Enfamil Enspire VS Neuropro: What Are The Differences?

enfamil enspire vs neuropro

Good morning! Sharon here again and I wanted to give a 2023 update on this article. Both these Enfamil brands are great choices, but read the fine detail below to determine what is best for your baby!

Even though Enfamil Enspire and Enfamil Neuropro are from the same company, parents often prefer one of them over the other. But the question is, what makes them different from the other? 

Both formulas come with some similarities. We’ll get to that. First, we’ll learn about the significant differences between these formulas in this Enfamil Enspire Vs Neuropro article. Also, check out the update at the end discussing the new product, Enspire Optimum.

Without any further ado, let’s see the comparison between these two and evaluate the better option for parents. 

Enfamil Enspire VS Enfamil Neuropro: Comparison Chart

Subject of Comparison  Enfamil Enspire Enfamil Neuropro
Lactoferrin  Contains lactoferrin It doesn’t contain lactoferrin 
Source of DHA Crypthecodinium cohnii oil Schizochytrium sp. oil
Inositol content Slightly lower Slightly higher 
Packaging form Powder Powder and liquid
Packaging amount 20.5 oz, 30 oz 20.7 oz, 31.7 oz, one serve packets, 6 fluid oz, and 32 fluid oz
Price Comparatively pricey Comparatively affordable 

Getting Down To The Summary

Enfamil Enspire VS Neuropro: Ingredients

The first thing we consider when getting formula food for our infants is the ingredients. If it’s your first baby and you’re buying formula milk for the first time, ensure to check the ingredients. Take your time to check if your baby is allergic to any of the ingredients. 

First, let’s see what Enfamil Enspire has in it. The significant ingredients are nonfat milk, whey protein concentrate, lactose, whey protein-lipid concentrate, and vegetable oil. The oil contains soy oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, and palm oil. 

There’s also an ingredient called Polydextrose. It’s a fiber to perform the duty of a sweetener. However, it’s a diabetic recipe, free from any sugar, which doesn’t affect your infant’s calorie intake. 

The formula is also certified non-GMO. The primary source of this product’s nutrition is cow milk. There aren’t any ingredients that will harm your baby under normal circumstances. Nevertheless, if your baby is lactose-intolerant or allergic to cow milk, this isn’t a viable option for you.

There aren’t many differences between Enspire and Neuropro when it comes to ingredients. The elementary ingredients are the same. Besides, the source of nutrition is also cow milk in Neuropro. 

So, what’s the difference? The products differ slightly in low-amount ingredients. For example, additional minerals and vitamins are present in this one. Besides, you’ll find Schizochytrium sp. oil in this formula, which isn’t present in Enspire.

Long story short, both milks are unsuitable for babies with lactose intolerance and those who are allergic to cow milk. Besides that, both provide a healthy mixture of nutrition in their formulas.  

Enfamil Enspire VS Neuropro: Features

Formulas are usually marketed using a signature motive. For example, some may be suitable for lactose intolerant babies, whereas some may be effective for all babies. Let’s take a peek at what these two formulas are unique for. 

You’ll notice that Neuropro and Enspire both are enriched in ARA and DHA. However, the sources of DHA in these formulas are different

The DHA consists of crypthecodinium cohnii oil. This oil is the primary source of DHA in Enfamil Enspire. In comparison, Neuropro uses Schizochytrium sp oil. 

Both formulas come with MFGM, which stands for Milk Fat Globule Membrane. MFGM comes from a concentration made with protein and lipid. Breast milk naturally contains MFGM that helps the baby’s brain development.  

There’s another significant difference between Enspire and Neuropro. There’s an ingredient called lactoferrin in Enfamil Enspire. It’s also found naturally in breast milk and helps the baby in improving immunity. 

However, Neuropro does not have lactoferrin in it. That’s why Enspire is advertised as ‘our closest to breast milk’ formula. 

Enfamil Enspire VS Neuropro: Packaging

When it comes to packaging, Neuropro has an absolute advantage over Enfamil Enspire. Enfamil Enspire has some limitations regarding available packages. For instance, you won’t find any liquid or ready-to-drink pack in Enspire. 

There are only powder packs available. You can either buy a tub of 20.5 oz or refill boxes of 30 oz. There’s also a combination pack available that comes with two refill boxes and a tub. 

On the contrary, Neuropro features more variety in packaging. You will find both powder and liquid form in Neuropro. If you prefer powder, there are cans of 20.7 oz and refill boxes of 31.4 oz. Besides, there are single-serving packs available too. 

However, if you prefer liquid, you’ll find 5 fluid oz and 32 fluid oz bottles available.  

Enfamil Enspire VS Neuropro: Which One Is Better?

The truth is, you’ll have to decide for yourself which one is better for your baby. As you know, both formulas come from the same brand. So, after reading all the information about these formulas, you should decide for yourself which one would be more suitable for your baby. 

If your baby is allergic to lactoferrin specifically, it’s better to stick with Enfamil Neuropro as it is absent in this one. In addition, if you have a particular preference, you can choose any one of them. For example, many parents want the formula to be as close to breast milk as possible. In this case, even though the Neuropro is inspired by breast milk, Enfamil Enspire will be more suitable for your baby because it’s closest to breast milk. 

If none of the ingredients causes any issues to your baby, you can consider the packaging. Many parents want ready-to-drink liquid formulas to avoid preparations. It’s also more suitable for traveling parents. In this case, Neuropro is a better choice. Besides, you can also get one-serve packs in Neuropro.

If you’re budget conscious, Neuropro comes to the rescue again. The packaging amounts are diverse, and you can get a more affordable rate with Neuropro. 

Overall Rating

So, if you don’t have any specific preference or your baby isn’t allergic to any ingredients, I recommend going for Enfamil Neuropro.

Frequently Asked Questions

What ingredients are present in Enfamil Enspire and Enfamil Neuropro?

There are several ingredients in these formulas to help with your baby’s growth. For example, there is a protein-lipid concentration, DHA, ARA, minerals, and vitamin D. 

These ingredients are great for building a better immune system and brain development.

Which formula comes comparatively cheaper?

Enfamil Enspire is comparatively expensive when compared to Enfamil Neuropro. Besides, the latter provides better packaging options. 

Sharon’s Final Words

It can be a bit overwhelming to choose the perfect milk formula for your baby. However, with the correct information up your sleeve, it’s a piece of cake to determine the better choice for your loved one.   

All in all, I hope this guide on Enfamil Enspire vs Neuropro will help you decide which one to for. If you’re still confused about the options, you can always consult your pediatrician to be sure.   And there are many different places to purchase either, so check out your local retailer as well as online.

Local Survey Of Mothers

Of my core group of friends, each is split on their preference of baby formula roughly 60% to 40% in favor of Enspire. The one thing in common though between them all is they had to switch once from their original formula. Sometimes it takes a few tries to find out what your child likes best to eat and can tolerate.

Early 2023 Update – Enspire Optimum

Enfamil Enspire is undergoing an update and will now be Enfamil Enspire Optimum! An exciting update to an already quality product. The new product offers a better immunity boost blend through slightly different probiotics.

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