Enfamil Infant vs Gentlease: Which One Should You Choose?

Enfamil Infant vs Gentlease

Are you searching for a perfect formula for your baby? Stop looking further because Enfamil Infant and Gentlease both are the ideal formula full of nutrients for your baby. The choice comes down to the details and which formula is best in your specific case.

While similar, it is key to know the differences between Infant and Gentlease. New parents have enough tough choices during the first few months after birth, hopefully this updated comparison will help you decide which formula to feed your baby.

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Enfamil Infant vs Gentlease: Which one is better?

If we give a short answer, then Gentlease is made for babies who have protein sensitivity.  It contains less sugar content, which is just perfect for babies with more dietary restrictions.

On the other hand, Enfamil Infant is made for those babies who have no issues with feeding, other than just being a fussy baby from time to time. 

Enfamil Infant vs Gentlease- the differences

Before starting with each of these formulas individually, let’s talk about the differences first. Choosing the perfect formula for your baby requires a proper description of the differences between Enfamil Infant vs Gentlease. 

So here we present a little effort to help you so that you can find the differences between Enfamil Infant and Gentlease. Have a look! 

 Enfamil Infant   Enfamil Gentlease  
This formula is made for babies who have no feeding issues, and this formula perfectly works as a replacement for breast milk. Gentlease is designed for those babies who have stomach issues and can’t drink regular milk. Also, this is good for babies who can’t tolerate milk protein.
Lactose is the main ingredient in this formula.Partially hydrolyzed milk is the main ingredient for this formula.
This formula uses non-fat milk.Corn syrup is used for this.
You can find this in dry powder, concentrated liquid, and ready-to-feed liquid.Available both in dry and liquid form.
The price is comparatively low. The price is higher than the Enfamil Infant.
Contains less sugar content. Contains high sugar content.

Executive Summary:

We must say that both are very good if we look at the nutrients. But if your baby doesn’t have any protein intolerance, then the Enfamil Infant will be the best suit considering all the subjective and qualitative factors. Moreover, the Enfamil Gentlease contains more sugar, which should be avoided for your baby’s healthy gastrointestinal tract.

To give you a proper view of these two formulas, we will share details about both of these individually. Let’s get started! 

Enfamil Infant

Helps in the cognitive development

Cognitive development includes balancing and the development of the major organs of your baby. This formula is clinically proven to help with the cognitive development of your baby. As a result, you can get the healthiest growth for your baby using this formula. 

Even though many popular formulas do not get the attention of Pediatricians, this one did. In fact, it has received numerous praises from pediatricians and baby health experts. The complete nutrition for babies has impressed the pediatricians. 

Nutritional as breast milk

This formula is created with a fat-protein blend of MFGM and DHA, which can be only found in breast milk. So, even if you cannot breastfeed your baby for some inevitable reasons, you cause this formula in emergencies. But do not use it as a substitute for breast milk. 

Non-GMO ingredients

Nowadays, even in baby formulas, companies use genetically engineered products, which are not as safe and nutritional as natural products. But this formula is made with Non-GMO ingredients that are totally safe for babies over 12 months old. 


  • Can be the replacement of breast milk by providing carbohydrates, protein, and fat.
  • Offers healthy digestion with fuel prebiotic.
  • Uses lactose as a sweetener.
  • Budget-friendly
  • It helps the baby to grow by offering all the essential nutrients. 


  • Can’t be used for babies with digestive problems.
  • Uses Palm olein oil for adding fat.

Gentlease Review

Supports cognitive development

Cognitive development is the vital development of a baby’s brain and movement. Without proper cognitive development, the baby can face numerous issues in the future. So the baby requires proper nutrients for better cognitive development, which can be served by this formula. It includes MFGM in its formula to support the baby’s cognitive growth. 

Brain-building & immune support

Cognitive development can help in a child’s brain development age, which is essential. Moreover, this formula can help with the immune system as well. So your kid won’t fall prey to sickness because of a lack of immunity.  It is crucial for premature babies who lack enough immunity to protect them. 

Handles Gas issues

Often, little babies suffer from gastritis, which is quite hard to handle. Because you can’t use medications on them unknowingly. In order to ease the gas-related issues, this formula handles it very well. So your baby can sleep in peace without any puffy belly or chest burns. 

Easy-to-digest proteins

Many babies are intolerant to milk proteins, which can be troublesome because milk is filled with protein. This formula is specially created with easy-to-digest proteins for babies who have protein intolerance to help you with this problem. Now, your baby can easily get the necessary proteins for proper growth.


  • Helps the baby’s brain formation and growth.
  • The digestive system is helped by having zinc, vitamin A, and prebiotics from this formula.
  • Serves required help for the development of intelligence and vision. 
  • Great for the babies who have stomach issues.
  • Helps with protein intolerance


  • Lack of prebiotics
  • Not budget-friendly at all. 

Enfamil Infant vs Gentlease: which formula is better?

If you want to know which formula is better for your baby among Enfamil Infant and Gentlease, you have to compare them for not only your specific needs, but for planning moving forward as well.  

Enfamil Infant over Gentlease:

Enfamil Infant gets a huge number of recommendations (Favorite of 2/3 of surveyed hospitals) because of the great things it does for your baby. Enfamil Infant contains all the nutrition which breast milk gives. It is great for mothers who can’t breastfeed their children. 

Enfamil Infant works like a proper caregiver for the perfect growth of the baby. Even Enfamil infants are very helpful because you can feed them as a liquid, concentrated liquid, and dry powder. It includes nonfat milk as the main ingredient for it. And above all, it is best for babies who have no issues with feeding. Also, it is very budget-friendly. 

On the other hand, Gentlease isn’t budget-friendly. The flavor of that formula isn’t much appreciable for babies. Moreover, it doesn’t offer prebiotics, which are supplied by Enfamil Infant. And most importantly, Gentlease is made for those babies who are facing feeding issues. But Enfamil Infant is suitable for those babies who don’t have any problems with feeding.

Gentlease over Enfamil Infant:

Gentlease is often the favorite of doctors (54% of surveyed clinical doctors) because it works for babies who have feeding issues. Gentlease works great for the baby’s formation and growth. The immune system of the baby gets a huge number of benefits from this formula that create strong immune responses and satisfactory health vitals. 

Moreover, this formula improves the digestive system by providing the baby with zinc, vitamin A and prebiotics. The intelligence and baby vision is greatly helped by the DHA Gentlease contained. The lactose level has been 20% reduced so that this can be used for sensitive stomachs. This can be a huge win for some babies, as it was with a few of my friend’s children. 

On the other hand, Enfamil Infant doesn’t solve any stomach problems but causes a lot of stomach problems. That formula isn’t organic. In order to add fat, they add Palm olein oil to the formula. They also use hexane, which is quite inappreciable for babies. 

Frequently asked questions

Is switching from Enfamil infant to gentlease a good idea? 

If your baby has a protein intolerance, then you can switch from infant to gentlease. Otherwise, we won’t suggest you to do so because the infant has a lot more beneficial factors than gentlease. 

How does Enfamil infant or gentlease taste?

The Enfamil infant’s taste is more appreciated by the users and also recommended more by doctors. It doesn’t taste or smell artificially. On the contrary, the gentlease tastes a little bit odd for some babies based upon their reactions and certain research papers from research colleges. 

Is switching from gentlease to regular formula tough? 

Yes, it can be tough if your baby is habituated to the formulated milk from the start. If eventually, you can make your baby get used to the regular formulation. 

What are the Enfamil gentlease ingredients?

Enfamil gentlease contains Corn Syrup Solids, Vegetable Oil, Partially Hydrolyzed Nonfat Milk, Whey Protein Concentrate Solids (Soy), and many other necessary nutrients for a baby’s development. 


At this phase, we hope that you have got a clear view of Enfamil Infant vs Gentlease. Though the choice depends on your baby’s tolerance level and needs for nutrients, we suggest that the parents buy Enfamil Infant considering everything it provides is of the highest level of quality.

But if your baby is resistant to milk protein, then the Gentlease will be perfect for providing all the crucial milk proteins in a different way. Overall, we want to make it clear that both of these formulas are great, considering numerous facts and research results, you just need to make the correct decision in your specific case. 

We hope that we have been helpful to you with different factors. Now you can make the formula choices that are healthy for your baby. However, it does not have to be a permanent change, so after a few weeks if you are not happy with the formula do not be afraid to try a different one.

Thanks again for reading,

Sharon Dunn

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