Enfamil Reguline Side Effects – All You Need To Know

enfamil reguline side effects

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Are there any known Enfamil Reguline side effects? Are you worried about this Enfamil baby formula? Well, the question remains whether or not Enfamil Reguline Formula genuinely helps with digestion as claimed. If you’re trying to decide whether or not this well-known brand of baby formula is good for your child, you can get all the information you need right here.

enfamil reguline side effects

Enfamil Reguline Formula: Benefits

Enfamil Reguline Formula helps babies have bowel movements that are easier on them. There aren’t many choices for alleviating infant constipation outside boosting your baby’s fluid intake by giving a bit more formula at each feeding. Both drugs and prune juice are inappropriate for newborns who have not yet started on “first foods”. The iron supplements given to newborns with a diagnosis of anemia might also cause them to become constipated. The creators of Enfamil Reguline created it to cure newborns of diarrhea and constipation.

The key element in a baby’s stool softener, prebiotics, are given to aid in the development of healthy intestines. The formula’s easy-to-digest proteins also reduce gas and irritability, which is a nice bonus. Enfamil Reguline formula may be a good option for babies who suffer from frequent constipation or gas. This formula contains DHA and choline, identical to breastfeeding, which is essential for proper brain development and the prevention of constipation. Take a look at the components with me.

Enfamil Reguline Formula: Ingredients

When it comes to the most fundamental components of infant formulae, all producers must adhere to globally recognized norms. This is why most infant formulae contain roughly the same amounts of protein, carbs, fats, and vitamins to make a balanced “meal” for babies. Then, to set their product apart from the competition, businesses add extra components.

Ingredients like lactose and prebiotics are included to simulate the digestive system and the beneficial bacteria found in breast milk. Most infant formulae use protein isolated from cow’s milk. There are attempts to modify the protein content of cow’s milk to make it more palatable for infants, as it is absorbed differently than human breast milk. Reguline has a decent formula with few potentially harmful chemicals compared to competing products.


Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids ARA and DHA are not deemed “essential” because the body can synthesize them in tiny amounts on its own. Enfamil Reguline has crypthecodinium chohnii oil and mortierella alpina oil, both of which are sourced from algae. The human milk, fish, and eggs all contain ARA and DHA.

To make baby formula taste more like breastmilk, these fatty acids are added. The international rules require that there be an equal amount of both. The elements in this formula may improve visual and cognitive function. You may already be familiar with the advantages of fish oil supplements if you regularly use them yourself.

Carbohydrates And Sugar

Infants require sugars and carbohydrates for energy. Enfamil Reguline has a lactose carbohydrate form that comes from cow’s milk rather than human breast milk. Unfortunately, dextrose, commonly known as corn syrup solids, is also included. The best infant formulas and breast milk both lack corn syrup. This is the one element none of us particularly care for.

About 40% of the calories in the baby formula come from carbohydrates. Your infant will develop a craving for sweets if half of his or her carbohydrates come from sugar. Furthermore, corn syrup raises the risk of obesity and diabetes by causing spikes in insulin and blood sugar in infants.

You can count on your infant developing a taste for sugar as soon as you introduce sweet foods like applesauce. The recipe for sweets shouldn’t make people want to eat more of them.

Maltodextrin, which causes even larger blood sugar rises than corn syrup, is absent, which is good. The corn syrup solids content is also lower than in competing infant formulae like Enfamil Gentlease and ProSobee. Both include a lot of corn syrup.

enfamil reguline side effects


Infants’ brain and body development are best supported by higher levels of dietary fat than those of older children. Breast milk is naturally rich in fat (around 4 percent), and Enfamil aspires to replicate this ratio in their infant formulas. Vegetable oil blends are used to add fats to the recipe.

The oils in Enfamil Reguline range from palm olein to coconut to soy to sunflower. These are the most common oils found in commercial baby formulae.


The body needs protein for muscle growth and repair, and it also plays a role in almost every other physical process. Whey and casein, both derived from cow’s milk, are the two main protein sources in baby formula.

Fluid-like and easily absorbed, whey protein is a popular choice. Casein, which makes up the bulk of milk solids, takes longer to digest and hence contributes to satiety. But casein is much more likely to bring on allergic reactions and gastrointestinal distress (source). The protein content of Enfamil Reguline raises an interesting question: what kind is it? There is no casein, however, there is whey protein concentrate.


Enfamil Reguline Formula includes two prebiotics, polydextrose, and galactooligosaccharides. Sure enough, you’re right! Babies’ digestive systems will be stronger and more balanced thanks to the two prebiotics included in this formula.

enfamil reguline side effects

What Are Enfamil Reguline Side Effects Or Problems?

However, not all babies have their constipation completely resolved by using Enfamil Reguline, which is the only reported issue from parents. It resulted in flatulence in some very young newborns. If your baby is having trouble digesting Reguline, you could find that he or she does better on Enfamil NeuroPro Sensitive or Enfamil Enspire Gentlease.

Final Thoughts

Overall, we think it’s a great formula, albeit we do wish it didn’t have corn syrup. Unfortunately, this sugary substance can be found in the majority of commercially available formulae aimed at alleviating stomach problems. It’s not the first time this has happened, at least not with Reguline. Constipation is a common problem for infants, but Enfamil Reguline stands out from the crowd as the only formula developed particularly to alleviate this issue.