Does Pedialyte Go Bad? Stale or Expire?

Does Pedialyte Go Bad

If you are using or hearing about Pedialyte for the first time, it’s usual to wonder- Does Pedialyte go bad? The answer is yes; it does go bad and should not be used after a certain time period. If you are a kid you may ask, ” Go bad? The stuff tastes awful Mom!”   Yes honey, we all thought that at one point. But it is some of the healthiest liquids a sick child can have.

However, Pedialyte is recommended to be thrown out after 48 hours of being opened by the manufacturer; however, it is likely to keep considerably longer in the freezer. When in doubt, freeze one when your children are young, you would hate to have to run out in the middle of the night to get some.  But shoot, in this day and age you could have Instacart or another service just bring it to you.

Moreover, if the bottle is sealed, it will last up to two years. So, if you want to keep your store loaded for future uses, you won’t have to worry about expiring.

If you want to learn more about Pedialyte, keep going further, and you’ll know everything you ever wondered about Pedialyte. 

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Does Pedialyte Go Bad?

Yes, it does. Pedialyte that comes in liquid form cannot be used after 48 hours if it’s already open. If, however, it’s sealed, it can stay without going bad for up to 2 years. 

This rule applies to the liquid ready-to-consume form of Pedialyte. If you’re not sure that you can finish 1 liter within 48 hours, you can go for Pedialyte powders

They’re easy to make (you only have to mix them with water), come with a long shelf life, and are single-serving packs.  

Why Does Pedialyte Go Bad?

Pedialyte gets contaminated rapidly with bacteria. When you open the bottle and the liquid comes in contact with the air, bacteria enter the bottle. There’s another thing called touch contamination, which happens when the bacteria gets inside through touch. 

That’s why they recommend storing it in the refrigerator to slow the bacteria growth. However, even if you store it in a refrigerator, you can’t use it after 48 hours. 

What Is Pedialyte?

For those who don’t know what Pedialyte is, think of it as an energy drink for babies. It helps infants who are struggling with dehydration. 

Sometimes when babies suffer from vomiting or diarrhea, they experience dehydration for which water may not be enough. It contains good sugar content, minerals, and sodium to help the baby get the lost fluids. There’s also zinc in it that helps babies build a strong immunity system. 

One great thing about Pedialyte is, it’s not only for babies. It works excellent for adults too. So, if you want a quick energy drink and have Pedialyte in the refrigeration, no need to worry about alternatives. 

Pedialyte Ingredients

Usually, the below-mentioned ingredients are used for Pedialyte

  • Water
  • Dextrose
  • Salt
  • Potassium Citrate
  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Citrate
  • Zinc Gluconate                                    

There are also natural and artificial flavors in it. One thing that makes Pedialyte effective is a low amount of sugar balanced with proper electrolyte levels. 

What Pedialyte Does?

When water isn’t doing enough for your baby, Pedialyte comes in handy. It’s excellently effective in keeping your baby hydrated. Besides, it keeps your baby’s electrolytes up.

However, it’s not a water replacement for your baby’s body. That’s one thing you should get straight before creating any expectations. 

Dehydration can cause by severe diarrhea or vomiting, or both. These diseases cause fluid loss in the body, causing severe dehydration. 

Pedialyte is rich in better sugar contents, minerals, zinc, and sodium to re-hydrate your baby. All elements do their parts to make the best out of Pedialyte. For example, sodium will help improve your baby’s electrolytes, whereas zinc will help build a better immunity system. 

One unexpected use of Pedialyte is when adults use it as an energy drink. When you’ve been to an intense workout, and your body is craving something more than water, Pedialyte can do magic.

How Much Pedialyte Should I Give To My Baby?

If your baby is less than one year old, make sure that you consult a pediatrician before giving Pedialyte to the baby. Babies more than one-year-old, when experiencing diarrhea, can consume 100 mL to 120 mL for each kilogram of their body weight. 

For example, if your baby is 10 kg, they can consume 1 liter Pedialyte per day. Try giving one sip of Pedialyte every fifteen minutes to keep them hydrated. 

If your baby is still suffering from dehydration after consuming a generous amount of Pedialyte, you shouldn’t be late to consult your doctor. 

Pedialyte Forms

Pedialyte has different forms. Each of them comes with some upsides and downsides. So, you can choose any one of them depending on your convenience. 

Ready To Pour Liquid Pack

The liquid liter pack is the most popular because it doesn’t require any preparation. You can use it right from the pack. However, it has some downsides, like the expiry duration of 48 hours after opening. 

You may not be able to finish the pack before the expiry duration runs out. Many people complain about having to throw out a large amount of Pedialyte due to its perishable characteristic. 

They’re not suitable for travel either. 

Pedialyte Powder

Another popular pack you can get is the powder form. If you have water with you, you can carry a Pedialyte powder pack anywhere you want. Mixing it with water is all you need to do before giving it to your baby. 

The shelf life of the powder is another advantage to count. Besides, they’re one-serve packs, so there’s little to no chance of wastage. They stay well for about one hour in the refrigerator after mixing with water. 

However, many people don’t like going through this hassle and prefer the liquid pack.   

Juice Packs

Pedialyte juice packs are more delicious for babies and beneficial at the same time. Another plus side of juice boxes is, they’re ready to consume but don’t come in large packs like the liter packs. 

So, if you’re worried about finishing a large pack within 48 hours, you can go for these more miniature packs. They’re great as travel packs, too, if that’s something you’re interested in. 

Pedialyte Pop

You will also find Pedialyte popsicles. They come in frozen form and last about six to eight months when stored in a freezer. The upside is they’re great as one-serve items, and kids are more likely to consume them with pleasure. 

Besides, it helps to dial down the temperature when your kid has a fever. There’s also a downside to this popsicle form. They can’t be your go-to Pedialyte due to the frozen feature. 

Shelf Life And Proper Storing

Different packages of Pedialyte can come with different shelf lives. Make sure to check the expiry dates before storing them for future uses. As for the liquid, avoid using it after 48 hours if opened.  

It’s better to store liquid Pedialyte in the fridge after opening the seal. As for sealed packaging, keep them in a cool place and away from direct sunlight. In addition, avoid keeping them in a place your kids can easily reach. 

If you’ve mixed a powder pack with water but didn’t consume it right away, store it in the refrigerator. However, if you don’t use it within an hour, throw it away and use a new pack. 

The same rule applies to juice boxes too. If a juice box is opened but partially consume, store it in the refrigerator. Throw it away if you don’t consume it within the next hour. 

Does Pedialyte Expire?

The manufacturer of Pedialyte has not declared that the product would eventually go off-patent, like with other medications and foods. Pedialyte’s fluid, sugar, and electrolyte combination might expire or degrade over time. Preservatives aren’t added to Pedialyte to lengthen its shelf life, either.

This “use with” date is included to ensure that the product is still fresh and its contents are consumed in their most potent form, even though some unopened bottles can be kept sterile longer than this.

How Long Is Pedialyte Good For After Opening?

Pedialyte is contaminated as soon as it is opened or prepared with germs from the surroundings. Even if your Pedialyte is kept in the fridge, you still have 48 hours to make use of it once you’ve mixed or opened it. After then, it must be disposed of. When you buy Pedialyte, please put it in the fridge as soon as possible to speed up the deterioration process.

To prevent contamination, store Pedialyte at room temperature to minimize the risk of germs being passed from hands. While refrigerated, these bacteria may be able to mutate to dangerous levels.

Pediatrician Advice

People Also Ask More

How Long Can I Store Pedialyte In The Refrigerator?

It’s recommended to store Pedialyte in the refrigerator after opening. However, even when you store it in the fridge, you can’t use it after 48 hours. It’s never a good idea to take risks with your baby’s health.

When Should I Not Use Pedialyte? 

If your baby has an allergy to any of the ingredients of Pedialyte, you shouldn’t go for it. If diarrhea or vomiting does not improve even after giving Pedialyte for 24 hours, you should stop feeding it to the baby and consult a doctor.

Does Pedialyte Help With A Hangover?

As a matter of fact, it does. Pedialyte is an excellent hangover cure for when you have a headache. It helps your body fluids to get back on track.

Can Adults Benefit From Pedialyte?
Anyone with age above one-year-old will benefit from Pedialyte the same way. It’s full of minerals and sodium that help in keeping the body hydrated when necessary.

Does Pedialyte Help Cure Diarrhea? 

No, it doesn’t. Pedialyte is an electrolyte solution that helps with dehydration. The ingredients in Pedialyte help the body re-hydrate and improve body fluid that was lost due to some reason.

Final Words

That was everything about Pedialyte. Let’s go back to the origin. Does Pedialyte go bad? Yes, it does.

Liquid Pedialyte will only last 48 hours after opening the seal. However, there are other options you can explore. If you’re constantly throwing out the remaining Pedialyte because you couldn’t finish it within 48 hours, try their powder form. You can also go for the juice pack that’s smaller in size but liquid in form. 

Even though you’ll need a bit of mixing before consumption, it’s your best bet if you want to prevent wastage.  Getting your kid to take it is a whole other topic. Just promise them a video game like my Mom and Dad did!

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