50 Safe Outdoor Activities For Little Ones (2022 Exciting Picks)

Ourdoor activities for kids.

You can name a lot of outdoor activities for your kids, but how many of those turn out to be as interesting as you imagine those to be? If you are seeking the most interesting ones and safest choices, we are here to help you.

When I was a kid it seemed I spent 4 – 6 hours a day outside. Granted, that was before all the cool technology these days, but getting some fresh air is good for any kid.

Today, we brought the top 50 Safe outdoor activities for little ones that your kids will enjoy. Here we brought activities for kids of any age, so no one will be left out.

For your convenience, we have filtered the most exciting ones for your little buddy which also meets the safety requirements. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get right into it to see what we got for you today! 

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50 Safe Outdoor Activities For Little Ones – Listed Below

1. Gun painting

Painting is always a fun activity to do when it comes to kids. Using the advantage, you can prepare a perfect gun painting opportunity for your kids outside. As painting with guns inside the home can create quite a mess, you can easily make it one of the safe outdoor activities for toddlers

Hang a big white paper board on a stand, and fill guns with watercolors. The rest is up to your kid to enjoy. They will spray the gun paint over the white paper board and paint whatever they like to. 

2. Water blobs

Grab at least 4 mm thick plastic sheeting and duct tape. Unroll the sheeting and cut it depending on your kid’s height. Using parchment paper on top, iron the edges to make the sheeting leakproof. Make sure to keep one side open from where you will fill the water inside. 

Afterward, fill the sheeting with water and add a few drops of blue paint. Then seal the open side using the iron, there you go! If you see any signs of leaking, the duct tape will help you right there. Water blobs are a great source of outdoor fun for kids. 

3. Bug hunt

Hunting is always exciting. What you can do to let your kids enjoy this excitement is- just hide a few bugs in the garden and tell your kids to find those. You can prepare a prize for anyone who can find the bug first. The bug doesn’t need to be real, rather you can use fake plastic bug toys for this activity. 

4. Search and hunt with a magnifying glass

If your baby is a science geek, a magnifying glass and hunting experiment with that will make his/her day! Remember how in high school we used to be so curious over the magnifying glasses and insist our parents get us one? Well, you can give a taste of the curiosity to your kids too! 

In this activity, you can hide some gems or cool things at distant places and ask your baby to find those using the magnifying glass. Thus your baby will get introduced to the usage of a magnifying glass in a fun way. 

5. Rock painting

Here is another fun painting activity to arrange for your kids. Gather some big, small and medium-sized paintable rocks, and tell your kids to paint on those. For the painting, you can get your kids acrylic paints. 

6. Dinosaur bone hunting

A lot of kids have another level of interest in dinosaurs and Paleontology. They just love digging for fossil evidence and the human revolution. To give your kid a taste of Paleontology, you can make him/her a paleontologist for a few hours. 

Asking, how? Just grab some fake dinosaur bones and hide them under the soil of the garden or in a safe jungle nearby. Then let your kids find the bones like a professional paleontologist and watch them work like never before! 

7. Watering the plants

Getting in touch with nature can increase your kids’ activity and improve their health. Also, watering the plants will teach them to take responsibility and will let them think that they help with the household stuff too. So fill the water hose and teach your kids how to water the plants. Later on, you can see some responsible kids doing their job with excitement! 

8. Ice paint

Ice painting is a fun summer activity for kids. The procedure is very easy and won’t take you long to prepare. Just take your ice tray and pour 3-4 drops of food color in it. You have to use different colors like red, green, blue, yellow and anything you like. 

After that, fill the tray with water and put popsicles inside each water box. Keep the tray in the freezer until it turns into ice. Once the colorful ice cubes are made, take the tray out of the freezer and let your baby paint using the ice cubes. 

9. Bubble painting

Another exciting painting activity is bubble painting. Here, you have to prepare a bubble-making mixture using three tablespoons of bubble solution and two tablespoons of color in a bowl. Then mix the ingredients together. 

Now ask your kid to dip the bubble wand or straw into the mixture and blow the bubble out on a paper. Thus you can make fun using bubble painting with the least effort. 

10. Angry birds

Angry birds is an entertaining game for kids and you can bring it outside the laptop or phone display easily. Gather the required toys and make similar circumstances where your kids can follow the same rules to play real-life angry birds games. The whole procedure is very simple and enjoyable!

11. Scooter or bike riding

If you don’t want to take much hassle, you can simply buy a kid’s scooter or bike to let your kid enjoy a good ride at the back of the house or in the lawn. You can monitor the driving from your home. This one is awesome because most kids have a fascination for driving their own car, and it will be the perfect opportunity to provide your kid with that.

12. Hide and seek

You cannot ignore that if you really enjoyed something in your childhood, that’s this game. This is something that never gets old. So if your kid has a bunch of friends, you can teach them how to play hide and seek. You can also show them some cool hiding spots, or you can join them too! 

13. Planting

Alongside watering the plants, here is another activity to teach your kids. If you have a garden outside your home, this one will be a perfect opportunity for your kids to learn something new. Well, hereby you can teach them about global warming and the importance of tree-plantation as well. 

Just pick a few seeds to plant and teach the kids how to dig and plant the seeds. Then monitor them while they do it on their own. This is a fun activity that involves the real-time experience of something new. 

14. Sand Treasure Hunt

Here is another exciting activity that you can introduce to your baby. This activity includes magnets and therefore can be known as a treasure hunt. What you have to do is, hide some magnets inside the sand and give your kid another magnet to find out where you have buried the hidden magnets. Whoever collects most of the magnets, wins! 

15. Graffiti painting

Undoubtedly, painting has a lot of categories that you can let your kids try and enjoy. One of those is graffiti painting. If you have a spare wall where your kids can draw and paint, you can use that wall for graffiti painting. In case, if you don’t want the wall to be ruined, you can use paper on top of the wall to protect the actual color. 

16. Wall climbing

If you are searching for something unique to introduce to your child, here it is. Climbing is an adventurous activity that kids just love. So what you have to do is- prepare a wall with climbable substances at home for your kid. Make sure to put some safety measures on the floor so that your kid doesn’t fall and get hurt. It’s better if you do not use the climbable substances for a big height. 

17. Tree climbing

Alongside wall climbing, another exciting activity will be tree climbing. Though it has an age restriction, so unless you think that your baby is aged enough to climb a tree, don’t follow this one. If you have a real tree in your garden or lawn, teach your kid how to climb that and then watch him/her climb on it. 

18. Animal feeding

Alike tree plantation and watering, you can let your kids feed some animals. This task will let them enjoy a great time with nature and also they will get to know about different animals, their food habits. If possible, you can take your kids to the zoo for meeting up with a variety of animals. 

19. Toy car wash

When your kid is car-freak, car washing is another activity that s/he will just love! Babies love to pretend like adults and the toy car wash game gives them the perfect opportunity to role-play. You can teach your baby how to wash a car and then let them wash their own toy cars. But make sure that the cars they are going to wash are waterproof.

20. Color making

For a better discovery, you can teach your child about natural colors. To get started, first, let them collect different colorful flowers, petals, and leaves. Then tell them to take each of those and rub those in a spoonful of water. In such a way, they can extract the natural colors and paint using those.

21. Mud hunting

Like sand treasure hunting, another great activity to do is mud hunting. In a similar way, you have to hide small toys or bugs inside the mud and tell your kids to find those. In this activity, make sure to make your kids wear gloves because otherwise, mud worms might bother in the play. 

22. Small picnic

If your baby has a bunch of friends, you can arrange an outdoor picnic for them. Gather chocolates, fruits, dry foods, nuts, beans, marshmallows and organize the foods over a mattress outside in nature. For drinking, you can prepare fruit juice or cold drinks for them to enjoy. The kids can play board games and eat together, which will be an amazing pastime.

23. Acorn crafting

Acorns are amazing natural craft materials and can be a great source of entertainment for your kids. First, let them gather acorns from the garden or woods, and after that, suggest them to make whatever they like using those acorns. They can paint the crafts using acrylic paints as well. This activity will flourish their creativity and the kids always come up with beautiful ideas while crafting. 

24. Taking a dog for a walk

Do you have a pet dog? Then letting your kid go for a walk with the dog can be another amazing idea. S/he will feel excited to have the responsibility and thus you can make the best use of their leisure time. But make sure to be with them in the walk because leaving the kid alone with the dog can sometimes be quite stressful. 

25. Homemade slider

You can’t deny that one of the most entertaining childhood memories that we have is from sliders. Kids just love to slide in the parks. So what you can do here is- arrange a few cardboards and shape them as a slider. Make sure to keep it enough sturdy so that it can handle the weight of your kid. Once you are done making the slider, see how your kid enjoys it! 

26. Bird feeding

Kids love animals. You can take your kid to a park or jungle or even a bird zoo where they allow you to feed the birds. Then let your kid feed the birds. This activity will help the kids learn about different birds and how they look. 

27. Fish feeding

Among all the family fun activities, here’s another one your kid will love. Take him/her to a pond or park where they allow to feed the fish. Bring enough fish food with you and let your kids feed the fish from their own hands. 

28. Swimming

Swimming is not only an enjoyable activity but also a vital life lesson. The sooner you teach your kid how to swim, the better it is. So, to take a shot, you can take your kid swimming in nearby swimming pools. This activity is very healthy and enjoyable at the same time. 

29. Water splash

Here comes another great summer activity. Fill some plastic bags with water and make sure that there are plenty of water-filled bags to play with for a long time. Afterward, let your kids throw the water-filled bags at each other. The main game is to save thyself from getting wet. They will run and have a lot of fun while playing the game. 

30. Read under tree

Reading is never a waste of time. So if you want your kids to develop the habit of reading, you can arrange an activity to read under the tree together. After the reading, you can go for a quiz round to see who has done the best in reading! 

31. Ice cream festival

Did you hear about this interesting event called Ice cream festival? We are pretty sure your kid’s gonna scream with joy if s/he hears about this. Ice Cream just melts kids’ hearts and we all know it. Your kiddo can chill out along with a variety of flavors of ice creams, ice cream desserts and grand celebrations of different kinds of ice-cream things. Don’t waste your summer in boring sessions while you and your kid can enjoy this wonderful festival of ice cream as an amazing activity outside. 

32. Leaf scrapbook

Leaf scrapbook is a pretty interesting idea to discuss. To begin with, we can consider it to be one of the most creative jobs a kid can do! To prepare a leaf scrapbook you need to cut several pieces of cardboard, an old box to fit the other utensils and as much as leaf and flowers you want. 

Put the flowers and leaves between the layers of cardboard and tighten the four corners of the cardboards to create enough pressure for making the leaves flat. 

33. Treasure map

Another fun activity your kid can do is enjoying the treasure map. You might think treasure maps to be a thing that adults do but now you can easily discover some treasure maps which are suitable for kids. 

Instead of sitting at home and playing with digital devices, your kid can go out with the treasure map and enhance his capabilities physically and mentally. Isn’t that a great shot? 

34. Beach exploration

Have you ever let your kid do some beach exploring? Well, your kid will become jubilant by hearing that you are going to let him do some beach exploring. Kids love to find cool objects when they are on the beach. This is more like treasure hunting in a way. 

If you want your kid to get an opportunity to give up digital devices and do some helpful gestures on the beach, this one is the perfect idea to follow. That’s really a fun yet energetic activity.

35. Flower painting

A real fun yet educational activity for your kid should be flower painting. You can inspire your kid to make it a hobby. This way, s/he will be inspired to collect a variety of flowers and know about the different species of flower.

The colors of flowers will definitely have a colorful impact on your kid’s mind. Who knows, your kid might get into something big through this colorful habit? 

36. Finding shapes in clouds

Finding shapes in clouds, sounds fun? Remember when we used to lay down on the ground and do that? We think that’s something kids can find really interesting. We’ve already found a lot of kids doing this for hours. 

Whenever you find your kid bored or you want him to be out of the digitalized world for a little while, just introduce him to this activity. Finding shapes in clouds can seem to be an activity of real fun and interest to your little one. 

37. Water gun Funtime

Even adults will be amused by hearing something about water gun funtime. Undoubtedly every single kid is crazy about this little game. During hot summers you should let your kid play this game and have a fun time of their own. They can get drenched, run, and have some playful time. These kinds of outdoor activities are much better than your kid’s lazy day with digital devices to be honest. 

38. Sand sculpture building

Mostly kids get a chance to do sand sculpture building near sea beaches. But your kid can do so anywhere with sand. It is a fun activity which can make your kid go through a great time. 

With this activity, the kids will get an opportunity to do something creative, show their creativity and learn a lot of new things that can’t be learnt by sitting at home all day long. Actually visual and physical activities are always the best and can’t be replaced with some online games. 

39. Cement sculpture

Making your kid learn new shapes is a lot easier when you do so with cement sculpture. It might take a few ingredients, but the outcome is worth it. Also, you can keep the after result as a showpiece. 

On the other hand, it’s a great opportunity to make your kid socialize and show his creativity by making different creations with cement sculpture. During summer let your kid enjoy the beach fun while doing some sand sculpture instead of making him sit at home all day long

40. Homemade bubble games

It will cost you a little amount of soap but the funtime this game provides to your kid is priceless. Every kid always seeks a chance to play this kind of game but we stop them. Instead of that, we should help them to make homemade bubble games by mixing soap and water. That’s a fun game that will help to make your little one full of life instantly. What a lovely opportunity that is! 

41. Cricket

You will be lying if you say that you’ve never enjoyed playing cricket in childhood? Then why are you making your kid miss that wonderful fun time? Get your kid a cricket kit and play with him whenever you get time. 

Let him play with his friends and neighbors as well. It needs no further explanation that cricket is a game that helps your kid grow physically and mentally with a positive influence. 

42. Playing with balls

You won’t believe it, but catching and throwing a ball is really a helpful game for kids. It includes physical activity with boosts the metabolism as well. When you find nothing to give your child, then just get him a ball and he will invent different kinds of games all by himself. 

Make some time and play with your kid and balls. Actually playing with a ball is never boring and will always end up bringing a big smile to your kid’s face, which is nothing but heartwarming. 

43. Crawling competition

Babies tend to crawl before walking. Never stop your baby from crawling. You can’t imagine how beneficial that natural activity is! But how often do we crawl when we grow up? Well, you can take a shot there. 

Gather your kid’s friends together and make a crawling competition. Whoever can reach the destination first, wins. Prepare some arrangements to give them as winning gifts! So simple yet exciting, right?

44. Collecting leaves or petals

We assume you always want your kid to be learning. So why don’t you inspire him to collect leaves and petals? It’s a fun activity that is educational as well. When your kid will be out to discover leaves and petals he will get to know a whole other world in a positive way. Make your kid do so and then just relax. 

45. Building castle using woods or boxes

Are you lost in your childhood yet? We adore how affectionate yet fun building a castle using woods and boxes is! Then make your kid do so too. Undoubtedly this generation will love that playtime since they are always stuck at home with digital gaming. Just inspire your kid to do so and see his reaction, you’ll be delighted too, we bet! 

46. Clay gaming

Clay gaming is a lot more than you think. Making different shapes, using various tools and other things make your kid have a fun time which is really worth praising since kids never leave the computer chair nowadays. 

Clay playing can be educational and fun at the same time. You can’t imagine how creative kids can be with clay gaming. Inspire your kid to be one of those kids too. 

47. Chalk painting

Chalk painting is another interesting form of painting. Your kid can do a lot of paintings with chalk and that looks good. Chalk painting is an easy, fun and safe activity for your kid. Just grab a few colorful chalks and let your kid draw using those. 

Giving their imaginary world a face a lot easier for kids when they get to paint. So why don’t you let your kid do some chalk painting and decorate his world in a simple yet happy way? 

48. Color wheel

A color wheel is a fun and colorful tool for your little one. It’s an abstract illustrative organization of colors that brings a new dimension to a kid’s world. They get to paint their world with colors by visualizing the pretty colors on a color wheel. Basically that’s an educational toy that shows the relations between primary colors, secondary colors, tertiary colors etc. 

49. Puzzle

A great way to test your kids IQ is a puzzle. There are tons of puzzles available at stores. You can choose one which will be able to attract your kid. Enhancing your kid’s intelligence is possible with a puzzle. 

Instead of making your kid waste his time with useless toys let him spend some fun but reliable period with a good set of puzzles. Your kid’s going to love those games too. 

50. Mini-outdoor kitchen

Many of us find their kids interested in doing kitchen jobs. But it’s never safe to put them into a real one. The solution to your problem is a mini-outdoor kitchen. We can’t even explain how lovely they look. 

Kids become crazy about them with the very first glimpse. Moreover, they are safe and welcome your kid in a hospital environment. Feeding your kid’s imaginary needs is actually possible with this thing 

Wrapping Up

By this time, you know about 50 Safe outdoor activities for little ones. You have now a handful of choices to let your kid enjoy the spare time to the most. Also, most of the activities here doesn’t cost much so you can totally escape in a budget-friendly way with full of fun. 

We have kept the safety issues in mind, so don’t bother about that. Just keep your kid’s age in mind and find the perfect activity for him/her. Hopefully, your baby will no longer get bored in the leisure time.