14 Baby Toys Starting With A- Get Unique Ideas

Baby Toys Starting With A

Parents buy different kinds of toys for the baby. Because there is no substitute for toys to make the child’s world colorful. Toys take first place in the list of baby’s favorites. How would you feel if you could get every toy that comes with the alphabet A for your child? Wonderful, right? 

My name is Sharon Dunn and I want to share some of my favorite things with all my readers. Starting with A, we will eventually have baby toys for all letters of the alphabet.

Choosing a toy for the baby should be done keeping in mind the two things ‘baby choice’ and ‘age-appropriate toy’. A baby learns a lot by playing. In fact, toys are not just toys, they are a kind of medium of education for the children.

Parents are often confused about which type of toy to buy. So some baby toys starting with A and brief descriptions are being given below to alleviate some of that trouble. Let’s get started! 

Baby Toys starting with A- Short description below:

1. Alphabet Book

Literacy is the main basis of our writing and reading. Children become interested in learning the alphabet from about two years of age. Alphabet books play an amazing role in this case. It is one of the easiest items to teach babies as well as giving them joy.

It is also helpful for preschoolers to build up learning skills. An alphabet book consists of colorful letters, pictures of different things which draw the attention of the babies easily. Try to read the alphabet books as often as you can. The babies can be encouraged to play this game without any pressure. Here’s a choice of alphabet book for you:

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Key features:

  • Gives your baby a new yet fun way to learn alphabets and much more in the shortest possible time
  • Manufactured in a way that it is super ideal for preschoolers
  • Very versatile and can be gifted in baby showers, birthdays, holidays, and so on
  • Highly capable of melting children’s heart with beautiful designs at first sight
  • The colorful design and useful shapes put good impacts on kid’s mind

2. Abacus

With an abacus, kids develop problem-solving skills. There is an argument for using an abacus so you need to be sure to group what number of each color size represents using it correctly.  Almost every kid and baby will love to play with it. It is one of the educational toys for babies.

It can be the easiest way to teach the baby how to count primarily. The beads used in the abacus are generally made of plastic, wood, or clay.  It is safe for babies.

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3. Apple Alphabet toy

The Apple alphabet toy is another easy and interesting toy for babies. It is very convenient to use. It can be considered as an upgraded form of an alphabet book. It is an amazing educational toy. It is durable and child-friendly. It produces light and sound every time after pressing the buttons.

There are almost eight different games that are set up on this alphabet apple for the babies. It is suitable for kids of 2 years. It not only teaches alphabets but also time. Here is the toy for your convenience: 

VTech Alphabet Apple,Red

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Key features:

  • Offers great help for doing a child’s language development
  • It’s an independent play and perfectly suitable for introverts
  • Puts a great impact on improving the kid’s visualization and memory 
  • Makes your kid interested in discovering and exploring
  • Includes songs, rhymes, alphabets, lights, and much more for providing your kid with a great period

 4. Alphabet blocks

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Alphabet blocks are very educational toys but in a fun way. It can be an alternate option of alphabet books. Basically, these blocks are made of wood, which is not harmful. The blocks are very bright in color with numbers and alphabets and also have beautiful illustrations.

The kids or babies can learn and make new words using them. This is a very effective method for children to learn the alphabet. These blocks can improve the motor skills and creativity of toddlers. These types of toys enhance self-esteem, counting, independence, in all aspects.

5. Airplane

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A toy airplane can be an amazing option for a baby. It can be found in various bright colors that attract the baby’s attention. Normally, it is made of plastic or paper. The remote-controlled airplane is also popular nowadays, but that is appropriate for kids over the age of 2/3 years.

Playing with an airplane will boost up the baby’s imagination and willpower. Getting an airplane makes the babies cheerful on another level. An origami airplane made with paper increases the creativity of kids. It will create kids’ interest in science and aviation in the future. It is like an educational construction set that enhances their creativity. But this toy is more suitable for kids over 2years old age or preschoolers. 

Key features: 

  • Formulated with safe materials which are eco friendly, light enough, scratch-resistant, and not sharp at all
  • Comes with the easiest Installing and assembling process
  • Offers 2 flying modes which are fun yet versatile
  • Provides with durability, great sheerness, excellent sturdiness, and much more at a very reasonable price
  • Makes your kid learn many unique things including technology stuff in the playtime

6. Action figures

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Kids are usually imaginative. When they read different storybooks or when they watch different cartoons, naturally a form of those characters is formed in their mind. And the action figures can make that idea a reality.

In this age of the internet and technology, action figures are really a helpful item to distract them from watching TV or mobile for a long hour. Kids/babies become adventurous by playing with it. These action figures also help them to improve social skills when they play with others. There are various kinds of action figures like; Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Barbie dolls, etc. available on markets.

7. Activity walker

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Baby walkers are a kind of device, specially made for babies who are in the learning stage of walking. It is especially used for the prevention of injuries. An activity walker is just a little bit different from the typical one. Some activity walkers have a small table attached to them. Some have different colorful vibrant sounds creating toys hanging around them.

In some activities, walker height can be reduced or increased, has a musical system, and decorated with cute dolls. The toddlers will learn to walk with extra joy.

8. Art Case

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Drawing is not just about learning to draw. This education increases the imagination of the children and makes them disciplined. Intelligence develops and mutual friendships happen and so on.

Let me give you an example, for example, were to draw an object on paper, where there will be a tree, where a river, a house or an object will be big or small, where to paint— this sense of moderation gradually emerges in this teaching. In this case, an art case provides the most important assistance. There are many colorful crayons kept in an art case. Kids can spend their time properly drawing and it’s a great source of recreation for them.

9. Arch tunnel

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In this Covid-19 situation, the child cannot go outside to play. In order to play at home and keep them physically active, arch tunnels can help children to improve their physical activity. This structure can be a way for exercise for children and also can be a way to play with the equipment.

Climbing and movement help them control moving children’s arms and legs. These tunnels create excitement and are full of fun situations for them. The tunnels are very safe and can be found in different shapes. It also develops the motor skills and mobility of toddlers.

Key features:

  • Totally different from traditional playsets and toys so that your kid can learn new and exciting things 
  • Makes your kid thrilled by satisfying their pretend play and imaginative play period
  • Your kid will be able to improve his motor skills by playing with this set
  • Formulated with such materials which are eco friendly as well as safe for kids
  • Helps your kid to increase his socializing skills

10. Activity Book:

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Many parents are stingy in giving their children time to read a book. But you should read for at least 15 minutes a day. This makes the children mentally tough. Experts believe that when children read books or hear someone read them, their decision-making morale increases and this is also applicable for babies too.

An activity book can help the parents in this case. It consists of stories, puzzles, mazes, and beautiful colorful pictures. At the age of only 10 months, hold a picture book made of cloth in the hands of the child then gradually give other fairy tales or any book suitable for animals or children according to age.

11. Activity gym:

An activity gym can be a great addition to the collection of kids entertaining things. An activity gym is a special soft mat. There are many beautiful and useful things attached to it like, lights, soft dolls, toys, etc. and they come with musical sound. In this, the baby gets engaged in playing as well as exercise.

Some parents may be getting confused about the baby’s safety. Don’t worry, this soft mat provides safety. There are different types of mats available on the market. It is portable, easy to wash, and comfortable for newborn babies.

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Key features:

  • Comes with a comfortable oversized mat which is made with plush fabric
  • The pillows and other accessories are cute and eye-catching
  • Includes different fun toys such as lights, music, teether, and much more
  • Formulated with such materials that it is always safe for babies
  • Newborn babies can also lay on this since it’s totally safe for them too

12. Alphabet Cards:

Now kids are learning in more fancy ways. They are recognizing the alphabet while playing. There are various kinds of alphabet learning toys available in the market. As a result, there has been a change in the teaching style.

There are many things for learning alphabets like magic slates, alphabet cars, cloth alphabet bags, and alphabet and number blocks like Sudoku, puzzles, and other learning materials. There are opportunities to learn through alphabet cards. The alphabet cards remove the boredom of learning of the kids. It is a unique way of learning for babies.

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Key features:

  • Along with teaching alphabets and numbers, this set offers a wide opportunity of knowing different animals
  • Inspires kids to explore, learn and discover new educational opportunities
  • Beautiful designs, colors, and shapes put a great impact on the kid’s visualization and learning desires
  • Can impress kids with its first sight
  • Made with hard yet safe materials so that kids can’t tear them 

13. Angel plush toy:

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Dolls are popular as toys or to decorate the house. Babies like soft and cuddly toys very much. An Angel plush toy is a very cute one. Soft plush toys can develop the sensory skills of the baby. This angel soft toy is stuffed with soft cotton and decorated very beautifully.

Some elements of toys can be harmful to the baby or there exists a risk of getting injured. But an angel plush toy is harmful and it is super comfortable. Parents can imitate this toy if the baby cries and the baby calms down easily.

 14. Aqua magic mat:

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Aqua magic mat is a drawing tool actually. Kids can doodle on this mat. It is reusable, portable, and travel-friendly. There are letters and some beautiful patterns on them. When a baby starts to hold a pen or tends to draw, this can be a good option for the parents. If the parents want to give a clean painting space for the baby, this may help easily.

It is called a magic mat because the stains on it vanish after some time of the drawing. This aqua magic mat is a great toddler toy that links the parents and baby in a great way.

Wrapping up

What kind of toy a person played with as a child has an effect on the person’s personality. So parents should be aware of choosing the right kind of toys for the baby. With the change of era, children’s toys are also constantly changing. 

Don’t buy a toy that could affect the baby in any other way. Give the baby a toy so that the child can learn something with joy. It is best to choose toys according to the age of the child. As we shared a few Baby Toys starting with A, hopefully, you have gathered a lot of options to serve your child. 

Please, don’t buy a toy because you like it. Choose a toy that will delight the child. Spontaneously he could play with that toy. If sports, such as reading or other activities, are imposed on the child, it will cause harm to the child. The child’s emotional development will be impaired.