Do men go to baby showers? Yes, well sometimes.

Do men go to baby showers

Baby showers are one of the most popular occasions that happen for a woman who is pregnant. This function is a celebration of the transformation of motherhood. You will find this function almost in every culture but in different names.

We often see that only women are revolving around this program. A question may arise in your mind: can men attend a baby shower? This article will give you the answer to this.

Do men go to baby showers?

In short, no. A baby shower is totally a girly function. While women celebrate baby showers, men can have “Diaper parties.” But sometimes, men can also attend the function. In this case, the function does not hold ancient morals. There is much more to know about a baby shower.

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Do men go to baby showers?

Baby showers are an ancient and traditional ceremony. In ancient baby showers, men were not allowed to attend this function. If you want to celebrate the baby shower ceremony traditionally, then you have to avoid men.

But nowadays, baby showers are coming as co-ed baby showers. In this type of baby showers, the father, as well as other men, can also join this function. This is a new way of celebrating this happy occasion together.

The mother and father both join the function and get blessings and love from their relatives and other people attending the function. People are celebrating baby showers in this way, which answers the question, “Do men go to baby showers?” in a different way.

What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is generally arranged for celebrating the good news of a new baby. It is a function in which the new mom receives gifts and celebrates the day with joy and cheer. Generally, a baby shower happens for the first baby of the family.

Different cultures celebrate this occasion with different rituals. A few years ago, baby showers used to be celebrated in a different way. Only women who are family members were allowed to attend this ceremony. But in recent years, besides family members, women from outside can also join this occasion.

A new way of celebrating and adding more fun to this function is calling some eunuch. It is also a sign of making them a part of our society. Also, this thing has been happening for the last few years as today’s world is more accepting.

What is the history of baby showers?

The baby shower ceremony is quite ancient. History says the baby shower function has been celebrated since ancient Egyptian and Roman times. They added this to their culture for giving blessings and love to the baby and his mother.

At that time, family members and relatives used to come to those ceremonies and bless the baby, and the mother with some hand made presents. Handmade presents were a sign of love and care then. So they consider these presents as a way of expressing love and blessing.

In the past, it used to be held without any pomp. People used to celebrate this function with some simple rituals. To respect this history and tradition, now we celebrate the baby shower ceremony too. Though the celebration is much different, the moral is still the same.

What is the main purpose of celebrating a baby shower?

The main purpose of celebrating a baby shower is to show love and care for the baby, which is coming soon. The family members come with some gifts and their blessing to shower the baby with prayers and happiness. It is a way to show the bond.

Another reason works behind this ceremony. A woman becomes a mother, so a baby shower occurs to celebrate that transformation and give courage to the would-be mother.

Baby showers have been celebrated for a long period. It has become a part of history now. Different cultures consider this occasion to be a part of their tradition. So we celebrate the baby shower also as a sign of our tradition.

Who is supposed to be invited to a baby shower?

A baby shower should be a very private function. In the past, people believed that pregnant women should not come in front of everyone. The seniors used to think that if they come in front of everyone that it will cause problems due to the devil’s eyes.

According to ancient thoughts to this function, a very small number of relatives and friends who are close enough should be invited. And if you are celebrating a traditional ceremony, then you are supposed to invite the women’s relatives only.

But nowadays, thoughts and morals are changing. Now people celebrate baby showers with a huge gathering of family and friends. It is now a great function which also works as a get-together.

Which is the perfect time for a shower?

When should you have a baby shower? This occasion usually gets arranged 4-6 weeks before the baby comes. The ninth month of pregnancy is the best time to have a baby shower.

Though celebrating the baby, the shower in the ninth month is popular, many people arrange this ceremony in the seventh month of pregnancy. They think attending a function is much more difficult for a nine months pregnant lady. So they arrange this a little sooner.

Though different cultures of families have baby showers at a time as their choice, it is good to arrange a baby shower in the seventh month of pregnancy. This ensures that the mother remains a little bit more healthy at that time.

How much does a baby shower cost? The amount of money totally depends on the preparations and plans of yours for the baby function. If you have a simple function and only your family and friends are invited, then you can do it with just $100 – $1000.

But if you are arranging or planning to have something great or if you want to celebrate your baby shower ceremony with a huge number of guests, then you have to spend more money on your arrangements.

A baby shower can be arranged with a very small amount of money. You can just arrange food and some other things for playing games or for making some rituals done.

How do you make a baby shower great?

Traditional baby showers are a fun occasion for family members. It is a small get together for many people. But if you are trying to make your baby shower different or giving it a little more fun. Then you should try these steps.

  • You can arrange another fun thing. A dance program goes perfectly with a baby shower. Girls can dance in the baby shower to add more fun.
  • Games: A great way of making a baby shower great is to arrange some games. You can arrange several games like pillow passing games, musical chairs, or any other game.
  • You can call a DJ to control the music system. This will make your baby shower more fun.
  • Arrange a small henna party for girls. This will make the baby shower party more fun.
  • Arranging a co-ed baby shower will be more fun for everyone. This way, the father and other men will be able to attend the baby shower.
  • Call a photographer to click great photos of that day. So you can make an album of the baby shower party later.

This way, you will be able to make the baby shower party more fun and great. This will be a great chance to celebrate happiness in our regular busy life. You can also do other stuff to make the party more fun.

Is there any usefulness of it?

Baby showers are an ancient and traditional ceremony. It carries history. It is a great function for a family gathering. You can meet all your family members at a function like this.

The main purpose of arranging a baby shower is to bless both the baby and mother with the love and care of all the people attending the ceremony. This way, we are able to understand the bonding between families and friends.

A baby shower is a way to have fun after spending our regular life. It is also a great way to remove monotony from our life. So arranging a baby shower will help you a lot. It will bring a ray of happiness.

Other Questions

So What Do Guys Do At A Baby Shower?

They are great at the end to load up the gifts and greet and thank the guests. If they arrive early, they are hoping to have some other male to talk too!

Do Fathers Usually Go To Baby Showers?

Perhaps at the end, but normally the father does not attend the whole time. However, that has been changing a bit in the past 5 years from my experience.

Does The Husband Attend The Baby Shower?

Normally, he may make an appearance at the end. But do not expect a husband to be there the whole time.

Final thoughts

Now you have a proper answer to the question, “Do men go to a baby shower?”. I have also brought history and some important details about a baby shower to you. You can understand the importance of baby showers perfectly now.

I have also shown some ways to make a baby shower great. By following these ways, you will be able to arrange a great event for your friends and family. I hope this information will help for your close one who is expecting a baby and add a little more fun to the traditional baby shower.