How To Clean A Pack And Play Quickly?

How To Clean A Pack And Play

As convenient as pack and plays are, they often tend to get dirty. There are different ways of cleaning a pack and play depending on how dirty it is. Sometimes scrubbing it with water and detergent is sufficient, but sometimes it may need a deeper cleaning. I know my kids sure did make a mess so these tips are right up my alley.

You should take extra care of things that concerns your baby. The spits, dirt, and dust can harm your baby if you don’t keep the pack and play clean. Besides, the stains on it gradually become permanent and ruin the entire look of it. And it is not cheap to replace! 

So, let’s see how to clean a pack and play without any further delay. 

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How To Clean A Pack And Play?

I’ve constructed detailed guidance for 2 methods of cleaning a pack & play. If you need light cleaning, go with the first one. However, if it needs a deeper cleaning, try the second one. No matter whichever you do, choose a sunny day. 

1. Scrub-Cleaning The Pack And Play

The first method is for regular cleaning. When you notice the pack and play needs some light cleaning, use the scrub method. 

Choose The Right Place

You’ll need a place where you can allow water spills, preferably outside. You don’t want your house to get all slippery with the soapy water. However, if you don’t have an open place to clean it, cover the floor with towels to absorb the water.

Mattress Cover  

Some mattresses come with covers. If your mattress has one, remove it and wash it using the washing machine.

Create A Cleaning Solution 

Now, it’s time to make a cleaning solution using water and detergent. Take a bucket and fill it with warm water. Then, add half a cup of baby-safe detergent to it. Make sure the soap mixes well with the water. 

Time To Scrub

Take a clean and soft brush and dip it inside the bucket. You can also use a clean cloth to clean it.  Now, scrub the whole pack and play. Pay special attention to the dirtier areas. 

When cleaning the mesh area, support it with your other hand to get all the dirt out. 

Rinse It

Rinse the whole thing using a hose attached to a jet stream setting. Keep spraying it with water unless you see a stream of clean water. 

Sun Dry 

Shake off the excess water from the mattress. Then, let the frame and the mattress dry in the sun. Remember that the sunlight will also help disinfect the pack and play. 

2. Deep Cleaning

When light-cleaning isn’t doing it for you, try giving the unit a deep cleaning. However, you’ll need a bathtub for this method. 

Disintegrate The Unit 

Remove the mattress from the unit, and then fold the frame. Folding the frame allows it to shrink into a smaller part. Then, you can easily place it inside your bathtub. 

Create The Cleaning Solution 

Fill your bathtub with warm water. Add half a cup of baby-safe detergent, one-fourth cup of vinegar, and one-fourth cup of baking soda to the water. Mix all of them well with the water. 

Soak The Pieces

Now, place the mattress at the bottom and the frame on top. A standard bathtub should accommodate both of them at once. Besides, the frame will help the mattress stay underwater. 

If, however, your bathtub can’t accommodate both of them at once, you’ll have to clean them separately. 

Wait For An Hour

Keep the mattress and the frame soaked in the water for about an hour. All the dirt should come off in the meantime. 

You can also break down the soaking time into two parts. First, fill the bathtub only halfway through and keep the pieces there for half an hour. Then, fill the rest of the bathtub and wait for another thirty minutes. 

Rinse The Pack And Play

Now, remove your bathroom shower head and rinse the pack and play thoroughly. If the showerhead isn’t removable, you’ll have to take the mattress and the frame outside to rinse them with a hose. 

Sun Dry It

Let the pack and play dry in the sun. Then, make sure it has dried entirely before using it again. 

How To Clean Graco Pack And Play Mattress?

You can clean a Graco play mattress using the same procedure above. However, it’s better to check the user manual that came with the unit. This is to make sure you are not using anything that the mattress cannot withstand. 

If somehow, you’ve lost the instruction manual, there are clear guidelines on their website that specifies what you can use and what you can’t. For example, you can use warm water and soap, but not bleach. Although, I’m pretty sure no pack and play will allow you to use bleach. 

How To Maintain Your Pack And Play?

If you regularly maintain your pack and play, it’ll get dirty less, and you’ll have to clean it less frequently. Besides, maintenance prevents it from getting permanently stained. 

  • Wipe and absorb any spills immediately after noticing. Use paper towels and dab the spill to absorb it. The longer you let it sit, the higher the chance of stains. 
  • Spot cleaning the unit will save you a lot of time. For example, when some particular areas are dirty, you won’t have to give them a thorough cleaning. Instead, you can use a light cleaner to wipe off the dirt. 
  • Washing the mattress cover frequently doesn’t require much work since you can use your washing machine. The cover protects the mattress from getting stained so, keep it clean, and the mattress will stay protected. 

Frequently Asked Question

How to avoid staining my pack and play?

If you’re a bit careful about spills, the staining dials down to a minimum. Whenever your baby spills something or spits on the unit, clean it right away to avoid staining the area. 

What shouldn’t I do when cleaning a pack and play?

Use baby-safe detergent. In addition, avoid using bleach or any harsh chemical-based product to prevent the mattress from ruining. Finally, avoid using the unit before it is completely dry again.

Final Words

Your responsibilities multiply when you become a parent. You always need to practice caution where a baby is concerned. Keeping everything clean and tidy is just another part of parenting. 

As convenient as a play mattress can be, cleaning can become a nightmare if you have no idea how to clean a pack and play properly. One little reminder, don’t forget to check the instruction manual of your pack and play. 

In addition to that, hopefully, the instructions above will save you a lot of trouble and time. But guessing you are reading this blog, you appreciate the input.


Sharon D.