The 10 Best Corner Guards For Your Walking Baby

baby corner guard

Are you tired of your baby’s head bumps or injuries? Well, you cannot stop your child from being playful. But what you can do is- you can make a safe environment for your kid. We are going to present some of the best baby corner guards for you to save your baby from injuries. 

Out of all the picks, Corner Protector, Baby Proofing Table Corner Guards can be your best pick if you don’t want to read further. But if you want to discover more choices, keep on reading and you will get to know about a few best choices. Let’s start!

Best baby corner guards – Quick Overview 

  1. Best corner guards for meeting safety requirements – Corner Protector, Baby Proofing Table Corner Guards
  2. Best table top corner protectors Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors
  3. Best baby proofing fireplace paddingBaby Proofing Edge and Corner Guards
  4. Best plastic corner guards for furniture – Clear Corner Guards(12 Pack),Table Corner Protectors
  5. Best versatile furniture corner protectors for babies – PandaEar Baby Child Safety Proofing Kit

10 Best baby corner guards – Details Review 

1. Baby Proofing Table Corner Guards – Best corner protectors for meeting safety requirements 

Best corner protectors for meeting safety requirements ir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0771L5HN5

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As safety should be your first concern while buying anything for your baby, this one beautifully meets that need. The safety of this item is strictly ensured under US regulations. It has got no phthalates, BPA, chemicals, or any kind of added toxic fire retardants. As a result, you can totally rely on it for your baby’s all-time safety. 

When you are a busy parent who fails to ensure a lot of time to set the corner guard, this one will be suitable for you. It is very easy to set up and takes only a minute. You can use it on the coffee table, desk, TV cabinets, and other sharp corners in the house. With the custom 1 mm high power adhesive on each side of the guard, you can easily attach it to the before-mentioned areas. 

One of the babykidcare parents stated that she loved the corner guard because of the reason that it meets the safety requirements entirely. She was looking for a corner guard which won’t ruin the look of her furniture. Therefore as it is transparent, it doesn’t make any impact on the look of your furniture at all which made her more appreciative about it.

Lastly, we must say that it adds up to safety with its flexibility and provides delicate bumps at the corners to decrease the possibility of damage. Your baby can walk around the furniture as much as they want to without the fear of getting hurt. 


  • Extra safe 
  • Toxicity free 
  • Transparent 
  • Flexible to use 


  • Choking hazard 

2. Soft Baby Proofing Corner Guards & Edge Protectors – Best table top corner protectors 

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Sharp corners can injure your baby or even yourself. Sometimes the injuries can be too fatal to even think of. That’s why you should always keep the sharp furniture corners guarded using corner guards. Hereby, this is the best furniture protector to prevent any sort of head and knee bruises from sharp edges.

As we have said for the previous corner guard, you will get the facility of quick installation from it as well. You won’t have to mess up your mind about the trouble of installing the corner guard because you can install it within a single minute. All you have to do is, just peel off the tape from the back of the corner guard and attach it to your desired furniture concur. Voila! Your work is done! 

One of the babykidcare moms said that she was looking for a versatile corner guard which is usable on her wood, glass, steel, and ceramic surfaces. Then she got this one and she is extremely pleased with the service. The fact that it doesn’t ruin the furniture met her expectations on another level. 

In the end, if you are troubled with furniture corners troubling your walking path, these corner guards act like true saviors. When we used these corner guards, they stood out in case of durability. So if you are looking for something to use for an extended period, you should pick these. 


  • Extended durability 
  • Versatility 
  • Looks good 
  • Easy to use


  • Less sticky 

3. Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guards – best baby proofing fireplace padding

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Clearly, you will always search for the best when it is about your kid. But finding the best and good quality corner guards is a little trouble because many brands do not offer good material. So considering the fact, we present these table top protectors for wood. The cushioning foam rubber material will go a long way to serve you for an extended period. 

Not only in the table corners, but you can also use these in your chair edges, fireplace, and anywhere you want to. It wraps the edges perfectly to save your baby from any sort of injury. Along with that, you will get the facility of quick installation from this one. It takes only 30 seconds to set up with the included double-sided tape. What else can you ask for? 

One of our valuable babykidcare parents said that when he used this protector, he was very happy to notice its effectiveness. His baby is very restless and she used to get hurt every time she ran around the table. A solution was necessary so he decided to stick to it. Therefore, he happily said that choosing this corner guard was one of the best decisions that he made. 

From our experience, we should let you know that the effectiveness of these corner guards is praise-worthy. The build quality is also something that you can say is perfect. Overall, this corner guard gets well recognized for being one of the best baby safety table corner protectors.


  • Good build quality 
  • Very adhesive 
  • Sticks to any surface 
  • Usable in fireplaces 


  • Not meant for baseboards

4. Clear Corner Guards(12 Pack) – Best plastic corner guards for furniture

Best plastic corner guards for furnitureir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07YZ1FMBT

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While you are looking for a transparent corner guard, this one will be the best pick for you. The most suitable feature of transparent corner guards is they do not ruin the look of your furniture. As a result, no matter what type of furniture you use, you won’t have to worry about the corner protector’s color or design to ruin the look of your furniture. 

Even though it is made of plastic, the density is thick enough to protect the corners of your furniture entirely. Also, the thick appearance ensures durability as well. As a result, if you are seeking longevity, it can provide you that. Before installing the corner protector, make sure to clean the dust or any sort of debris to make it stick longer to the surface. 

One of the babykidcare moms said that when she used the corner protector she was very happy to see that the plastic is soft enough to protect little ones from sharp wooden edges. She has two mischievous twins who tend to get a lot of injuries because of the sharp furniture edges. When she started to use this corner protector, the kids can play with their heart’s will. 

As a verdict, we can say that if your little precious tend to get head bumps often, it’s high time to rely on this corner protector. From durability to effectiveness, everything is top-notch about this protector. Alongside, the transparent design also goes well with any type of furniture. 


  • Large compatibility 
  • No more head bumps ensured 
  • Easy to install quickly 
  • Thick built 


  • Less adhesive 

5. PandaEar Baby Child Safety Proofing Kit – Best versatile furniture corner protectors for babies

Best versatile furniture corner protectors for babiesir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07WT5QDCS
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Believe it or not, here comes the most versatile protector that you can ever get. From table corner protectors to plug covers, you can get every safety material in this set. So if you want the best safety for your child by all means, here comes the one to save you. You will get cabinet straps, corner protectors, plug covers, and cabinet lock- everything in one place. 

When you don’t want your kid to access and choke the small, fragile household items, the cabinet straps will save your back. On the other hand, the given corner protectors, plug covers, and cabinet lock in this set work effectively in every aspect as these are meant for. The quality is top-notch, and the material offers durability for an extended time. 

One of the babykidcare parents informed us about the quality and usability of these protectors. He said that when he bought these protectors, it was like he had got everything in one place at very reasonable pricing. With the high-powered adhesive, he could attach the protectors to the coffee table, desk, TV cabinets, and other shape edges. Also, the cabinet locks and plug covers did their job perfectly. 

Overall, we cannot help but suggest it to you because you will get everything in one place if you buy this. With the included instruments, you can provide an entirely safe environment for your kid, not only with covered furniture edges but also with the other tools that it comes with. 


  • Includes all safety instruments 
  • Ensures a safe environment for kids 
  • Great quality 
  • Appreciable adhesion 


  • Magnet locks might be less adhesive 

6. Baby Proofing Edge and Corner Guard Protector – Best corner table protectors for baby for quick installation 

Best corner table protectors for baby for quick installation ir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00U77TL3S

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Here comes our last pick for today. First of all, we must say that these protectors are unique in design and color than the other ones. If you have brown-colored furniture, you can think of using these. Undoubtedly these protectors enhance the looks of the wooden furniture and you won’t even think that these are not a part of the furniture. 

As the main reason behind getting protectors is to cover the corners and ensure your child a safe environment, you can do that perfectly using these protectors. The set comes with 20 feet of high-density impact-absorbing rubber foam which you can use for a long time; whenever you need to. You get to attach these protectors using double-sided white tapes which are highly adhesive and keep the protectors in place. 

Talking about the effectiveness, one of the babykidcare parents reviewed that you can use these protectors on any hard surface or furniture in your home. She used it in the walls and it worked fine. She was especially satisfied with the cushiony feeling that these protectors provide. 

After our self-testing, we found the easy to peel off and attach suitability of these protectors extremely beneficial. It won’t take a lot of time for you to install these. Moreover, as these have enough cushions to cover plenty of areas, you can use them without thinking twice about the length of the corner’s length where you want to use them. 


  • Enough cushion to cover plenty of space.
  • Very cushiony touch
  • Quick to strip off and attach
  • Ensures longevity 


  • Quite hard to take-off 

7. Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards

Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guardsir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00ODV8FKY

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This is one of the best baby corner guards in the marketplace. This product has saved babies’ bodies from serious injury countless times!!  It comes with 8 corners. It is 20.4 feet (245 inches) of surface area and 18 feet (5.5 meters) edge cushion + 8 corner cushions. It fits all standard size tables.

Density is more important than thickness when it comes to softening the impact. This soft, high-density premium table edge protectors absorb impact and protect your loved one from the hard, sharp corners and edges in your home, school, daycare, hospital, assisted living facility, restaurant, hotel and more.  Really it is a very interesting product for baby safety in your home or any outside area when your baby is playing.

One mom said that there is a couple of companies that sales this type of product. She bought this one and the other one that is slightly cheaper. So far this one is definitely better quality and more durable. The cheaper brand once is dented the shape will never raise back. As for this one, she is sure that it will last a lot longer and aesthetically prettier than the other ones.


  • It is really easy to install as the stickers came attached
  • Look and feel durable and well made
  • These bumpers are soft
  • It comes with 8 corners.
  • It is super easy to cut and install. You just need scissors.


  • This brown color may not match some furniture

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8. KidKusion Taupe Soft Seat Hearth Pad, Taupe

KidKusion Taupe Soft Seat Hearth Pad, Taupeir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B0012C6VYO

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If you have a fireplace and very delicate skulls in your house, this is a MUST. This is an Amazing product. Excellent quality and looks expensive! It is perfect for our newly crawling baby! Its a great piece of mind and looks nice. Well worth every penny! This product is made in the USA. It is 14 inches all side and covers 90 inches across the front of the Heath. It has also Latex Free.3 piece unit. The soft cushion looks great and is definitely a safety plus for children. This product foam didn’t use the Flame Retardant Chemicals. It is Naturally Flame Retardant Foam. It can be Protect your baby from falls against the fireplace hearth. KidKusion Taupe Soft Seat Hearth Pad Great color and clean look. Just be careful when cutting down to size. Be sure to cut straight.

Eliyoga said that she purchased this hearth pad to keep her baby grandson safer around the fireplace in her son’s home. She is so pleased with this purchase! The hearth is brick and has sharp corners that caused constant worry when the baby would get near it. This pad fits perfectly, looks neat, stays in place, and most of all keep the baby safe! I would definitely recommend this item.


  • It looks really nice and clean, super easy to install. Comfortable to sit on too!
  • Excellent quality and looks expensive!
  • The soft cushion looks great and is definitely a safety plus for children.
  • Highly effective if a little pricey.


  • The only thing is that KidKusion Taupe Soft Seat Hearth Pad the middle piece flaps up and won’t stay down.

9. Creative Solutions Baby Proofing Corner Protector Guards

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Creative Solutions Baby Proofing Corner Protector Guards high-quality corner guards. These work great. This flexible ball shape allows for safe baby play around the house. It also impacts absorbent soft non-toxic PVC material for ultimate protection in your home.

You are always worried about your baby’s safety but you can relax a little when Caring Corners are installed in your home! The corner guards are transparent. It can make the natural beauty of your furniture. These actually stay on and blend in well with furniture!  No more bulky, ugly colored foam or rubber! These will adhere to most surfaces as long as the surface is smooth and clean!

Thomas said that This is the Great Corner Protector Guards. He has bought a few before but not as good quality as these. He loves this product. Because this is clear as it doesn’t ruin the look of his tables, chairs and other furniture. Robust and stronger than usual so kids cannot take them off with ease. It saved his knee a few times too.


  • Easy to use and visually
  • Effective and simple
  • These are nice and soft.
  • There were color options to blend with furniture, such as black, brown, and white.


  • Some parents said that work well but dhesive pads are a bit thin.

10. Cardinal Gates Kids Edge Large Fireplace Pad Kit, Brown

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Quality material and fits fireplace very well and stays on fireplace. Cardinal Gates Kids Edge Large Fireplace Pad Kit 150 inches total of padding. This available in 5 colors.  Baby Proofing Corner Protector Guards is manufactured using a closed-cell material that is inherently flame resistant. Comes pre-taped with double-sided adhesive for installation.

This is the larger version of the Kid’s Edge Pad Kit and comes with 3 straight pieces at 30 inches each and 2 corners, 20″ x 10″ each. These corners can be cut down to fit that size for your fireplace.

Clark said that this product is PERFECT!! He read so many reviews for different protection options for fireplaces. This stays put, looks nice. They chose brown and it blends nicely with his Grandfather’s brick fireplace. Now his Grandfather can stop worrying himself to pieces and enjoy their company!


  • Various colors option are available
  • It comes as a few straight sections and corner pieces
  • Looks nice on the fireplace.
  • Easy to cut and install
  • Quality material and fits fireplace very well and stays on fireplace


  • Some parents said that It will be great if this would more sticky.

Top Baby Corner Guards Brands That You Should Consider Getting: 

Looking for baby corner guards but confused about which one to rely on? Well, we have shortlisted a few incredible brands that will give you the best outcome no matter which model you pick/. Have a look:

Things To Consider While Buying The Best Baby Corner Guards

If you have set your mind to buy a baby corner guard for your little baby, you should keep a few considerations in mind before you start surfing. We have gathered the important considerations. Let’s have a look at those: 

  • Safety: you should never consider anything when it comes to your kid’s safety. Therefore you need to choose corner protectors which come with safe materials. Safe means you should look for such protectors which are phthalates, BPA, chemicals free. 
  • Material: if you have any specific material in mind, look for that while you set up your mind to buy the protectors. Usually, plastic-built corner guards can ensure your desired outcome. Otherwise, you can look for other materials to stick to as well. But make sure of the safety of the material before you purchase it. 
  • Longevity: when you buy something, you obviously won’t want to use it for a short period. As a result, looking for protectors which ensures a better durability is important. 
  • Adhesion: here comes another important point to check before you buy the corner guards. If the protectors are not adhesive enough, those will come off quite easily and that will be of no use. So check for better adhesion while you pick one. But some of the protectors can be over adhesive in the surfaces, which will be hard to take off. Therefore if you don’t want something permanent, you should be cautious about this part. 
  • Quality: no matter what you buy, quality should always be top-notch. As a value of your money, always look for good quality. In the case of the protectors, if the safety measures meet your demand and the material is top-notch, you can consider getting those. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I protect my child from a fireplace hearth?

If you want to protect your kid from the fireplace hearth, you need to be extra careful. What you can do is, you can block the fireplace entrance entirely. In that case, you can use different available gates to block the way. Childproofing your fireplace has no better measure than blocking it using a gate. 

How do you cover a brick baby fireplace?

If you are willing to cover a brick baby fireplace, you should consider implementing protective fences or safety gates around the fireplace. Baby Proofing the fireplace has no better solution than using a safety gate. 

Are corner guards necessary?

Yes, if you have a little baby at your house, corner guards are necessary. If you don’t use corner guards in necessary areas, there is injury possible. Sometimes the injuries can be very dangerous to even deal with. 

What type of corner bead is best?

Galvanized metal-built corner beads are known to be the best for their services. These are reasonable in price, easy to find, and also these are easy to install. You will only need nails, screws, staples, compounds, or adhesives of your choice to set these up. On the other hand, as these are rust-proof, durability is also ensured. 

Which is better paper or metal corner bead? 

The answer depends on a few of the facts. If you prefer durability and looks, the metal beads stand out to be better than paper beads. In contrast, paper corner beads are more manageable and resist cracks and chips adequately. The rest is up to you to decide. 

Why We Recommend These Products!

There are several baby corner guards available in the market. When you choose baby corner guards for your baby, you may get confused about which one to buy because there are similar features and a lack of knowledge on baby corner guards.

So we’ve made this article for you to choose the best baby corner guards for you. We think you will gather some knowledge about the play mat and can choose your best baby corner guards for your baby and your family also.

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