Exersaucer Vs Jumperoo- Which One Is The Best For Your 15 Month Old?

Exersaucer Vs Jumperoo

Parents can get confused with all their decisions when the baby is concerned. And that includes choosing an entertainment unit for the baby. Because the entertainment source helps the baby develop, it’s a bit tough to conclude the exersaucer vs jumperoo dilemma, especially in the 12 – 15 month age range.

We’ve done our part to make your confusion go away. We created a comparison between the two, including the upsides and downsides. So hopefully, when you make the decision, you’ll be fully aware of all the things you need to know. 

Exersaucer Vs Jumperoo: Comparison Chart

Features Exersaucer Jumperoo
Evenflo Bouncing Activity Exersaucer, Sweet Tea Party


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Evenflo Exersaucer Activity Center, Zoo Friends


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Evenflo Jump and Learn Stationary Exersaucer Jumper, Jam Session


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Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo


q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B000LXQVA4&Format= SL110 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=babykidcare0d 20&language=en US
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Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Jumperoo


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Fisher-Price Jumperoo: Laugh & Learn


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Lights and Music No lights or music No lights or music Electronic toys with lights and music with three genres Features music and lights Features music and lights Lights and music with five songs
Portability Not foldable but lightweight and Portable Not foldable  Not foldable Foldable and portable Foldable and portable Foldable and portable
Other Machine-washable seat, adjustable height, 360 swivel chair Machine-washable seat, 10+ activities, swivel chair 67 activities, electronic toys, soft landing pad Comfortable and machine-washable seat pad, adjustable height Diverse toys, easy to store, machine-washable seat Adjustable height, machine-washable-seat pad, diverse toys

Exersaucer Vs Jumperoo: Detailed Review

Table of Contents

Different exersaucers and jumperoos come with unique features. That’s why we’ve discussed three different examples of each, best in their category, to give you an idea about what they can offer.

1. Evenflo Bouncing Activity Exersaucer, Sweet Tea Party

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when you’re spending a good amount of money on a playpen, you want your baby to use it for a long time. Well, this exersaucer ensures that even with your baby growing, this unit can be equally entertaining. 

It’s a unit for girls with subtle colors and beautiful toys for their development. In addition, there are three adjustable heights, making it suitable for babies of different ages.

One thing parents love about this unit is that it’s elementary. There aren’t any elements in this playpen to overwhelm your baby. Instead, everything is calm and subtle to help your baby grow. 

However, if you’re looking for something with music and lights, this might not be the unit for you. But, its 360o swivel chair keeps your baby busy and delivers the fun it promises. 

Moreover, it’s lightweight, so you can easily carry it from one room to another with you. So you can keep playing with your baby while doing your usual things. There are also empty toy slots you can fill with extra toys according to your child’s preference. 

The sit comes off easily and is machine washable. So, it reduces a lot of trouble. 

The best thing about this exersaucer is it helps your baby’s growth by improving leg, back, and neck muscle activities. In addition, it helps the baby with self-awareness, object exploration, object performance, cause and effect learning, hand and eye coordination, tactile development, visual development, and more. 

However, the manufacturer advises you not to use the unit once your baby is 30 inches tall. 


  • Diverse toys
  • Three adjustable heights
  • 360o swivel chair
  • Machine-washable seat
  • Easy to carry


  • Not appropriate for babies over 30 inches tall 
  • Doesn’t have any music and lights

You can click here to discover more about this exersaucer. 

2. Evenflo Exersaucer Activity Center, Zoo Friends

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Evenflo Zoo Friends Exersaucer will surely keep your baby busy figuring out all the fun toys at hand. There are 10+ activities to explore with this unit. If your child is curious, this zoo playpen is something you would want for him/her. 

As long as you’re following the instructions from the manufacturer, it’s an entirely safe bouncing platform for your little one. The chair swivels so the baby can enjoy all the toys around by turning. 

The bouncing and turning help your baby’s muscle to get stronger and works as exercise activities. All toys in this unit are colorful and vibrant. 

Evenflo’s Zoo Friends exersaucer will make your baby’s imagination go wild with those zoo toys. He/she will have to turn, stretch and bounce to play with the toys, making their muscle more robust and more stable. Besides, you can add extra toys to the tray.

The whole unit is pretty straightforward to assemble. The seat also comes off easily, and you can wash it using your machine. 

The exersaucer doesn’t have any sounds or lights that need batteries. Instead, it’s a straightforward playing unit to help your baby with developmental milestones. 


  • Easy to assemble
  • Vibrant toys
  • Safe bouncing for your baby
  • Swivel chair
  • Machine washable seat 
  • Help in muscle development 


  • Does not feature any music or lights

Learn more details about this playing unit.

3. Evenflo Jump and Learn Stationary Exersaucer Jumper

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If you’re willing to go a bit higher on the budget, this stationary exersaucer is the perfect choice for your beloved little one. The landing pad is soft, so your baby can bounce tirelessly. Besides, the pad is ideal for increasing your baby’s stability at an early age. 

Unlike the other two exersaucers on this list, this one comes with lights and music. There are three genres of music to let your baby enjoy anything he/she wants. 

This playpen is for babies from 4 months until they can stand on their own. So, expect to use it for a prolonged period while your kid learns coordination in a playful manner.

There are 67 activities your baby can go through using this exersaucer. It can keep your baby busy all day long and help him develop at the same time. 

One of the most effective uses of this unit is to make your baby tired when he/she doesn’t want to take a nap. This thing is so much entertaining that the baby is bound to get tired and eventually fall asleep. 

Another thing to mention is, the music and lights are not annoying, unlike most other toys. They are appropriate for kids and won’t irritate you while you’re busy. 

The only downside of this playpen seems to be the size. It’s huge. Even though it’s convenient for the baby, it’s almost impossible to relocate from one room to another without dividing it apart. It doesn’t come off quickly either. You’ll have to unscrew it. 


  • 67 fun activities 
  • Soft landing pad
  • Electrical toys with lights and music
  • Removable toys
  • Three music genres
  • Helps the baby learn balance and coordination
  • Safe bouncing


  • Large and not conveniently portable
  • Doesn’t come apart easily 

Discover more fascinating features of this exersaucer by clicking here. 

1. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

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Fisher-Price gives your baby a chance to learn about various things in a fun way. It’s a jumperoo full of fun and innovative toys to keep your baby growing the way he/she enjoys. Of course, the swivel chair adds icing to the cake. 

Sounds and lights in the unit excite your baby with every jump, every bounce. The toys include a peek-a-boo tiger, bat-at monkey, rattle lizard, and much more. Besides, there are three adjustable heights to make it more comfortable and suitable for your baby. 

One interesting feature you won’t find in many exersaucers is that you can fold it in a compact shape for storing. That means taking up less space in your home when not in use. 

You can remove the seat without any hassle and put it in the washing machine for cleaning. The materials are durable and safe to use for your baby. This jumperoo allows your baby to bounce with safety while keeping the necessity of entertainment in mind. 


  • Conveniently storable with a foldable feature
  • Machine washable 
  • Diversity of the toys
  • Music and lights
  • Three adjustable heights
  • Comfortable seat pad
  • No doorway required
  • Portable 


  • The unit can scratch hardwood floors
  • One side of the unit is empty 

Click here if you want to know anything else about this versatile jumperoo. 

2. Fisher-Price Woodland Friends Jumperoo

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The Woodland Friends Jumperoo model from Fisher-price is a great way to accelerate your baby’s motor skills. Let your baby bounce, jump, and play with all the elements to be creative to their best. 

Versatile toy options, lights, and music will surely lead your baby to a satisfying nap. So keep your baby busy with the things he/she loves. And, the foldable feature will reduce your worry about relocating the station in a heartbeat. 

The front panel features colored pieces that light up to ignite the creativity inside your baby. It helps the baby to learn about cause and effect, hand and eye coordination, and much more in a fun and friendly way. However, the pieces are not buttons. 

Other than that, there are also clacker rings your baby can slide and spin, a wiggly-jiggly frog for teething, woodland friends spinner animals over the head, clicker caterpillar for sliding, and much more. So your baby will continue to grow his/her interest in this multi-purpose playpen without getting bored. 


  • Easy to store
  • Portable and foldable 
  • Diverse toy collection
  • Safe bouncing
  • Machine washable seat 
  • Music and lights


  • It doesn’t fold as flexibly as you would want.
  • The colored pieces could have been buttons for the baby’s satisfaction.

Look for more exciting features of this jumperoo. 

3. Fisher-Price Jumperoo: Laugh & Learn

q? encoding=UTF8&ASIN=B071ZSFWCG&Format= SL250 &ID=AsinImage&MarketPlace=US&ServiceVersion=20070822&WS=1&tag=babykidcare0d 20&language=en US
ir?t=babykidcare09 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=B071ZSFWCG

This farm-themed jumperoo with adjustable heights is bound to win your child’s heart. It’s diverse, colorful, entertaining, and educational at the same time. So, your baby can stay happy, learn to grow, and develop all at once. 

The springs come with soft covers to keep your little one’s fingers safe from any injury. You can easily remove the seat pad, wash and dry it in your machine without damaging it.  

The music on this unit will play for 10 minutes to keep your baby happy. Toys on this jumperoo include a flipbook, rattle bead cow, bat-at rooster, peek-a-boo horsey, veggie shape sorters,  clacker kitty, mirror, and pop-and-play piggies. These elements help your baby’s development by teaching him/her cause and effect, object identification, and much more. 

Besides, bouncing and jumping will stretch the baby’s muscles to make them more stable. Finally, the chair rotates, which means your baby will turn, spin, stretch and play all in one unit. 


  • Adjustable heights
  • The durable frame doesn’t require a doorway
  • Five songs, six toy stations, two overhead toys
  • Foldable and portable 
  • Machine-washable seat pad


  • The toys on aren’t very high-quality considering the price. 

Click here to see more details about this jumperoo. 

The Basic Differences Between An Exersaucer And A Jumperoo

Jumperoos and exersaucers are similar in a lot of ways. The primary differences are their structure and motive. 

Jumperoos, as the name suggests, are mainly for babies to bounce and jump. But they are not like usual jumpers you can find. These don’t require a doorway, which makes them a lot safer. 

Exersaucers, on the other hand, are more of a cut-out table with a swivel chair in the middle. The baby can rotate and play with different toys around. 

Similarities Between An Exersaucer And A Jumperoo

Both units help develop your child’s muscle and creativeness. In addition, these units keep your babies busy and make them tired, leading to a peaceful nap. 

These playpens come with diverse toys that experts design, keeping the baby’s development in mind. All the elements in these units help your baby grow in different ways. The baby turns, bounces, rotates and stretches as a reaction to the elements that help the baby develop.

Remember that no matter what unit you’re using, it’s better to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions with the unit. Not following the instructions may lead to hurting your baby. 

 To sum up, an exersaucer or a jumperoo can make your baby learn and grow using a fun and playful way. It’s also a great way to keep your baby busy. 

Exersaucer Vs Jumperoo: Benefits

Even though these units differ based on a few aspects, the motive is almost the same. Getting an exersaucer or a jumperoo can benefit your baby in several ways. So let’s put on some light on them. 

Muscle Development 

Neither exersaucer nor jumperoo will help your baby to walk. Let’s get this straight first. However, they’re incredibly helpful in strengthening muscles, especially the leg muscles. The baby jumps, bounces, turns and stretches, which helps enhance the neck muscles. 

Source Of Physical Exercise

Babies can get irritated and fuzzy if you don’t make them do exercise regularly. Using a playpen can work as an exercise unit to keep your baby energized. 

Mental Stimulation 

The baby can also get creative with such units. For example, the toys with lights and music allow the baby to understand cause and effect, object movement, colors, shapes, etc., in a fun way. They also help develop the visual, aural, and tactile senses of your baby.

You Get A Break Too 

Parenting is a 24/7 job—no denying that. Keeping your baby busy with an entertainment unit will give you a few moments to yourself. 

Even though you’ll have to supervise the baby, but you can keep the baby in front of you while working or resting. 

Things To Consider While Buying An Exersaucer Or A Jumperoo For A 15 Month Old Toddler

Where your baby is concerned, safety is always the priority. Make sure to choose a unit safe and durable enough to support your baby. Even if you are tight on budget, sturdy construction is the first feature you should enure. 

Then comes variety. Look for the elements on the unit. Also, you can check out the reviews by users to compare between products. 

Usually, exersaucers and jumperoos come in different themes. Look for various themes and select the one your baby will love the most. You can also take the colors and shapes of the elements into consideration.

Another essential thing to consider is whether your baby is suitable to use the unit. For example, if the baby can stand on the floor with straight feet or climb out from the unit, you shouldn’t let him/her use it. 

If someone you know owns such a playpen, it’s better to let your baby try it before you can get a new one. If there isn’t any such option, check the measurements carefully. 


Final Words

After narrowing down your choices to exersaucer and jumperoo, it can get tiring to make the final decision. The truth is, both of them have their drawbacks and highlights. All babies are different, and you’ll have to select one depending on what your baby likes. 

If it’s the jumping and bouncing you want for your baby, a jumperoo is a better choice. If, however, you want a playpen that your baby can use to learn intellectual understanding, an exersaucer is more suitable. In simple words, a jumperoo will help your baby’s muscles to develop, and an exersaucer will help him/her with intellectual abilities.  

Hopefully, that puts an end to your exersaucer vs jumperoo confusion an a little more information to help you make an informed buying decision.

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