Boppy Lounger Vs Dock A Tot: What’s The Difference?

boppy lounger vs dock a tot

Are you curious about the difference between a boppy lounger vs dock a tot? I was at first too!

If you are a new parent, you may wonder which one is right for your baby. There are many different types and styles of baby loungers for every budget- from bamboo mats to collection strollers! But how do we know which one will work best without breaking our wallets? In today’s article, we will go over the similarities and key differences between a boppy lounger vs dock a tot!

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boppy lounger vs dock a tot

Similarities: Boppy Lounger Vs Dock A Tot


Both the Boppy and the Dock A Tot should only be used during supervised wake time to ensure baby safety. The Boppy Lounger is NOT intended for napping. It’s hammered into your head every time you visit their site: “This product is for baby’s supervised awake time and not for sleep.” A baby’s airway could be blocked if they were propped up on a Boppy Lounger because the surface is not flat and their weak neck muscles could cause them to slip down the lounger.

DockaTot specifies that their items are for “supervised lounging and fun” exclusively. Since the DockaTot has been shown to pose a significant risk to children, it has been prohibited in Canada. Despite this, many parents have utilized both the Boppy Lounger and DockaTot for their sleeping kids, sometimes even leaving them alone while they napped.


Neither the Boppy Newborn Lounger nor the DockaTot pad can be washed in the machine, however, both may be cleaned by hand. In addition, reassembling the DockaTot after it has dried can be a minor nuisance. Alternatively, the Boppy Lounger can be washed in its entirety in the machine, but only on the hand-wash or delicate cycle.

The Boppy Lounger has a cover that cannot be removed, and replacement covers are not available for purchase on the company’s website. It’s a little strange that you have to go to other stores to get a replacement cover for your Boppy Lounger, but whatever works for Boppy, right? The DockaTot website sells replacement coverings for the toy. To make things easier, just get a couple of replacement covers.


Either the Boppy or the Dock A Tot can be used for tummy time, bottle feeding, playing, and bonding with loved ones. The Boppy Lounger has been shown to be helpful for infants with acid reflux by several parents. Each is a huge win!

When you need to change a diaper or give your infant a brief massage, the DockaTot is there for you. If your older child still prefers to sleeping in baby cribs, you can use it for them as well. When your children are done using them, you can use them either as a bed for your pet.


When comparing the Boppy Newborn Lounger to the DockaTot, it’s clear that both are lightweight and easy to transport around the house. You may transport the DockaTot in its Getaway Tote, which is sold separately), while the Boppy can be transported in its carrying case. Always a cool feature when you are out and about!

boppy lounger vs dock a tot

Pros and Cons: Boppy Lounger Vs Dock A Tot


There are fewer than ten different patterns and prints available for the Boppy Lounger, but the DockaTot Deluxe+ comes in dozens. Naturally, the Boppy Lounger has a more slanted surface, which raises your child’s head while still keeping them safely ensconced in the pillow. A newborn can suffer positional asphyxia if they lie down in a particular way that causes their neck to bow.

Thus, it is imperative that you keep a close eye on your child at all times and limit use to when he or she is awake and being supervised. In contrast, the DockaTot is designed to help infants learn to sleep on their backs. Also, your infant will have more room to stretch out and play. Your infant will be cozy in its 1-inch of padding. My kids loved to be cozy!

However, infants can easily smush their cheeks against the bumper if they turn over. As stated on their site, this product should only be used in supervised settings. However, some parents have put their infants to sleep in one, which is theoretically safe if the infant cannot turn over on their own and there is sufficient clearance on either side to prevent the infant’s face from hitting the sidewalls.


The DockaTot was subjected to extensive testing and certification before it was released. The air permeability of the fabric is thought to lessen the likelihood of sudden infant death syndrome. Furthermore, they have been certified as meeting the standards of the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1, which indicates that they are free of contaminants that could be harmful to human health. As a bonus, the cover is made entirely of cotton, so it’s gentle on your baby’s skin.

However, the Boppy Lounger is made of a soft, wipeable fabric that is both breathable and resistant to spills. As a means of minimizing their carbon impact, they get raw materials from China but complete the manufacturing process in the United States.


The Boppy Newborn Lounger doesn’t come with any extras, and the company doesn’t even sell replacement covers for it. You will need to look elsewhere to find a cover for your Boppy Lounger.

That’s the complete antithesis of the DockaTot! The lounger comes with its Getaway Tote bag, but you can also buy a Toy Set, Toy Arch, Cabanda Kit, Base Protector, Extra Covers, and more on their own if you’d like.

Age Range

Only newborns (between 0 and 4 months old) should use the Boppy Newborn Lounger during supervised awake time. We recommend the DockATot Deluxe+ for infants aged 0 to 8 months. If your child is between the ages of 9 and 36 months, consider the DockaTot Grand.


In comparison to the Boppy Lounger, the DockaTot is enormous and comes with a plethora of optional extras, but this comes at a cost. It’s not a cheap one, either. When compared to the Boppy Lounger, the DockaTot’s price tag is astronomical. If money is not a concern, go with the high end model. If you are looking to spend wisely, then the Boppy will do just fine.

boppy lounger vs dock a tot

Conclusion by Sharon

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against leaving infants in baby loungers unattended or allowing them to sleep in them overnight. On their respective websites, Boppy and DockaTot make a point of emphasizing the benefits of their products for infants and toddlers.

Having a colicky, clingy baby who refuses to sleep presents unique difficulties, and we do sympathize with new parents. Yes, we know how important it is to calm a baby while also having your hands free to do other things. And if you’re down to the baby lounger as a last resort, by all means, do what you believe is best, but keep an eye out at all times.

Hopefully this article has been informative for you.

Sharon Dunn