220+ Adorable Middle Names For Gianna – 2022

Middle Names For Gianna

It can be challenging to select the perfect name for your baby girl. As soon as you’ve spent hours deciding on the perfect first name, you realize that you’ll also need a great baby name as well as a perfect middle name.

For those of you who have decided that Gianna (Italian Name) is the right name for your baby girl, we can help. Our team has assembled a list of middle names for Gianna that will complement it in the best possible way.

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Not only that, but we will also recommend some nicknames, similar names, brother and sister names as well as twin names of Gianna. Here are some ideas for those who want to name their child after a famous person.

Middle Names For Gianna

Editors Top Choice

  • Gianna Concetta
  • Gianna Eloisa
  • Gianna Greta
  • Gianna Marca
  • Gianna Nera
  • Gianna Venezia
  • Gianna Arianna
  • Gianna Brielle
  • Gianna Elena
  • Gianna Grace

Quick View on Gianna

PRONUNCIATIONgee-AHN-ah (Italian: JAHN-nah)
SIMPLE MEANINGGod is gracious

Gianna’s Name Meaning

Originally from Italian heritage and meaning, God is gracious, Gianna is now commonly used. “Johnnie” is the Latin feminization of Giovanna (John). Yochanan, the Hebrew name for “the Lord is gracious,” is the root of its name.
Gianna from the Italian form is a beautiful Italian singer-songwriter with a sweet and spiciness that has been a music industry staple since the 1990s. A shortened version of the grand Giovanna, she packs all the drama into a more manageable form.

Editor’s Note: Does Full Name Include Middle Name?

Historical Origin and Etymology

Giovanna is the feminine form of Giovanni’s masculine name, and Gianna is a diminutive form of that name of Italian origin. When it comes to names, Giovanni is essentially the Italian version of John, which means “Yahweh (God) Is Gracious”Hebrew origin meaning “God Is Generous and Merciful” and some people believe that it is from Latin origin. During the Crusades of the Middle Ages, Christians began to use the John names in honor of John the Baptist and John the Apostle, two of the most influential figures in the New Testament.

Names variants of Gianna







After making it into the top 100 of the Social Security Administration’s list in 2006, Gianna has steadily climbed the ranks as popular baby names since then. In 2020, it jumped from 79th place to 12th place, ending the year in 12th place.

According to Google search data analysis, Gianna, the same middle name, was most popular in January 2020. Joanna’s English name, Gianna, is gaining traction in the United States as a popular name. After Kobe Bryant named his daughter after her, the name gained notoriety beyond the Italian-American community.

Adorable Middle Names for Gianna

Gianna’s success in the English-speaking world is no surprise as a trendsetter, given her blazing path through the fashion mainstream. For Gianna, we’ve selected the most original, cutting-edge, and hippest middle name idea. Look forward to it.

Best Italian Middle Name that Go with Gianna

  • Gianna Agnesia
  • Gianna Avena
  • Gianna Azzurra
  • Gianna Barbarella
  • Gianna Benedetta
  • Gianna Brigida
  • Gianna Cadenza
  • Gianna Campana
  • Gianna Cathalina
  • Gianna Celestina
  • Gianna Chloe
  • Gianna Ciana
  • Gianna Coletta
  • Gianna Concetta
  • Gianna Corina
  • Gianna Cosetto
  • Gianna Delfina
  • Gianna Donatella
  • Gianna Dulce
  • Gianna Edda
  • Gianna Electra
  • Gianna Elenora
  • Gianna Eloisa
  • Gianna Elvera
  • Gianna Eva
  • Gianna Fllippa
  • Gianna Florentina
  • Gianna Franca
  • Gianna Genevra
  • Gianna Gessica
  • Gianna Gioia
  • Gianna Giordana
  • Gianna Giralda
  • Gianna Graziana
  • Gianna Greta
  • Gianna Imelda
  • Gianna Isabetta
  • Gianna Iseppa
  • Gianna Ismerlda
  • Gianna Jaquetta
  • Gianna Jolanda
  • Gianna Laurenza
  • Gianna Leandra
  • Gianna Leonora
  • Gianna Lorenza
  • Gianna Maggia
  • Gianna Marca
  • Gianna Margherita
  • Gianna Maria
  • Gianna Massima
  • Gianna Matalia
  • Gianna Mathilde
  • Gianna Meliore
  • Gianna Melissa
  • Gianna Mirabella
  • Gianna Miuccia
  • Gianna Nera
  • Gianna Noemi
  • Gianna Ottavia
  • Gianna Pasqelina
  • Gianna Paxe
  • Gianna Pazienza
  • Gianna Primavera
  • Gianna Raffaella
  • Gianna Raimona
  • Gianna Rina
  • Gianna Rosana
  • Gianna Rosmunda
  • Gianna Serafina
  • Gianna Terina
  • Gianna Terza
  • Gianna Venezia
  • Gianna Vincenza
  • Gianna Zanobia
  • Gianna Anita

Canadian Cute Middle Names for Gianna

  • Gianna Aaliyah
  • Gianna Abigail
  • Gianna Adalynn
  • Gianna Addison
  • Gianna Alice
  • Gianna Alyssa
  • Gianna Amelia
  • Gianna Anna
  • Gianna Annabelle
  • Gianna Aria
  • Gianna Arianna
  • Gianna Aubrey
  • Gianna Audrey
  • Gianna Auror
  • Gianna Ava
  • Gianna Avery
  • Gianna Brielle
  • Gianna Brooklyn
  • Gianna Callie
  • Gianna Charlie
  • Gianna Charlotte
  • Gianna Chloe
  • Gianna Claire
  • Gianna Clara
  • Gianna Elena
  • Gianna Elizabeth
  • Gianna Ella
  • Gianna Ellie
  • Gianna Emilia
  • Gianna Emily
  • Gianna Emma
  • Gianna Eva
  • Gianna Evelyn
  • Gianna Everly
  • Gianna Grace
  • Gianna Hailey
  • Gianna Hannah
  • Gianna Harper
  • Gianna Hazel
  • Gianna Isabella
  • Gianna Isabelle
  • Gianna Isla
  • Gianna Jade
  • Gianna Julia
  • Gianna Keira
  • Gianna Layla
  • Gianna Leah
  • Gianna Lillian
  • Gianna Lily
  • Gianna Lucy
  • Gianna Lyla
  • Gianna Madelyn
  • Gianna Madison
  • Gianna Maya
  • Gianna Mia
  • Gianna Mila
  • Gianna Mya
  • Gianna Natalie
  • Gianna Nora
  • Gianna Olivia
  • Gianna Bryant
  • Gianna Paisley
  • Gianna Penelope
  • Gianna Peyton
  • Gianna Quinn
  • Gianna Riley
  • Gianna Rosalie
  • Gianna Savannah
  • Gianna Scarlett
  • Gianna Sienna
  • Gianna Sophia
  • Gianna Sophie
  • Gianna Stella
  • Gianna Victoria
  • Gianna Violet
  • Gianna Zoey

Best American Middle Names for Gianna

  • Gianna Addilynn
  • Gianna Aila
  • Gianna Aislinn
  • Gianna Alisson
  • Gianna Amayah
  • Gianna Anais
  • Gianna Ansley
  • Gianna Artemis
  • Gianna Aspyn
  • Gianna Avayah
  • Gianna Ayleen
  • Gianna Brittany
  • Gianna Cara
  • Gianna Carolyn
  • Gianna Clarissa
  • Gianna Corinne
  • Gianna Dalary
  • Gianna Deborah
  • Gianna Della
  • Gianna Drew
  • Gianna Egypt
  • Gianna Elina
  • Gianna Ellison
  • Gianna Elsa
  • Gianna Emerald
  • Gianna Emmaline
  • Gianna Esperanza
  • Gianna Etta
  • Gianna Flora
  • Gianna Freyja
  • Gianna Giavanna
  • Gianna Guadalupe
  • Gianna Hadleigh
  • Gianna Halo
  • Gianna Iyla
  • Gianna Jaycee
  • Gianna Jaylee
  • Gianna Jenesis
  • Gianna Jillian
  • Gianna Jovie
  • Gianna Judith
  • Gianna Kamari
  • Gianna Kaylie
  • Gianna Kenia
  • Gianna Kimora
  • Gianna Layne
  • Gianna Lexie
  • Gianna Loretta
  • Gianna Malayah
  • Gianna Marceline
  • Gianna Marisol
  • Gianna Marlowe
  • Gianna Murphy
  • Gianna Nataly
  • Gianna Natasha
  • Gianna Nathalie
  • Gianna Nyomi
  • Gianna Paloma
  • Gianna Paola
  • Gianna Queen
  • Gianna Raquel
  • Gianna Raya
  • Gianna Robin
  • Gianna Samira
  • Gianna Shay
  • Gianna Stormi
  • Gianna Valery
  • Gianna Veda
  • Gianna Whitley
  • Gianna Whitney
  • Gianna Yasmin
  • Gianna Zainab
  • Gianna Zoie
  • Gianna Zola
  • Gianna Zoya
  • Gianna Fiona
  • Gianna Francesca
  • Gianna Elise
  • Gianna Noelle

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Nickname for Gianna

  • G baby
  • Gi
  • Gia
  • Gian
  • Gianam
  • Gianarta
  • Gianbe
  • Gigi
  • Gina
  • lil G
  • Nina

Names that sound like Gianna:

  • Gowan
  • Gonen
  • Gokmen
  • Giona
  • Gino
  • Ginny
  • Gina
  • Gin
  • Gianni
  • Gian
  • Giacomo
  • Ghassan
  • Gezana
  • Gesine
  • Geona
  • Genna
  • Genia
  • Gene
  • Gen
  • Gemma
  • Gemini
  • Gemi
  • Ganya
  • Gannon
  • Gan
  • Gamma
  • Gaiwan
  • Gaiana
  • Gagenia
  • Gagan

Some Adorable First Name for Gianna

  • Kailey Gianna
  • Mavis Gianna
  • Lilianna Gianna
  • Rosalyn Gianna
  • Sariah Gianna
  • Tori Gianna
  • Yareli Gianna
  • Aubriella Gianna
  • Bexley Gianna
  • Bailee Gianna
  • Jianna Gianna
  • Keily Gianna
  • Annabella Gianna
  • Azariah Gianna
  • Denisse Gianna
  • Promise Gianna
  • August Gianna
  • Hadlee Gianna
  • Halle Gianna
  • Fallon Gianna
  • Oakleigh Gianna
  • Zaria Gianna
  • Jaylin Gianna
  • Paisleigh Gianna
  • Crystal Gianna
  • Ila Gianna
  • Aliya Gianna
  • Cynthia Gianna
  • Giana Gianna
  • Maleah Gianna
  • Rylan Gianna
  • Aniya Gianna
  • Denise Gianna
  • Emmeline Gianna
  • Scout Gianna
  • Simone Gianna
  • Noah Gianna
  • Zora Gianna
  • Meghan Gianna
  • Landry Gianna
  • Ainhoa Gianna
  • Lilyana Gianna
  • Noor Gianna
  • Belen Gianna
  • Brynleigh Gianna
  • Cleo Gianna
  • Meilani Gianna
  • Karter Gianna
  • Amaris Gianna
  • Frida Gianna
  • Iliana Gianna
  • Violeta Gianna
  • Addisyn Gianna
  • Nancy Gianna
  • Denver Gianna
  • Leanna Gianna
  • Braylee Gianna
  • Kiana Gianna
  • Wrenley Gianna
  • Barbara Gianna

Sibling Boy Name for Gianna ()

  • Gianna and Isaiah
  • Gianna and Andrew
  • Gianna and Elias
  • Gianna and Joshua
  • Gianna and Nathan
  • Gianna and Caleb
  • Gianna and Ryan
  • Gianna and Adrian
  • Gianna and Miles
  • Gianna and Eli
  • Gianna and Nolan
  • Gianna and Christian
  • Gianna and Aaron
  • Gianna and Cameron
  • Gianna and Ezekiel
  • Gianna and Colton
  • Gianna and Luca
  • Gianna and Landon
  • Gianna and Hunter
  • Gianna and Jonathan
  • Gianna and Santiago
  • Gianna and Axel
  • Gianna and Easton
  • Gianna and Cooper
  • Gianna and Jeremiah
  • Gianna and Angel
  • Gianna and Roman
  • Gianna and Connor
  • Gianna and Jameson
  • Gianna and Robert
  • Gianna and Greyson
  • Gianna and Jordan
  • Gianna and Ian
  • Gianna and Carson
  • Gianna and Jaxson
  • Gianna and Leonardo
  • Gianna and Nicholas
  • Gianna and Dominic
  • Gianna and Austin
  • Gianna and Everett
  • Gianna and Brooks
  • Gianna and Xavier
  • Gianna and Kai
  • Gianna and Jose
  • Gianna and Parker
  • Gianna and Adam
  • Gianna and Jace
  • Gianna and Wesley
  • Gianna and Kayden
  • Gianna and Silas

Siblings Names for Gianna (Girl)

  • Gianna and Giovanni
  • Gianna and Vincent
  • Gianna and Ayden
  • Gianna and Chase
  • Gianna and Myles
  • Gianna and Diego
  • Gianna and Nathaniel
  • Gianna and Legend
  • Gianna and Jonah
  • Gianna and River
  • Gianna and Tyler
  • Gianna and Cole
  • Gianna and Braxton
  • Gianna and George
  • Gianna and Milo
  • Gianna and Zachary
  • Gianna and Ashton
  • Gianna and Luis
  • Gianna and Jasper
  • Gianna and Kaiden
  • Gianna and Adriel
  • Gianna and Gavin
  • Gianna and Bentley
  • Gianna and Calvin
  • Gianna and Zion
  • Gianna and Juan
  • Gianna and Maxwell
  • Gianna and Max
  • Gianna and Ryker
  • Gianna and Carlos
  • Gianna and Emmanuel
  • Gianna and Jayce
  • Gianna and Lorenzo
  • Gianna and Ivan
  • Gianna and Jude
  • Gianna and August
  • Gianna and Kevin
  • Gianna and Malachi
  • Gianna and Elliott
  • Gianna and Rhett
  • Gianna and Archer
  • Gianna and Karter
  • Gianna and Arthur
  • Gianna and Luka
  • Gianna and Elliot
  • Gianna and Thiago
  • Gianna and Brandon
  • Gianna and Camden
  • Gianna and Justin
  • Gianna and Jesus
  • Gianna and Maddox

Twin Boy Names for Gianna

  • Issac and Gianna
  • Mauricio and Gianna
  • Tony and Gianna
  • Leonard and Gianna
  • Uriah and Gianna
  • Duke and Gianna
  • Kareem and Gianna
  • Lucian and Gianna
  • Marcelo and Gianna
  • Aarav and Gianna
  • Leandro and Gianna
  • Reign and Gianna
  • Clay and Gianna
  • Kohen and Gianna
  • Dennis and Gianna
  • Samir and Gianna
  • Ermias and Gianna
  • Otis and Gianna
  • Emir and Gianna
  • Nixon and Gianna
  • Ty and Gianna
  • Sam and Gianna
  • Fletcher and Gianna
  • Wilson and Gianna
  • Dustin and Gianna
  • Hamza and Gianna
  • Bryant and Gianna
  • Flynn and Gianna
  • Lionel and Gianna
  • Cason and Gianna
  • Jamir and Gianna
  • Aden and Gianna
  • Dakari and Gianna
  • Justice and Gianna
  • Dillon and Gianna
  • Layne and Gianna
  • Zaid and Gianna
  • Alden and Gianna
  • Nelson and Gianna
  • Devon and Gianna
  • Titan and Gianna
  • Chris and Gianna
  • Khari and Gianna
  • Zeke and Gianna
  • Noe and Gianna
  • Alberto and Gianna
  • Roger and Gianna
  • Brock and Gianna
  • Harlan and Gianna
  • Kellan and Gianna

Twin Girls Name For Gianna

  • Daisy and Gianna
  • Reese and Gianna
  • Valerie and Gianna
  • Brianna and Gianna
  • Cecilia and Gianna
  • Andrea and Gianna
  • Summer and Gianna
  • Valeria and Gianna
  • Norah and Gianna
  • Ariella and Gianna
  • Esther and Gianna
  • Ashley and Gianna
  • Emerson and Gianna
  • Aubree and Gianna
  • Isabel and Gianna
  • Anastasia and Gianna
  • Ryleigh and Gianna
  • Khloe and Gianna
  • Taylor and Gianna
  • Londyn and Gianna
  • Lucia and Gianna
  • Emersyn and Gianna
  • Callie and Gianna
  • Sienna and Gianna
  • Blakely and Gianna
  • Kehlani and Gianna
  • Genevieve and Gianna
  • Alina and Gianna
  • Bailey and Gianna
  • Juniper and Gianna
  • Maeve and Gianna
  • Molly and Gianna
  • Harmony and Gianna
  • Georgia and Gianna
  • Magnolia and Gianna
  • Catalina and Gianna
  • Freya and Gianna
  • Juliette and Gianna
  • Sloane and Gianna
  • June and Gianna
  • Sara and Gianna
  • Ada and Gianna
  • Kimberly and Gianna
  • River and Gianna
  • Ember and Gianna
  • Juliana and Gianna
  • Aliyah and Gianna
  • Millie and Gianna
  • Brynlee and Gianna
  • Teagan and Gianna

Astrology of Baby Girl Names Gianna

A combination of two A’s, one G, one I, and two N’s in the name Gianna has much significance in Astrology.

According to Vedic horoscopes and Celtic origin based on the Moon sign, Gianna is a kind and caring individual.

They’re naturally good. They have deep compassion for those who are hurting, particularly those physically disabled.

The people around them show admiration for their noble thoughts and deeds. These people have a soft spot for the finer points of art and creativity most of the time.

The Destiny of Baby Girl Name Gianna

Attractiveness and sweet and spicy feel to the opposite sex is a well-known trait of yours. You’re driven to succeed, and you’re also likely to be a perfectionist.

You tend to be frugal with your money. On the other hand, you are easily enraged and enjoy spreading rumors. Your goals are lofty, and you have a history of achieving them. You’re both sexy and threatening at the same time.

You appear calm and composed on the surface, but beneath the surface, you are restless and nervous. When it comes to your personal and professional attributes, you’re a match made in heaven. You’ll never be without a following of people who admire you.

Letter Analysis

G-Power is essential at all times. For this desire, the little girl can do anything, and you can also be stubborn about it.

İ– You are the most empathetic person I know. When it comes to breaking hearts, yours is a vulnerable one.

A– Analyzing life has become easier for you. Those who know you describe you as a reasonable individual.

N– You’ve got a lot of common sense and much potential. Things happen before you can even imagine them.

N– You’ve got a lot of common sense and much potential. Things begin to happen before you can even think of them.

A– You have a better ability to think critically about the world around you. It is well-known that you are a rational person.

Gianna’s personality traits

As a result of your name, Gianna, you have an eagerness to please and a friendly nature that could lead you to work in sales.

You can make a fortune with your vision and father’s joy. Also, you have a strong analytical mind and are always thinking. You have a methodical approach and can get things done.

You tend to respond to situations quickly, decisively, and effectively without giving them much thought or planning.

Your deepest desire is to bring peace and harmony to the world. Some people might describe you as a spiritual idealist or a natural-born peacemaker.

Religion, philosophy, and non-traditional healing are your areas of interest and expertise.

The name Gianna conjures up images of a solid and fearless person. You appear confident and intimidating at the same time because of the raw power you radiate to those around you.

The true meaning of the name “Gianna” cannot be conveyed in a few sentences. For as long as you can remember, you have a name.

Names like Gianna bring a pioneering attitude. You’re a natural leader who is focused and goal-oriented, and you have a strong work ethic.

Famous People With First Name Gianna

The beautiful name Gianna is a first-name basis for several celebrities and several definitions of the name. The results are below.

Gianna: Female Italian given name Gianna is a form of Giovanna, which can be traced back to John (given name).

Giannini: Greece’s municipality of Falaisia includes the community of Giannaioi (Greek).

Gianna Michaels: On June 6, 1983, American pornographic actress Gianna Michaels made her debut in the industry when she was born.

Gianna Nannini: Gigi Nannini (born Gianna Nannini on June 14, 1954) is an Italian singer-songwriter and pop musician. Her 1986 single “Bello e Impossibile” made her a household name in Italy (Handsome and impossible).

Giannades: On the island of Corfu, the village of Giannades (Greek: ) is located in the northwestern part of the island. Parhelion is the municipality in which it is situated.

Gianna Jessen: Anti-abortion and disability rights activist Gianna Jessen was born on April 6, 1977, in New York City. Her birth was a result of an unsuccessful saline abortion.

Wrapping Up

So, these are all of the unique name of Gianna. It is very important to choose the best middle name for your little one.  In any case, whether you choose a middle name for Olivia that is modern or old-fashioned is relevant; her name will flow perfectly. We hope that this article will help you find out the perfect middle names for Gianna. 

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