem just because of your sleep or filling their belly. At least ask your baby’s doctor before doing so. For your baby’s health, you should consult your baby’s doctor. Consulting the doctor may be a little good.

Is There Anything Good About Mixing Some Rice Cereal In The Baby’s Bottle?

Though many people think that rice cereal can make the baby sleep well, make the baby’s food thicker, and fill the belly of the baby, researchers say there is nothing good about this tradition.

Rice cereal can make those babies gain weight who don’t have sufficient weight. It is also known as the healthiest first food for a baby, which gives nutrition, especially Iron and zinc. But this can be done for babies who are older than four months. Trying this can’t happen to a child younger than four months old.

Despite this usefulness, there is no other good thing that rice cereal does. Even rice cereal can damage the brain, nerves, blood vessels, or skin. We should probably stop this tradition for making our child’s health safe.

What If I Put Rice Cereal In The Bottle Of My 6 Month Old Baby?

A baby who is about six months old can eat some solid foods., their digestive system can digest more food by that time. So, you can put a tiny amount of rice cereal in the bottle of your six months older baby. This is an excellent first food for a 6-month-old baby.

The rice cereal will make your baby’s food thicker and supply some nutrition to your baby, including Iron and zinc. Though it is okay to put some rice cereal in the bottle of a 6-month-old baby, you should consult your baby’s doctor before putting rice cereal in the bottle of your baby.

The reason for consulting the doctor is that some babies can digest rice cereal, but some babies can’t do that. They suffer from various diseases because of putting rice cereal in their bottle.

How Much Rice Cereal In A 8 Oz Bottle?

One of the biggest reasons for the destructive influence of rice cereal is not making the proper mixture of rice cereal and breast milk or formula. Most of the parents don’t know how to make the appropriate mixture.

The ignorance of combination also leads to several problems. So, we should know how to make a proper mixture. According to the experts, one of the perfect mixtures is putting 5-7 teaspoons of rice cereal in an 8 oz bottle. 

Knowing the quantity of a perfect mixture is essential; we should follow the experts for making the ideal mixture for our babies. This will also make sure that our babies are safe.

Should I Stop Mixing Rice Cereal To My 1 Month Old Baby’s Food?

If you follow the AAP and other feeding experts, you will find out that putting rice cereal in the bottle of your one month old baby is risky enough. Even cancer can be the final destination of this tradition. Can you imagine that a traditional method for the sake of better sleep for your baby can be this much dangerous?

By researching a lot, experts say mixing rice cereal to a baby’s bottle who is not older than six months is not wise for every baby. But some babies become capable of digesting light solid food 1 or 2 months earlier. At least we should wait for four months. After that, you can consult your doctor.

If the doctor says no, then you can’t help it. You have to stay away from practicing this tradition. Otherwise, you will push your baby to the lap of death. So you obviously should not add any rice cereal to the bottle of your one-month-old baby.

More To Discover (Keep Your Baby Healthy)

How To Mix Rice Cereal With Formula In Bottle?

It’s better to mix one tbsp of cereal with per oz formula. Pour the cereal into the formula and shake the bottle to mix it well. Let it sit and thicken for a while. The amount of cereal may vary depending on your kid’s age. 

When Can Babies Have Cereal In Their Milk?

After six months, it is safest to put cereal in the baby’s milk. Although you can add cereal before that, you need to use a certain suggested amount according to the doctor’s advice. 

When To Add Cereal To Formula?

Adding cereal to your baby’s formula milk can increase the nutritional value. You can add cereal to your baby’s formula safely from the age of 6 months. 

How Much Cereal To Put In Baby Bottle?

You can use 1 or 2 tablespoons of cereal, mixing that with breast milk, formula, or even water. However, make sure to consider your doctor’s approval before you start feeding your baby cereal.

When To Start Rice Cereal In Bottle?

The best time to introduce your baby to rice cereal is six months. This is the time when the peak development of a young child starts. You can add a small amount with breastmilk before your baby turns six months old. 

Can You Add Cereal To Breast Milk?

Yes, if you take your breast milk into a bottle, you can easily mix cereal with it. It is best to feed rice cereal in a certain amount to breastfed babies by mixing it with breast milk. 

How Much Rice Cereal In Bottle For 2 Month Old?

The amount shouldn’t exceed more than 2 tablespoons for your two months old. However, once your baby turns two months old, you can feed cereal to them every day with a doctor’s advice. 

How to Make Homemade Baby Rice Cereal

Your Baby Is Safe And Sound!

We hope we have explained the thing adequately, “How much rice cereal in bottle for 1 month old“. Therefore, we have also mentioned the good and bad influences of rice cereal on your baby’s health.


All the information we shared is based on research and medical references. So, try to remember all the information and work as suggested.


Now you should think properly about this tradition and wait before putting rice cereal in your baby’s bottle for at least six months after the baby is born. 

2022 Update Due To Shortage Of Formula

With parents struggling to find some specific types of formula this year it is key to either ensure you can stockpile enough or have a backup plan. Consult your pediatrician to discuss using the rice cereal technique into your child’s diet.

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