Holle Goat Milk Formula- Which Stage Is Correct for Baby?

Holle Goat Milk Formula Information.

Holle Goat Milk Formula is a renowned European product, but is getting increasingly popular outside Europe. Being a baby formula guru, I was intrigued to learn more and research Holle. If you are into organic and clean type of eating and living, this may be the choice for you.

I found it very interesting how they use the stage approach to determine which one to get.

They do not have all the different versions, but the stage 1, 2, etc. makes it easy to know which when is best for your child as it is based upon age.

Its goat milk formula is available in four stages. Can’t figure out which stage is appropriate for your little one?

Holle Goat Milk Formula is formulated following strict European standards that make it cleaner than some American brands. This article discusses the stages, what they support, and the reasons why you may want to switch to a goat milk formula.

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The Different Stages of Holle Goat Milk Formula

As mentioned before, Holle Goat Milk Formula is available in four stages. The stages indicate which formula your baby should have and at what age. The stages are,

  • Stage Pre-1
  • Stage 2
  • Stage 3
  • Stage 4

Each stage contains a slightly varied ingredient list and nutritional value. 

The Holle Goat Milk is suitable for babies who are sensitive to cow’s milk. Alpha S1 casein is dominant in cow’s milk, which is the primary cause of CMA.

Holle Goat Milk Formula contains less of it (89% less), which makes it more tolerable for babies with mild to moderate milk sensitivity. It has a smooth and creamy texture and is reviewed to cause less gas and constipation. 

If your baby shows strong sensitivity to cow’s milk, you should consult a pediatrician and switch to a hypoallergenic formula. My second child Robert had cow milk issues, so I feel your pain!

When You Should Use the Stages

  • Stage 1

Babies aged up to 6 months can have Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 1. This is a great time to experiment to see if it is right for you.

The new design of this formula contains DHA and excludes palm oil. The exclusion of palm oil enables proper absorption of calcium, which is paramount for babies during the first 6 months.

It is easy to digest, contains zero added sugars, and is gluten-free. 

It is recommended that you use this formula as a supplement to breast milk only for the first 6 months of the baby’s age, followed by moving on to stage 2.

  • Stage 2

Babies of 6-10 months of age should be fed phase 2 of the Holle Goat Milk Formula. 

This Stage of milk can be fed as a substitute for breast milk or as a supplement. It is strictly non-GMO and does not contain any artificial flavorings, sweeteners, or preservatives, so it’s safe for young ones.

Once your baby is over 10 months old, you can move on to Stage 3.

  • Stage 3

Stage 3 is designed for babies who are older than 10 months and up to 18 months of age.

Each stage of Holle Goat Milk contains a higher percentage of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Milk in this particular phase contains a higher amount of starch, fiber, and proteins that will meet the requirements of your growing toddler.

  • Stage 4

Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 4 is suitable for toddlers who are older than 12 months and can eat solid foods. It contains the highest amounts of fats (26.2 gm) and carbohydrates (57.4 gm) per 100 ml. which can help support a proper diet for babies. Finding the perfect mixture of solid food to formula was always tricky for me.

What Each Stage Supports

Stage 1

The features of this phase are as follows;

Does not contain palm olein, which ensures proper absorption of calcium.

It contains fatty acids from organic whole goat milk, supporting cognitive development in babies.

Has DHA and Choline which support brain development.

Does not contain any added sugar.

Gentle enough for the less developed digestive system of babies.

Uses simple proteins whereby milk allergy symptoms is reduced.

Contains organic vegetable oils.

Stage 2

Stage 2 can be used as a substitute or supplement to breast milk. You can include it in the diet of the baby with other soft foods. 

Additional things that Holle Goat Milk Formula Stage 2 supports are given below;

  • Contains DHA and ARA.
  • Whole organic goat milk supplies the full nutritional value of the milk.
  • Contains more calories, fats, and proteins for the growing baby.
  • More relaxed on the baby’s tummy compared to cow’s milk protein-based formulas.
  • Small, organic, and strictly supervised ingredient list, containing all the necessary nutrients that your baby needs.
  • Can reduce symptoms of colic, gas, indigestion, and sensitivities.
  • It has a thick and creamy consistency that can help keep your baby full for a long period.
  • Free of soy, gluten, and palm olein and is suitable for vegetarians.

Stage 3

In addition to the characteristics mentioned earlier, the features of the Stage 3 Holle Goat Milk Formula are given below.

  • Has vitamins, DHA, and ARA to support the development of the brain and eye.
  • Safeguards baby’s health.
  • It can supply extra energy in the form of extra proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. 
  • It contains a relatively higher amount of macronutrients and micronutrients to support the growth of the baby.
  • Has fortified iron to aid the brain and cognitive development of babies. 
  • The carbohydrates used in Stage 3 are slow digesting. This keeps your baby full longer and supplies energy steadily.
  • Contains Vitamin D to support bone strength.
  • The use of whole goat milk gives Stage 3 a taste similar to breast milk.

Stage 4

Stage 4 of the Holle Goat Milk Formula can be used as a full-time meal supplement besides other solid foods. The additional features are,

  • Provide additional nutrients as part of a balanced diet for toddlers.
  • Contains a higher amount of nutrients that can supplement a toddler’s nutritional requirements.
  • It uses simple proteins that can reduce colicky symptoms, indigestion, bloating, and stomach cramps.
  • Stage 4 contains higher amounts of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates.
  • It is free of excess sugar.
  • Contains DHA and Choline which helps in brain development.
  • Has a high amount of fortified iron (8.1 mg per 100 ml) that improves cognitive development.
  • Contains Vitamins A, B(1,2,6,12), C, D, E, and K.

How You Should Prepare Holle Goat Milk Formula

Holle Goat Milk Formula is made in Germany, and the directions for preparation are written in German. The product usually comes with a cheat sheet containing directions for preparation. 

  • According to product packaging, each fluid ounce of water needs 1 scoop of the powder formula.
  • You should clean the bottle, ring, cap, and nipple by running under or boiling it in hot water.
  • Boil water for formula and let it cool.
  • Pour half the required amount of water first and mix the powder in it. Shake well.
  • Add the rest of the water and shake again. 
  • Check for the temperature of the prepared formula. Should not exceed 98° F.
  • You must heat water for this formula. Running the bottle under hot water would be fine too after preparing. Never microwave baby formula and always check the temperature before feeding.

Why Choose Holle Goat Milk Formula?

Holle goat milk formula is a European brand founded in 1933 in Switzerland. Most of the Holle products are made in Germany, which complies with the EU guidelines. 

EU standards require companies to follow organic procedures. Holle itself follows Demeter procedures in cattle farming and ensures that the milk derived for making the formulas are done sustainably.

Holle uses milk protein derived from organic goat milk as the milk base for their goat milk formula, which makes the formula easy to digest for babies.

The Demeter procedures require that the conservation of soil and water is maintained as well as the protection of species and their welfare rights. The product packaging is BPA free and all products are non-GMO.

Main Ingredients and Nutritional Facts

Holle Goat Milk Formula contains organic, non-GMO ingredients. 

It contains organic whole goat milk, Maltodextrin, sunflower and rapeseed oils, Lactose, starch, Vitamins, and minerals.

It also contains DHA and fortified iron but no pre or probiotics.

The nutritional values differ for every stage of the formula. You should check the product packaging or their website for the most accurate and updated list.

Where to Buy Holle Goat Milk?

It is now available in over 50 countries and can be found at your local Whole Foods stores near you!

Final Verdict

Organic whole goat milk is a good source of milk proteins and fatty acids, which provide adequate amounts of energy to your baby. Holle Goat Milk Formula consists of simple and smaller proteins, making it easier to digest.

However, it does not contain any pre or probiotics, and the use of C.Cohnii oil is also unclear. You should also check if the product meets FDA guidelines for fortified iron requirements. 

The product always doesn’t have a steady supply, and the price can fluctuate if you’re not directly importing it from the source. 

Holle Goat Milk Formula is a popular product across the world. It is manufactured following strict EU guidelines that make sure it’s organic and non-GMO. It can adequately provide basic nutrition to your baby throughout its initial years. 

It is a good option to feed your baby. Make sure to check with a pediatrician first. Hopefully, this article helped!

Until next time,

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