100 Most Popular Middle Names for Camila You Need to Know

Babies need names. That is one of the most necessities of a baby. And, you need to register them with a name when they are born. So, it is essential to do your research beforehand as the name will be carried throughout the said baby’s life. And, the name Camila for a baby girl sounds perfect to me.

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Choosing the first name can be easy. But, middle names can be hard to choose. You do not have to worry as this article will provide you with a hundred best middle names for Camila for you to choose from.

Meaning Of The Name Camila

The baby name Camila is derived from the word Camillus. It is the Spanish and Portuguese versions of English. Also, the meaning of Camila can be two different things. In ancient Roman religion, it can mean a “young religious servant” or “helper to the priest” in ancient Roman religion.

There is a slight difference in the pronunciation of the name Camila depending on the native language. 

When you hear the long “ee” sound in the name, you will know that it is of Latin origin and used in different Portuguese, Italian, and Spanish dialects.

This name is pronounced similarly, or you could say the same, as Camila is mainly recognized in the United States of America.

The baby names Camila also has an Arabic origin and can be an anglicized version of the name Kamilah.

Derived from



cam-ee-la/ cah-mee-la/ ch-mil-ah

History Of Camila

An acolyte, who performs ceremonial duties of religious or spiritual services, is known as Camila. It could quickly and usually mean a pre-teen boy accompanying the priest while the rituals and sacrifices are taking place during the Roman Republican era.

Camellia with its huge popularity used to be a swift-footed huntress in Roman mythology, as many of you would know. She was a maiden to the goddess of the hunt. Raised as a warrior, Camellia could turn blades of grass into ashes, and she was described as the most vital and the most muscular living female for all eternity.

She also fought alongside men on the battlefield in Aeneid. Camila is a good middle name in Italy.

100 Middle Names To Choose From

  1. Camila Anne
  2. Camila Celeste
  3. Camila Frances
  4. Camila Grace
  5. Camila Claire
  6. Camila Jane
  7. Camila Mary
  8. Camila Elizabeth
  9. Camila Joy
  10. Camila Catherine
  11. Camila Charlotte
  12. Camila Mabel
  13. Camila Margaret
  14. Camila Rose
  15. Camila Carmen
  16. Camila Isabel
  17. Camila Gabrielle
  18. Camila Jade
  19. Camila Estelle
  20. Camila Beatriz
  21. Camila Louise
  22. Camila Felice
  23. Camila Ínez
  24. Camila Lucille
  25. Camila Raquel
  26. Camila Noemi/Naomi
  27. Camila Jaime
  28. Camila Abigail
  29. Camila Anabel
  30. Camila Sara
  31. Camila Sarita
  32. Camila Esther
  33. Camila Iris
  34. Camila Abril
  35. Camila Avril
  36. Camila Araceli
  37. Camila Katalin
  38. Camila Leonor
  39. Camila Nikole
  40. Camila Ruth
  41. Camila Anastasia
  42. Camila Eliana
  43. Camila Alicia
  44. Camila Annabella
  45. Camila Gabriella
  46. Camila Isabella
  47. Camila Lorena
  48. Camila Maria
  49. Camila Marianna
  50. Camila Paloma
  51. Camila Rosa
  52. Camila Viviana
  53. Camila Adelina
  54. Camila Adriana
  55. Camila Alexandra
  56. Camila Amanda
  57. Camila Amaya
  58. Camila Angelina
  59. Camila Angelica
  60. Camila Antonia
  61. Camila Carla
  62. Camila Caterina
  63. Camila Delfina
  64. Camila Dorotea
  65. Camila Dulce
  66. Camila Elissa
  67. Camila Rosina
  68. Camila Eloisa
  69. Camila Elodia
  70. Camila Elvira
  71. Camila Eva
  72. Camila Evita
  73. Camila Francesca
  74. Camila Gemma
  75. Camila Gisella
  76. Camila Gracia
  77. Camila Ida
  78. Camila Isidora
  79. Camila Jana
  80. Camila Jordana
  81. Camila Jovita
  82. Camila Laurita
  83. Camila Lydia
  84. Camila Leticia
  85. Camila Luisa
  86. Camila Lupe
  87. Camila Luciana
  88. Camila Magdalena
  89. Camila Jacinta
  90. Camila Rosita
  91. Camila Marisol
  92. Camila Miren
  93. Camila Monica
  94. Camila Natalia
  95. Camila Nerida
  96. Camila Rafaela
  97. Camila Ramona
  98. Camila Rebecca
  99. Camila Renata
  100. Camila Rosalia

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Bonus 20 Middle Names With Meaning For Camila

  1. Camila Arabella – Of Latin origin, meaning “answered prayer; grace.”
  2. Camila Alivia – An American variation of “Olivia.”
  3. Camila Adelina- “noble; nobility”
  4. Camila Barbarella – A version of the Latin name “Babara”
  5. Camila Bernadetta – Of German origin, meaning “Brave.”
  6. Camila Carolina – “Follower of Christ”
  7. Camila Emelia – Of Latin origin, meaning “industrious.”
  8. Camila Floralia – Extra elegance to the name Camila 
  9. Camila Felicity – “luck; happiness; good fortune.”
  10. Camila Gabriella – “Heroine” 
  11. Camila Giovanna – “God is gracious.” 
  12. Camila Isabella – “Devoted to God’/Pious
  13. Camila Julieta – “youthful; love’s child.”
  14. Camila Keilana – of Hawaiian origin meaning “glory’ calmness.”
  15. Camila Liliana – of Latin origin meaning “lily; flower.”
  16. Camila Mikaela – of Hebrew origin meaning “Gift from God.”
  17. Camila Olivia
  18. Camila Penelope – An elegant Greek name that means Weaver
  19. Camila Rosalia – Of Latin origin, meaning “rose.”
  20. Camila Seraphina

Another 20 One-Syllable Names With Meaning

  1. Camila Ann – “Favoured”
  2. Camila Belle – Adds the extra Beauty
  3. Camila Beth – A short form of Elizabeth
  4. Camila Britt – of Scandinavian origin that means Exalted, Lofty
  5. Camila Chess – of American origin that means Free
  6. Camila Chase – of French origin and means “to hunt”
  7. Camila Dell – Nature-inspired
  8. Camila Elle
  9. Camila Eve – “Full of life.”
  10. Camila Gayle – A short form for Abigail
  11. Camila Gwen – A short form for Gwendolyn, blessed
  12. Camila Jules
  13. Camila Kace – “Watchful”
  14. Camila Kim
  15. Camila Love – An option for the lovers
  16. Camila Lux- “Bringer of light.”
  17. Camila Lark – Perfect for a playful and lighthearted Camila
  18. Camila Liv – “Life”
  19. Camila Paige
  20. Camila Pearl – Expresses Camila as a “Precious” baby

Two-Syllable Middle Names With Meaning

  1. Camila Adley – “Angel; messenger.”
  2. Camila Angel – For the angelic camila
  3. Camila Avah – of Latin origin that means Like A Bird
  4. Camila Bridget – Of Irish origin, meaning “exalted one.”
  5. Camila Bexley
  6. Camila Beatrice – “bringer of joy, blessings.”
  7. Camila Chanel
  8. Camila Celine – of French origin that means Heaven
  9. Camila Capri – Nature-inspired
  10.  Camila Denisse
  11.  Camila Danna – of English origin that means “God Is My Judge.”
  12.  Camila Emmy – Of German origin, meaning “whole; universal.”
  13.  Camila Ensley – of Scottish name meaning “solitary clearing.”
  14.  Camila Ellen – “Torch’ Light”
  15.  Camila Frida – of German origin meaning “peaceful.”
  16.  Camila Hattie – Of American heritage that means Home Ruler
  17.  Camila Judith – of Hebrew origin pointing “from Judea or Jewish.”
  18.  Camila Jenna – Diminutive form of Jennifer meaning “fair phantom.”
  19.  Camila Kimber – This could be the short form for Kimberly
  20.  Camila Laurel – Of Latin origin, meaning “laurel tree.”
  21.  Camila Lexie – Of American heritage that means Defender Of The People
  22.  Camila Morgan – A warrior”/” A Champion.”
  23.  Camila Nancy – A traditional name meaning “favor; grace.”
  24.  Camila Penny
  25.  Camila Rosie – “Rose; flower; precious.”
  26.  Camila Ruby – “Precious”
  27.  Camila Royal – A blend of royalty for Camila
  28.  Camila Sasha – “defender, helper of mankind.”
  29.  Camila Treasure
  30.  Camila Winnie – “Gentle friend; friend of peace.”

Nicknames For Camila

Not everyone gets called by their name as precisely as it is. Some people prefer using a nickname. I, for one, think that nicknames are adorable, simple, and fun. So using a nickname for the name Camila will also be fun for both friends and family. 

Let me walk you through some of the few great nicknames for Camila.

  • Cam
  • Kam
  • Cammy
  • Kami
  • Milz
  • Mill
  • Milla
  • Mula
  • Cee
  • CeeM
  • Ceecee
  • CC
  • Cami
  • Mila
  • KK
  • K
  • C

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Celebrity Names

Camila is such a pretty name for baby girls that most people want to use it for their babies’ names. So, it is evident that many celebrities will own this name as their own. Let us look at a few of these famous people without personal information.

  • Camila Batmanhelidjh
  • Camila Alves
  • Camila Brait
  • Camila Bordonaba
  • Camila Silva
  • Camila Vallejo
  • Camila Alire
  • Camila Pitanga
  • Camila Giangreco Campiz
  • Camila Ashland
  • Camila Vargas Palamo
  • Camila Finn
  • Camila Sodi
  • Camila Banus
  • Camila O’Gorman etc.

Family Names

Not everyone needs a middle name. But, it can give your child another identity. She can use the name for various purposes, such as a stage name. 

You can also use a person’s name who has passed away and commemorate that name like this. You can also use your parents’ names if you want.

Why A Middle Name?

Middle names are expected for most people. But, that does not mean that everyone has a middle name. Some people carry on without one just as quickly and confidently. Some celebrities even stick with a single-stage name. But that is not for everyone.

Again, honoring a family member can be an excellent way to name your child. But, this is not the only reason to give your baby a middle name. A middle given name sounds simply friendly and pleasant between your chosen first name and last name. 

Middle popular names such as Ann, Jane, or Lynn, may help to round out the sound of your baby name inspiration. These were just examples, however. You do not have to use these names with feminine form literally. Just find something you like.

You can also use the second choice you had selected as a first name that did not cut the beautiful middle names. To me, that is the best option. This is the best of both worlds.

Moreover, you do not entirely have to choose or give your baby a perfect middle name at all. You can settle for a first name and the last name, and you will be good to go. This is entirely up to your preference.

How To Pick Middle Names For Camila

Choosing a name for your child is a difficult task. But we all have to get a grip and get past the decaying process to select a unique middle name like a Spanish name or Hebrew name. 

You need to find something special for your cute little adorable, do you not? Here are some tricks as to how you can choose popular baby names. 

Nod To Heritage

You can name your kid using the name of a passed loved one as well as any of your parents.

Also, you can use your surname as in your maiden name if you are the mother. The link and bonding between you and your child will double up this way. 

Another thing that you can do is keep your heritage alive by using the name of your homeland. 

You can easily commemorate another special place by giving your child that place’s name.

You can also use different initials as multiple middle names for Camila according to your preference.

Try to see if it rolls off your tongue. Readout or write down the names and see if there is a nice flow. If the first and last name is too long, use the shorter middle name ideas. Another option for anyone is to Google the popular baby name with Spanish origin also.

Names That Are Similar To Camila

Finding a baby girl’s name is already a challenging job for a parent. Not only do you have to decide on a name that is pretty and will not make you regret your decision for the rest of your life, but you also have to make sure that name is unique.

Sometimes, the name you want to use may be taken by someone close, and it loses its uniqueness. That is why here is a list below with popular name that is similar to little girl Camila, and they are just as unique.

  1. Daniela
  2. Alejandra
  3. Paulina
  4. Luciana
  5. Sofia
  6.  Manuela
  7. Diana
  8. Ariana
  9. Valeria
  10. Juliana
  11. Heidy
  12. Constanza
  13. Carolina
  14. Isabella
  15. Adriana
  16. Vanessa
  17. Maria
  18. Nathália
  19. Luna
  20. Sophia
  21. Mariana
  22. Isabela
  23. Drueta
  24. Karina
  25. Fernanda
  26. Ximena
  27. Paula
  28. Florencia
  29. Natalia
  30. Laura
  31. Nicole
  32. Alexa
  33. Valentina
  34. Catalina
  35. Kaycee
  36. Sara
  37. Gabriela
  38. Jimena
  39. Mia
  40.  Priscila
  41. Andrea
  42. Lucia
  43. Bianca
  44. Macarena
  45. Ana
  46. Renata 
  47. Carla 
  48.  Rafaela
  49. Nicci
  50. Agustina etc.

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Baby Boy Name Compatible With Camila

Babies are a blessing. When expecting a baby, you want to name them the most memorable name that you can find. Sometimes, when expecting twins, this job becomes more challenging than deciding a name for a single baby. And if the kids are a boy and a girl, you want the second name to match as well.

Here are some brother names that match with the name Camila.

  1. Caalum
  2. Caarl
  3. Caarlo
  4. Cab
  5. Cabalereo
  6. Cabalerio
  7. Cabalero
  8. Cabaliero
  9. Caballareo
  10. Caballerio
  11. Caballero
  12. Caballiero
  13. Cabbot
  14. Cabe
  15. Cabel
  16. Cabell
  17. Cable
  18. Cabot
  19. Cabott
  20. Cabrera

Sisters Name Compatible To Camila

Like a twin brother, a twin sister will also need a name. Even female siblings need characters that complement other siblings’ names. Here are a few girl names that are great for siblings to a girl name Camila,

  1. Catie
  2. Catey
  3. Crete
  4. Cate
  5. Cait
  6. Caitie
  7. Kate
  8. Caye
  9. Cay
  10. Caty
  11. Catryna
  12. Catriona
  13. Catriona
  14. Catrine
  15. Catrina
  16. Catrin
  17. Catreen
  18. Catrina
  19. Catalina
  20. Catina
  21. Catie
  22. Cathy
  23. Cati
  24. Cathi
  25. Cathryn 
  26. Cathryn
  27. Cathrine
  28. Cathrine
  29. Catelyn
  30. Cathline
  31. Catriona
  32. Catriona
  33. Catrina
  34. Catrina
  35. Caitriona etc.

Final Words

Middle names are a must for some families. For others, it does not have that much importance. But, to those who need to give their babies a popular middle name, nothing should be able to stop them.

This article has provided you with more than a hundred middle names for Camila. Choose wisely and take your time. Be it days, weeks, or even monthly, do not haste as this name shall stay forever as your baby’s name.

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