What to Do With Expired Baby Formula: Tested Results

Expiration is frightening, especially for baby products; it’s more horrible to the parents. Often, when you prepare a formula for feeding your baby, after a while, it can get expired. Are you feeling hesitant to decide on should you throw the formula or not? Well, that’s what we are going to let you know about today. 

What to do with expired baby formula? The only expected answer you will hear regarding this question is, “just get rid of the formula as soon as you can.’ There is no further discussion needed on that because this expired formula can create poisoning of your baby. Moreover, there is the possibility of potential harm as well. So, you can either throw it away or use it in gardening. 

Do you want to know more about the expiration of baby formula and how you should deal with this? Then keep reading cause we got you covered!


What to do with expired baby formula?

No matter how long it has been since the formula has expired, you should never let your baby eat the expired formula. From food poisoning, diarrhea, vomiting, and potential harm, everything can occur because of the expired baby formula intake. 

Usually, the formula gets expired within 2 hours after the preparation. But in a cold temperature, it can stay good for a longer period. However, after you notice that the formula has expired, you should throw it away. Otherwise, there are two other things that you can do. Let’s know the ways: 


Though it’s not proven but according to some gardeners, they have noticed some growth in their plants after using baby formula there. So if the baby formula is expired, you can throw the formula in the mud of your plants to let the nutrients help those. 

Pet care

They use these formulas to feed the kittens and puppies in different pet shelters after checking the condition. So if the formula is not old enough and not contaminated, you can donate it to the pet shelters. The poor souls will be very happy to get food. 

Does Baby Formula Powder Expire If Unopened?

Since there is a wide range of types of infant recipes, each one has a specific procedure of preparation. Infant equations can come in prepared to-serve fluids, just as powder and fluid concentrate recipes that you should blend yourself. But you may ask if the powder has an expiration or not. 

In this case, yes, the baby formula powder also has an expiration. You will find the expiration on the packaging. If you have already destroyed the packaging, then if you notice any unusual bacteria or mold growth in there or if the powder seems frosted, you should never feed the formula to your child. 

In fact, mold growth means the worst kind of contamination that the powder can have. So, no matter how much the quantity is left there if any such cases happen, you should immediately throw the whole formula powder away. 

What is the usual expiration period for powdered baby formula?

The powdered baby formula can stay good for up to 24 hours if you make it. But in this case, you have to ensure good packaging. You have to keep it in a bottle where the temperature is stable and not overly hot. 

During summer, when the temperature is hot, the baby formula tends to get expired fast. But on the contrary, during winter, it stays suitable for a more extended period. Usually, if you prepare a bottle full of baby formula for your infant, it will remain useful to eat for 24 hours. 

Yet, you should check if there is any unusual smell of formation inside before you feed the formula to your baby. Also, make sure to keep the formula at room temperature without the contact of any bacteria or probable small creatures to keep it healthy. If you notice any sign of contamination while feeding this to your baby within even 24 hours, do not hesitate to throw it away. 

Where can I find the expiry date on the packaged formula?

Need assistance finding your baby formula’s expiry date? Here are some regular spots that you can find:

  • Embellished on the lower part of a metal can 
  • Imprinted on the highest point of the cover 
  • Imprinted on the paper mark 
  • Composed on the seal inside the cover of the equation 

Though the expiration date will be embabed upon the package yet, you should always check the condition of the package before buying. So, never buy the formula if the packaging seems old or damaged. 

Does Mixed Baby Formula Go Bad?

As we use milk to prepare the aby formula most of the time, so, yes. The mixed baby formula goes bad over time. When the baby formula is mixed with milk, you need to use it correspondingly like a glass of cow’s milk. You wouldn’t indeed drink a glass of milk after it has been sitting open and prepared for three hours, so you should not give that kind of formula to your infant as well. 

For a decent general guideline, your baby can have the formula within two hours of it being blended. If it remains after the preparation longer than this, you need to throw it. Otherwise, it can create severe complications.  Even if you need to prepare the formula early because of any emergencies, yet you have to keep it in the freezer and serve it to your kid within the next 24-48 hours. That is the period of usability of the refrigerated infant recipe. 

Try to consistently throw away any extra formula left in the wake of taking care of your child. At the point when your child drinks from their bottle, microscopic organisms can get in there and begin to spread or contaminate the solution. If you feed your baby from that bottle, you will possibly put them in danger of food contamination. 

What to do with expired baby cereal? 

No matter what the food is, if it’s expired, you should immediately get rid of that. So, if you notice that your baby’s cereal is expired, get rid of that as soon as you can. Now here’s a thing, if you don’t want to throw that away, you can do some other stuff with it as well. 

In order to use the cereal for other purposes, at first, you have to check if it’s contaminated or not. If there is any sign of contamination, then you should not use it for any other purpose. But if you think that it hasn’t been long since the cereal has expired, then you can feed it to your pet. 

Also, as we stated above, you can throw it away in the mud of your plants as well. It will give the plants a few necessary nutrients. Moreover, some adults like to have cereals as well. So if you are one of them, you can have the cereal. But obviously, make sure that it hasn’t been long since it has expired. Otherwise, it can cause potential harm to yourself as well. 

Can expired formula make the baby sick?

Without any doubt, yes. You should never feed your baby any expired food or formula. Here are a few problems that your baby will experience because of eating the expired formula: 

  • Vomiting 
  • Diarrhea 
  • Abdominal pain 
  • Weakness 
  • Fever 
  • Food poisoning 

So, it’s never suggested feeding any expired formula or food to your baby. If you want to avoid potential harm, you have to prevent expired formulas. 


If you want to save your baby, you must look at the expiration date and take the next step. All the food items have an expiration date; feeding after that date can harm children’s bodies. We hope that we have been helpful to you with the answers to what to do with expired baby formula.

Probably you have already understood why you shouldn’t feed the expired formula to your baby. Therefore, you can make the use of an expired formula in other ways that we have suggested. Now in case if you have fed your baby an expired formula accidentally, our suggestion is to get to the doctor or contact a healthcare provider quickly. Even if the baby’s condition is good, the doctor’s advice should be taken.

Expectantly, you will be able to feed your baby with proper care with the gathered knowledge.