Pampers Cruisers Vs Huggies Little Movers: 2022 Update

Pampers Cruisers Vs Huggies Little Movers

New parents tend to get confused with every little choice. However, selecting the correct diaper doesn’t fall under minor decisions. If you want everything best for the baby, you must know why you should go for Pampers or Huggies.

Being a parent of four myself, I have tried and tested each of the diaper brands and can give you my feedback. Also, many of my parenting groups over the years shared valuable information as well. We are here to help!

Choosing the wrong diaper can create discomfort for both you and your baby. This article creates a clear comparison between Pampers Cruisers vs Huggies Little Movers to help you choose the one more suitable for your little one. 

Let’s get started with the differences between them first. 

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Pampers Cruisers Vs Huggies Little Movers: Comparison Table

Subject Of Comparison Pampers Cruisers


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Huggies Little Movers


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Made for Moving babies Moving babies
Price Comparatively lower Comparatively higher
Leak-proof design Lockaway channels and dual leak guard barriers DryTouch liners
Advantage Easy pull-on diaper Wetness indicator
Disadvantage No wetness indicator Comparatively pricier

Pampers Cruisers Vs Huggies Little Movers: Differences

Even though both diapers are excellent choices for active babies, there are some significant differences between them. Let’s start with the sizes they offer. 

Sizes Available 

Cruisers and little movers both start at size 3, suitable for newborn babies. However, if you compare their largest available size, Pampers will surely get an advantage over Huggies in this comparison. 

While Huggies only offers sizes up to 6, which is suitable for babies ranging from 16 lbs to 35 lbs, Pampers exceeds this limit. You can get size 7 in Pampers, suitable for babies ranging from 16 lbs to 41+ lbs. 

So, when your baby outgrows size 6, you’ll need to turn to Pampers size 7 if necessary. 


Price, of course, is a significant factor in deciding the correct diaper, given that you’ll need to buy diapers very often. In this aspect of comparison, Pampers gets an advantage again. Huggies is comparatively pricier than Pampers.

The reason is that Huggies is available in various counts. One good news is, there are ways to save money when you’re purchasing diapers for your baby. 

Buying in large amounts is one way of saving. You’ll notice that the cost per unit is significantly decreased when you’re purchasing a bulk amount.  

Wetness Indicator

Newborn babies don’t show any reactions when they’re wet. Huggies diapers come with wet indicators. When the baby is wet, there’s a stripe that changes color. 

As the babies grow, it becomes a lot easier to identify when they’ve wet their diaper without an indicator. So, for newborn babies, Huggies Little Movers offers an extra advantage with the indicator.  


Pampers Cruisers 360o Fit comes with a pull-on wearing system. The waistband is stretchy to adjust according to the baby’s waist and stay in place when they move. This feature can work as both an advantage and a disadvantage. 

The advantage of this system is that there’s little to no chance of leakage, the diaper stays in place without irritating your baby, and you can quickly put them on your kid. However, the disadvantage appears when you need to check the baby for a change. 

There’s very little place to check if your baby is wet and needs changing. You have to tear the sides when changing the diaper. 

Huggies, on the other hand, come with strips. You can also use a size guide on Huggies to determine when you need to size up the diaper. 


Pampers Cruisers come with a fragrance. This can work both as an advantage and a disadvantage. It depends on what the parents prefer. 

In comparison, Huggies doesn’t have any such fragrance. Again, it depends on you whether it’s a good thing or a bad one. 

Pampers Cruisers Vs Huggies Little Movers: Similarities 

There are a lot of dissimilarities between the two. However, the similarities are also worth mentioning. 

Highly Absorbent

Both diapers come with high absorbency powers, which make them leak-proof. You don’t want any mess around when your baby is in diapers, right? Well, Pampers and Huggies both make sure that the liquid doesn’t come out of the diaper. 

Another feature to mention is the even distribution. Both diapers spread the pee among multiple channels, making sure that there isn’t any particularly wet area.

Pampers diapers feature Lockaway channels and a dual guard barrier to create high absorbency and make the product leak-proof. As for Huggies, the DryTouch liner feature works like magic. It keeps the surface dry and prevents your baby’s skin from chafing.  

Suitable For Active Babies

Both Little Movers and Cruisers are designed for babies who crawl, move, and walk around the house. There are other product lines for babies smaller than that. But these are for more active babies. 

These diapers are leak-proof, even when the baby moves around a lot. 

Soft And Safe

There are no harmful chemicals like chlorine, rubber latex, parabens, etc., in either of the diapers. Besides, the liners are incredibly soft to make your baby feel comfortable even when they’re wet. 

In addition, your little one won’t experience any discomfort in their belly or legs. 


Because the diapers are for moving babies, the stretchy waistbands are helpful. They adjust according to the situation when babies change posture. They fit correctly and don’t fall off when your baby moves. 

Pampers Cruisers Vs Huggies Little Movers: Final Verdict

So, which one is better between Pampers Cruisers vs Huggies Little Movers? It depends on what you’re prioritizing. 

Let’s say, for example, you’re a new parent, and you’re searching for diapers for your firstborn. You don’t know when your baby is wet or needs changing. In this situation, I recommend you go for the Huggies. 

The wetness indicator is a great help when it comes to determining when your baby needs changing. However, it’s comparatively a bit pricier than pampers. But, when you buy diapers regularly, you can get special bulk prices, membership in a store, coupons, and discounts all the time. 

Another great feature in Huggies is the DryTouch liners. If you ever want to know how that feels, you can pour water on the diaper and touch the surface. It does not feel wet at all. This feature is great because you can rest assured that your baby is feeling comfortable in his diapers. 

Pampers Cruisers are comparatively softer than Huggies. Besides, they offer a great deal on price, meaning that they’re more affordable than Huggies. 

So, if you’re a budget-conscious parent, Pampers will be a better choice for you. Besides, if you know your baby’s routine and you’re not a new parent, Pampers should be more suitable, considering that you won’t need the wetness indicator. 

Users have complained about Huggies leaking from sometimes. So, you should also consider it before purchasing. To be short and precise, Huggies are suitable for those who don’t consider the price a significant factor.

If we compare which one is easier to change, Huggies will surely be on top of Pampers. Even though the pull-on system of Pampers Cruisers 360 Fit comes with extra benefits, it can become difficult to change due to the fitting. 

You can’t peak whether your baby has pooped because there aren’t any strips. You’ll have to tear the sides to remove the diaper. Huggies diapers are comparatively more convenient to change. However, this pull-on system also comes with some advantages. 

You can easily put them on your baby, and they stay in place when your baby is busy moving around the house. So, it’s worth the trouble.      

If fragrance is something you consider essential, it’ll also influence your decision. Some parents consider fragrance as an essential feature. In comparison, some can’t stand fragrance in diapers. 

So, if you want fragrance in the diaper, you’ll have to go with Pampers. If you don’t, Huggies is a more suitable choice. But then again, you can not let this factor influence your decision. It’s up to you. 

Frequently Asked Question

Which one costs more, Huggies Little Movers or Pampers Cruisers?

Little Movers cost more than Cruisers because they come with some advanced features. The wetness indicator, availability of different counts, DryTouch liner, etc., are some of the significant features of Huggies Little Movers that Pampers Cruisers don’t have.

Which one is softer, Huggies Little Movers or Pampers Cruisers?

The liners in Pampers Cruisers are comparatively softer than Huggies Little Movers. However, if you’re considering absorbency, Huggies has the advantage over Pampers.

Final Words 

Hopefully, you’ve got all your answers about Pampers Cruisers vs Huggies Little Movers. You can also try buying a small pack of each and try them both. This way, you can custom match the diapers to your child’s necessity. 

Many parents switch from one diaper to another for a specific advantage. For example, someone may switch from Huggies to Pampers because their baby has outgrown the largest Huggies size. 

Similarly, some may switch from Pampers to Huggies because they don’t like the pull-on system, or they want the DryTouch liners of Huggies.

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