How to Make Pumping Breastmilk Easy With an Imani i2 Breast Pump

imani i2 breast pump how to guide

Breastmilk pumping for your new baby is never easy, especially if you are a first-timer or have more than one child.  Time is the most valuable item for new parents, as sleep, feedings, and overall stress create a huge demand on mom.

When I was pumping I had mixed feelings of getting a task accomplished but also of anxiety just knowing in 2 more hours I would be at it again!

The Imani i2 breast pump can help relieve some of the stress involved in producing milk for your new love! These wearable pumps free up your hands and you can get so much more done around the house.

The discomfort and inconvenience of having to pump milk are unavoidable. Many breast milk pumping kits are often not as handy as needed when pumping breast milk but there are pumps that can make the ordeal a bit more tolerable. 

And as a mother who is already really burned out from taking care of your sweet baby, it may seem like a dream come true to have an easy and convenient pumping material or pump kit. And the Imani i2 breast pump is the answer to easy and comfortable breast pumping. My best friend’s daughter currently has an Imani to pump for her first child and swears by it.

But you might have a lot of questions and concerns regarding the Imani i2 breast pump. Thus, we have outlined everything you need to know about how the pump works down below. 

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Features and Accessories of the Wearable Breast Pump

The Imani i2 Breast Pump is a small, compact breast pump that enables you to quietly pump whenever and wherever you like.

In this section, we will describe the best features and available accessories that it has and how the features add an amazing benefit to all the moms out there.


Little Noise:

Unlike other breast pumps, the Imani produces very little noise, allowing you to pump breast milk with ease.

It can also be worn as a pump below your bra and is great for pumping at your office when you get back to work.

Hence, it is perfect for mothers who are going back to work after having a baby.

Powerful Suction Strength:

The Imani i2 breast pump offers a reasonably seamless suction design with light but powerful suction. The suction of this breast pump doesn’t vibrate at all.

Multiple Modes:

There are two different mechanisms: stimulation, which has faster performance and lower suction, and expression, which has a lower rate and higher suction.

Suction power is adjusted for each option. It’s really simple to switch back and forth between controls because they are located at the head of the motor.

Ease of Control:

The controls on the Imani i2 breast pump are simple to use, and the switches are also relatively straightforward. Because each pump runs on its own, you can manually set the perfect rhythm for each breast.

There is no application, therefore using the switches just on the pump motor is the sole way to operate the pump.



Reports of minor leakage around the seals have been noted. It is hard to validate if it is the pump itself or user error.


Breasts may lose a little supply compared to non wearable versions.

Availability of Replacement Parts:

These parts seem to be well-stocked by reputable online stores, and spares are competitively priced. 

  • Available Accessories 

In this section, we will have a look at the additional accessories that Imani i2 breast pump has to offer:

  1. Electric Breast Pump Motor x 1
  2. Breast milk collector cup (7 Oz, 200ml) x 1
  3. Funnel 28mm x 1 only or funnel 32mm x 1 pc only  (depends on your option)
  4. Valve x 1
  5. Protector x 1
  6. Connector x 1
  7. LCD screen (timer, battery level, and other components)
  8. Enables you to pause between pumping
  9. Timer with intervals varying from 20 to 40 mins
  10. Transparent cup with visible volume marking 
  11. Comes with a hole to pour the milk along with a tip to prevent milk from spilling 
  12. Doesn’t require any assistance as it is hands-free
  13. No tube or wire hassle
  14. Can save data of breastmilk pumping timing
  15. Light and small device 
  16. LED built-in battery that indicates when cups are full

How to Use the Imani i2 Breast Pump

Use a low suction speed and begin gently while using the Imani i2 breast pump. The pump has the benefit of doing the pumping more efficiently than a traditional breast pump because it performs it for you.

Here are some pointers for using the Imani i2 breast pump:

  • Sanitize your hands. 
  • Check that the pump, container, and components are clean and sterile before use.
  • Ideally, locate a warm, private environment that allows you to unwind and become comfortable.
  • Start by doing a few moments of breast massage will help with the let-down reflex. Seeing a picture of your infant can be beneficial.
  • Turn on the Imani i2 breast pump and position the breast shield over your nipple. Begin at a slow pace, or whatever pace feels most suitable to you. Before the breast milk starts flowing, it might take several minutes, but once it does, you can also accelerate the speed.
  • When your milk flow starts to decline, switch breasts. Then switch back once more in case you have added milk to release. It’s common to notice that one breast may release more breast milk compared to the other.
  • After emptying both breasts, take off the breast shield as well as cap the bottle. You have two options: immediately put it in the refrigerator, or keep it outside at normal temperature for no longer than four to six hours maximum.
  • Clean and sanitize the breast pump and its components.

How to Maintain the Breast Pump

One of the greatest things moms can do for their baby’s health and well-being is to breastfeed them. One option to give your infant breast milk is to pump your own milk. 

Unfortunately, while pumping breast milk, the residue left in the pump can also support rapid microbial growth, which can harm your baby.

By keeping your breast pump sanitary, you can actually protect your infant from harmful bacteria.

Follow the instruction below to get your answer to how you can maintain the Imani i2 breast pump:

  • Clean the countertop, dials, and power switch with antibacterial wipes, particularly if you’re using a joint pump.
  • Disassemble and examine the pump kit. Disassemble the breast pump tube, separating every component that comes into contact with the breast or breast milk.
  • Thoroughly clean any pump components that come into contact with breast tissue or breast milk as soon as possible after pumping.
  • Put the pump components in a tidy sink that is solely used to wash baby feeding utensils. Pump parts shouldn’t be placed straight in the sink since the bacteria in drains and sinks could taint the pump.
  • Include water and soap. Fill the soap dispenser with heated water, cleanser, and cleaning supplies. Use a sanitized brush that is designated solely for cleaning baby feeding equipment if you must.
  • Rinse the pieces by placing them beneath flowing water or by soaking them in safe drinking water in a special sink meant solely for cleaning baby feeding equipment.
  • Allow for full air drying. On a fresh, untouched hand towel or tissue paper, arrange the pump components, in a place free from grime and dust. Avoid rubbing or patting items dry with a dish towel as doing so could transmit the disease.


Overall, we tried to outline how to make pumping breastmilk easy and convenient with the Imani i2 breast pump, and we hope you got your answer to what you have been looking for. 

From maintenance to the features it has to offer, we tried to jot down all the information needed to use the Imani i2 breast pump with confidence now.

It should be clear to you now whether this pump is fit for your purpose or not and, if it is, how you can benefit from it. 

The i2 is a nice updated model in comparison to the Imani i1, but the original, OG version, can still hold its own.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Imani i2 Breast Pump Medical-Grade?

You can tailor your pumping routine with just this hospital-grade Imani i2 breast pump to produce the most milk possible.

You may change the pace and suction to suit your needs—go slow if you’re more tender, or bring it up to the highest level of ease if you prefer greater suction.

How Often Should I Replace the Accessories of the Imani?

To ensure the best performance of the Imani i2 breast pump, you can change the accessories every one to two months. This will enable greater and more convenient suction when pumping breast milk.

How Often Should I Replace the Tubing in the Pump?

If breast milk or any other moist element seeps into the pump, it might affect the motor. It is advised to change the tubing immediately. Also, if the tubing rapidly slips off while not in use, it is advised to change it right away.

Nonetheless, if moisture jeopardizes the pump, tubing can indeed be cleansed or dried. If not, you can change it every three to six months in general.

How Many Times Can I Use the Imani i2 Breast Pump Every Day?

It is recommended that you use the pump two to four times a day. However, if you feel uneasy or uncomfortable pumping breast milk so many times, you can limit it to twice a day.

Also, if your body is okay with the suction strength and not too sensitive, you can go up to four times a day as well.

The number of times you use the i2 breast pump every day depends on your body and ability to endure the suction.

Thanks again for reading, Sharon!