How to Clean Halo Bassinest- You Didn’t Know This Before 

How to Clean Halo Bassinest

Halo bassinet is a popular choice of many parents for their little ones nowadays. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends this because of its features and also because of the comfort and safety it provides to your baby. 

Currently, my brother’s wife just purchased one and asked me for my advice on cleaning it safely but quickly. Check out my advice below.

As we all know that after using it for a few days the metal base and fabric of the bassinest may become dirty, during those times, you might feel the need of cleaning it. If it passes the eye test, you can probably wait up to two weeks, but I would not wait any longer than that.

But how to clean halo bassinest? In short, for cleaning your halo bassinest you have to open the fabric sheet from the bassinest and give that a hand or machine wash. 

The description of the steps will make this cleaning process more clear to you. So let’s dive into the information and you will also know other factors like how often and why should you clean it.

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How to clean halo bassinest- Step by step guidelines

Cleaning your baby’s halo bassinest isn’t a tough job. The sides of the bassinest are made with 100% polyester material. You can wipe the sides with a dry cloth. The sheet or fabric in the bassinest is removable and machine washable. For cleaning the fabric you can follow the steps mentioned below:

Tip #1: Remember the mattress of the bassinest is waterproof and isn’t machine washable. So don’t try to wash that. Just wipe that with a damp cloth. Clean the sheet with water or in the machine. But don’t use bleach. 

There are some safe non toxic cleaning options for your bassinet that you could either find online or at your local Walmart or Target.

Step 1: The first step has to be used for opening the fabric from the bassinest. First, you have to remove the mattress and open the seat. You have to do this step with a screwdriver. Carefully unscrew the screws and open the sit. 

Once you are done with unscrewing, remove the sit from the metal base. Put that part on the ground and start unscrewing the panels from each side of the bassinest to make the sheet out of the bassinest. You will find two metal screws on both sides of the panels.

For opening the panels you have to unscrew those metal screws. Use just a hand screwdriver for doing so. After unscrewing, slightly slide the sheets from both sides. It should easily come apart, but be careful.

Tip #2: Don’t forget to be gentle while doing these processes. Otherwise, the sheet will be ripped. 

Once the panels are opened you will be able to easily make the fabric out of the sit. But there is a plastic piece attached with three screws on the center of the back of the bassinest. You have to unscrew them too to make the fabric out of the bassinest. 

Step 2: This step is all about cleaning the sheet. For cleaning the sheet you have to use chemical-free detergent. Firstly mix some detergent with some water into a bowl, put the sheet into that, and leave that for 20-30 minutes. 

After 20-30 minutes start squeezing the sheet and wash that with clean water really well. Once you are done with the cleaning process, dry that sheet perfectly. If you put a wet sheet back into the bassinest then that will be very bad for your baby.  It needs to be 100% dry!

Although the sheet is machine washable it’s better if you clean the sheet of the bassinest using your hand. Cleaning in the machine may damage the sheet. But still, if you want to wash in the machine then you have to wash that sheet individually and not with a bunch of other things with zippers that could easily rip it. 

Before putting all the parts together, wipe the metal base with a dry and clean cloth so that you can provide your baby with a perfect and clean bassinest. Once you are done with cleaning all the parts you can assemble back all the parts. 

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Why should you clean halo bassinest?

A halo bassinest is a perfect way of providing your baby with an individual space as well as keeping your baby as close to you as you want. Our bed sheets become dirty, so, usually, the bassinest will become dirty after using that for a few days. So you have to clean that as you can’t change the sheets just like bedsheets. 

If you don’t clean the bassinest your baby may get allergies. Your baby can become really sick if you don’t provide a clean sleeping place for him. So cleaning the bassinest is a must. Moreover, the skin of babies is very sensitive. If you don’t offer them a clean place their sensitive skin will face many problems. You may think your child has allergies but it could be just from the dust and dirt where they sleep. Check all avenues.

Your baby may keep sneezing because of the dirtiness of the bassinest. Also, there can be possible bacteria attacks if you feed your baby in the bassinest. So you have to clean the bassinest using it after every few days. Otherwise, those problems are going to bother you, and especially your little one. 

How often should you clean the halo bassinest?

There is no perfect schedule for the cleaning of the halo bassinest. It depends on how much pollution is there in your room. If your room is neat and clean then the bassinest will remain clean for a long period. But you should clean the bassinest at least twice a month. 

Most often you should clean the bassinest whenever it seems a little dirty. Because a little amount of pollution can not be allowed for the sake of the baby’s health. If you don’t want to wash the sheet then just wipe the whole bassinest with a damp cloth at least after every two days.

Wash with water and detergent twice a month. But if your baby has dust allergies then you can wash the bassinest more than twice a month. Don’t forget to wipe down the bassinet every two days. Otherwise, your baby may become sick.

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Things that help in the halo bassinet cleaning:

Cleaning halo bassinest doesn’t require a lot of stuff. You can clean the bassinest with a few products which are usually available almost in every house. You just need a bowl and detergent to wash the sheet if you are washing with your hands.

As the sheet is machine washable you can also put that into the washing machine. For cleaning the mattress and the metal base you just need a damp cloth to wipe them. So we can say that cleaning a halo bassinest is very easy. But there are a few things you should know before choosing the products which you are going to use to clean the bassinest. 

Many of us think that bleach will be helpful to clean the bassinest perfectly. But you can’t use bleach while washing or cleaning any part of the bassinest. Also, the mattress is waterproof and isn’t machine washable so you just can wipe that with a damp cloth.

Wrapping Up

We always become worried when it comes to taking care of our babies. Halo bassinest is an ideal choice for babies who didn’t start to roll up or sit up unassisted. However, whether you are using the bassinest or thinking of buying that you need to know how to clean halo bassinest.

Now you know how to clean the bassinest and make the bassinest actually safe for your little one as you have read the article. Above we have mentioned all the important details which are capable of becoming the perfect guide for you whenever you start cleaning the halo bassinest. 

Follow all the steps and tips wisely and you can make this type of bassinet perfect for your kid.  Of all the different types of bassinets out there, the Halo is one of the best. 

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