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When star war’s first episode, “Phantom Menace,” came out, people started dreaming about the distant future that lay light years ahead.

This was also the part where Emperor Palpatine was introduced. While spaceships and excellent techs might have had their attraction, nothing could beat good ol’ sword fighting.

Swords are the new hope of every fantasy. If you see a child that does not like playing with toy swords ask why not? They are great tools for the imagination.

However, unlike old-fashioned metal swords, Star Wars came up with its version. That was how lightsabers came into being. It was a lightsaber that both Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader used to fight.

Everyone aside from Han Solo and Boba Fett used these weapons. They instead used electrons blaster or plasma beam guns to a blast door. This is because they have set before the force awakens.

The lightsaber, as the name suggests, is made of light. It has the same properties and temperature as light. In a nutshell, carrying a lightsaber is like taking a searing-hot, pointed star.

Are you a fan of lightsabers? If you are, you have come to the right place because, in this article, we will be talking about everything starting from “how hot are lightsabers.”  

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How Hot Are Lightsabers? (Explained)!

In a nutshell, they are boiling. The heat they give off exceeds anything that you could ever imagine. We aren’t talking about a few thousand Kelvin here. What we are talking about is a heat of 10,000 to 100,000 Kelvin; or 17,5400F to 179,5400F (9,726.70C to 99,7260C). A temperature is only possible for hot Plasma to achieve. If they were real you would have your limbs sawed off and cauterized instantly.

Are you shocked? Well, we were, too, when we first found out. Lightsabers are hot enough to cut through a titanium ore like a knife cutting through butter. A simple chop can cut through stone pillars, pipes, and even enormous boulders. Just name it; we are sure that the item would get cut into crisps easily with a lightsaber.

An interesting fact from the star wars legends is that when two lightsabers collide against each other, the resulting force causes bright sparks to blind the entire field of vision of any person momentarily. 

So you do get the idea of how hot lightsabers can be. If you don’t, imagine a laser cutting through a diamond. Then imagine a sword that is at least a thousand times to the power of the temperature and sharpness factor. That is how hot lightsabers can be.

What Are Lightsabers Based On?

We have already mentioned that lightsabers are swords from the fictional star war world. However, that is only half of the truth. Lightsabers are more than just metallic swords. They are swords made of light, and unlike metal, swords do not rust.

The birth of lightsabers is based on real-life pseudo-science. The weapon has been designed with the concept of power cells, modulation circuits, and energy gates. While the main ideas are incredibly complicated, three significant things can be understood.

Lightsabers are made from Plasma. Plasma refers to atomic particles like protons that are superheated and pressurized into light energy.

They are powered with a single power source, i.e., “Kyber Crystal.” It is stored in the saber’s hilt that acts as the adapter. “Kyber Crystal” refers to a super-advanced battery that can never run out of energy in real life. It can create energy from the air and has virtually zero energy wastage. It uses the magnetic field around the Plasma to make the lightsaber blade that every Jedi knight uses.

The power of the lightsaber is based on the light itself. The energy circulates the sword at the speed of light, i.e., 3×10^8 m/s. That is why they can also be called plasma blades. 

Can Lightsabers Work Underwater?

This might prove a disappointment, but lightsabers don’t work underwater. If a regular lightsaber is activated underwater, it will start to malfunction. However, that is only for the regular ones.

Later on, in a particular lightsaber battle in the lore, a unique lightsaber was introduced. It was designed with bifurcating cyclical-ignition pulse technology to work underwater. Besides this fantastic technology, this lightsaber was the same as the standard one.

Waterproof star wars lightsaber wasn’t famous in the franchise. That is why lightsabers were made waterproof only until later in the series.

What Has The Same Temperature As The Lightsabers?

When it comes to insanely high temperatures around 10,000-100,000K, there aren’t quite many objects that you can find. What about Laser beam or lightning? Not a chance at all! Even the sun in our solar system has a temperature of 5000-6000K and cannot compete.

However, that doesn’t mean that this temperature is impossible for any object other than the sci-fi lightsabers.

While most stars, including the sun, cannot hope to achieve this temperature in our lifetimes, two specific star types have a temperature with a minimum of 10,000K. These stars are as follows:

O type stars- The stars that fall on this spectrum are also called blue stars. It has an extreme surface temperature of 30,000 – 60,000 K. Although humans have theorized that these stars exist, we have absolutely no proof.

B type stars: The stars counted among this spectrum type include whitish-blue ones. The temperature of their surfaces tends to be around 10,000 – 30,000 K. Like the first star, this star has no proof of its existence. It is all a part of human theory and prediction.

The two high-temperature stars included are both parts of the celestial world. With how far human knowledge has come, we have nothing in our Earth that could rival the temperature of lightsabers.

Additionally, nothing in this universe currently can reach the maximum temperature of 100,000K like the lightsaber.

How Many Types Of Lightsabers Are There?

When it comes to lightsabers, they are nothing short of surprises. While not all of them have been introduced in the movies, there are currently 16 different lightsabers in the entire franchise. Below we have included five of the most popular lightsabers ever:

Sith lightsaber: This red lightsaber was created only for the Sith forces. It is a corrupt form of the original lightsaber that came in the iconic red color. This sword is wielded by all Sith, including the famed Obi-Wan Kenobi. A purple version of this sword exists. Master Mace Windu wielded that.

Double-Bladed Lightsaber: This sword was first introduced as Darth Maul’s featured sword. It is a double-bladed variant of the standard lightsaber. Also, these were the main featured swords from the clone wars series of the franchise. Anakin skywalker used this sword before becoming Darth Vader.

Crossguard Lightsaber: This is one of the most popular lightsabers in recent years. Aside from the main blade, it has two plasma vents on its hilt, perfect for a lightsaber duel in the star wars universe. Kylo Ren used these types of lightsabers.

Lightsaber Pike: This is a Jedi lightsaber characterized by yellow. It is a variant of the double-bladed lightsaber.

Darksaber: When it comes to darksabers, there aren’t many words that can describe them. It looks like your regular lightsaber but is black and shorter than the regular one. This is also one of the most popular lightsabers from the star war video game.        

What Materials Can Lightsabers Cut Through?

If we are talking about materials that a lightsaber can cut through, there are plenty of them. Vibranium, Pronotum, Titanium, Uranium- name it! Lightsabers can cut through anything that has ever been made by humanity.

Uru Vs. Lightsaber

If we consider the fictional world, it will be hard to find something that could be a contender against lightsabers.

For instance, if we talk about Thanos’s gauntlet from the Avengers, which was made from Uru, the answer is a yes. Uru has a melting point of around 15 000 Kelvin. A lightsaber can cut through metal that even an iron man with his nano suit couldn’t.

While the minimum temperature achievable by lightsabers is 10,000 Kelvin, their maximum possible temperature is around 100,000 Kelvin. In addition, while Uru is made from the moon, lightsabers are manufactured with the power of Plasma (stars) in mind.

The final winner should be more than apparent—lightsabers in the competition with a heavily large rating.

Materials The Lightsaber Cannot Cut through

By now, you might be thinking that nothing in the natural or fictional world is strong enough to rival lightsabers. Well, prepare to be surprised because there are some items that a lightsaber can’t cut through.

Below we have compiled a list of some metals or items that a lightsaber will find impossible to cut through. Of course, these are all fictional, so don’t expect to see them in real life. These are as follows:

  • Norris Root
  • Songsteel
  • Felucian Skullblade
  • London Crab
  • Mutara Nebula
  • Cortosis
  • Phrik

Do Lightsabers Have A Weight?

Lightsabers have no substantial weight. However, when activated, they cut through matter with a special force caused by energy exchange within its electrons. Since it can exert an influence, it has a weight.

Newton’s third law related to force applied must have weight and acceleration. The true answer is that lightsabers have a significant force only after activating their energy source.

That being said, if the lightsaber were created in real life with the right technology, it would be completely unbalanced for the average human being. This is because humans cannot exert the right amount of force to wield the extreme weight of the lightsaber.

Can Lightsabers exist in real life?

No, lightsabers cannot exist in real life. This is because human technology has not developed so much. We cannot create something that can reach such high temperatures.

However, accurate lightsaber models do exist. These prototypes have been built for hobbyists, and even the extreme of fans has one of these. Instead of the “Kyber Crystal,” they run on electricity from batteries.

Furthermore, they cannot pressure their blades and cannot cut anyone. These are made blunt and usually from plastic for child safety.

People May Also Ask

It would be best if you had several questions to ask more to satisfy your curiosity. Well, we are here to answer a few of the more common questions so that you can get a good midnight sleep!

Q) How hot are the cores of a Jedi Lightsaber?

When it comes to lightsabers, they can burn at temperatures over a range of 10,000 to 100,000 Kelvin. The core, however, is an entirely different matter. The core of the lightsabers is made from “Kyber Crystal.” “Kyber Crystal” has a boiling point of more than 25,000 Kelvin in their raw state.

Q) How much energy does a lightsaber use?

Kyber Crystal” is used to provide the energy of the lightsaber. The total amount of energy that lightsabers need an input of is around 469,482 watt-hours. This is equivalent to about 120,380 AA batteries or 250 gallons of energy.

Q) Can lightsabers cut through Superman?

Superman has flown across countless stars many different times. Even the very base of Superman’s power is derived from the sun, which itself is a star. Additionally, Superman has extreme durability against even the most powerful of temperatures. Therefore lightsabers can’t cut through Superman.

Q) Is there a thing called Supercritical Plasma in real life?

Coincidentally, there are plenty of things that Star Wars has based on science from real life. Supercritical Plasma (supercritical fluid plasma) refers to the reaction field created from the collision of high reactivity plasma and supercritical fluids.

Q) Does the Darksaber use a “Kyber Crystal”?

Like the regular lightsabers, dark sabers use a “Kyber crystal” as their core. However, there is a catch to it. The unique “Kyber crystal” used in dark sabers is jet black in color. The history and origin of this black “Kyber Crystal” is a complete mystery as far as the franchise is concerned. The heat they gave off was the same as any ordinary lightsaber.   


The human mind is highly imaginative. This can be proven by the fact that lightsabers even exist. As we mentioned earlier, lightsabers from the star wars movie and the entire franchise are based on real-life science.

With how hot are lightsabers, there is nothing false about it in reality. Making a real-life lightsaber is possible as long as a high energy source and a high-temperature container can be found.

As long as lightsabers aren’t used to create wars for the dark side, their creation is a must for all Star Wars fans!

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