Enfamil and Similac: Summary Data and Comparisons

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Another beautiful day today, as we just got done with Thanksgiving here in 2023. I want to talk a bit about a common question, baby formula comparisons. I get these questions about which is better all the time. I hope this huge summary will help you decide what baby formula is best for your baby.

In terms of their needs, each baby is unique in its own way. For instance, some are perfectly okay and don’t require any special care, while others may be born with sensitivities, congenital diseases, or genetic disorders which may prevent them from digesting many things such as proteins.

But that’s not the only reason why formulas are necessary. Breast milk may not contain all the essential things that are critical for a baby to keep deficiencies at bay. Besides, some mothers may also not be able to breastfeed their babies for health concerns or produce enough milk.

In such a scenario, you should seriously consider feeding your baby formula but only after you have consulted your pediatrician and acquired some basic knowledge. For instance, the two companies that pediatricians recommend the most are Enfamil and Similac. There are several brands of formula produced by each. So it can get confusing to choose the right formula from so many brands, which is why this article contains the information you need to choose the right one for your baby. 

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All the Brands Under Enfamil

Enfamil has thirteen brands, each catering to a different need for babies. Some are regular formulas for all-around needs, while others are for babies who are sensitive to lactose, babies who are born prematurely, and so on. 

Let’s have a look at these formula brands one by one, what purpose each one serves, and their pros and cons. 


Every infant needs nutrients that will help in the development of their brain properly as breast milk sometimes may not be adequate. Enfamil NeuroPro is one of those formulas that a lot of doctors recommend for this purpose. 

This baby formula has DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) which mostly consists of omega-3 fatty acids, a very important nutrient for the development of infants’ brains. This component will play a major role in your baby’s brain development up to the age of five. 

Enfamil NeuroPro also has three prebiotics – GOS, PDX, and MFGM – components. These help to strengthen the immune system of these tender babies. 

You can find Enfamil NeuroPro in both powder and liquid forms, each carrying various sizes. The tubs are all washable, and you can refill them using the refill packet sticks, or use them for other purposes.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of Enfamil NeuroPro, to help you understand how well it’ll suit your infant.

Aids visual development, improves attention, and develops problem-solving abilities.Mixes well and doesn’t create bubbles.Digests well and doesn’t cause issues with stools.Easy to carry due to the availability of different sizes.Not suitable for babies with sensitive stomachs.Can give sensitive babies reflux issues and cause stool problems like constipation and diarrhea. The liquid version has a bad smell that can be revolting to some babies.Not hypoallergenic.


Enfamil Enspire is probably the closest formula to breastmilk that you’ll find in the market for infants, especially the ones who are still breastfed. It has the same components as NeuroPro, providing equal benefits for cognitive and immune development. However, it also has an additional compound – lactoferrin. 

Lactoferrin supports and strengthens the digestive health of infants, while also helping them to digest milk properly. The formula also contains colostrum, a fat naturally found in breast milk that nourishes babies and maintains their weight.

Enspire also has choline, an essential component for brain growth. It also contains vitamins A, B, C, D, and E which are essential for the development and optimum health of bones, joints, skin, hair, and nails. Nucleotides and vitamin C in Enspire aid in strengthening your baby’s immunity.

You can avail of Enfamil Enspire in tubs of powdered formula in different quantities according to your need. Besides, you can have it for both infants and babies that are a little more grown-up. You can also get refills, and reuse the formula jars after washing them thoroughly.

Contains all important vitamins and minerals necessary for the healthy development of the baby.Doesn’t cause constipation.Strengthens the bones and muscles in babies, and promotes proper motor function.It can get clumpy and not mix easily.Can cause babies to spit up.It’s a GMO product that can cause stomach issues.

Simply Organic

If you’re worried that most baby formulas are not made with organic ingredients and can contain a lot of preservatives, then you can opt for Enfamil Simply Organic for your baby. What makes it organic? This baby formula is made using milk from grass-fed cows. 

Grass-fed cows are grown and nurtured without any antibiotics and hormonal treatments, making their milk free of medicines that can harm your baby’s health. Their milk is also rich in good fats and minerals that are good for infants. 

Simply Organic also has DHA, Choline, and inositol, compounds that are found in breast milk. These ensure the proper development of cognitive abilities. 

You can find Enfamil Simply Organic in powdered form in just one quantity, and also in cases of four tubs. 

Organic, no preservatives, no artificial sweeteners, no synthetic hormones.Contains every nutrient in amounts you can find in breast milk.A clumpy formula that’s hard to scoop out and doesn’t mix easily. Can make infants very gassy, causing them to spit up.

Neuropro Sensitive

Some babies can’t digest milk proteins easily, making their stomach upset, bloating them up, and causing issues like gassiness, spit-ups, and diarrhea. Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive is a perfect formula for them.

If your baby has a stomach sensitive to lactose but you want to give them NeuroPro, then this baby formula is the perfect solution. 

NeuroPro Sensitive is perfectly formulated for lactose intolerant babies while giving them the same benefits of DHA, vitamins, prebiotics, and MFGM components. It’s also gluten-free, making it an even better choice.

You can find Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive in powder formulation. There are only tubs of one quantity available. However, you can buy them in cases of four as well. Besides, you can wash the tubs and repurpose them, or use them to keep refills. 

Lactose-free and gluten-free, supporting digestive health, and preventing bloating, and spit-up.Contains all essential nutrients to support brain development, cognitive development, immune health, and physical growth.Not easily available due to the high demand for the product.Only one size is available, so you have to buy too much as they’re often out of stock.  

Enspire Gentlease

Enfamil Enspire Gentlease is a gentle formula for babies who have difficulties digesting lactose. No, it doesn’t omit lactose from the formula entirely; instead, it allows about 20% of the regular amount of lactose that you’ll find in breast milk and other infant formulas. 

Since Enspire Gentlease has a lower level of lactose, the formula uses other proteins that are easy on infants’ stomachs. Just like the other Enspire formula, it has DHA, MFGM compounds, lactoferrin, choline, prebiotics, and other essential nutrients.

You can find Enfamil Enspire Gentlease in powder formulation. It’s available in tubs and as refills, but only in one size. However, you can stock them up in cases. Besides, the tubs are washable, so you can use them for refills or repurpose them for something else.

Closest baby formula to breast milk but with a lower level of lactose.Strengthens bones and muscles and develops the joints properly.Develops the brain and motor functions properly.Keep the baby’s weight in check with colostrum.Non-GMO.Doesn’t dissolve well. Contains corn syrup solids and vegetable oils.Can exaggerate gassiness in super sensitive babies due to the presence of whey protein concentrate from soy.Can cause stool problems, spit-ups, and fussiness in babies who can’t digest lactose at all.

Neuropro Gentlease

If you want your baby to get the same benefits of NeuroPro but with lesser lactose and for a longer duration, then you can try Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease. It has more hydrolyzed protein which is easy to digest for babies with sensitive stomachs. 

With this baby formula, your baby will get all the nutrients of NeuroPro for up to 12 months. The formula contains DHA, Choline, MFGM components, prebiotics, and all the essential vitamins and minerals that are present in NeuroPro. Your baby will grow stronger and sharper without the side effects of lactose.

You can get NeuroPro Gentlease in liquid, refills, tubs, and cans. You can buy them separately, or stock up the tubs in cases as well. The tubs are washable and reusable, so you can either use them to keep the refills or use them for something else.

Easy to scoop up and mix.Doesn’t cause spit-ups. A great formula as a supplement for sensitive babies.Easy to carry.Doesn’t deprive babies of nutrients that the regular NeuroPro offers.No sugar, flavors, or artificial colorings.Contains corn syrup solids, soy, and vegetable oils. Not hypoallergenic.It’s not organic.Can cause acid reflux and make the babies fussy. 

A.R. (Added Rice Starch)

Have you already tried a lot of formulas in the market but your baby spits up every time? This may have left you confused as to what to do now. Enfamil A.R. is a baby formula specially created to help with spit-ups. 

The rice starch added to this infant formula helps to thicken up the milk and reduce spit-ups. It also keeps their tummies fuller for a longer time, as the formula thickens in their stomach. 

Enfamil A.R. has DHA, prebiotics, and essential vitamins and minerals to support brain development, muscle growth, immune health, and joint development. You can find it in powdered form and also in the ready-to-use formulation. 

Helps with spit-up issues.Helps with GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) in babies. Free of sucrose, corn syrup, artificial growth hormones, and other harmful additives.Helps babies gain weight if they’re already underweight.Thick formula due to rice starch can cause problems with flow.Rice starch can constipate babies.Doesn’t mix well often.The powdered formula can cause gassiness in babies as the powdered formula is difficult to mix properly, creating air bubbles. It’s not hypoallergenic.


If your baby suffers from constipation with the baby formulas you’ve tried so far, try using Enfamil Reguline. This is specially formulated for babies who suffer from digestive issues, leading to constipation. If your baby can’t poop properly, it won’t be able to feed properly, resulting in fussiness. 

Usually, babies who are exclusively fed with formula often may not get the proper amount of colostrum and other fats that are present in breast milk. To help with that, Reguline has both prebiotics and probiotics that aid in proper digestion by introducing bacteria that help with digestion. 

This infant formula has all the essential vitamins like A, C, D, B1, B2, B6, B12, etc., and all the essential minerals that are necessary for the healthy growth and healthy guts of your baby. 

The fat content and protein will help with proper bowel movement, allowing your baby to pass healthy stools.

You can get this formula in powdered form in tubs and cans.

Supports baby’s gut health.Helps to pass soft stool.Promotes proper digestion.Contains proteins that are broken down and easy to digest.Promotes developments of cognitive and motor function. Contains soy, vegetable oil, and corn syrup solids. The taste, color, and texture of the liquid formula can feel weird to your baby.Too much formula in one bottle of liquid form.Can cause very bad acid reflux in some babies.


If your baby is sensitive to lactose from both breast milk and cow’s milk, then you should try Enfamil ProSobee. This formula is made with soy for babies who suffer from lactose intolerance and frequently suffer from acid reflux and fussiness.

This formula is basically made from soybeans. It’s not just babies with lactose intolerance who can have it. Mothers who are conscious about the environment, are vegan or are unable to breastfeed their babies can use this formula as well. 

Even though it’s made from plant-based protein, your baby won’t be deficient in the good things. Enfamil ProSobee has the required amounts of DHA, Choline, and other essential vitamins and minerals that your baby needs for proper growth and strength.

You can find Enfamil ProSobee in liquid, powder, and concentrated forms.

Perfect for babies belonging to families who follow vegan, vegetarian, or Kosher diets.Lactose-free.Easily digestible by babies with lactose intolerance.Very affordable.Contains corn syrup, palm oil, and other vegetable oils.Can make some infants throw up more than usual.Can cause a loss in appetite for some babies.Has a revolting smell.A very thin formula that’s hard to mix.Some babies can have a soy allergy, making this the least preferred formula for them.


Is your baby very colicky and has fussy, crying bouts frequently? Then it may be suffering from an allergy to cow’s milk formula. If so, you can try giving your baby Enfamil Nutramigen. This is a hypoallergenic formula specially made for babies who suffer from colics due to an allergy to cow’s milk. 

Nutramigen with Enflora LGG formula is suitable for babies with sensitivity issues and other allergies. It’s also iron-fortified and has DHA and ARA (arachidonic acid) to support the development of brain and eyesight. 

Nutramigen with Enflora LGG formula comes in powder and liquid forms. You’ll also get the powder formula for different stages of your baby’s growth, for the infant stage and for the toddler stage. Based on your region, you may also find the product in an alternative name, Nutramigen A+. 

Helps babies with fussiness and colics with cow’s milk.Perfect for premature babies.Suitable for babies with different forms of allergies.Helps babies to gain healthy weight.Mixes effortlessly.Baby may refuse to have the formula.Revolting smell.You may initially see loose stools frequently.You may see green stools due to iron.Baby may initially spit up. 


Sometimes, some babies suffer from extreme allergies, including severe food allergies due to which they can’t have a lot of things. This can lead to deficiency and poor weight. Enfamil PurAmino Hypoallergenic Infant Formula can be the perfect supplement for them.

This baby formula is rich in amino acids that will help in building proteins in your baby. Amino acids can also help to deal with digestive problems connected to protein digestion. It’s fortified with iron so that your baby isn’t deficient in hemoglobin and other things that require iron to function.

You can find Enfamil PurAmino in powder form packaged in cans. Moreover, if you want to stock up, you need to buy individual cans as they don’t offer cases for this formula.

Non-GMO and hypoallergenic.Helps premature babies and babies with severe allergies.Helps babies with issues like short bowel syndrome and protein maldigestion.Has DHA and ARA to help maintain a healthy weight in the baby.Prevents spit-ups, fussiness, and abdominal pain.Toddlers can have it too.Can constipate some babies.May give green stools due to iron.You may see some runny stool in the beginning. Unpleasant smell.

Enfagrow Toddler

Toddlers need a lot more nutrients than newborn babies as they enter a more critical stage in their development. They need calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin D, DHA, and other essential nutrients. Enfagrow Toddler formulas are perfectly made with these in mind. 

Whether your toddler is nine months old or already a year old, you have a formula for both. Enfagrow NeuroPro Toddler formula is a liquid formula for kids nine months and above, and Enfagrow Premium Toddler formula is for kids who are a year old or more. 

Enfagrow Premium Gentlease Toddler formula is suitable if your baby is sensitive or has allergies. You can also try Enfagrow Toddler Transition and Enfagrow Toddler Next Step formulas depending on your baby’s needs.

You can find Enfamil Enfagrow Toddler formulas in both powder and liquid forms. What’s even more amazing is that you can find them in natural milk and vanilla flavors and in a variety of sizes and cases. 

Is more nutritious than other formulas.Has double the amount of DHA.Has more good fat.Has less sugar or sweet content.Non-GMO.Prevents bloating and reflux issues.Mix easily.Artificial flavoring can harm toddlers.Can cause constipation in some toddlers.


Some babies are born with a rare inherited disease called maple syrup urine disease (MSUD). People with this disease can’t process certain amino acids after digesting proteins, which ultimately causes harmful build-ups in their urine and blood. 

Enfamil BCAD Steps 1 and 2 are the perfect formulas for infants and toddlers with MSUD. This formula is free of isoleucine, leucine, and valine, three branched-chain amino acids that people with this condition can’t digest. 

Step 1 is for infants and toddlers up to three years, and Step 2 is for children above three years, sometimes for adults as well. These also have higher levels of every type of vitamin B, and protein sufficient to help babies compensate for what they can’t gain naturally. 

You can find both Enfamil BCAD Steps 1 and 2 in powder form. They are packaged in cans and are easily available in bulk quantities.

Suitable for infants and people with MSUD. Suitable for lactose intolerant babies.Easy to mix and doesn’t separate.Aids in producing cofactors, molecules that are necessary for enzymes to function and carry out biochemical transformations.Some babies may not be able to digest it.Some adults may find the taste and smell revolting.

Every Brand Under Similac


Similac is one of the major competitors of Enfamil. It carries more than fifteen brands, each having names that are pretty self-explanatory in terms of the functions they are geared to perform. Some take care of the regular needs of infants, some take care of babies with special concerns and medical conditions, and others cover the needs of babies with deficiencies. 

Let’s look at all the brands Similac carries, what concerns they address, and how babies react to these formulas. This way, you’ll understand which formula is more suitable and catered to your baby’s needs. 

360 Total Care

If you want a formula that’s closest to breast milk, then you can give your baby Similac 360 Total Care. It has a blend of HMO (Human Milk Oligosaccharides) prebiotics that are identical to breast milk structurally. If you can’t breastfeed your baby or don’t want to, then this infant formula is a great choice.

Besides the five HMO prebiotics, Similac 360 Total Care formula is fortified with DHA and ARA, which are essential for developing the brain, motor functions, and cognitive abilities. This infant formula also contains all the vitamins and minerals essential for the healthy growth and immune development of babies.

Similac 360 Total Care is available in both powder and liquid forms. You can get whichever form you want. Besides, their liquid formula is easy to carry everywhere you go. 

No artificial growth hormones.Non-GMO.Provides more nutrition than breast milk. Doesn’t contain corn syrup solids and palm oil. The bottle of the liquid formula is easy to use and ready to feed. Contains Oligosaccharides derived from human milk.Can cause babies to spit up.Infants may suffer from acid reflux and gassiness.Not suitable for babies with lactose intolerance, cow milk allergy, and soy allergy.May constipate some babies.

Pro Advance

If you want a formula for your baby that focuses more on brain and vision development, then Similac Pro Advance is a good choice. This formula is prepared following the composition you’ll find in breast milk, making this a wonderful substitute for your baby if you can’t breastfeed.

The Pro Advance formula has the perfect amount of DHA, vitamin E, and lutein to mimic the nutrition in breast milk to help develop their brain and eyesight properly. They also provide immunity with their blend of prebiotics. Do note that the formula doesn’t have human milk.

You can find the Similac Pro Advance formula in both powder and ready-to-feed liquid forms. 

Contains HMOs derived from human milk.Reduces gas and spit-ups.No artificial hormones.Non-GMO.Free of palm oil.Has a more tolerable smell.No added sugar and no corn syrup solids.Not suitable for babies allergic to soy and lactose.


Another formula for your baby in case you can’t breastfeed is Similac Advance. This formula also promotes brain development in babies, strengthens bones and muscles, and supports immune growth. It provides the same calories as breast milk and boosts blood generation with iron.

You can find the Similac Advance formula in both powder and liquid form. 

Has the signature blend of DHA, vitamin E, and lutein.Doesn’t have palm oil.No corn syrup solids.No added sugar.No artificial hormones.Babies like the taste.Doesn’t have the special blend of HMO prebiotics.Doesn’t have enough inositol, a component in breast milk that regulates blood sugar in babies and improves the immune system.Not suitable for babies with lactose and soy allergies.

Organic Similac

Similac Organic formula is made with organic milk, which means you won’t find any harmful additives. You’ll find organic lactose and other components similar to that found in breast milk. There are two types of Similac Organic, the ready-to-go liquid formula, and the powder formula that’s made with A2 milk protein. 

Just like all the formulas in the other brands under Similac, the Organic formula also has its special blend of HMO prebiotics, DHA, lutein, vitamin E, and iron, providing brain development and immune-boosting benefits. This formula also has all the essential minerals and vitamins to support eye health and physical development. 

Organic and non-GMO.No palm oil.No artificial hormones.No corn syrup solids.Contains lactose and soy ingredients.Babies can get very gassy, have bad reflux, and spit up. Some babies may become constipated.

360 Total Care Sensitive

If your baby is unable to have 360 Total Care due to lactose intolerance, then you can give them Similac 360 Total Care Sensitive. Babies who have lactose intolerance can get fussy and gassy due to their sensitivity. This formula will help to ease that problem. 

This infant formula has all the benefits of 360 Total Care formula minus most of the lactose content. It will still have the qualities of breast milk and more, with DHA to support brain development, iron to make more blood, and prebiotics to boost immunity.

You can avail of Similac 360 Total Care Sensitive in both powder and ready-to-use liquid formulas. 

Suitable for lactose-sensitive babies.Easy on baby tummies.Non-GMO.No artificial hormones.The liquid formula smells metallic, which the baby may not like.Some babies may feel uncomfortable.Some babies may suffer from colic.

Total Comfort

Similac Total Comfort is designed for babies who are sensitive to lactose. This formula doesn’t have cow’s milk; however, it has components with structures similar to breast milk. This will ensure that, even though the baby isn’t getting milk, it doesn’t miss out on the nourishment. 

Similac Total Comfort has a blend of DHA, omega fatty acids, AA, lutein, beta-carotene, choline, and taurine, which are sufficient to nourish babies in the absence of other milk derivatives. You can find this formula in three stages, depending on which stage of growth your baby is in, each containing all the vitamins and minerals in different amounts.

You can find this formula in both powder and ready-to-go forms.

Lactose-free and hypoallergenic.Gluten-free.Supports the overall growth of lactose-intolerant babies.Has enough proteins and carbohydrates.No palm oil.Formulated to produce less air when mixed.Contains soy and soy derivatives.Still contains a certain percentage of lactose.Contains sugar.May cause gas, spit-ups, and constipation. 

Pro Total Comfort

Similac Pro-Total Comfort is for those babies who can’t have even those nutrients whose structures are similar to those found in either breast milk or cow’s milk. On top of that, this formula also excludes whey protein derived from cow’s milk but instead, contains a different form of oligosaccharides. 

Non-GMO.No artificial hormones.Contains all the essential nutrients for proper growth and immunity.The formula is very lumpy.May produce a lot of air, thus making the baby very gassy.Can make babies constipated.Can cause more spit-ups and vomiting.


Similac Sensitive is another formula made for babies with lactose sensitivity and other allergies. Yet, the formula still has all the essential nutrients that a baby needs for brain development, physical growth, and immunity.

Similac Sensitive has a thicker texture to help the baby feel full for longer and prevent the tendency to spit up. In addition, the Sensitive brand has formulas for both infants and toddlers. It also has a pro-sensitive formula. 

You can find both Sensitive and Pro-Sensitive formulas in powder form and ready-to-go form. 

Lactose-free.Can ease gas and discomfort.Non-GMO.No palm oil.No artificial hormones.May give babies acid reflux.Has corn syrup.Can make babies constipated.Some babies may start vomiting.

For Spit Up

Similac For Spit-up is specially formulated for babies who spit up when fed all the other baby formulas. Besides the signature blend of DHA, vitamin E, and lutein, it’s also suitable for babies with lactose sensitivity. It’s also gluten-free, making it perfect for babies with other sensitivities. 

You can find Similac For Spit-up in both powder and ready-to-go forms. 

Fortified with iron.Has all the essential nutrients and elements to support overall health and growth.No palm oil.No artificial hormones.Can help improve a baby’s weight.Has a lot of sugar.Can make some babies constipated.May make some babies vomit.The formula is very foamy, for which some babies spit up even more.It contains GMOs.

Soy Isomil

Similac Soy Isomil is a great option for vegan parents who don’t want to give their babies cow milk or other similar formulas. Besides, babies who have extreme sensitivity to anything relating to milk, even its derivatives, can have this formula easily. 

You can find the Soy Isomil formula in both powder and ready-to-feed liquid forms. 

Suitable for babies belonging to vegan and vegetarian families.Completely lactose-free.Has all the essential nutrients.Plant derivatives of components that are present in milk.Not suitable for babies with a soy allergy. Contains corn syrup solids.Contains sugar.Some babies can become constipated and gassy.


If your baby is allergic to most food items, then Similac Alimentum is the most suitable formula. This formula has milk proteins broken down into easily digestible molecules, making it hypoallergenic. Besides, it’s perfect for babies sensitive to certain proteins. 

Similac Alimentum, although made for super sensitive babies, still has a lot of other nutrients and all the essential vitamins and minerals. It has medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) which are easier for baby guts to absorb.

You can find Similac Alimentum formula in both powder and ready-to-feed liquid forms. 

No palm oil.Hypoallergenic formula.Makes babies less gassy and fussy.Reduces spit-ups and colic. Contains sugar.Has starch which makes the formula too thick to consume.Can constipate the baby.The powder formula can make babies gassy.


Similac EleCare is an excellent choice for babies who are allergic to most foods and proteins. It’s specially formulated with amino acids to ensure that babies with protein sensitivity can develop their muscles and carry out other functions properly. 

Similac Elecare, despite having a special formulation, has all the essential vitamins and minerals, prebiotics, and other important components to support the healthy development and immunity of babies. It’s also hypoallergenic, making it suitable for babies with lactose sensitivity.

Contains amino acids to support muscle development.Promotes bone health.Has DHA, ARA,and HMO.Has MCT to maintain weight.No palm oil.Has corn syrup solids.Contains soy.The smell can be repulsive for some.


Most of the regular formulas you find in the market aren’t suitable for premature babies or babies born with a lower weight than average. That’s why Similac made a special formula for these tender babies, NeoSure. 

This formula has more than the usual amount of calories to help premature and underweight babies gain weight properly. It also has essential vitamins and minerals in greater amounts to support the proper growth and development of these infants. 

You can find this formula in powder and liquid forms. Stocking up on the liquid formula is a good choice, as premature babies may have to be tube-fed initially. 

Abundant in vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. Helps babies gain weight properly.Adequate amounts of DHA, ARA, HMO, lutein, and other brain developing and immunity strengthening components. No artificial hormones.Has whole milk.Contains corn syrup solids.Has soy extracts.Can make babies gassy.Babies can get very constipated. Babies with milk and soy allergies may show sensitivity.

Special Care

Some premature babies (preemies) are born with a lot of allergies and deficiencies due to not getting enough nutrition in-utero. Similac Special Care is specially formulated for these babies. It takes care of their nutritional needs while protecting the babies from allergic reactions.

Like NeoSure, this formula also contains an abundance of good fats to help premature babies gain weight properly. It’s gluten-free so you don’t have to worry about upset tummies. There are enough vitamins and minerals to boost your baby’s health and other electrolytes and components for cognitive and immune support.

Non-GMO. Gluten-free.More proteins and electrolytes.Contains more DHA, ARA, vitamin E, and lutein. Has corn syrup solids.Contains lactose, making the formula unsuitable for lactose-intolerant babies.Has soy ingredients.


Although Ketonex isn’t under Similac, it’s under the same parent company, Abbott Nutrition. And that’s why this brand is on this list under Similac. 

Ketonex is very similar to Similac EleCare, as it’s an amino acid-modified infant formula. 

However, it’s a comparatively better formula, as it’s free of isoleucine, leucine, and valine, certain amino acids that babies suffering from maple syrup urine disease (MSUD) can’t digest. It still has all the other essential minerals, vitamins, DHA, ARA, and major components necessary for a baby’s healthy growth and immunity.

There are two stages of Ketonex. Ketonex 1 is for infants and toddlers with MSUD, and Ketonex 2 is for older children and adults with MSUD. Needless to say, you should consume it under medical supervision and not without consulting your physician.

Lactose-free.Gluten-free.Non-GMO.Has DHA and ARA. Contains corn syrup solids. Has soy ingredients.

Enfamil vs. Similac: Comparisons of Characteristics

With two companies containing brands that are quite similar to each other in terms of properties, characteristics, and essential functions, it can sometimes be difficult to zero in on one. Besides, there are so many formulas, each addressing different issues, that it can get confusing for every mom. 

To help you with that, here’s a table that shows which products from each company cater to which health concerns of babies. Memorize it or save it somewhere so that you can refer to it later; trust us, you’ll need this later on!

Essential FeaturesEnfamilSimilac
Developing the brain, cognitive abilities, and motor functionsNeuroProAdvancePro Advance
Closest formula to breastmilkEnspire360 Total Care
Organic formula made from grass-fed cow’s milkSimply OrganicOrganic
Babies with lactose intoleranceEnspire GentleaseSensitivePro SensitiveTotal ComfortPro Total Comfort
Brain development in lactose-intolerant babiesNeuroPro SensitiveNeuroPro GentleasePro Sensitive
Preventing spit-upsA.R. (Added Rice Starch)For Spit-Up
Easing tummy issues and constipationRegulinePro Total Comfort
Babies from vegan and vegetarian families, and babies who can’t digest any milkProSobeeSoy Isomil
Easing colics in babiesNutramigenPro Total Comfort
Hypoallergenic formula for extreme food allergiesPurAminoEleCareAlimentum
Formula for infants and children with MSUDBCADKetonex
Formula for toddlers to support bone and muscle growthEnfagrow Toddler360 Total Care
For overall growth careEnspireNeuroPro360 Total Care
For premature or underweight babiesNeoSureSpecial Care
Enfamil or Similac Comparison Data Chart

Conclusion – Enfamil or Similac?

Choosing the right formula to fit your baby’s health issues and developmental needs can be tricky. However, with some help from your pediatrician and the right set of facts, you can choose the perfect one for your kid. 

Use the information you just learned about every formula brand from Enfamil and Similac, consult with your pediatrician, and choose the right formula so that your baby can develop smoothly and grow up to be a happy and healthy individual. 

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