90+ Perfect Middle Names For Elle You’ve Been Searching For

Perfect Middle Names For Elle

The popularity of the name Elle goes way back. Selecting the first name was never an issue for parents. It’s the middle name that’s tough to choose. 


If you’re going to name your baby girl ‘Elle,’ you need a middle name that matches her first name. Even though there are numerous names you can choose, not all of them will go well with Elle. 

So, this is a guide for choosing the perfect middle name for Elle. Let’s jump into it. 


Perfect Middle Name For Elle

If you’ve exhausted yourself with all other options, you can stop worrying. Go through the options below to find a name that suits your baby, Elle. 


Middle Name Origin Meaning
Addison English Child Of Adam
Adelaide German Of Noble Kin
Alexandra Greek Defender Of The People
Alyssa Greek Alyssa
Amanda Latin Worthy Of Love
Amelia Latin Work
Annalise German From Anna And Elise
Astrid Scandinavian God’s Strength
Aubrey English Noble Ruler
Aurelia Latin Golden
Aurora Latin Dawn
Ava Latin Like A Bird
Bella Italian Beautiful, God Is My Oath
Brianne American High, Noble
Bridget Irish Exalted, Lofty
Brooke English Small Stream
Cadence Latin Rhythm
Callista Greek Most Beautiful
Camilla Italian Perfect
Celeste Latin Heavenly
Clover English Meadow Flower
Cosette French Little Thing
Daphne Greek Laurel Tree
Davan English Combination Of David And Alan
Dawn English Sunrise
Edith English Rich War
Elizabeth Hebrew God Is My Oath
Everly English From The Boar Meadow
Felicity Latin Happiness
Fern English Fern
Francesca Latin Free
Genevieve French Woman Of The Family
Georgina English Feminine Form Of George
Harper English Harp Player
Imogen English Innocent, Girl
Isabel Spanish God Is My Oath
Jade English Green Gemstone
Jasmine Persian Jasmine Flower
Josephine French God Will Increase
Juniper Latin Juniper Berry
Kaitlyn  Irish Pure
Kathleen Irish Pure
Kendall English Valley Of The River Kent
Kimberly English From The Meadow Of The Royal Fortress
Kyra Greek Lady
London English From The Great River
Mabel English Lovable
Mackenzie Scottish Son Of Kenneth
Madeleine French Woman Of Magdala 
Madison English Son Of Matthew
Margot French Pearl
Marguerite French Pearl
Mariana Spanish Of The Sea Or Bitter
Marie French Of The Sea Or Bitter
Marigold English Yellow Flower
Matilda English Battle Strength
Meadow American Field Of Grass
Melissa Greek Bee
Meredith Welsh Lord
Miranda Latin Admirable
Natalia Italian Born On Christmas Day
Nicole French Victory Of The People
Octavia Latin Eighth
Ophelia Greek Helper
Paige English  Assistant
Patrice French Noble
Poppy Latin From The Flower
Presley English From The Priest’s Field
Primrose English The Primrose Flower
Rain American Abundant Blessings
Raven English Black Bird
Reese Welsh Passion
Reign English Rule, Sovereign 
Rosalind English Pretty Rose
Rowena English Fame Joy
Sabine French Sabine Woman
Savannah Native American – Taino Open Plain
Sawyer English Wood Cutter
Sienna Italian Reddish Brown
Sophia Greek Wisdom 
Sydney French Contraction Of St. Denys
Sylvia Latin Forest
Tatiana Russian Roman Surname, Of Unknown Meaning
Taylor English  One Who Tailors Clothes
Therese French Harvester
Tierney  Irish Lord
Valerie French Strength
Vanessa English
Violet English Purple / Blue Flower
Vivian Latin Alive
Winter American The Season
Woods English Of The Woods
Wren English Small Bird
Zoe Greek Life


As you can see, you will never run out of options if you’ve decided to name your child Elle. Now, it’s time for a bit of backstory. 

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How To Choose A Middle Name For Elle? 

Even though you’ll find many options in front of you, the choice will come down to you. How do you know which one is perfect for your baby Elle? 


For starters, think about what you want in general. Do you want a feminine name or a neutral one? Do you want your child to be named after a flower or a name that stands for something strong? 


Then, you can consider what letter you want. Choosing basic criteria will reduce the options to a few names. Then, you can go for the one that everyone loves. 


Many people don’t consider the middle name to be a compulsory option. Even though it’s up to the parents, giving your child a middle name has its perks. 


For instance, you can make the name different than others by using a middle name. Even though it’s possible to match the first name with other girls, it’s not likely for the middle name to be the same too. 


Another side benefit of having a middle name is the option of altering a name. If your baby doesn’t like the first name, they can always use their middle name as their first. 


All in all, you have to be careful about selecting a middle name regardless of what you’re naming your child. The generation gap between parents and children is already a barrier when it comes to naming your baby. You don’t want to make it worse by picking the wrong middle name. 

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A Little Backstory On ‘Elle’

Like I said in the beginning, the popularity of the name Elle isn’t recent. It’s a name with French origin that means ‘she.’ There are other meanings like woman, girl, etc. 


In 2001, a movie called Legally Blonde came out. The leading actress, played by Reese Witherspoon, broke blonde stereotypes by playing the character, Elle Woods. 


This made a significant impact on parents. Elle became more popular than ever. And ever since, the name has been on top of the name list preferred by parents. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What middle names don’t go with Elle? 

You want to make sure not to create any unwanted initials. In addition, try to avoid a name that rhymes with Elle. Keep your last name in mind. Make sure the name isn’t unnecessarily lengthy or difficult to pronounce. 


What’s a proper feminine middle name for Elle?

There are plenty of attractive options. If you think of your baby like a flower child, you can go for Rose, Jasmine, Marigold, etc. If you want something else, there are options like Josephine, Vivian, Meredith, etc. 


What’s a gender-neutral middle name for Elle? 

There are many options if you’re searching for a gender-neutral middle name. For instance, Woods is gender-neutral. Other options include Addison, Madison, Zoe, Taylor, etc.  


Final Words

It can take time to select a middle name for Elle. The name itself is so beautiful that it comes with a pressing need for a great middle name. As you can see, you have numerous options. 

But don’t just go for any of them. Pick a name that suits your family and tradition. If you’re not convinced with these options, you can always pick a beautiful city name or a name that’s already in your family. 


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