The 7 Best Bassinet for Tall Bed | January 2022

Best Bassinet for Tall Bed

In a perfect world, a newborn baby would sleep for about 16 hours a day. But in the real world, the baby’s sleep schedule would be pretty much random. Nonetheless, babies sleep the most when the stars align. And as a parent, it is pretty natural to yearn for your baby to have a good night’s sleep.


However, ensuring that on an extremely firm mattress can be pretty much impossible. That is where the best bassinet for tall bed comes into play. An extra tall bassinet will help squeeze every last minute out of the overnight sleep and naps by offering you the peace of mind that your baby is in a safe space.


So, how do you choose one of these bedside sleepers? Well, that is where our expertise and experience come into play.


Benefits of Bassinet – Why Get One?

Before we talk about the best bassinets for tall beds, we would like to ensure you have a fair idea regarding what benefits you can enjoy by getting one of the proper co-sleepers for babies.


Convenient Bed Sharing

It will be easier to share the same bed with your baby once you get one of the proper beside bassinet for taller beds. Co-sleeping with your baby will be an easy experience.



The adult bed will usually have a higher firmness than a regular bassinet mattress. And those are not really capable of providing a comfortable sleeping experience to your baby.



A sleeper bassinet would be considerably smaller than a mini crib. Even if you opt for a sizeable newborn bassinet, baby bedside crib models would seem much larger than that. And cribs are not easy to carry at all. Some will even have adjustable legs, which will make it easier than carrying a storage basket. 


Affordable and Versatile

Co-sleeper bassinets cost less than a regular crib. And as most of the co-sleeping bassinets are exceptionally versatile, you can even use them during a car ride. 


7 Best Bassinet for Tall Bed

We have tried out loads of co-sleeper for taller beds. But only a few attached to the bed perfectly kept the baby at an upright position and helped the baby get proper sleep during the night. So, without further ado, let us get into describing them, shall we?


1. Bedside SleeperDream On Me Skylar Bassinet 

Dream On Me Skylar Bassinet & Bedside Sleeperir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07YFDJXM4

So, what makes an offering the best bedside bassinet? If you asked us, our first answer would be safety. And that is what Dream On Me managed to deliver at the right amount.


Convenient Design

The bedside sleeper features a unique design that focuses most on safety. This sleeper bassinet complies with all of the ASTM standards and has safety straps. The straps will make it easier to secure the bedside bassinet beside the bed. Also, there is breathable mesh, which will ensure proper airflow.



This bedside sleeper comes with sturdy straps. It even comes with a 1-inch thick mattress, which will last for an extended amount of time without any issues. The pad can even easily accommodate a bigger baby. And due to how sturdy the bedside sleeper is, you can safely sing rock a bye to your baby.



Thanks to the zipping mesh walls, you can easily convert this bedside sleeper into a co-sleeper bassinet. As it is exceptionally sturdy, you can lean it for comforting and breastfeeding the baby without worrying about structural issues. It even has a height-adjustable mechanism. 


On that note, the legs offer five different bed height positions. You can adjust it from 26.5 to 30.5 inches. And 30.5 inches is pretty tall for a bedside bassinet. Thanks to the mesh walls, you can even get easy access to your baby. 



This great bassinet is available in three different colors. The colors will blend exceptionally well with an adult bed. It will even merge reasonably well with a play yard. Alongside that, the aluminum frames make the co-sleeper look sleek. It will not stick out in the room. Instead, it looks right at place in your bedroom.


2. Delta Children Simmons Kids By the Bed

Delta Children Simmons Kids By the Bedir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07B7KY47P

On the lookout for the best-rated bedside bassinet with adjustable height option? Well, we might have got the thing that you have been looking for all this time. And yes, it is from Delta!


Height Adjustable Mechanism

As mentioned, this one has adjustable legs. You will be capable of choosing from five different adjustable height options. Those will let you easily match the co-sleep bassinet with the bed height. Also, it will keep the bedside bassinet at arm’s reach distance. So, you will be capable of comforting your baby at any given time.


Mesh Sides

The side of the bed is of mesh. Firstly, these sides will offer you an unobstructed view of the baby. You can easily monitor whether they are sleeping or not. Also, the mesh will ensure that the air can easily flow through the sides. For that reason, your baby will not feel any discomfort in the middle of the night.


Easy to Clean

Apart from the comfort, the manufacturer has put a good amount of emphasis on the cleaning procedure. You will get easy access to the inside parts. And the bed has washable fabrics. That means you can just put them inside the washing machine and let it do its thing.


Comfort and Storage

When it comes to comfort, the tall bedside bassinet can offer plenty of it. The mattress pad is 1 inch thick. And it offers a cushioning feeling. As a result, the baby will get maximum comfort when lying on top of it. The mesh sides will enhance the comfort even further.


On that note, there are large storage pockets on each of the sides. You can keep a music box that will play soothing sounds, baby toys, baby foods, and other small stuff inside them.


3. Graco Dream Suite Bassinet

Graco Dream Suite Bassinetir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01BGVM0G8

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While looking for the best bedside bassinet for a tall bed, you might want to opt for a sturdy bassinet. Well, in that case, you need to take a look at what Graco is offering here.



The overall construction of this big bassinet is made of high-quality materials. It can hold up to 30 pounds of weight. That means even if you have a bigger baby, there will be no need to worry about this breaking down. Also, you will be capable of keeping other stuff on the top when your baby does not fit on the bassinet.



This sturdy bassinet is exceptionally versatile. It has an extender that will enable you to use the bassinet as a changing table. And as it has a weight capacity of 30 pounds, even if your baby moves too much during the changing process, you can appropriately change the diaper.


On that note, switching between changing table and bedside mode is pretty straightforward. You will not have to go through that many hassles in that case.


Rocking Feature

Your baby will sleep on top of this bedside sleeper with total comfort. There is a motor inside that can rock the upper portion a bit. The rocking motion will not be like a tree swing. But instead, it will basically vibrate the whole thing. And there are two different soothing vibration modes that you can choose from.


Canopy and Mobility

There is a canopy on the top. That will offer shade from the dim lights. Your baby will not feel bothered even when there is light beside this big bassinet. Also, there are four wheels on the bottom. Those will make it easier to move the unit around from one place to another. You will not need to take a big travel bag.


4. Dream On Me Lacy Portable 2-in-1 Bassinet

Dream On Me Lacy Portable 2-in-1 Bassinetir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B00DZFUWI2

You might have heard about Delight Beside Me Dreamer. Yes, it is the beautiful bassinet for high bed that everyone talks about. Well, Dream On Me has something that is more worthy than Delight Beside Me Dreamer. Want to know about it? Continue reading!


Comfort and Design

This might not be the tallest bedside bassinet you will encounter, but it is a great contender for being the most comfortable. The big bassinet has thick, soft, and safe polyester foam in the middle. The happiest baby would be one that can sleep properly during the night. And that is what this bassinet aims to offer.


Other than that, there are eight different designs available. Each looks beautiful and should make this big bassinet look good beside your bed.



Even though it is not the tallest bassinet on this list, it is undoubtedly the easiest one to move. There are locking caster wheels on the bottom. Those will let you keep your baby at arm’s reach all the time. And unlike traditional bassinets, you will not need to carry them just to move them from one room to another.



The bedside bassinet has a spacious interior. In fact, it is so large that you will not face issues while trying to fit a bigger baby on the top. Also, the space will allow you to use it as a changing table. You will find plenty of room, which means there will be no problems even if your baby moves around too much.


Storage Basket

Tired of keeping a side drawer beside the bed just to keep diapers and other baby-related products? Well, you will not have to worry about that if you get this bassinet. Apart from just being capable of accommodating a bigger baby, the lower storage section can hold a good amount of stuff too.


5. Graco Sense2Snooze Bassinet with Cry Detection Technology

Graco Sense2Snoozeir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07Y5SLKJL

Wouldn’t it be great if the bassinet could comfort the baby when they start to cry in the middle of the night? Well, if you were looking for the best bedside sleeper for tall beds with that feature, keep this offering from Graco in your consideration.


Cry Detection

Unlike the other bassinets, this one integrates advanced technologies. The cry detection sensor will detect and trigger automatically when your baby starts crying. Then, it will respond to the crying baby and offer comfort to them. You will not even need to intervene. The soothing effect will make the baby fall back into sleep.



The motion detector offers loads of options. By considering which one works the best for your baby, you can choose from loads of white noise, nature sounds, and music. You will even have the option to choose the vibration speed. There are two different intensities. Each one of them can soothe and comfort the baby properly.


Talking of which, you will even have options regarding the color of the fabric. It is available in three different colors. And all of them should blend well with your bed.



You might have a lamp beside the bed. Thanks to the canopy on the top of this unit, you will not even need to turn the light off. The canopy will offer shade to the baby, and it will ensure that your baby does not get bothered by the lamp that is beside the bed. Your baby will have a proper good night’s sleep.


Mobility and Mesh Sides

There will be no need to struggle that much when it comes to keeping the bassinet within arm’s reach. The unit has two caster wheels on the bottom that will make it easier to move it around. Also, for the mesh sides, you will be capable of getting an unobstructed view of your baby. The sides will even ensure proper airflow.


6. Papablic 2-in-1 Bonni Baby Bassinet & Bedside SleeperPapablic 2-in-1 Bonni

Papablic 2-in-1 Bonniir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B083JHK6NB

Want to get a versatile bedside sleeper? Looking for a bassinet with side that lowers? Well, Papablic might have the right bassinet for you. Wondering what does it actually has to offer? Read through this review.



The bassinet weighs reasonably low. As a result, you will not have to break your back while trying to move it around from one place to another. In fact, there will be no need to carry it. There are caster wheels on the bottom, which will let you easily move it from one place to another.



This unit has mesh on the side walls. Those walls will let the air go through and let you get a clear view of the baby while they are sleeping. Also, one of the sides of the walls lowers down. That feature will let you change diapers and easily keep the bassinet attached to your bed.


Height Adjustability

You will not have to struggle that much when it comes to keeping this on the height of your bed. The legs are adjustable, and you can adjust the overall height in five different positions. Those positions will make the top align with the tallest adult beds. And the adjusting mechanism is buttery smooth.


Build Quality

It will not disappoint you one bit in terms of the build quality. The overall construction is of high-quality material. Due to how high the quality of the materials is, the baby will stay highly stable on the top. The cushion is soft too. That will enhance the quality of sleep.

Additionally, it has some built-in safety features. So, you can have complete peace of mind when the baby is sleeping on top of the bassinet.


7. Simmons Kids City Sleeper Bedside Bassinet Portable Crib

Simmons Kids City Sleeperir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B07RCC7HVP


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We are going to wrap up our review section with this bedside sleeper for a tall bed. If you were looking for a premium-looking unit, then you should surely check this one out.


Contemporary Style and Storage Cabinet

The tweed pattern of the sleeper indeed makes it stand out among the rest of the options. Instead of looking out of place, it will blend exceptionally well in your room. Also, there is a storage cabinet underneath. That has enough room to hold baby-related accessories, food, and other items.


Vibrating Feature and Twinkle Lights

This premium bassinet integrates a vibrating motor. That will comfort the baby when they are having trouble sleeping. Also, there is an attached nightlight that is coupled with twinkle lights. That will offer a fun and enjoyable time to the baby when you are not around.



Even though the overall construction is pretty solid, the unit is exceptionally lightweight. This lightweight nature will make it easier for you to carry the unit around. Thanks to the lightweight frame, you will not even have to go through that many hassles in terms of the installation process.


Breathable Side Mesh

To keep the baby cool during the hot summer days, it integrates mesh sidewalls. The walls will let the air through while obstructing the light a bit. These walls will even offer you a clear view of the baby when they are sleeping. You can have complete peace of mind when your baby is resting on top of the bassinet.


Things to Consider Before Buying

Even the most popular bassinets do not live up to expectations sometimes. So, how do you ensure that the unit you are getting will offer a stellar overall user experience and sleeping experience to your baby? Well, you would need to keep a few things in mind.



First and foremost, consider the overall build quality. Most of the offerings will utilize aluminum, but some might opt for low-quality metal. And our recommendation would stick with the ones that use high-quality aluminum. Those are sturdy, long-lasting, and can offer good overall stability.



You will often feel the requirement to move the baby bassinet from one place to another. And carrying heavy things around is not an easy task at all. For that reason, considering the overall mobility level of the units is pretty essential.


In this case, we would suggest getting something that is light in weight. Those will be easy to move around. Also, it would be great if the bedside bassinet features wheels on the bottom. That would make the task of moving the unit from one place to another a breeze.


However, do check whether the wheels have a locking mechanism or not. Without that, the bed will move around even when you are not pushing it.


Height Adjustment Mechanism

There is no standard height for beds. Some are exceptionally tall, while others are comparatively less tall. Likewise, these units will have different heights. There are some that will stay flush with your bed, and some might not even come close to the level of your mattress.


Considering that, you would first need to consider the overall height of your bed. Check whether the bassinets do come close to that height or not. If not, check whether there is a height adjustment mechanism or not. That mechanism will make it easier for you to make your bed stay flush with your baby’s bed.


Storage Cabinet

Having a storage cabinet is not absolutely necessary. But it will surely come in handy if you want to keep some of the baby-related stuff within arm’s reach. You can keep spare diapers, foods, toys, and other things on these cabinets. For that reason, we would recommend getting the units that come with storage cabinets.


Special Technologies

Some of the offerings will come with advanced technology, such as a crying detector. Those will be capable of comforting and soothing your baby when you are not around. So, if you like to have that level of peace of mind, we would recommend checking whether the unit has these technologies or not.


Vibrating Feature

Like the special features, you will find loads of units that have a vibrating mechanism. Those will allow your baby to get the comfort and soothing that they require when you can not be around. In fact, we would highly suggest getting the offerings that come with features such as that.


On that note, if you are getting a unit with this vibrating feature, make sure that there are different vibration intensities. That option will let you change the intensity accordingly and offer your baby the highest level of comfort. 



No matter how many features a specific offering comes with, if it can not offer the proper amount of comfort, your baby will not be capable of getting a proper night’s sleep. For this, you would need to check the mattress. Get the ones that are at least 1 inch thick.


Secondly, check the firmness of the mattress. A baby will struggle to fall asleep if the firmness level is too high. But the good news is most of the offerings will either come with soft or highly soft mattresses. That said, you would not want to get the highly soft version if your baby is a bit healthy in comparison.


Mesh Sidewalls

Even though mesh sidewalls are pretty common among the offerings, some of the units might not come with them. However, it is pretty much essential for the baby bassinets to have mesh sidewalls. Without them, air would not be capable of passing through. That would make the baby uncomfortable.


Furthermore, the mesh sidewalls will enable the parents to clearly view the baby when they are sleeping. That will offer peace of mind, which is undoubtedly necessary for new parents.



Last but not least, check whether the unit comes with a canopy or not. It will offer shade from the light source. And without a canopy, babies might face difficulties in terms of sleeping if there is any light turned on beside the bed.


Difference Between in-Bed Sleeper and Bassinet

There are a couple of things that separate a bassinet from an in-bed sleeper. By having a fair idea regarding those factors, you will be capable of differentiating one from the other. So, let us not waste any more of your time and get into describing those differences.



Just like the name suggests, you would have to keep the sleepers in your bed. Most parents like to keep the sleeper in the middle, where both the mother and father can clearly view the baby properly.


On the other hand, bassinets are kept beside the bed. Unlike the in-bed sleeper, only the person sleeping next to the bassinet will be capable of having a clear view of the baby.



Bassinets offer more safety than in-bed sleepers. As you will keep the in-bed sleeper in the middle, the risk of your baby getting crushed, suffocating, and having sleeping troubles will be high.


On the other hand, bassinets will keep your baby away from your bed space. So, the risks that we have mentioned above go out of the equation.



Both the offerings are portable. However, the bassinets are generally a bit less portable than others. They will have a frame and other structural parts, which are not found on the sleepers.


Top-Rated Brands on the Market

There are some brands that know what they are offering. That is why their products achieve a higher overall ranking than the others. If you want to know more about them, go through this entire segment.


Dream On Me

The brand Dream On Me is a premium brand that lives up to its reputation. They offer high-quality units to the market that are not only durable but have modern designs. Also, they are well-known for providing loads of color options for the products that they offer.


Delta Children

The Simmons lineup is pretty popular in the market. That lineup has loads of sleepers and bassinets. You will find options that have height mechanisms, mesh sidewalls, and other integrated features.



When it comes to offering good value for the money, Graco is one of the go-to picks for most parents. They are pretty good at providing high-quality and worthy bassinets that offer an excellent overall value for the money.


However, if you do go through their lineups, you will find premium and units that come with advanced features.



Most of the offerings from Papablic are portable. They are well-known for providing lightweight units that are reasonably durable. That is why their offerings have an excellent overall rating.


Frequently Asked Questions

a. Are bedside bassinets safe?

Yes! As long as the bassinets are offering the right amount of stability, have a durable overall design, and have enough space to comfortably accommodate the baby, they will be 100 percent safe.


b. Do I really need a bassinet?

The fact that bassinets let your baby sleep around you while being compact, durable, and comfortable at the same time makes them essential for every new parent. Also, it is not safe to let your newborn baby sleep with you on the mattress, to begin with.


c. Do bassinets need mattresses?

Usually, the bassinets will come with a built-in mattress. They will generally be 1 inch thick and will have a soft firmness. However, if you are getting the frame only, you would need to purchase the mattress separately.


d. How long do bassinets last?

The lifespan of the bassinets will depend on a couple of things. Firstly, the design. If the design of the legs is not proper, the stability would be pretty low. That would make the legs flimsy. The second thing is the build quality. If the construction materials are not that high in quality, the bassinets will not last long.


e. Are bassinets worth it?

Consider the fact that bassinets offer a safe and comfortable place for your baby to sleep on; we would say that they are 100 percent worth it.


Final Words

The is really no workaround other than to get the best bassinet for tall bed if you want to ensure a safe and comfortable sleeping place for your baby. 


And we would like to assure you that each of the models we have reviewed has gone through intensive tests, met all of the essential criteria, and are all worth the money. So, you can pick the one you like without any hesitation.

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