Spectra S1 vs S2 Electric Breast Pumps – Which One to Get? 

spectra s1 vs s2 breast pump comparison

One of the most unique, vital, as well as life-changing aspects of motherhood is breastfeeding. It deepens your relationship with your child and gives them the nutrition they require to flourish. 

As a new mom, I was able to get some breastfeeding in, before I ultimately had to switch to formula. It was a beautiful bonding experience I will never forget.

Due to the high concentration of antibodies and nutrients, breast milk is exceptionally healthy and beneficial for babies.

Although nursing is the best approach to protect your baby’s health, some of you may encounter difficulties while doing so or may not be able to nurse at all for health or personal reasons. This is where a breast pump can help you.  When I was working and the baby was with the sitter, having the pumps handy was a total life saver!

This article compares Spectra S1 vs. S2 Electric Breast Pumps to assist you in choosing the suitable one for you.

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Spectra S1 vs. S2 Breast Pump– What are the Differences?

A breast pump is a helpful tool for all new mothers who may be temporarily or permanently unable to breastfeed owing to various factors and preferences. And no judgement, it is not for everyone and each will have their differing opinions. 

This convenient tool allows you to release more milk from your breasts and fulfill the needs of your child, thereby ensuring that they can get the full benefit of the nutritional components of mother’s milk.

Let’s figure out some key differences between Spectra S1 and S2 Breast Pump.

1. Rechargeable Battery

The battery is the main difference between Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 breast pumps. Your Spectra S1 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, while Spectra S2 needs to be plugged in each time you operate it.

The S1 variant is portable and convenient thanks to such a function. You don’t need to look for a power outlet when it’s time for you to pump. 

The Spectra S1 needs two to three hours to charge fully. The Spectra S1 battery can power your pump for three hours when fully charged. The Spectra S2 breast pump requires a plug, in contrast to the S1 breast pump. You will need an AC adaptor to run it. 

So depending on the when, where, and why questions, those answers will help you determine which pump will be more useful with respect to how convenient it is when traveling or away from home.

2. Size

The next differentiating factor between both pumps is their sizes. You can hardly notice this difference as it is not visible. Spectra S2 is somewhat smaller in size compared to Spectra S1. One more thing to notice is that Spectra S1 is blue in color while S2 is pink in color. Probably not a deal breaker there, but hey some people are picky!

3. Weight

Weight is the last factor that differentiates both pumps from each other. The Spectra S1 pump is marginally larger than the Spectra S2 pump. The difference is very small and hardly detectable. The Spectra S1 weighs 2.42 lbs, whereas the Spectra S2 holds a weight of 2.0 lbs. Minor impact there. Moving along!

Spectra S1 vs S2 – What Are the Similarities?

We have seen that there are only a few differences between both the pumps. However, when it comes to similarity, both are identical in many ways. 

The power, suction, and capabilities of the Spectra S1 and S2 are remarkably similar. It proves that neither pump can go wrong when it comes to the basics. 

1. Mobility

If you are traveling or outside the home and need to feed the baby, you just need to carry your pump. Let us tell you that both the pumps are portable as they come with a weight of between 2 to 2.5lbs. 

However, the Spectra S2 needs to plug in every time you use it, but you can use it via a car adapter. Spectra S1 has a rechargeable battery which is slightly beneficial in terms of portable use. 

2. Hospital Strength Suction

Strong suction is what distinguishes both Spectra pumps from the competition. The hospital-grade suction has a high power that can rapidly and effectively empty both breasts. With this, you can finish a pumping session more quickly and get more milk for your baby than you could with a pump with less suction.

The Spectra S1 and S2 potent motors can reach suction rates of up to 250mmHg. This results in reduced time spent pumping more milk per session. The cycle speed and vacuum can be changed on each pump. 24mm and 28mm flanges are included with each Spectra pump. So what do those stats even mean? It means both are plenty strong for the job.

3. Backflow Protection

Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 come with a closed system and backflow protection. The built-in backflow barrier prevents the milk from backing into the suction tubes.

The motor of the breast pump is shielded from backflow by backflow guards. They serve as a physical barrier between your milk and the pump motor, preventing contamination of your milk supply.

This is an extremely vital function since it guards against infection and ensures the pumping procedure is more hygienic, making it safer for both the mother and the child. Infections can be very painful.

4. Motor

The Spectra S1 and S2 breast pumps’ 1500 motor hours of projected life are undoubtedly the best quality of the competition. Although it has powerful suction, it is not at all loud. Spectra claims that the pumps have a noise level of 45 decibels which is phenomenal since it will not awake a sleeping family member. Every bit of shut eye is vital to anyone in your home.

You should replace backflow protectors and valves once after pumping for 30 hours. It is similar to pumping three times daily for six to eight weeks. You can replace these two components to increase the suction on your breast pump and lengthen the motor’s life.

5. Adjustable Speed and Suction

Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 allow you to individually modify the suction strength and speed settings, unlike other conventional breast pump models. Both pumps come with expression mode and let-down mode. The cycle speed is set in let-down mode while the expression mode is adjustable.

You’ll generally want to utilize a greater speed while starting a pumping session. Once the milk has begun to flow, you can slow it down too quickly with one touch button. You can also control the suction’s strength and intensity.

6. Two Different Pumping Options

You can simultaneously pump both breasts with both Spectra breast pumps. This is perfect if you’re pumping during breaks at work because it’s quick and convenient. You may also pump one breast at a time with these pumps. Very versatile.

According to research, pumping twice enables moms to produce more milk. Additionally, this type of milk is more nutritious and has more calories due to its higher fat content.

7. Nightlight

The Spectra S1 and Spectra S2 breast pumps have an integrated night light. It simplifies and improves the convenience of using the pump at night. You may check the time, battery life, and power level by pressing a button to turn on the screen. This feature is one of the most underrated ones of the Spectra. Nothing is worse than being able to not see, being tired, and just one more frustrating thing to occur can ruin the night. So the nightlight, while a small detail, does help.

What Factors Should You Look for in a Breast Pump?

Before you buy any breast pump, there are several factors you must look at. We’ve explained some of the points to make things easier for you.

Cost of the pump: There are electric and manual pumps in various price ranges. However, electric pumps are more expensive compared to other pumps. 

Easy to use: You should buy a pump that is easy and convenient. The whole process and system must be user-friendly.

Effectiveness of the pump: The breast pump’s volume of milk in the shortest amount of time can be used to evaluate its efficiency. Ensure you choose a breast pump with more suction speed and power.

Durability: You must determine whether you want to use the breast pump frequently or occasionally. It enables you to choose the right best motor pump. Also, ensure the warranty and lifespan of the motor.

How to Choose Between Spectra S1 vs. Spectra S2?

So, the final question arises which one should you buy between Spectra S1 and S2 breast pumps? Since most of the features and functions are the same, we’ll consider the differentiating factor of both pumps. 

If you’re a woman who mostly stays at home and wants to buy a pump, Spectra S2 is good for you. But in case you wish to use the pump outside the home, like in the office, plane, car, or while on long trips, Spectra S1 is the choice for you. 

Spectra S2 is a little more affordable than its S1 model. So, it’s up to you. We’ve provided you with all the details. Now it’s up to you to choose according to your use case and budget.

Key Takeaway

So far, we have seen significant differences and similarities between Spectra S1 vs. S2 breast pumps. 

Below are our comparison results:

  • The Spectra S1 has a built-in rechargeable battery, and S2 needs to be plugged in for usage.
  • The Spectra S1 is a little bit heavier in weight and bigger in size compared to Spectra S2.
  • Both have backflow protection, adjustable speed and suction, dual pumping options, a nightlight, and a reliable motor.

We have also discovered essential factors to consider when buying a breast pump. At this point, we hope you have a clear answer about which Spectra breast pump suits you.  


Are Spectra S1 and S2 the Same?

Though the breast pumps are identical, there’s a slight difference. Spectra S1 has a built-in rechargeable battery and comes in blue color. On the other hand, Spectra S2 must be plugged in while using and comes in pink. Other differences are price range, weight, and size.

Which one is better between the Spectra S1 and Spectra S2?

With a built-in rechargeable battery, Spectra S1 is easier and more convenient for users. If you have a low budget and require home usage, you can go with Spectra S2, which has features almost identical to S1.

What are the pros to getting a Spectra breast pump?

Spectra breast pumps have a closed system with backflow protection to ensure the safety and quality of the milk. An Adjustable suction speed and power is another aspect of choosing spectra pumps over other breast pumps. It also comes with single or double breast pump flexibility.

How do I clean the breast pumps?

The CDC has a quality article on how to clean them in a safe and efficent manner.